2/11/2007 Eric took me for a walk at sunset cliffs after my fathers funeral that week.   He said Baby lets go explore and we had an amazing day.   Love you sweetie.. and thank you I needed that day.  Note I found this role of file 10/2015 and this photo w
Eric Rillos
  • 48 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 25, 1965
  • Place of birth:
    Barstow, California, United States
  • Date of passing: Dec 21, 2013
  • Place of passing:
    Montrose, California, United States
Let the memory of Eric be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Eric Rillos, 48, born on October 25, 1965 and passed away on December 21, 2013 of pancreatic cancer.. We will remember him forever, his awesome tight T-shirts, love of all things music and dashing good looks.  And one hell of a Chef!  

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Edward Rillos on 25th October 2017

"I miss you brother."

This tribute was added by Jeremy Vinson on 21st December 2016

"You are well thought of and very missed... love you brother!"

This tribute was added by Kim Skeeters on 22nd October 2016

"1/2014  email on my Facebook from Victoria Dixon who went to elementary school with Eric :
{{{{HUGS}}}}  Eric made a huge impression on me in elementary school.  I was very shy, and chronically sick, and he was so outgoing and funny and just FUN!  I don't remember all my classmates from my young years, but I remember him.  He made me laugh even when I was feeling my worst.   Makes my heart ache to think he's gone.   I am just so sorry.....   I've had horrible loss, so I understand the pain.   Sending love and prayers your way.  I'm glad Eric had you.


This tribute was added by Kim Skeeters on 22nd October 2016

"Sent via FB email 1/2014 from Mark Padrilla:

My actual name is Mark Padilla. ..The other is a stupid fire department joke.....I met Eric in 7th grade at Gila Vista Jr. High....and as everyone describes ..it was a time of Vans and OP shirts...disco was dying and we were the new generation...lol...I first met Eric oddly in the PE showers....He would lather up his ass and run and slide across the shower floor...I was just flabbergasted at the thought. ..in seventh grade I'm naked and self conscious and here is this guy ..zooming around on his ass...lol....a few days later we all were doing it....I know it's a silly memory...but in hindsight I hope he tackled all of his hurdles in this manner...As a child of 12n I thought Eric to be crazy...I was raised in a strict household...and thought to make no waves...Eric was the kid who made tidal waves...who said the silliest things in class....with a straight face...and took it to the next level by truly acting like he had no idea what he was asking or saying...At twelve I was screaming inside..Oh My God! ..He was the popular kid. .The good looking kid...The one who when he failed in any thing ..was not embarrassed but embraced it...Whereas we were nervous to speak in class...It was showtime for Eric...All the girls wanted his attention and the guys envied him...We grew up very different , I due to poverty and poor self esteem was a   dumb Lil mexican gang   member...but oddly Eric was a friend to all ..he never belittled me..nor ignored me...if we were in line together or were seated together he spoke to me like we were longtime friends....this continued through high school...I liked that in him...we grew up in a very racist and poor vs rich environment. ..It never seemed to effect him....at school dances he danced with all the girls.. pretty and not so pretty ..and would pull the teachers out to dance with as well...
After graduation we all went our separate ways...I attended college and joined the local fire department and stayed until retirement 25 years later...During those years and as a Paramedic ...I met and worked with Ernie....as soon as I met him I asked about Eric...He was proud of him being a chef in San Diego ...Ernie proved to be the same way in character. ..Most physicians treat Paramedics quite poorly....Not Ernie it was like he was more impressed with us than we were with him.  Kim I just wanted you to know...that maybe he was a good chef..maybe a good father ...maybe a good partner...I don't know...All I do know is he was a great kid and he made me feel better about myself as one...I am sorry for your loss...and thank you for posting and letting us know...I hope you find some comfort in this note...I apologize for the grammer I am on my phone, in a lobby .
In closing..if you want to here more stories of that wacky man...you should ask on the reunion page....you would be bombarded with content....I wish you peace, Kim."

This tribute was added by joe m on 26th October 2015

"Kim, this is your neighbor from down the street. Made me sad seeing outside this morning at 4 AM crying, I was very touched that you shared with me that  today is Eric's 50th birthday and that you are going to stick to the plans you two made six years ago and go to Catalina to celebrate yours and Eric's birthday.   Eric would be proud of you that you're going to check off the bucket list that you two had for each other. I can imagine if my wife and I shared our birthdays days apart how I would get through it.  Our hearts go out to you and we pray for Eric that he is resting in peace and I know he's looking down at you and sending you love.   We sure miss him driving up and down the street on that white scooter always smiling and waving and we sure miss watching you to walk around the block late at night.  I'm glad that I was after my jog this morning so you didn't have to be alone.  Damn shame it really is a damn shame.  Happy 50th birthday buddy hang in there Kim he is with you.  Eric is a lucky man to have your love.  Joe"

This tribute was added by Barbara Wells on 25th October 2015

"It is gut-wrenching to think that this should have been a wonderful 50th birthday celebration for you, Eric, one filled with joy and shared with loving family and friends. You will remain in my thoughts and prayers. I was blessed to have the privilege of knowing you in this lifetime."

This tribute was added by Tracie Cyr on 21st August 2015

"I am in tears, uncontrollable tears streaming down my face.  I was looking for Eric on the internet and found this memorial.  My heart is truly broken in pieces for you Kimmie.   Reading your post I find myself crying and laughing at the same time.  The love you have for Eric crashes through this computer screen with every word.   Poor Eric!!! Rest in peace Rillos.   You were a legend in life and now in death.  This world just got darker with your light gone.   Kimmie, reading your words, Eric was so lucky to have you there at the end of his life.   Deeply sorry for your loss.  He loved you very much and when he would come to our bar he would talk about Kimmie this and Kimmie that and a few nights Kimmie, Eric would say "That woman still loves me after all the shit I put her through".   Know this Eric loved you very much and had remorse for hurting you.   Thank god you were still around for him, thank god!!!  Rest in peace Rillos."

This tribute was added by Jeremy Vinson on 11th August 2015

"I am just finding out TODAY, Aug. 11, 2015, about the passing of Eric. My sadness that I will never again see him is just overwhelming.
I worked with him at the Hard Rock Hotel. I would leave there shortly after he did. He and I had TONS of jokes, plenty of spats, and he was always supporting the best possible way of being a complete antagonist towards "the system" and it's "drones".
I think of him daily. I often tell stories of his personal, and our (often alcohol fueled) indiscretions.
He'd never pass up an opportunity to berate me on my fashion sense. He'd often employ me to create special banquet "request" meals. He'd say, "Hey, Gingey"... "Make me (whatever it was)".., "make it f#@king fast and make it f@#king taste good"!!!
I think of that every time I am doing anything on "the fly". Even to this day!
Rillos... You will forever be that bad mutherfucking chef to me. You were a solid guy, a real man's man. I thank you for all you shared with me.
Much Love and Respect, Gingey."

This tribute was added by Jeremy Vinson on 11th August 2015

"I am just finding out TODAY, Aug. 11, 2015, about the passing of Eric. My sadness that I will never again see him is just overwhelming.
I worked with him at the Hard Rock Hotel. I would leave there shortly after he did. He and I had TONS of jokes, plenty of spats, and he was always supporting the best possible way of being a complete antagonist towards "the system" and it's "drones".
I think of him daily. I often tell stories of his personal, and our (often alcohol fueled) indiscretions.
He'd never pass up an opportunity to berate me on my fashion sense. He'd often employ me to create special banquet "request" meals. He'd say, "Hey, Gingey"... "Make me (whatever it was)".., "make it f#@king fast and make it f@#king taste good"!!!
I think of that every time I am doing anything on "the fly". Even to this day!
Rillos... You will forever be that bad mutherfucking chef to me. You were a solid guy, a real man's man. I thank you for all you shared with me.
Much Love and Respect, Gingey."

This tribute was added by tom cinko on 13th June 2015

"I am stunned, I was looking for Eric as I heard he was a Chef here in Seattle, then I saw as recently as 2010 he worked at the Sorento which is literally 2 blocks from my facility. Eric an I went to school together, my last memory was 6th grade at Rolle in Yuma AZ. I am so sorry to hear of his passing, Eric was always the Funny Guy. What a loss, I am sure even though it has been years, he was an Awesome individual, I am truly sorry I will not get a chance to give him a hug and say " Damn Dude, it's been a long time ""

This tribute was added by William Koster on 13th March 2015

"My condolences to Eric's family and to you Kim.   Very sad news hearing Eric passed away.  I am in tears right now reading your story about Eric, it is very clear you loved him deeply.   I knew Eric from the Loews Hotel, I would sit at the bar and watch a line of women waiting for Eric to come out of the kitchen and talk with them and Eric loved being the center of attention.  What an electric personality Eric had and an outstanding Chef.  I once explained my favorite dish to Chef Eric and he said "I can make that!" and sure enough he went back to the kitchen and made it.   Kim, I remember meeting you and clearly remember how smitten Eric was with you.  He once shared with me, "see that woman over there, I am going to marry her one day" that is one smart, sexy, interesting lady,and never sits at the bar."    in reading some of these posts I feel you need to know how he spoke about you to others.   I understand loving a man such as Eric one will have struggles, ups and downs.  Kim have peace knowing you ended on the UP.   That man loved you and adored you.   So unfair you lost Eric, that we all did.  I will miss him and think of him fondly, as I will for you too Kim.   May god be with you and bless Eric soul.   William"

This tribute was added by Edward Rillos on 24th September 2014

"I am eternally thankful to Kim for loving my brother. Kim let the family know of Eric's illness by contacting me and asking me to come to Eric. She opened  her home to Eric's family and friends until his passing. There is no greater gift than the love she had for Eric than to allow us to love him with her in his final days. It makes my heart happy to read these remberances of Eric. He was one of a kind and I love and miss him very much."

This tribute was added by Tiffany V on 9th August 2014

"I worked with Eric years ago in Old Town, he was married then to Eden and the life of the party.  He was a good kisser to (he was separated when we hooked up).  I was reading your letter on life story and it brought me to tears.  Kim you really understood him, I am so very sorry for your lose and I hope that in time you will be able to start a new life.  We all know Eric was a handful I am sure he will bring you someone new that will take good care of you like you clearly did for Eric.   Rest in peace Eric Rillos you will be missed by many.   Tiffany"

This tribute was added by Bradley Burk on 1st August 2014

"Rest in peace Rillos!   Kim, my wife and I are so sorry you lost Eric.   I am not sure what the deal is with his family? we were told NOT to post on this page or any other memorial you are sponsering,and I find it rude.  Eric loved you and was with you and your memory pages are so expressive of Eric's life.   They need to stop being so damn rude.  Eric loved you and expressed how well you took care of him and greatful he was to have you in his life.    Good thing about bs family drama Kim is it was only between you and Eric.  I understand you nip that drama in the butt, good for you!   God will find peace for you sweetheart and Eric is with you looking out for you."

This tribute was added by Amy Rae on 1st August 2014

"What a awesome guy Eric Rillos was. Extremely sadden hearing of Eric's passing.  Kim my condolences to you, I heard it was sudden and you rallied and made sure his family was by his side.   I spoke to Eric in early October and he was so happy, not working as usual.   I too am in shock Kim because I know he did not know he was ill in October so I cannot imagine what it must be  like for you to have him gone like this.  Cancer is a real Fucker!    Please have peace knowing Eric expressed his happiness with you and said wonderful things about you.   Rest in peace Rillos.   Amy"

This tribute was added by diana isaiou on 1st August 2014

"I loved my friend Eric Rillos, still do. I hired him back in the 90's to help me open Cafe Sport in Bellevue. He continually pissed me off, but was such a natural cook. He would show up late and I would be so mad. But damn he could cook. We would drink a lot of bourbon together in the years to come
He asked me to put in a good word with Tom, so I called Tom and asked if he would talk to him. Tom in true form said "if you think I should hire him I will" I said he's an amazing cook, but likes to party. He worked his way to Chef pretty quickly. I remember when they profiled him in the Seattle Times. They shot him in his underwear. Ha! Those good looks obviously worked their charm on the reporter. I last talked to Eric when my son was about 3. He asked if I was happy, I told him mostly. He said "me too". He loved his son, and daughter and said they made his world. I lost track but kept thinking our paths would cross again. I was crushed to hear he had died."

This tribute was added by Holly C on 3rd July 2014

"Extremely sadden to just hear about Eric passing away.   I dated Eric  March of 2008 for about 3 months and never knew he had a daughter just his boy.  Kim I never met you but I knew about you Eric talked about you all the time, all the time which was why I stopped seeing him. Clearly you had Eric heart and his boy.  Eric was fun and cra cra  and that was all I signed up for. I was happy to hear he was with you in the end.   Kim it is important for you to know that I had so many problems with that Jessica person and I heard about his family inviting her and honestly they are complete jackasses to do that, if they knew what Eric said about that girl when I was dating him.   Wish you peace.  Holly"

This tribute was added by rose sanchez on 28th June 2014

"My condolences to you Kim and Eric family. Very sad news to hear about Eric passing away.  I remember meeting Eric when he would cater some of our parties at hard rock.  He spoke about his son Eric had just the most magnetic personalities on anyone ever met.  When I met you Kim  watching you and Eric together was just the funniest thing you two were like a comedy act and you will be talking somebody else and Eric would  turn around and be like baby I'm not a baby baby just random and you'd say your not a bad baby clearly a private thing between you two but so funny to be witnessing it  Eric  just adored you  he told me over and over I love that woman only woman on the planet that gets me.   My heart goes out to you I cant imagine what this must be like.  I will forever remember his delicious food his invigorating personality beautiful smile rest in peace. May God give you peace in this sad time for you.  Rose"

This tribute was added by Brian Brian on 26th June 2014

"Rillos Hey Buddy I will close out your tab buddy! damn fine man, damn shame! Kimmy you come by Freddy's anytime anytime ok open tab for you for life sweetie your on the books even if I am not here ok anything you need its on me.  You and Eric were a funny pair I cannot imagine what you are going through. Your like PP&J just go together ! please come by.  Eric is taking care of you from heaven; like you did for him in his life.  God Damn this is un-real.  We love you Kimmy Sorry to hear about his passing.RIP RILLOS RIP  love to you Kimmy.  B"

This tribute was added by Jennifer Mackie on 26th June 2014

"Rest in peace Eric Rillos xo"

This tribute was added by Mary Cindy on 21st June 2014

"Our sincerest condolences to you Kim for your loss.  Mark saw you the other day walking and told me about Eric passing away.  I cannot even imagine what you are going through.  We miss him riding by our home on his white scooter.  Eric had always been so nice to us and gave me the best recipe last summer.  My heart breaks for you.  Mark and I would see you two on your evening walks from our window and we thought those two are such a cute couple.  laughing and singing, most couple we see do not even speak on their walks but not you two, you always were holding hands, smiling and talking to everyone in the neighborhood.   Eric was very handsome and a nice smile.  So young it just is not fair.   I am happy to see  you out walking again but it breaks our hearts to see you alone and sad.   For the record Kim, his family are jerks to invite the person Eric cheated on your with 5 years ago.   Mark was floored when he told me how upset you are over it.   Kim never forget Eric loved you and chose you to be with when he passed away.  His family should be ashamed for themselves to hurt you like this.   I will come by and keep you company on that day.   You should not be alone on that day.  Shameful people to do that.  Its not about Eric on that day, its about them clearly and they don't care about your feelings.   I hope they remember who took care of Eric when he got sick and who he was with when he died.  I wouldn't not want to have a reminder at my husbands funeral either.   Kim Eric loved you, we saw this every evening. and those people do not matter and the games they are playing.  Eric love for you does.  May god give you peace and comfort.  Mark and I are hear for you.  Eric is with you sweetie he won't be with them on that day trust me Eric will be by your side just like he chose to be in his death.   we will make a donation to cancer foundation in Eric name.    so deeply sorry for your loss.  Love Cindy and Mark."

This tribute was added by Roxanne Sacco on 19th June 2014

"My first though was no not Rillos! I met him in February 2008 and boy did we have some good times, things I cannot write here but boy good times.  We partied and stayed up for 2 whole days.  I met him on the train from los angeles to san diego the day after valentines day, he was sad said he missed his gal Kimmie and was going back to some other chick in san diego,what a hussler this guy was. we partied on the train got off and continued the party into the next evening never sleeping.  drugs, booze, sex you name it we did it.   Good times Rillos! sex drugs and rock n roll you handsome bastard! best 2 months of my life!   Hope you made it to heaven they need someone colorful like you.    RIP Rillos. Love and Rockets Roxy"

This tribute was added by Kim Skeeters on 6th June 2014


This tribute was added by Wendy Richards on 6th June 2014

"John 3:16 - For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Rest in peace Eric."

This tribute was added by Mitch SENNETT on 6th June 2014

"My condolences to you Kim and Eric's family.   What a sad day to hear of Eric's passing.  That man had a great time living!  Eric was the first hedrosexual male fashionista, no shirt was too small for Eric Rillos! And the cool shoes this guy had a great sense of style.    He will be missed by many.   Kim I heard what you did for him at the end of his life and I know what you did for him during his life with you.   There is a special place in heaven for you Kimmy.   Anybody else has something different to say they can come talk to me.    God be with you and know Eric is still with you.  God  Bless Eric Rillos!"

This tribute was added by Missyrae Murphy on 5th June 2014

"I only knew Eric for a short time, and in that time he left a big impression.  I will always and fondly remeber his big smile and laugh.  Eric love of life and endless reading of the newspaper will always leave a smile on my face.   Kim he loved you so much and you really helped save his soul, and that is a fact that nobody can take from you.  He truly loved you very much.   My husband and I are so sorry for your loss. May god keep him safe in his arms until you join him.   Missyrae"

This tribute was added by THE DUDE on 5th June 2014

"Rest in peace buddy."

This tribute was added by Kim Skeeters on 4th June 2014

"James & Ryan,
OMG!  I will email you would love to see the photos.  God this is so hard James I cannot even put it in words.  I miss my guy so much, I still cannot sleep through a entire night.   Yeah, you just let the cat out of that bag.  We are legally married in Mexico.  But shhhhh I have so many people knocking on my door for hosptial bills, child support in WA. never ending I have not had one peaceful weekend with out someone knocking on my door wanting something from Eric and my poor handsome baby is in heaven.   I will email you tonight.   Thank you for writing something lovely,    Big love to you both. xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxooxoxo"

This tribute was added by Kim Skeeters on 4th June 2014

"Lisa thank you so much for your lovely words, I can rest now that I found your number.  So sorry for your loss as well. Losing your Dad is really tough I know unfortunately and then Eric too.  My heart goes out to you.   Eric spoke about you to me several times and very nice things too.   Thank you for being apart of his life journey.   xox Kim"

This tribute was added by James Ryan on 4th June 2014

"Kimmie! Ryan and I are so devastated to hear of Eric passing.   We cannot stop crying thinking about him so full of life and adored you, man that man loved you Kimmie.   Ryan and I laughed because we did not know your first names for the first 4 hours of meeting you both. You kept calling each other Baby.  Eric yelling "Hey Baby, pick some good music", "Hey Baby! You love me" all we heard was Baby this and Baby that.  You two were so extremely kind to my Ryan and I.  You both coming to our big Gay wedding was a blast.  Eric Rillos yelling I'll go only if its a big gay wedding!  and you both did come.  I will email you photos of our wedding my email is the same email me so I can get those photos you and Eric look HOT!  OMG remember when we first met in 2008 and all of us that next day going to mexico and getting married! Ours was not legal of course being gay and all; But you two keep your dirty little secret didnt you?  His family treating you like dirt no wonder you two ran off to do it.   What a great memory "Hey Baby Marry me Now! Your reply "Stop being a bad baby and I will" and you two did! Great times with great people.  Our hearts are completely broken for you and poor Eric we will never understand Gods way Eric is gone too soon.   We love you Kimmie and come visit us ok.  God Bless Eric Rillos and may god bless you too Kimmie we can only imagine how hard this is for you and his family.  Girl you loved your Baby that is for sure, all the shit he put you through, but you kept loving that hunk of a man.  Forever your Baby!  Love and Sympathy James & Ryan."

This tribute was added by Lisa Lone on 31st May 2014

"There are no words to express the sadness I feel about Eric’s untimely death. He passed away 2 days after my father did last December. Two of the most heartbreaking days in my entire lifetime.  In reading Kim’s words on this memorial page, I recognize many of the things I remembered and loved about Eric, too. Not exactly the same of course, but his love of Fritos and tobasco etc. I had not seen him for about 10 years, but we kept in touch on the phone every few years or so for the last 20+ years. He was a huge part of my life in Seattle in our 20’s. He was a huge part of my life. Period.  I think anyone that met him was taken in by his charm and presence. He was so amazingly talented and handsome.  He was one in a million and there will never be anyone like him. His love of music, his style, his laugh. He and I were not great together, I loved him so much but we fought and acted badly and ultimately broke each other’s hearts back in those days. But through the years we always stayed in touch, making sure each other were doing OK from afar. And sometimes we were not always doing great in our lives.  But I always thought we had so many more years to check in with each other. I remember his family and the way he loved them and they way they loved him back was amazing. He loved so hard. Loved all the people, friends, family and women and children in his life.  He was so proud of Elise and Dorian. My heart aches for everyone that loves him and just for the loss of Eric Rillos. There are days when thinking about him being gone just makes me cry my eyes out even after all this time.  It’s so heartbreaking how it all went down. I am so glad he was with you, Kim, when you received this devastating news and that you were there with him taking care of him and he knew he was loved so much at the end. I believe in my heart we’ll see him again. RIP Eric. XO"

This tribute was added by Alberto Martinez on 30th May 2014

"Prayers to you and Eric's family Kim.   I worked with Eric at the US Grant Hotel many years ago now.  He ran a tight kitchen, loud at times but kept the line running and played his music really loud at closing time.  He seemed to be a complicated man, stylish and the best damn chef I had the pleasure to work for.  You know he is cooking up a feast fit for a God right now.   God Bless his soul.  Brother you did not deserve to go out like this, damn shame."

This tribute was added by lee chin on 27th May 2014

"Dear Kim, Our deepest condolence to you.   You and Eric have been amazing neighbours to my wife and I.  We miss Eric driving by our home on his scooter waving and smiling at us.  My wife loved  his smile.
We enjoyed watching you two on your evening walks. We did not know
much about you two personally but what we witnessed was two people that are comfortable and affectionate with each other and my wife said many times you two are a good looking couple. Eric always offering to help my wife and mother with carrying in groceries.  We hope to see you out walking again and we would love to join you when you start again. We can only imagine how the loss of Eric is effecting you.  What we witnessed as your neighbour is two beautiful people very much in love.  God bless Eric and May god help you through this painful loss. Sincerely Mr. and Mrs. Chin.   We have made a donation to pancreatic cancer action network in Eric's memory. God bless."

This tribute was added by Tiffany Campbell on 24th May 2014

"Eric Rillos I cannot believe you have died.  I just heard and in complete tears.  a complicated man with a great big smile, loud at times and love to get your drink on.  Great parties at your place in Cape May good times and hang overs.  We dated a couple of times in april/may 2008 and found out you had your lady in los angeles, not cool of you but I had good times with you.  Kim I am sorry I was apart of hurting you, have comfort knowing he never stopped talking about you and I am happy to hear he was with you when he passed.  He loved you very much and that other girl Jessica was a flea on a dog and know this Eric loved you very much and that is hard for me to say but I am glad to hear in the end Eric was with you.  My hat is off to you girl, he put you through hell didnt deserve you but after what I heard what you did for him. Thats love girl.  This must be so hard so very sorry for your loss find comfort that you made him a better man, he was a lovable bastard but damn fun.  Sorry to be blunt but clearly you understood him.  Peace be with you and his family.  Tiffany"

This tribute was added by Kim Skeeters on 14th May 2014

"For you my love, let your purple light shine.
Miss you xoxo


This tribute was added by Kim Skeeters on 14th May 2014

"Thank you Chef Eric Tanaka for your lovely eulogy for Eric.


Cooking, more often than not, is grueling. 25 years in, I feel my age in every joint and muscle as they strain to move me.  Yet every day I look forward to being able to do it again.  As I reflect, it’s not been about the work, but the people that make the restaurants so fulfilling every day.
I met Eric Rillos in October of 1994 and worked with him as cook and chef at both Dahlia and Etta’s for several years after. But you didn’t meet Eric, you were absorbed into his world.  Baseball, rock and roll, literature, food, fashion- it all came at you.  Eric loved talking and he loved talking about himself.  There was no grey zone with him- just love or no love.  He was a person of passion, and he pursued it full throttle in all facets of his life. His t-shirts were always so clean and his life was always so messy. But through an ass-kicking night you’d always want him on the stove next to you.  I loved him, I loved his food and am deeply saddened to hear of his passing.
(Editor’s note: Eric Rillos passed away from pancreatic cancer, December 21, 2013. We didn’t know for sure what happened to Eric until recently.)
(Photo credit: Ed Anderson)"

This tribute was added by Dan brekke on 12th May 2014

"Kim we just found out, I am in complete shock.  Our sincere deepest condolences to you and Eric's family.  Eric was a man who lived my his own rules, so many years of drunkin boy antics.  I will miss his vivacious personality.  As I write this I am crying like I lost a brother reading your story and the obituary is dead on Kim and  I agree with you Kim this is a hard hit.  Great story I love to tell, Eric and I were neighbors and worked together I found Eric pants down on our front lawn more than once it was hysterical we come out and laugh he would be all curled up on the front lawn feet from his front door!  Rillos antics never seize to amaze anyone.  He had such a great smile and just a good good guy.  Eric Bro I am heart broken the world will never be the same without you buddy.  Kim you need anything just ask ok, you are not alone. Rest in peace Rillos,  Love Dan"

This tribute was added by Amber Morrison on 8th May 2014

"What a great guy! Eric Rillos you will be missed by many.  I met Eric at O.B. OKE at Winstons  early '08.  Eric was so much fun, loved having a good time and closed the place down many a nights.  Eric arranged a great dinner at Hard Rock for myself and my best girl friends we had a great time, then we went over to his house and partied all night.  Kimmie, I am so deeply sorry for your loss.  Knowing what you two went through together over the years and Eric talked about you all the time when you moved, he was heart broken, that guy loved you deeply.    I can only imagine how hard this is for you right now.  Know this Kimmie he is watching over you sweetie and his son.   Eric loved you and no others during that time compared keep that in mind you had his heart.   Come visit me when you come to Ocean Beach.  Eric is with God now and happier and no pain.  My sincere condolences to you Kimmie and his children.  Natalie just reminded of when Eric and Kimmie came into Winstons and sang duet of Kid by the pretendars you two ROCKED IT!  We are so sad of Eric passing.  Love Amber"

This tribute was added by Barbara Wells on 7th May 2014

"I remember Eric as the guy who always had a big, infectious smile even when others were gloomy, pessimistic, or downright nasty. Both that smile and his love of cooking convinced me that he was the perfect fit for our kitchen. He later moved up to the position of sous-chef, and demonstrated immense culinary ability as well as a wicked (and very irreverent) sense of humor that can still make me laugh. It was a privilege to know you in this life, Eric, and may your bright memory shine on."

This tribute was added by BILL MORRIS on 6th May 2014

"i raise a diet coke and a chefs knife to you my friend...god bless you, your children and your family and those loved left behind...here's to the good times and the shitty ones, which all make for amazing memories of our lives...cheers to you. see you on the other side..."

This tribute was added by jose hernandez on 2nd May 2014

"My sincere condolenances to you Kim for your loss and to Eric's family.  Eric was a good man.  very sad to hear of Eric passing."

This tribute was added by Matt Brown on 21st March 2014

"I met Eric Rillos and Kimmy in 2007.  down on my luck.  I was sitting on the sidewalk in OB and I watched several people walk up and refuse to sit outside because of my sitting there made them uncomfortable.  Eric and Kimmy walked up and took the table and Eric said Hey Champ how you doing today?  I never met  them before that  day.  my reply "been better "and he said It's going to be alright!  Kimmy got up from the table and took the empty chair from the other table and Eric said join us for dinner.  What struck me was these two never had a side bar conversation of do we let this stranger eat with us?  The act of kindness that day from them changed my life forever.   They fed me, told all kinds of stories. Funny couple.   And when dinner was over Eric took all his money out of his wallet and gave it to me $40.00 that is a lot to someone who did not eat for days.   Kimmy said you eat with that money!  no drugs! no funny business!  and then later the next day I saw Eric again, he said hey champion come home with me, we are BBQ some steaks join us.    Kimmy let me use their shower, and for about 3 months Eric and Kimmy let me sleep in the downstairs room. Kimmy rules no drugs no chicks no funny business and you have a warm place to stay anytime you need it.   Eric helped me get a job and I have not been homeless since those two helped me out.   I would see Eric around at the local OB dive bars  and I am glad to see that Kimmy and  Eric worked things out and are still together.  Those two saved my life.  My prayers to Kimmy and Eric's family.  He made a difference in my life.  If you ever need me Kimmy,  you call me I owe you and Eric my life.  Eric Rillos was a nice man.  Kimmy, Eric talked about you all the time, all the time he would say I love that woman.   Very sad for your loss.  Matt Brown"

This tribute was added by Kim Skeeters on 19th March 2014

"Please feel welcome to leave a message about Eric here.   I started this for my way of having a memorial and if you have great stories for his children and granddaugher pleae leave it would be lovely for them to read something fun about Eric."

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