Shared by Rick Perry on February 18, 2012

When we cross that river Jordan, With St Peter on the other side Singin' Good Ride Cowboy, Good Ride! Say Good Ride Cowboy, Good Ride!


Shared by Tyler Harr on February 18, 2012

Brother you will be missed, Great ride Cowboy!

Paul and Family

Shared by Johnny Lee on February 18, 2012

When I think about Eric I will always think about the time he tried to put Blaze in the pool and got fooled.............I remember him saying "WoW" one of these days I'll be the man my sister is..........He managed to keep people smiling even through the darkest of time, remember he would want you to keep that smile!

When I think of you,

Shared by Brian Anderson on February 17, 2012

I'll think about your kindness, your drive to live life to the fullest........I will remember the day went went fishing and Blaze sank Paul's boat and how you would not give up on retrieveing it, we laughed so much that day........You have a light that will forever shine.....See you on the flip side my brother, my friend!

The Thrash Family,

Shared by Bill Griffin on February 17, 2012

MY family and I are keeping you all in our Prayers and thoughts.......Eric was a blessing to know, and will be greatly missed. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to ease your pain, and know you all are loved!

Shared by Tracy Byrd on February 17, 2012

Saddle up, Cowboy This was truly your life Loving the rodeo circuit and horses And always loving to ride.
You sat tall in that saddle And you rode so well You were one true Cowboy This Anyone could tell.
Your Cowboy hat and buckle You wore it with pride Those Cowboy boots Walked many a mile.
Now your life on earth is over God has plans for you So saddle up Cowboy This will be a journey for you.
God will lead you up to heaven And he will ride at your side So once again, saddle up Cowboy It's time for that final ride.

Shared by George J on February 17, 2012

Not - How did he die? But - How did he live? Not - What did he gain? But - What did he give?
These are the things that measure the worth Of a man as a man, regardless of birth.
Not - What was his station? But - had he a heart? And - How did he play his God-given part?
Was he ever ready with a word of good cheer? To bring back a smile, to banish a tear?
Not - What was his church? Not - What was his creed? But - Had he befriended those really in need?
Not - What did the sketch in the newspaper say? But - How many were sorry when he passed away?
These are the things that measure the worth Of a man as a man, regardless of birth.

To The Family,

Shared by Guilherme Marchi on February 16, 2012

Miss Blaze and the rest of you, You are all in my thoughts and prayers. If I can do anything please call! His life was not spent in vane, his soul drifts free, and the love he spread will always be remembered. It is a pleasure and honor to call you all friends!

Thank You

Shared by Tiffany Thrash on February 16, 2012

thank you for being such a great brother, I will always remember the times we spent together........I love you Bumpkin!

Your light will never go out

Shared by Ashley Thrash on February 16, 2012

The light of your soul will always shine!

My Brother, my friend,

Shared by Shane Thrash on February 16, 2012

You will live forever in my heart and soul, your life was taken too quickly and for that we may never know the reason but the one thing I do know is it is a honor to call you my brother, my friend! I love you Brother!


Shared by George S on February 16, 2012

Our memories are our greatest treasure, and I will treasure every memory we created together as friends and family! You will always be in my heart!


Shared by Sean Gleason on February 16, 2012

You were a blessing in everyone's life you touched!

A friend

Shared by Ty Murray on February 16, 2012

The one thing I will remember the most is you were a friend no matter what, Son we will miss you. It was a pleasure to have you as a friend and a brother! Good Ride Cowboy Good Ride!

When you I think of you,

Shared by Cris Weathford on February 16, 2012

I think of your smile, your strenth, your honor,and the way you loved life! I think of how you treated everyone the same no matter who they were! Your bravery will always stay with me. The way you went out of your way to help anyone you could!Your love for life amazes me still and always will! You will be greatly missed, Love you!

Dear Eric,

Shared by Valerie Holek on February 16, 2012

When I remember you, I'm going to remember how we laughed the first time we met, how you were giving me advice on my cat, your serious concern over her health and you talking about your career, and when you said "night, mommie!" to me, the smile that came over my face and warmed my heart was not like any other smile I'd had and I will always laugh when I see or hear "aww flippers" from here on out!  

You were in my life for only a very short time, but we had fun and you made me laugh and smile, but what I will forever miss is how you made my baby girl laugh and smile from the inside and that was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen or heard and for that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I am going to miss you, son, but will always remember you with smiles and laughter and I just wanted you to know that 'we will meet again...on my heart it's written."

My Brother, My Friend!

Shared by Blaze Thrash on February 16, 2012

Your zest for life will always give me strenth, your smile will always be imbedded in my heart. You will always be loved! Memories are flooding my thoughts of the times we spent together and the one thing that sticks out the most is how you would always say we were more than sybilings, we were friends! I love you and I will see you on the other side!

When I think of you

Shared by Harmony Whitefeather on February 16, 2012

When I think of you, I think of the very first moment I heard your voice.A smile appeared and remained untill the very last moment.We had so much in common.Our love of animals,how we treasured family and friends in the same way.I feel so robbed,robbed of the time I always thought we would have to share,robbed of so many things its hard to bare.I feel so blessed because from the very first time I knew you were out there some where in the world my heart was full of unexplainable love.My only regret is I never was brave enough to say it.I cant say good bye so I'll just say awww flippers!!! c-ya soon

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