Shared by Ethel Allison on July 16, 2012

Education was so important to Papa. Throughout my educational history, teachers, lecturers and students alike have commented on my grasp of the English language and the way I express my thoughts on paper.

I remember every day I return from primary and secondary school, Papa will spend an hour or two going through what I had studied for the day. He made me join the debating society both in school and in church and was ever so proud when I returned with awards and prizes.

So you can imagine my great sorrow when he died just before I took the exams that would take me into University. But for him, I don't think education would be as much fun as it has been.

Great name Giver

Shared by Diepriye Brown-West on July 12, 2010

Papa had a name for everyone and every situation, and whatever name he called a thing or person made sense.

There were names like bebeiju, namame, e do, asia, and so many more.

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