This tribute was added by Autumn Sparks on April 20, 2011
e pain but sometimesnit just doesnt work...ill love u forever. no matter what and i just hope u n grandpa are lookin down on me sayin wow my daughter/grandaughter has comeĀ a long way...n shes doin good for herself....just want to beilive that ur pro
This tribute was added by Autumn Sparks on April 10, 2011
daddy u are forever in my heart...i miss you everyday more n more n i wish u were here because i always wonder if you would be proud of your lil gurl or disappointed...most of the time i cant look i. the mirror cuz i see you face ive tried to hide th
This tribute was added by Gina Sparks on July 28, 2009
everydayiremember our lives together and our children-jebb autumn jacob and jonathan and i talk about you often everyday even though you are with your dad now u will alway be in our hearts wemissloveu

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