my dad and me?

Shared by Bridie North on June 30, 2011

 hi my name is bridie,i want to tell you a story about a dad and his daughter? my dad's name is ernest john{ernie} was what every1 called him apart from my mum who called him mate well when i was a young girl i can always remember him singing to me jim reeves songs,well one day my dad thought it would be a good idea to sit in front of an open fire and fill up his petrol lighter up well as he was doing this a spark from the fire spat out and landed right on his hand and ignited setting on fire it was near christmas my mum was telling him to watch the xmas tree and presents,one of my sisters went to ring the fire brigade,one went to throw water over him but didn't coz she thought she would get told off my dad's trying to put out the flames on himself  me and my little sister huddled up tight on the sofa both of us screaming and a family friend standing there with the colour draining from his face well my dad put the flames out on himself so he decided to go and check himself out all of a sudden we heard him laughing so my mum went to see wot was so funny it wasn't until he came down we found out why his armpit hair had been singed along with big bald patches on his chest and his hair on his head was all singed and then my dad asked my mum if the tree,presents,and carpet wer'e all right not worrying about himself there are more stories to tell you about my hero my dad but thats for some other time xoxox

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