This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, ernest* sunshine* Mendoza, 70, born on April 26, 1946 and passed away on July 2, 2016. We will remember him forever.He was one of a kind, rare precious life that once he came into your life, he left a imprint on your heart

Tributes are short messages commemorating ernest* sunshine*, or an expression of support to his closest family and friends. Leave your first tribute here, and others will follow.

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Daddy always put us kids first

July 13, 2016

I remember daddy always buying us new clothe,, we we're never allowed to wear anything with hole,, if daddy seen a hole in our clothes her call us over ask us what the he'll was this, stick his finger in the hole and rip it tell us get it off he works to dress us nice  he  better  not  see  it  again, I  also  remember  we  always  had  new  shoes. Now  I  look  back  I  remember my  mom  sewing  patches  over  patches  on  his  work  pants, his  work  boots  having  duct  tape  holding  them  together, him  bringing  home  his  lunchbox  giving  it  to  me   him  not  eating  it  because  he  knew  it  was  my  favorite  so saving  it  to  give  me  and  seeing   that  smile  as  he  handed  it  to  me, I  know  I  was  his  number  one  he   made  sure  all  the  men  in  my  life  knew , if  they  bet  they'd  take  me  somewhere  her  let  them, then  show  up  to  take  me  home  to  prove  his  point, he  won  the  bet  I  was  his  baby  girl, when  I  married, he  stopped  half  way  down  the  isle  said  we  can  make  a  get  away  if  you  want, he  then  told  the  groom  back  up  she's  not  yours  yet, daddy  was  there  always, when  everyone  else  turned  away, he  stood  by  my  side, I  know  he  took  a lot  of  punishment  for  it  too. But  no  matter  what  is  said  or  done, he  made  sure  I  always  knew  he  loved  me  he  was  proud  of  me  I  was  his number  one  and  I  was  and  will  always  be  daddy's  girl!!

You'll always be my number one, daddy's girl

July 13, 2016

My daddy was, is, and forever will be my life my world, my hero. He is my Superman, he could hang the moon, he stood by me at ALL costs, putting everything at risk, he'd stand by me first, and face all consequences, I remember being in sleeper pajamas with feet that zipped up I couldn't walk yet, but I'd wake up every morning, every night to Freddy fender music and my daddy picking me up out of my crib to dance with me before he went to work after he got home from work it was something I got use to growing  up  with, even  having  contractions  in  labor  he  still  grabbing  me  and  dancing, one  of  my  best  memories  was  when  my  water  broke  at 28 weeks  with  my  last  baby  we  had  to  wake  him  he  had  just  got  home  danced   with  me  ate  tacos  and  went  to  bef  and  fell  asleep, when  I  knocked  on  the  door  and  said .... Daddy  my  water  broke  I  need  to  go  to  the  hospital, he  got  up   so  fast  grabbed  the  Levis  on  the  floor  next  to  him  comes  hopping  out  of  the  bedroom  falling  on  the  floor  in  the  hall, trying  to   pull  these  Levis  up  we  all  we're  laughing  so  hard  tears  we're  falling  watching  daddy  try  to  get  these  pants  on, then  mom  realized  they  we're  my  little  brothers  seanerys  not  his  that's  why  they  only  went  to  his  knees, she  got  them  away  from  him  and  gave  him  his  pants  as  we  watched  him  run  to  the  truck  yelling  don't  panic  mija, well  daddy  drove  off  and  went  to  the  hospital  telling  them  his  baby  girl  was  in  early  labor, when  they  ask  where   I  was  he  forgot  me, then  he  panicked, they  had  to  call  my  mom  calm  him  down, get  neighbor  to  take  me, then  the  helicopter  got  there  to  fly  me  to  Tucson  and  they  had  a  first  time  graduate  on  duty, he  was  so  nervous, so  my  daddy  then  proceeds  to  tell  him  if  anything  happens  to  his  baby  girl  or  his  tiny  baby  he's  gonna  hunt  him  down  and  cut  his  balls  off!! This  made  the  paramedic  really  scared  the  whole  ride  if  I  moved  in  any  way  he  begged  please  don't  have  this  baby  I  don't  want  to  loose  my  balls!!! But  as  all  men  will  agree  he  would  tell any   man  that  when  it  came  to  his  girls.

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