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Shared by OB Penguin on June 9, 2022
Hi Eric,
I know you're reading this so its only befitting for you to know how much I miss you. The neighborhood just isn't the same without you! Rest in peace dear brother 
Forever in my heart,
Scotty P.

He makes my feet feel good...

Shared by OB Penguin on July 26, 2021
Eric knew that I bought a soaking tub for my feet from China. We laughed at how long it was taking to get here. In the meantime he went out and bought me a motorized foot tub because he knew about my Type 2 Diabetes,  and wanted me to help me.   When I finally received my tub from China I gave it to Eric. It was a good thing cause my size 11 feet had just fit in. I enjoy the present that Eric got me very much, and will think of him everytime I use it.
Scotty P.


Shared by Christi Toomer on July 8, 2021
The thing about Eric that I loved the most was that he let me  be myself, and still he loved me. That’s the kind of friend he was to anyone he called a friend. He was creative, artistic, funny and smart. He was gentle and helpful, sincere and kind. This life was hard on Eric, but he persevered. I feel cheated every day that passes without him. Eric will be missed until we meet again. I love you brother.

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