Erica Christina Lee was born to Wing Lee and Sou Wong-Lee on October 5th, 1985 in Los Angeles, California.  Erica grew up in the South Bay City of Torrance, California and finished her high school in Oakton, Virginia. She graduated from Boston University where she was awarded a full scholarship to play Division 1 Women's Soccer. During her tenure at BU, the team won several conference championships and Erica was named co-captain her Senior year. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in both Finance and Marketing.

Erica’s career passions focused on supporting the youth and sports. Some of her proudest accomplishments include helping to create the first ever Kid’s Club for the UCLA Athletics Department and supporting the Justin Timberlake-Shriners Hospitals for Children Golf Tournament.

Erica was beautiful both inside and out. She loved foot massages, running while listening to hip hop, tapping into her spirituality, dressing up for events, wearing bold lipstick colors, drinking thai iced teas, and of course being with Ricky. She could go from wearing high heels and a cocktail dress to a tennis skirt and nike hat and look stunning in both. Erica loved to spend time with her family, visiting all her cousins and taking them to sporting events, treating her grandmother to lunches out, going to concerts and shows with her parents, and being with her favorite brother in Virginia.  

Erica was a loving daughter, granddaughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, and friend. She leaves behind her father Wing, mother Sou, brother Michael, sister-in-law Lauren, grandmother Sui Ying Lee, Uncles and Aunts Alan & Florence, Jim & Lily, David & Jennifer, Pat & Sou Ping, & Lucy; and countless cousins and friends.

Arrangements are under the direction of Forest Lawn, Hollywood Hills, California. Services will be held at the Old North Church on Saturday, March 30, 2019, doors open at 8:30am and the service will begin promptly at 9am. The procession to her final resting place, up the hill, and burial will follow at approximately 10:15am. 
If you would like to send flowers, they are welcome. If you would like to use the family florist, Jeannie Wong (East West Florist), she can be reached at (323) 314-3226 and has the details of the service.

Erica's family has also established memorial pages with two meaningful charities if you would like to donate in lieu of flowers. 

  1. American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
  2. US Soccer Foundation

To help us always remember Erica's fierce friendship, radiant smile, and all of the positive memories she helped create, please feel free to share any pictures, videos, and/or stories on this memorial website.

Posted by Pamela Merten on March 20, 2022
"Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with their heart and soul, there is no such thing as separation."...Rumi

There isn't a day that passes where I don't desperately miss you, but I never feel separated from you. 
Posted by Alan Lee on March 20, 2022
You are always in our hearts, Erica. We'll always remember your warm, caring, and vibrant personality. With love, Uncle Alan & family.
Posted by Wing Lee on March 20, 2022
 Mom and I just visited you this morning at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. It was a sunny and beautiful day. Your spirit and presence were felt and you will always be in our hearts. We will always remember the love and happiness that you brought us and to all of the family members and friends. I know Michael and Lauren are always thinking of you. They now have two boys, Oliver and Theodore (Teddy), your nephews. All of our prayers are with you and one day, we will all be together again. 
Mom and Dad
Posted by Helen Jeu(AKA Loo) on March 20, 2022
Although we all miss you, we know you are safe in His arms. Your love surrounds us each day, beautiful spirit. We feel your present.
Posted by Pamela Merten on January 21, 2022
Still not a day goes by without you in my daily thoughts. I miss you so much and dedicate all successes I have in 2022, which also includes loving you in everything meaningful to me.
Posted by Helen Jeu(AKA Loo) on October 8, 2021
Erica, Happy Birthday. Thank you for being there when your mom and father came to visit you. They miss you so mucn physical .. Your mom's text was so beautiful, that I cried. We will always remember you becasue they carry on your beautiful spirit in their hearts. Be with them.

Loo Family-Frank, Helen, Michael, Niki
Posted by Helen Jeu(AKA Loo) on October 8, 2021
Erica, Happy Birthday. Thank you for being there when your mom and father came to visit you. They miss you so mucn physical .. Your mom's text was so beautiful, that I cried. We will always remember you becasue they carry on your beautiful spirit in their hearts. Be with them.

Loo Family-Frank, Helen, Michael, Niki
Posted by Alan Lee on October 6, 2021
Dear Erica. We think of you often - always fondly, always with love.
Posted by Pamela Merten on October 5, 2021
My beautiful Erica,
While you are in my thoughts everyday, you are in every one of my thoughts today. I cherish your smile, your laughter, the love you gave, the lives you impacted, and all the time we had with you. I miss you desperately, and celebrate all that is you. 
"Your body is away from me, but there is a window open from my heart to yours"......Rumi
I love you, Erica. You will always be a huge part of my heart.
Posted by Wing Lee on October 5, 2021
Mom and I have just visited you today at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. It was such a beautiful day and so peaceful. Although no one else was there beside us, your presence was surely felt. There are so many wonderful memories of you...from a very cute baby infant to the times throughout school, college, and playing collegiate soccer at Boston University. You were very caring to all. It didn't matter if it was the young or old that you came across, you treated everyone equally and respectfully. Erica, your presence and beautiful smile will always be missed.
Love you, Erica. You will always be my little girl.
Posted by Peter Klimenko on October 5, 2021
Erica, thank you for being with us for as long as you were. Having you in our lives, even for only a few years, was truly a blessing.
Posted by David Yee on March 23, 2021
March 20, 2021 marks 2 years that you have left us. Your auntie, all your cousins and I always miss you and thinking of you. We will treasure your beautiful smile, warmth and thoughtfulness today, tomorrow and forever.
Auntie Jennifer and Uncle David
Posted by Alan Lee on March 22, 2021
Will always remember you as being so beautiful, Erica, from the first time I held you when you were just a few weeks old. I still remember that moment -- it was very special.
Uncle Alan
Posted by Helen Jeu(AKA Loo) on March 21, 2021
Beautiful Erica,

  Mom and Dad and Ricky went to go see you yesterday. They miss you very much. Let them know that you are forever present. Comfort them as well as Michael and Lauren. Forever missed.

Loo Family - Frank, Helen, Michael, Niki
Posted by Wing Lee on March 20, 2021
To Erica,
Mom and I have always cherished and loved you for all the times that you have been with us. Just remembering you from a cute little infant, to the young and bright beautiful girl as you were leaving for college. You were full of confidence, yet humble, considerate, and respectful of each and everyone around you. We miss your charm and beauty. This, I believe will be missed by all. We are all thinking of you...Mom and Dad, Grandma, Michael, Lauren, and Oliver. Take care. Your memories will always be in our hearts.
Posted by Pamela Merten on March 20, 2021
Beautiful Erica,
I can't believe it's been 2 years since: 
-you've walked into a room and brightened it with your incredible smile
-you've been over to spend time with me and my family
-I've heard your infectious laughter
-I've heard your voice filled with enthusiasm over a new deal you're working on
-we've had deep conversations about life..
I could go on and on and on about all the things I miss about you. I could go on and on about all of the things that others miss about you.
And while you are missed terribly, there is not a second that you aren't with me. Your presence is strong in all of us, and our love for you, never ending.

Posted by Helen Jeu(AKA Loo) on December 27, 2020
Erica, You are with us as you watch Oliver give joy to Michael, Lauren, Wing, Sou. Give peace to people with your positive memories, knowing the Christmas gift of you safe in His arms. Never forgotten.
Love , Loo Family
Posted by Pamela Merten on December 26, 2020
Merry Christmas my sweet Angel, Erica. I remember the last Christmas we were together as if it were yesterday. It's hard to believe that this is the second Christmas that we will not have your sweet smile to warm our hearts...My greatest gift this year are the memories that I share and cherish of the two of us together. The love I have for you is never ending and a present I hold dear all year long. 
Posted by Maylynn Marshall on October 8, 2020
So here's the deal sweet Erica, every time I make potstickers for the family, the memory of you is right by my side. My beautiful young sou chef, because one day we came in from the beach and you said, " Auntie Maylynn can you teach me how you make your potstickers". We cleared the counter and as the boys slept on the deck we made dozens of them for all to enjoy!

With your giving heart you remembered to fill a plateful for Uncle Marty who as usual was upstairs at his computer. He heard your footsteps and said " Oh thank you Erica, yum!  Did you make these all by yourself ? " I heard you giggle and say Yes! 

There you are, deep in our hearts, and all those wonderful moments you gave us. Now rest in Gods Tender Care...and don't forget the soy sauce my sweet Erica, Auntie loves you so.
Posted by Helen Jeu(AKA Loo) on October 6, 2020
Erica, Happy Birthday Precious. Celebration by all those you have blessed with the wonderful memories. Never to be forgotten. Bless us with your presents.
Loo Family - Frank, Helen(Jeu),Michael, Niki
Posted by Pamela Merten on October 5, 2020
My darling Erica,
Today, I especially celebrate this day in which you were born to bless us with your beautiful spirit. I reminisce in all of the corners of my mind and heart of all the precious memories we've created together and as a family. While I am filled with sadness that you are not physically here, I embrace the love and light that you continue to shine on me and all that you love. It's indescribable how much I miss you, but know that are with me in my every moment. 
Happy birthday my lovely girl.
Posted by Wing Lee on October 5, 2020
Today marks your 35th birthday. You are in my thoughts and I cherish all the love and happiness that you have brought me. The memories of when you were born, the precious times of seeing you grow to be a bright and beautiful person, to a grown young lady. You have shared your kindness and warmth not only with family but with all walks of life.
Mom, Michael, Lauren, and Oliver, your nephew and "Por Por" (grandma) all misses you. You will be forever remembered.
Love always, Dad
Posted by Michael Lee on April 26, 2020
Dear Erica,

Oh how I miss you so. My heart hurts over our loss of you and I wish things turned out differently. I wish every day that you got to meet your nephew Oliver, he's so happy and bright and brings such joy to my life. He reminds me of you... He has two teeth now!! and he has the most amazing smile! I know you're watching over us and will be with us forever.

Your little brother.
Posted by David Yee on April 10, 2020
Remembrance of Beautiful Erica
By: Uncle David

Since that tragic day on March 20, 2019, it has been a year. There is not a day or week went by without thinking of her. Think of all the joys that she gave us and good times that we shared. Many times when she came to visit us, she bought spicy beef noodle soup, spicy beef, seaweed and peanuts from Sues Kitchen we ate together. We went to lunch at local restaurants and dim sum in San Gabriel and Monterey Park. All the joyful moments we shared at family gathering during Thanksgivings, Christmas and New Year. We watched her play soccer tournament at Stanford in Palo Alto, she was great. I still have the Disney "Mickey Mouse" watch that she gave me for my birthday when she was a teenager. It still works. There are so many fond memories that I will treasure forever. .....Auntie Jennifer, all your cousins and I miss you, love you and your spirit is with us always.......Hush, Hush, sweet Erica is sleeping in the arm of the Lord; sleep in peace until we meet again.
Posted by Helen Jeu(AKA Loo) on March 22, 2020
Dearest Erica,
Your smile, your personality, your kind heart are forever in our hearts, mind ,
and spirit. Please let us know that you with us with your signs. Until we meet again.
Helen Jeu (AKA Loo) and Loo Family : Frank, Michael, Niki

Posted by Jasmine Tse on March 21, 2020
Dear Erica,

Tonight, I raise my glass up to heave in memory of you. You will never be forgotten. Sending love.
Posted by Alan Lee on March 20, 2020
Dear Erica. We are so glad we have some photos of you that we see all time. In every photo you've got your wonderful smile, and it reminds us so vividly of your wonderful and always inspiring personality. We miss you and your cheerful and always caring-of-others ways so much. With love - Uncle Alan and family, and your Grandma.
Posted by Pamela Merten on March 20, 2020
My lovely Erica,
There is not a moment in my life that you are not with my every thought or breath. Although it has already been a year today that you transitioned to a beautiful energy, I feel and know that you continue to surround us all with your spirit and love. I miss you so much and honor you everyday in everyone that I touch and in my actions. Always in our hearts, never forgotten.
Posted by Maylynn Marshall on March 20, 2020
Dearest Erica,
Time will never give us answers nor erase our sadness, but we are certain, that you rest in Gods tender care. Your beautiful soul restores the ones who love you and deeply miss you, including us. There was always a joy in knowing you, the unrelenting grip you hold on our hearts, may we use it to carry us forward. Love, Uncle Marty, Auntie Maylynn, Matt and Alli
Posted by Wing Lee on March 20, 2020
It's been a year since you left and there is not a day that goes by without me having so much feelings for you. You were my precious little girl and you will always be. You brought so much joy to everyone around you. Family members (Mom, grandma, uncles & aunts, cousins, & especially me), friends, middle school, high school classmates, Torrance United soccer(Ca), Braddock Road soccer(Va), & Boston University women's soccer teammates & coaches, will always have a place in their hearts for you.
We miss your smile and just your presence would just light up the room. You were always respectful to all, especially to the elders. You even engaged well with the younger generation and although it was at UCLA, you developed a Kids Foundation there.
Your heart have always been in sports and gave back. I will always have you in my heart.
Whenever I am out, whether it's traveling, playing golf, being with Mom, or just being by myself, I think of all the good memories that you have brought into my world and I try to represent myself as you have done so to others.
I will always be beside you, in spirit and mind and will always LOVE you.
Dad. 3/20/2020
Posted by Nancy Feldman on March 20, 2020
Missing you still Erica. Have so many fond memories of you as a student-athlete at Boston University, and then as a friend and supporter of the program. Will miss our conversations about the value of sport for girls and women and the passion that exuded from you in all you set your mind to. You were very very dear to so many of us.
Posted by Pamela Merten on October 5, 2019
My beautiful Erica...We are celebrating this monumental day that you blessed us with your birth to this world. I am holding space for all of the cherished memories that only you and I shared and will forever be grateful for all of the time we had. I miss and love you so much. You are always with me and I know that you are continuing to watch over us with your love.
Posted by Helen Jeu(AKA Loo) on October 5, 2019
Dearest Angel Erica, Give us that gorgeous smile. Celebrate the day you came into this world to bless everyone. Your parents will pass the positive forward your passion for youth and community. Dearest Angel Erica with your spirit come and comfort my friends Sou and Wing and Michael. Watch over them and let them know each and every day you are with them. Take care, Loo Clan: Frank, Helen , Michael, Niki
Posted by Pamela Merten on June 12, 2019
Today is 12 weeks since you've been gone.  There is not a day that goes by that I don't think about your giving heart, your infectious smile, your beautiful spirit, and what you mean to me. I miss you so deeply that at times it seems as if the sadness will never go away. But with the sadness, I realize how many gifts I have in my life because of you and for that, will always pay forward and honor your memory in all that I do. I love you so much.
Posted by Rona Law on April 6, 2019
Peggy and I were in disbelief and shock when we heard about your passing. We remember all the fun times in Chatelaine at Popo's and the pool when you, Michael, Sou and Wing helped our family transition from being new to the United States. It was always wonderful to hear from afar (popo) that you all were doing so well after moving to Virginia. We are so grateful for your friendship with us and our family. We will forever remember your beautiful personality, bright smile, and the most generous heart.
Rest easy, in peace and in paradise, until we all meet again someday.
Lots of love.
Posted by May Jang on March 30, 2019
In loving memory of Erica, a kind, sweet, talented and beautiful person. We will love you and miss you always.
With deepest sympathy to Wing, Sou, Michael, Lauren, Mrs. S.Y. Lee and rest of Erica's beloved family
Posted by Ronald Lee on March 30, 2019
Wing and Sou....we are so sorry for your loss. If there is anything we can do for you during this difficult time, please reach out to us. 
Ron and Joyce
Posted by Helen Jeu(AKA Loo) on March 29, 2019
Dearest Angel Erica, First meet you when you were playing high school soccer. Beautiful inside and out. Heart of angel; million dollar smile that lights up a room; intelligent and thoughtful. You have touch so many people and given so much...especially to Mom and Dad; special bond
with Brother Michael. Dearest Angel Erica with your spirit come and comfort my friends Sou and Wing and Michael. Watch over them and let them know each and every day you are with them. Take care, Loo Clan: Frank, Helen , Michael, Niki
Posted by Samuel Hewlett Hewlett on March 29, 2019
Sincerest condolences to Michael, Sou, Wing and extended family. Erica was a wonderful and beautiful young lady. We can remember her big beautiful smile and pleasant demeanor. My daughter Sasha and Erica attended Oakton High School in Fairfax, Virginia and they became very close friends. They were both on Oakton’s soccer team. They were also team mates on the Braddock Road Youth Club (BRYC) Electra soccer team.  We remember Erica fondly and was always comforted by the fact that Erica was a friend that Sasha could always count on. Rest in eternal heavenly peace.
Omari, Sasha and Sam Hewlett
Posted by Russ Ryan on March 29, 2019
The World Lost One of its Most Dazzling Smiles…
DeLane and I were both shocked and saddened when our daughter, KimberLee, told us about Erica’s passing. Kim and Erica were soccer buddies, both in the ODP soccer development program and as teammates on Boston University soccer. I will always remember a Sunday afternoon shortly after Kim accepted a soccer scholarship from BU. Erica was a year ahead of Kim and on this Sunday afternoon at someone’s birthday party I was asking Erica so many questions about BU and soccer that Kim had to tell me to give Erica a break. But through it all, Erica happily answered my questions and it was clear that both she and Kim were excited to be playing together the following season. On trips to BU soccer games over the next few years Erica would always have a big smile for DeLane and I after each game. She was that type of girl….loving, cheerful, smart, the kind girl that made you feel good just by being in her company. We last saw Erica at Kim’s wedding some 6 years ago as Erica was living on the West Coast. But the fact that we hadn’t seen her for a few years did little to soften the blow of her passing. Erica, we hope you are at peace. DeLane and Russ.
Posted by Pauline Ching on March 29, 2019
Dearest Erica,
You will never be forgotten, always missed, forever loved...In memory and in celebration, of someone who made this world a brighter and better place.
Rest in Peace.
With sympathy and love,
Auntie Pauline
Posted by Maylynn Marshall on March 28, 2019
Dearest Erica “girl”,
Words cannot explain the goodness and joy you brought into our lives, But you fill our hearts. We held you as a newborn and watched you grow into a stunningly beautiful young woman. You mentored our Son Matt during his freshman year, you a senior. The two of far away from home. We cheered you on as a Boston Terrier in women’s soccer. You are Matts’ hero. It assured us as you watched over him like a second little brother. We knew he was in good hands. We love you Forever.
Auntie Maylynn and Uncle Marty
Posted by Donalda Gibson on March 27, 2019
My mother, Charlotte Chang, was devastated when she heard the news. She and my late father, Ming Chang, considered Erica (and Michael) as adopted grandchildren and as part of our family. My mother remembers Erica as a beautiful, smart and talented young woman who will be greatly missed. All our love to the Lee family. May our thoughts and prayers be with you during this very difficult time. Love Donalda, Bill, Geoff and Grace Gibson, and Charlotte Chang
Posted by Andy Kibler on March 27, 2019
There are so many great, wonderful memories of you, Michael, Sou and Wing on Hibbard St in Virginia. We watched you grow to become such a beautiful, caring, intelligent person.
Never a day seeing you that your big, beaming, open smile didn't grab us and make us feel special. And, that is my picture of you.....always!
Family is all things and yours is so special. Let us all love and cherish you, put our arms around your family and hold all memories dear.
Posted by Nina Taweepong on March 27, 2019
Dear Erica,
Rest in Peace and may you always be in peace forever after.
Posted by Jeanne Katsuro on March 27, 2019
May your mind be at peace and
Your Spirit Live Within Us All Forever
Be Blessed with Radiant Love and Light
Posted by Paul Erwin on March 26, 2019
Beautiful young lady. So sad, so young.
Posted by David Yee on March 26, 2019
We were blessed to have you as our loving niece. We had great times together especially during holiday dinners. We also thankful for you spent times with us in our home the past weeks. God's willing, we will meet again someday in His kingdom, when it does we will have such a great joy that nothing or no one can take it away from us. We all miss you and love you. Rest In Peace.
Forever remembrance: Uncle David & Auntie Jennifer With all your cousins

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Posted by Pamela Merten on March 20, 2022
"Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with their heart and soul, there is no such thing as separation."...Rumi

There isn't a day that passes where I don't desperately miss you, but I never feel separated from you. 
Posted by Alan Lee on March 20, 2022
You are always in our hearts, Erica. We'll always remember your warm, caring, and vibrant personality. With love, Uncle Alan & family.
Posted by Wing Lee on March 20, 2022
 Mom and I just visited you this morning at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. It was a sunny and beautiful day. Your spirit and presence were felt and you will always be in our hearts. We will always remember the love and happiness that you brought us and to all of the family members and friends. I know Michael and Lauren are always thinking of you. They now have two boys, Oliver and Theodore (Teddy), your nephews. All of our prayers are with you and one day, we will all be together again. 
Mom and Dad
her Life

A Letter from Ashu Saxena, BRYC Electra Coach and Friend

Tuesday, March 26, 2019 

Durham, North Carolina 

Dear Lee Family & Friends, 

I apologize that time and circumstance will not allow me to attend dear Erica’s service on Saturday, March 30th . I sincerely wish I could deliver this message in person, but alas, I am grateful for the opportunity to be “there in spirit,” as Wing notes. It is “fitting” that the very sad, very difficult news was first sent to me this past Friday 3/22 and then confirmed to me on Monday 3/25 both at the time of day that I was walking to soccer practice after school. 

Though it is a different time and a different place, it is through soccer that I first met the Lee family. It is also “fitting” that Erica’s service is on a Saturday—there were so many weekends devoted to by all of the families on our team to soccer; in a way, it is “game day” today and we must unite, be strong for each other, work hard together, and support one another to process the situation at hand. It is “fitting” that families and friends can gather and celebrate her life together.

I use “fitting” in quotation marks because there is nothing “fitting” about Erica’s passing. To me, it is always more difficult to process feelings when a younger person departs—it just should not happen. Sadly, I have experienced the unfortunate circumstance of former players and students passing away far too early in various environments, but this situation is especially difficult because each Electra player is affectionately known as “one of our little ones” because we are truly a team like no other; we are family, not just a collection of individuals who happened to play soccer together. In our Electra family, we have had numerous moments across the spectrum of emotions; we have also experienced deaths: Cindy’s brother, Ashley’s grandfather, Jen’s father, and my mother to name just a few. Our Erica seemingly had many more years of life to live, give and share. 

Erica certainly not only deserved, but would surely excel at the many life moments that will be missed: perhaps becoming a spouse if she so chose to, having children and seeing them grow if she so desired, becoming an Aunt to Michael’s and Lauren’s future child/children, supporting Wing and Sou as they advance in age, perhaps becoming a grandparent herself many years down the road in life’s great circle, managing life moments with friends for many years, partaking in travels for family and adventure, attaining future professional, community, and other personal goals, and so forth and so on. 

More importantly, it is the day-to-day interactions with Erica that will be missed greatly by many, many people. For several of us, even if we did not get to see her, just knowing she was an email, phone call, text, or direct message away was comforting, but that is gone now. Thus, we do need to acknowledge and accept that there is emptiness and sadness, there is a difficult feeling of loss, and our hearts ache painfully. In our own way, on our own time schedule, we need to know it is okay to grieve, to cry, and to feel sad in order to process life without Erica in the physical world. 

However, we also need to find a way to carry on—we need to remember the “beautiful, precious Erica” as Wing notes. Thus, we need to find a way to take deep breaths, lift up our chins, look upward and onward to think of Erica’s inspirational attributes. We need to channel our energy toward not what is no longer or what could have been, but more so on what we can learn, the positive memories we will always have, and the many mileposts of excellence in which Erica lived her life. 

We first met the Lee family at Chinn Park in Woodbridge, Virginia approximately twenty years ago in 1999. With many players who expressed interest in our highly competitive club soccer team, Braddock Road Youth Club (BRYC) Electra, usually the player would show up with one parent at a training session. The Lee family consisting of Wing, Sou, Erica and Michael all took the time to check out our team at an actual match. I could tell something was different (a good different) about Erica: despite moving across the country, she was happy, well-spoken, and confident for a rising ninth grade student. She had the opportunity to check out our “family,” just as we got to inspect hers. 

The Lee family had moved from southern California to northern Virginia, and they wanted to ensure that Erica had the best environment possible for her club soccer experience. It was very clear that soccer was a passion of hers and supporting that passion was something her family did for her consistently. After that match, she tried out for our team at a couple of training sessions, competing with intensity, demonstrating good skill, and showing terrific team chemistry in a new environment; it was a terrific match as Erica (and her family) joined our team. After winning a state championship and nearly winning a regional championship as a huge underdog that summer, our team had additional training sessions and upcoming competitions. It was amazing how easily Erica transitioned to our team— quickly developing into a competitive key member of our team on and off of the field. 

The memories of Erica from that summer onward are numerous, and these are what we must hold on to. With Erica, BRYC Electra would go on to travel to Ottawa, Phoenix, Orlando, New Jersey, San Diego, Long Island, Delaware Ft. Lauderdale, Rhode Island and numerous locations all over Virginia, North Carolina and Maryland to compete. We ultimately become one of the top teams in the country and sparked intrigue from all over as symbols of player development and team culture. College coaches sought out our team: at one of our Raleigh/CASL Showcase matches, we had approximately 80 college coaches to check out our team, as we regularly had 20-40 coaches at matches during prime recruiting time; Erica was certainly one of our top prospects where ever we traveled and a reason why our numbers were so great. The trips were amazing bonding experiences for our team, and Erica’s kindness, responsibility, dedication, commitment, punctuality, friendliness, and leadership were always evident; it was due to players like her who made our team chemistry one of the keys to our success. She loved being with her teammates on and off of the field, and she was always a positive contributor to our team meetings. 

In the matches during all of these travels, Erica was clearly a fierce competitor. She primarily played center back for us, defending our goal whilst at the same time demonstrating superior skills to be a part of our attack. She wanted to win, understanding if the team wins, then we all win. A gifted athlete, she was a physical force and also one of the smartest players on our team; she also led not just by her efforts on the field, but by also inspiring others to compete with her words. When I look back on the Electra years, Erica’s versatility and leadership were contributing factors to our abilities to play various formations and showcase our team wonderfully no matter who the competition was against. 

However, athletics is clearly not just all about the matches; it takes high-level training sessions far more numerous than the number of matches played. Our team had challenging preseason team camps, grueling fitness sessions, highly competitive training sessions where player development was key and team meetings where players were asked to contribute their voice. Erica loved being with her teammates at everything we did; she worked hard, competed to win, inspired whoever she was grouped with, cared for her team in a sincere, genuine manner, and her commitment to all events was incredible. 

I have numerous memories of Erica at training; her support of the team, engagement in the exercises we did, her taking charge in many ways, setting an example through her effort and words, and her sheer joy of the game made all of us happy. I especially remember the happiness she had with her teammates at UNC team camps and other college competitions, as those provided us with terrific competitive challenges and more opportunities to be together as family as the girls strove toward their collegiate years. 

Erica even went beyond our team to improve, as she exceled and led her teams in the Olympic Developmental Program. Thus, her passion and commitment to soccer were truly at elite levels. It was obvious that she was also a four-year starter and leader, eventually becoming captain of the varsity soccer team at Oakton High School. 

By the time she was a junior in high school, she was quite an accomplished student-athlete. From our team brochure, here are a few of her impressive stats: 

  • Erica Lee, # 2 Oakton H.S. ‘03 Position: Midfield, Back. 
  • Academics: GPA 3.9 (GT/AP classes); Oakton Scholar Athlete Award '00, '01, '02. ODP: VA '85 State Team and Region 1 Camp '99-'02; Region 1 Tournament finalist '00; Texas Shootout '01, '02. 
  • Athletics: Varsity Soccer as freshman; First Team All District Player of the Year '01; First Team All District '00, '01, '02; First Team All Region '01, '02; First Team All Tournament (district tournament); Second Team All Met '01, '02; Second Team All State '01, '02; JV basketball. 
  • Other Activities: Math Honor Society; Spanish Honor society; Octagon Club; Key Club 

In Erica’s senior year, we went on to defeat our perennial nemesis to win another state championship; no doubt she was a big factor in contributing to the team’s victory. Her college recruiting process went so well that she ended up with several quality opportunities, ultimately deciding on a full scholarship to Boston University, where she played for all four years and garnered various honors along the way. 

Here is what Wing and Sou said as they reflected about Erica’s Electra experience in my book: 

“Player development - You have always focused on the long term. Not that short steps aren’t important but what goals can be set for the long term - 1 year from now? 2 years? how about 5 years from now? For soccer players, is there a plan after club, high school, or even college? Humility - For an elite soccer club, travel was a big part - competing at various tournaments. My daughter and family’s first tournament was at Ottawa, Canada after moving to Virginia from California. There were others of course - Florida, Delaware, North Carolina, and Arizona just to mention a few. Ashu taught not only the players humility but even the parents. When traveling (he said), you not only represent the soccer club (Braddock Road Electra) but you also represent the state of Virginia. Humility went far for players and parents, as college recruiters watched matches and enjoyed the humble nature of the program. College process - Prepare the player as much as you can. Have the player ask questions to the college coach and not the parents. It is the player that coaches are recruiting, not the parents. Have the player talk with former players that have graduated from high school and are now playing in college about their process.” – Wing and Sou Lee (parents of Erica, BRYC Electra U15-U19 & Boston University)

The effect that Erica had on others was also impressive: she regularly worked with my younger teams,; those players and their parents always remarked how special it was to have Erica work with them, demonstrating patience, service to others, kindness and ultimately being a terrific role model for all. In addition, she inspired her peers. One of our team members, Katie, wrote about why our team was special and it was clear to see how teammates viewed Erica and likewise, how Erica viewed the team: 

"I think the best way to describe why Electra was such a unique and rewarding experience for me is to describe what I learned from my teammates and coaches, who were essentially my second family for ten years of my life. I learned what it means to be humble from Ashley, who was probably the most gifted athlete on the team but who never boasted or flaunted her remarkable successes. I learned what it means to be both a strong and assertive leader and a compassionate and thoughtful teammate from Erica, who was the team captain without ever having to be declared one. I learned what it means to have heart and grit from Laura, the smallest but toughest defender on our team. I learned what it means to work hard from Jenn, who lifted weights and played with the boys and redefined for me what it means to be a female athlete. I learned how to lead by example, both on and off the field, from Cassie, whose positive communication from the goal guided and comforted the team on the field and whose quiet faith and spirituality guides her life off of it. I learned what it means to persevere when confronted with obstacles from Christina, who suffered a torn ACL in the most important year of her soccer career but battled back and overcame. I learned what it means to be a loving person from Kenika, who always made sure that everyone was included and no one felt forgotten...." 

The many questions that we may have regarding Erica’s departure may be better aimed toward queries such as “What can I do to help?” “How are you feeling?” “Do you have someone you can speak with?” “Can I lend a hand, a shoulder or an ear?” No doubt, we all love Erica, and we can be inspired to weave many pieces of her very being into our lives. I close with Erica’s words that she contributed to my book—though her original piece has my name in it, the piece is really about the team; thus, I’ve edited it briefly. Erica clearly understood that the team came first and that understanding in itself is so powerful on many levels. I would like you to close your eyes and imagine the “beautiful, precious Erica” saying these words, with her smile in her joyful manner: 

“The coaching style and Electra’s core values and morals laid a very powerful foundation for me to excel and succeed in the real world today and for that I am thankful. We always focused on the fundamental skills — dedicating time during each training session to repetitious patterns to enhance muscle memory. The coaching/teaching style involved technical and tactical learning, which gave me a clear understanding of how to break down the game of soccer, which allowed the Electra to strategically execute its match plan. Ashu was more than a soccer coach. He cared about our overall success as students, which was reflected in taking the Electra players on a ‘College Tour.’ One of my most memorable moments was filming an instructional video with Anson Dorrance and Tony DiCicco near the campus of UNC on ‘how to play the 1-4-3-3’” – Erica Lee, BRYC Electra U15-U19 (Boston University)

And as my friend Anson would say, “Erica and her teammates are forever immortalized in that video, training skillfully for many to learn from by one of the world’s greatest coaches in Tony DiCicco.” No doubt, Erica's leadership was always felt on and off the field; her strength, smarts, character, selflessness, perseverance, competitiveness, determination, care for the team, commitment and so much more will always be remembered. Please keep the Lee family in your thoughts, and give them your love; we wish them peace, comfort, strength at this time. Our hearts are heavy, but surely, we will do our best to keep Erica's memory alive forever. Thank you for allowing me to share these words with you today.

Recent stories
Shared by Wing Lee on March 20, 2022
 Mom and I just visited you this morning at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills. It was a sunny and beautiful day. Your spirit and presence were felt and you will always be in our hearts. We will always remember the love and happiness that you brought us and to all of the family members and friends. I know Michael and Lauren are always thinking of you. They now have two boys, Oliver and Theodore (Teddy), your nephews. All of our prayers are with you and one day, we will all be together again. 
Mom and Dad 

Love Goes On

Shared by Anna Young Schreck on March 31, 2019

My son, Brandon, is just a year younger than Erica.  Erica was attending BU when Brandon became a freshman at BC (Boston College).  It was Brandon's first time leaving home and being on his own.  He was miles away from family and in unfamiliar territory and feeling a bit uneasy with the transition to college life. 

He will never forget Erica's act of kindness and compassion for reaching out to him and offering to just 'hang' with her. That act of kindness left an indelible mark on Brandon's heart.  It meant so much to him that he started to help other newly arriving students with their transition pains. And there's more. Those students whose lives Brandon touched... they too are doing the same!  

All this because of Erica's warm, loving heart.  That one small act of kindness has grown to touch so many lives.  She planted that seed of love that goes on and on.... 

Much love goes out to the family.  You are in our prayers and thoughts. 

The Young-Schreck-Loughridge Family


Fond memory of Erica

Shared by Tom Warner on March 27, 2019

We will always cherish our wonderful memories of Erica, both in California and when we all lived in Oakton, Virginia. We were watching old home videos recently and came across one where Erica proudly states she is getting her driver's license soon. The look on Wing's face was priceless! (see attached video)

Erica was always extremely giving, and helped our kids with their college prep, for which we will be forever grateful. 

Her beautiful smile and vibrant, caring personality will be forever in our hearts.


The Warners (Tom, Nora, Daniel and Kristin)