Posted by Diane Diamond on April 8, 2021
Happy Heavenly Birthday my sweet angel. You are loved and missed so much. Ma ma.
Posted by Rachel Done on March 12, 2021
I'll never forget just how much of light he was as a person, right from just meeting him.

I'll admit I was nervous because everyone had hyped up I was going to get grilled by him because my husband Alex Cubillas, his nephew, had a special place in his heart. And he did for a little bit, but ultimately, he made me so welcomed. I always made sure to talk to him at family gatherings.

His heart was so generous though. Even at my wedding, when my mother was feeling down, he made her feel belonged and smile. And that for me was priceless, since he didn't need to do that, and didn't really know her prior. (He also very impressively opened a wine bottle with a screwdriver, which I feel like only he could do.)
Posted by Renee Taylor on March 8, 2021
Eric and I had so much fun at Rotary. Joking was how he greated me every morning at 6:30am when he arrived to help Dave set up the room. But Eric was so much more than a jokester. He was kind and thoughtful and giving. He was generous with his time and always there to support the club and the community he lived in. He and Elaine raised a wonderful family in love with JOY in their hearts. I feel truly blessed that he drove over to my house to deliver his famous carrot cake as a gift to me even though he had started dealing with his illness daily. I was so honored by this gesture. Thank you Eric for being in my life.
Posted by Fred Bachofner on March 6, 2021
Will miss our times talking baseball at a Rotary meeting and wondering how a guy from LA rooted for the Mets and not the Dodgers (but he was kind enough to be the first one to reach out when my Dodgers won the World Series, he just loved baseball), sharing a bottle his favorite Petit Verdot, visiting Zerba and Argyle in Dundee and Oregon Lavender Garden with he and Elaine, having them over to enjoy a glass of wine and look at the blooms, but what will most miss is his kind heart and humor. No matter how Eric felt, he would always put a smile on your face. Will miss you buddy! Love Diane & Fred Bachofner
Posted by Kathy Harrison on March 5, 2021
Eric blessed my life with his involvement in Rotary. He always made our meetings fun, was a friend to all, and made me feel welcome. Putting together a brief slideshow for the Rotary Club really blessed me to celebrate the time I had to get to know him. Thanks to his faith, I look forward to the day we meet again.
Posted by Charles Coe on March 2, 2021
So sorry for your loss. Karen and I had such a wonderful time in late 2019 being taken on a wine tour of Oregon, only to fall in love with the beautiful Oregon scenery and wines Eric introduced us to. Both he and Elaine also introduced us to KillerBurger and the Peanut Butter Burger - another great suggestion and memory. We have many things at home to remind us of you Eric - wine, wine glasses from Potters Vineyard, a spinning barrel end that sits proudly on our kitchen island and was transported home in your suitcase.

It's with great sadness that we did not get to reciprocate the hospitality with the hoped for visit by you both to New Orleans and Jazz Fest. You and your family are in our prayers.

Karen and Charles Coe
Posted by Dale Hegler on March 2, 2021
I'm so sorry for your loss. I got to know Elaine more formally and Eric during my two trips to OR. It was a pleasure to spend the days with you guys and much appreciated hospitality and kindness. You guys opened your hearts to me. I admire Eric's taste in wines and knowledge. We had such a good time on the wine trails and I will never forgot that and him.

My thoughts and prayers go to the entire family.
Posted by Melissa Dahl on March 1, 2021
I was so privleged to meet Eric in Copenhagen in sep '19 and act as tour guide for a day. I enjoyed immensely the day a highlight was Erics enthusiasm of being able to buy a local beer at 10am and walk with it without a paper bag, around cph. It was fun to experience giving a danish lunch with smørbrød and danish snaps, tourist attractions and trip thru our famous free community Christiania. We had a day full of laughter and I am so thankful to have met him. We met again briefly this past november while I was in Gresham and even though quite ill, we got quite a few laughs in the short hour we were together! Heaven has attained a great guy!
Posted by Ron Diamond on February 28, 2021
My favorite Eric quotes that will never be forgotten:
“Niiiiice” and “Good Game”
Posted by Nick Amoroso on February 26, 2021
I have a vivid memory of Eric and I in the Burbank Foursquare youth group meeting room. We both have guitars in our hands. He’s trying to impart music theory upon me, and I’m just not getting it. He’s patiently trying, anyway. Over, and over. Because of him, I grew to understand music.

Eric planted a seed that would grow to encompass my professional career. I’ll never forget his patience, his musicality, and his kindness.

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