Erin Margaret O'Neill
  • 24 years old
  • Date of birth: Nov 29, 1991
  • Place of birth:
    Franklin, Indiana, United States
  • Date of passing: Mar 9, 2016
  • Place of passing:
    Indianapolis, Indiana, United States
Not a day will go by without you in it; Fly High Bones!

This memorial website was created in memory of our daughter, sister and friend, Erin O'Neill, 24, born on November 29, 1991 and passed away on March 9, 2016. We will remember her forever. On the evening of Tuesday, March 8, 2016 she was involved in a motorcycle accident. Erin was thrown off of the bike and lifelined to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. She sustained severe Tramatic Brain Injury, multiple skull fractures and multiple broken bones. Upon her arrival, she underwent several brain scans and exams. Her brain began to swell and the doctors and nurses worked tirelessly to get her brain pressure to come down. They administered medication after medication to bring the swelling down. Unfortunately, as time went by she began to lose the motor function skills that are associated with an active brain stem. She was unconscious and unresponsive to any of the tests. She had a very weak cough on the ventilator, and eventually she was unable to breathe on her own. The swelling in her brain increased and pushed down on her brain stem. The doctors administered one final brain blood flow test that consisted of injecting a solution to show vivid images of brain portions that might still be alive. We prayed relentlessly. Unfortunately, the neurosurgeons saw the results and she was declared brain dead. This memorial page is created with the full intention to keep her legacy alive. She possessed the most generous and loving of all hearts. She never failed to find redemption in anyone. She taught us all by her actions how to forgive. She always found the quirky and funny side to any situation and daily life. Please assist us in keeping her memory alive so that we all have the ability at any time and any place to relive precious moments with her. Erin, you are truly loved and the depth of our sorrow can never be articulated enough. Words will never express just how much you meant to us. 

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Krystal Burgard on 12th August 2017

"Some days suck the breath out of me and leave my stomach wretched and my heart shrinks more and more. There is no one who can replace you. Wouldn't even try."

This tribute was added by Krystal Burgard on 12th July 2017

"Back again Erin. Today we lost two kittens we were fostering from work. They were only 7 days old. Austin is devastated. I wish I could talk to you about it. But losing the kittens made him talk about you too. The past three hours have been extremely difficult and sad. I tried to let him know that sometimes no matter how hard we try to fight to keep someone alive it doesn't always happen. And then that made me lose it more. I know through the years we lost our fair share of animals, but seeing him go through his first and then correlating it to you broke me so bad. I would give anything to have you here to send pictures to and talk about everything. Time has changed nothing. I have no where to go to talk about you or anything so I come here to talk to you. May just be kittens that weren't even ours but it still sucks. And everything difficult and sad and death related correlates to you."

This tribute was added by Krystal Burgard on 12th July 2017

"Late night for me today and it reminds me of how you would go to the gym late and be on a stepper or elliptical and would call me just to talk to me while working out. It was inevitably 9 pm or later....thank you Anytime Fitness."

This tribute was added by Krystal Burgard on 5th July 2017

"Stopping by to say Hi my dear sister. Today I started a new job. It would be glorious to share my day with you! Especially the part with the one young soldier who came in and actually knows all about Dobermans!! We talked and talked! Really nice guy. He might stop back around periodically to ask me about future puppies! Eek! Today was actually a good day, but the good days are the hardest. I would give anything to hear you laugh with me and make jokes about stuff. So instead I visit and talk to you here. I love you and missing you doesn't cut it in words. Until next time, all my love.

P.S. There were two Chihuahuas today named Mustang (male) and Sassy (female)."

This tribute was added by Krystal Burgard on 24th June 2017

"So I cannot tell you how much I miss talking to you. I miss our everyday catch up talks. Even if it was hey this happened, or a 5 minute laugh about a joke. I would love to have those moments again. Facebook hurts to see. I struggle everyday. Mom and Dad just go through the motions. Nothing is the same. There are so many missing pieces. I have no one to talk to about you. I have no one who understands my pain. I miss you so much and words can never express this hurt. I stare at your pictures all the time. I watch your videos on here or on our tv all the time. I don't know how to accept this is how it is. I cannot stop the tears. I cannot stop the anger or the sadness. Late at night is always the hardest part of my day. Everything ends with the boys and whatever else and it all crushes me over and over. And once again I have no one to talk to about you or anything. I would love to say I feel you with me, but I feel you back home. I wish I could talk to you about how out of place I feel. How lost I am. Or just laugh with you. Just laugh over something stupid. Or hear about your accomplishments this summer during show season. I see everyone else's pictures and I cannot look at them without placing you there with them. So many never ending parts of my life. No sister to share good and bad times with. No sister to have as an Aunt to my children or for me to be to yours. No one to share the end of days with. So damn lonely. I miss you. I love you. And this still doesn't say how I feel."

This tribute was added by Jonathan Burgard on 9th March 2017

A year has gone and the emotion everyone feels everyday has not changed. You are truly missed more then you could ever know. Austin still talks about his Aunty Nan Ner often. You my not be here anymore physically but you are still here in everyone's hearts."

This tribute was added by Sara Stock on 2nd March 2017

"I formally met you for the first time at my first time showing at Indiana State fair. I remember we went to get food and we were sitting down eating and the entire time you made me, my mom, Cassie Tyree and my sister, Cassie, laugh the entire time. You had the best jokes and could make something funny out of everything. I can assure you, you were very loved and greatly missed everyday. ❤"

This tribute was added by Krystal Burgard on 1st March 2017

"My dear sister. A year is quickly approaching. So many things have happened this past year. I miss you so much. I have so many things I want to tell you. So many things I want you to be a part of. So many times I want to hear your voice and your laugh. Or for you just to be a smart ass. So many things I cannot get out of my head. Nor do I believe. You would tell me I am being stupid, but deep down you always knew I was right. I cannot accept this is life as we know it. I cannot accept we will never get to see you get married. I will never be an Aunt to your children the way you were so wonderfully to mine. I still feel like I took off down the road last week to get to you in the hospital. I still feel like we just had your service last week. I have no idea how to go forward. My therapy sessions haven't changed any this past year either. It literally is like I am stuck on repeat. Reliving this horrible devastating week over and over again. God, I miss you! Please watch over us all. Mom and Dad are so lost without you. I love you. Always and a day!"

This tribute was added by Jonathan Burgard on 7th June 2016

"Erin, you are always on our minds and missed more than you could ever know. Austin thinks about you every single day and prays for his Aunty Nan Ner. Time does not make it easier and you will never leave our hearts and the love with have for you. Fly high and remember we will never forget about you! – Love your brother in-law Jon"

This tribute was added by Cassandra Robinson on 2nd June 2016

"I met bones when I was 10 years old , coming into Judy Moosemann's barn with a horse of my own. I had a lot of work on my hands and bones was the one stuck to help me. At first we didn't talk much, just bones telling me what needed to be done and that's probably just because I was so much younger. Eventually we started making our own inside jokes , making fun of my horrible hearing and soon after she became my best friend. She was at every show , whether I needed her or not , she was at every doctors appointment when I needed her , and she was the first one to see me when I found out I was pregnant at 14. She stuck by my side the whole evening, watched over me, checked to see if I was okay by stopping at my house , calling, or texting me. No matter what I could always depend on her to give me her best advice and be there when I needed her most. When people mistakes us for sisters , she went along with it . She never failed to take me out to lunch on my birthday at the same place because she knew my family was not fond of my favorite restaurant(but bones was.) I considered her a sister and loved every moment I spent with her , even if we were mad at eachother over something stupid. She will always be a sister to me , and an aunt to my twins."

This tribute was added by Jessie Minneman on 22nd March 2016

"Erin and I showed horses together in the AQHA. We always showed in the showmanship and the hunt seat together. I remember last year we rode together, and she said, 'You're horse is so big, how do you get on that thing?!' I said well a step ladder. We laughed as we stood in the line up together. We always said hi to each other and stood by one another in the line ups every time we showed together. Erin was so friendly and she could make anyone smile. She was a great horseman, and a great friend. She will be missed by many, and I will miss having her in the line up with me."

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