Posted by Sharon Douglas on July 27, 2021
My Brother Hopetan, today is Your Special Day. My heart, my mind, my whole being continues to weep. I cry because I miss you so MUCH. I know you are sitting and reasoning with our father God, I also know that you are in no more pain, so rest in peace My Brother until we meet again. I love you forever
Posted by FEREITH JOHNSON on July 27, 2021
Wow. . Hopeton since you left us it has been unbearable.You were my special friend and i will always hold on to our memories. Happy heavenly birthday. Remember we are both leo.
Love you always
Posted by Cornelia Webb on June 21, 2021
Father's Day was not the same without you here. It stings to know you and my grandfather were not here for me to say, "Happy Father's Day!" Even so, I am blessed and thankful to have had you both in my life. I pray Jehovah will continue to be my balm in Gilead. I pray that He will allow this pain to sting and hurt less each day. Until I see you again, Unc. I love you.
Posted by FEREITH JOHNSON on May 3, 2021
Be not dismayed whate'er betide, God will take care of you! His wings of love abide, God will take care of you! God will take care of you.
I have known Hopeton for more than 20 years. An extra- ordinary person.......
Hopeton or Errol Douglas or i would call him Douglas was a true friend to me a really true friend. He was a motivator to me and my daughter. He always have words of encouragement to give me and my daughter. His favourite words to me was "mi little sister (although we were not biological sister) mi love how you bright and always a try to uplift your self, no Douglas no dunce so continue strive for greatness."

Hopeton was a kind hearted person who always give selflessness to all who came in contacted with him. He was a provider for many families in the communities of Crofts Hill, Kellits, Douglas Castle and many more. in that he provided employment for both men and women so that they could take care of their family. Hopeton was just a giver and not a taker. He give words of encouragement to the young, the middle age and the old. he was a peace maker for the over 20 odd years i have know him Hopeton has never been at war with anyone. Hopeton was a comedian who always make you laugh even when you are down ( what a man to give jokes sah - my favourite words to him). Hopeton was a fighter in order to elevate himself and others. What an extraordinary person he was.

I have lost a friend, a big brother, father and a motivator. Hopeton was a person I could run to for information about farming and farm products. He was very knowledgeable about almost everything. He would always say although mi no go university no Douglas no dunce.

i would go on and on to talk about my true friend Errol Douglas. But one thing i am certain about is that Hopeton has gone on to glory. I say that because i remember the day when we went to Chest Hospital he prayed his prayed of confession and i know God hear his prayer and receive him.

Sleep and take your rest Hopeton
God our father knows best
Until we meet again
Love you
From Lisa and Tash My Daughter
Posted by Michelle Chandler on May 3, 2021
Even though I didn't get to spend enough time with you; the time that was spent in your last days were pure and true. May your soul rest in sweet peace. As God grant the family the strenght to cope may your memories live on...

Until we meet again.
Posted by Cornelia Webb on May 2, 2021
My uncle was a kind, strong, honest, selfless and hardworking man who loved everyone as if they were family. He lived life without fear or apology, loved everyone unconditionally and never lost hope in redemption...whether in this life or the next. Throughout his life he constantly faced challenges and setbacks, yet he always remained hopeful and persevered to become one of the most respected and successful members of his community. I say it in that order--respected then successful--because for a man to truly be counted a success, he has to first be one whom others deem worthy of giving respect. My uncle exemplified qualities such as selflessness, empathy and devotion to the betterment of others. Entire communities sprung up and people thrived because of his devotion to them. For these qualities that he exemplified, therefore, he was found worthy of respect and, thus, regarded as a success. After all, "What does it profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul?" For as much as he achieved and acquired, my uncle never lost his soul (loving and wanting the best for others), nor did he ever forget what it truly means to be human (loving thy neighbor as thyself). He was, therefore, a true success.  
I will always remember you, Uncle Hopeton. I can still hear you giving me counsel, beginning with, "Hey, mi niece...." I can still hear you saying, "Hey, mi niece, you make sure you take you education so you no have to come work hard like mi, you know." I can still feel the pride you exuded for my achievements and triumphs, yet the love and encouragement you gave in my setbacks and failures. I can still hear you saying, "This a my niece...." You always made me feel loved, recognized, intelligent and capable of achieving and doing anything in life. In life, I saw those qualities in you deserving of respect. In your death, I can only hope to not only emulate them, but absorb and live them.

I will forever be Your Niece. See you in the New Jerusalem.

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