Posted by J. Jones on January 9, 2021
Still one the best baseball players to ever come out of Laurel County. Won’t forget you bud.
Posted by sandra garland on June 24, 2020
Had you on my mind just missing my baby... I long to see you your sweet face that grin that brighten the room when you walked in...
Posted by Helecia Stakelin on April 23, 2016
Thinking of you and your family Ern. I miss that grin. Time passes so fast but you will never be forgotten.
Posted by sandra garland on November 10, 2014
Happy Birthday Ern I miss you so much , can't believe you would have been 33...This year I no you have Dad with you. Wish you was here! love you Mom
Posted by sandra garland on April 23, 2014
Can't believe I've not saw that sweet face for 7 yr.s and heard your voice.. LOVE AND MISS YOU...
Posted by sandra garland on April 22, 2014
I know you and Dad are having a reunion..Wish I was there too..
Posted by sandra garland on April 22, 2013
Tommow will be six years without my and miss him so much..
Posted by Helecia Stakelin on November 10, 2012
Happy 31st Birthday Ern!
Posted by sandra garland on November 10, 2012
Happy Birthday my sweet baby....Love and miss you so bad!!!!!!!
Posted by sandra garland on November 9, 2012
Can't believe tomorrow you would have been 31..always,always momma's baby....
Posted by sandra garland on October 23, 2012
Thinking of you as always... love you and miss you!!
Posted by sandra garland on October 1, 2012
missing you sooo...
Posted by Janet Garland on November 10, 2011
It's your 30th birthday and it still hurts so much to know we can't see you and give you our love.. You and Judy should be celebrating along with Mom, Dad and the rest of those that have left us too soon... I know we're suppose to believe that you're all better off, but it doesn't change the fact that WE are left here to endure life without all of you.. You were one of a kind.. Miss you..
Posted by sandra garland on November 10, 2011
Happy Birthday my sweet baby I've done baked your cake...why I don't know I still just have to...We are so lost without you just wish I had one more day ...Love you so much and miss you beyond words...I know you are having a great birthday with all your family and friends!!!HUGS AND KISSES..
Posted by Helecia Stakelin on November 10, 2011
Happy Birthday Ern! I think of you often and sometimes ask why, but I know God needed that smile and spirit of yours to do bigger things for him than what we can understand here on earth. Miss you and hope you are celebrating the big 30 today in heaven!
Posted by sandra garland on July 28, 2011
Had a dream this morning of you,James got to give you a big hug and Dalton just looked at you than threw his arms around you.. Dad and Haroldwas there too they also got hugs but, I woke up crying and never got to hug you,I want my birthday hug so bad! I want you w/ME LOVE U BABY
Posted by Judy Abner on June 18, 2011
miss u ern and love u always that personality of yours was the best. always made me smile, and made me happy even if i was having a bad day. will be in my heart and thoughts every day. ryan wears your number proudly.
Posted by sandra garland on May 28, 2011
Coming to place flowers on today, thats all we can do is to go to your resting place..Loved and missed so much.
Posted by sandra garland on May 7, 2011
This will be the 4th Mother's Day without you..momma misses you so!!!
Posted by Larry Garland on April 26, 2011
Son,miss you so much...I should have went first...........
Posted by Karen Rudder Jones on April 25, 2011
Ern, you were such a kind, respectful, talented, young man. You are one of my students I will never forget and you will always hold a special place in my heart.  Karen Jackson Jones
Posted by sandra garland on April 22, 2011
Ern,you was always momma's always will be..You was such a joy(most times.LOL)The day the Lord called you home I didn't think I could live with-outyou..And I've not really had to because I feel you with me all through the day.LOVE YOU,MOM&DA
Posted by Tish Gaines McGhee on April 21, 2011
Ern will never be forgotten. All of the great memories he left us with will be treasured forever. Sometimes I laugh out loud remembering the funny stuff he said or did. He was such an amazing person and friend.
Posted by Meghan Engle-Hacker on April 18, 2011
Ern was one of my good friends from school. I have so many good memories of him. He will never be forgotten!! He was such a great guy and had a contagious smile!
Posted by Becky Abner Osborne on April 18, 2011
About everytime around this year, I get sad. I know you are with Jesus, but I am only human and want you here. I know I will see you again Ern, but I miss you so much. I feel you with Me sometimes, and your picture is hanging on my wall. I will never
Posted by Paula Hensley on April 16, 2011
that big smile and loving personality will never be forgotten. You will always be very special to everyone who ever knew you. Aunt Paula loves and misses you.
Posted by Phyllis Rawlings on April 16, 2011
Ern love to cut up with everyone never seen him without a smile or that little grin he had.Roy loved Ern they did things we didnt know about till they told us and laugh about it. We love you Ern. Phyllis&Brad.
Posted by Tammy Woody on April 12, 2011
Our whole family will always remember Ern's big smile! we will never forget him...he will live forever in our hearts!!! Ed & Tammy W

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