Let the memory of Esther be with us forever
  • 90 years old
  • Born on March 6, 1921 in Ohio, United States.
  • Passed away on March 17, 2011 in California, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved Mother/Nana, Esther Beardsley who was born on March 6, 1921 and passed away on March 17, 2011. We will remember our "Mama", "Nana", "Baby Bird", "Birdie", "Mamacita", Hungarian Gypsie & "Buttercup" forever.

Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on March 15, 2014
My Buttercup Mom as you probably already know today we lost our Neena (Smooches as I called her). I loved her so much. She had a big heart. I know you will take good care of her as now she is with you. I Love & miss you both Always & Forever in my heart.
Posted by Victor Lopez on March 15, 2014
Neena has left our world and will soon be reunited with you in heaven. You gave her life, the lord has called her now and soon she will be with you. May she find your open and loving arms in heaven! I can only offer my support to Cindy and Terry's family on their loss, I know Cindy loved her and will miss her as she misses you!
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on March 6, 2014
Happy Birthday to you "My Buttercup"
I can see you now enjoying your Banana creme pie with coffee yum! I miss & love you so much we all do ;)
Posted by Victor Lopez on March 6, 2014
Nana, today would have been your 93rd birthday and although you are not with us physically; you are always in our hearts. I will always miss our conversations, so from me to you in absentia, "Happy birthday Nana! love you and miss you!
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on December 26, 2013
Merry Christmas My Buttercup! I sure missed you a lot today. I miss all the gatherings & your Christmas cookies...no one makes them like you! I miss & Love you so much. Love you always "My Buttercup" XOXOXO
Posted by Victor Lopez on November 29, 2013
Nana; here we are without you again on this Thanksgiving! But in reality you were with us in our hearts and thoughts as always, we thought about the good times and shared some laughs and memories about you. Missing you always!
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on November 28, 2013
Hey My Buttercup, I'm missing you this Thanksgiving! Our families have grown so much and now everyone has gone their own way just part of growing up I guess. Well I just wanted to say I love & miss you & thanks for all the wonderful years we all had together as a family celebrating our holidays. Now it's our turn with our kids. Love you Always "My Buttercup"
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on September 18, 2013
Hi "My Buttercup" I sure miss you! Wish you were here so we could have some coffee, chat, some laughs & hugs ;) I Love you Always & Forever sending you sweet kisses XOXO
Posted by Adrienne Chavez on August 9, 2013
LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on July 29, 2013
I misssssssssssss youuuuuuuuu My Buttercup! Love you Always & Forever! XOXOXO
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on May 12, 2013
Happy Mother's Day "My Buttercup" I miss & love you so much. I'm so thankful for having had such a loving Mom in you. You taught me how to love, laugh & that when things got tough you keep on going. We have lots of little birds around here singing that remind me of you & how you used to whistle like a birdie ..I could never do it haha So I'm sending Sweet kisses & love to you My Buttercup
Posted by Victor Lopez on May 12, 2013
A Mother's day tribute to you on this day! We all miss you so much I hope know I always blow kisses to you at bedtime. We had some really fun times didn't we? I miss our little chats so much. Love You and Miss You!
Posted by Bryan Beardsley on May 12, 2013
Miss you Mom...! Not a day goes by without a wonderful thought of you...! OXOXOXO
Posted by Laura King on May 4, 2013
Esther~ My Mom spoke of you often. She had nothing but kind words to say about you and your children. You probably remember me more than I remember you, because I was so young. I do remember one day when you watched me, I was about 3, when Mom went to work. I know I cried and you comforted me. My Mom passed away Feb 26 2013. I have a feeling you are both reconnecting in Heaven. God Bless!
Posted by Victor Lopez on March 22, 2013
Nana; a sincere and heartfelt note to say I miss you on this day of observance of your passing. I miss you and always think about you; don't forget to ask Adam why he bit the apple!
Posted by Bryan Beardsley on March 17, 2013
Yet another year has passed and it seems like just yesterday when we were taking pictures, laughing and loving. Think about you everyday mom and hope we are making you proud. You will be forever in my heart and you are my forever hero... OXOX
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on March 17, 2013
Hi Buttercup! I miss you. I have treasured memories that you & I have shared though the years that always bring a smile to my face ;) like how we would sneak up on each other grab our sides and bring each other to the floor laughing because we were so ticklish, makes me laugh every time. And your fun ballroom dancing stories Huguette & I will never forget. I'll Love you Always & Forever
Posted by Victor Lopez on March 7, 2013
Nana, another year has passed. You are always in my heart and every night I send kisses to you and my Mom. I hope that language is universal in heaven and you two are having the greatest of times chatting as you watch over us. This would have been your 92nd birthday Nana, you are missed or as this website clearly states, you are 'forever missed'. May your birthday be happier in heaven!
Posted by Tamela Forbes on March 6, 2013
Happy Birthday Mom!!!!! As I said before "Mom you were the best. Always there for us! Never waivered from your faith in Christ. Taught us well. You ARE dearly missed. Day by day. Esp. when I need to confide in you. But as free as you are now, in a new body, just remember we will be together once again in God's time!" Love you Momma!!!! xoxo
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on March 6, 2013
Hey Buttercup!
Happy Birthday! Wish you were here I miss you so much. I'm always thinking about you, I love you so much. Always & Forever I'm sending sweet kisses to you.
Posted by Adrienne Chavez on March 6, 2013
Happy Birthday Nana!!!.. miss you always!!!
Posted by Adrienne Chavez on December 28, 2012
Love you!!...From your all time favorite granddaughter! :)
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on July 18, 2012
Hey Buttercup I sure do miss you. Seems I just see you everywhere when I am out...but that's ok I like it and I like feeling like you are always around me. Somehow it comforts me. Love & Kisses to you Always My Buttercup! XOXOXO
Posted by Victor Lopez on May 13, 2012
Just a tribute mother's day for you; I miss you very much but you know what? you are always with us in the dining room on a small memorial Cindy made for you and that's where we always had good times.
love you and miss you;
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on May 13, 2012
I miss you this Mother's Day My Buttercup! I posted some Begonias for you, (just one of your many favorite flower's)! Your always always in my heart. I love & miss you My Buttercup! 
I'm sending you sweet kisses & I'll see you in my dreams. ;) XOXOXOXO
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on April 9, 2012
Yesterday was my Bday & I had a nice surprise in the morning. My cell phone said I had a message and wanted to know if I wanted to keep it or delete it. When I checked the message it was an old message I had kept from you!!! It was nice to hear your voice on my Bday. Thank you My Buttercup that made my day! Love you Always XOXOXO
Posted by Adrienne Chavez on March 25, 2012
Just wanted to leave you a note: love you. Miss you always!
Posted by Larry Houchen on March 19, 2012
All of us at the Saddleback Valley church of Christ miss you very much. I remember your sweetness and smile. It was an honor knowing you.
Posted by Bryan Beardsley on March 19, 2012
Miss you Mom.......I'm just say'n.......OXOXOXOXOXO
Posted by Victor Lopez on March 17, 2012
Nana; it's been 1 yr now since you left us and I miss you a whole bunch. I miss coming home and telling you 'Darlink; I'm home' but most of all our dinner chats and laughter. Loving you and missing you...
Posted by Tamela Forbes on March 17, 2012
A year has passed by so quickly...still love and miss you terribly! Wish you could see how the grandkids & great-grandkids are growing up! You would continue to spoil them to pieces! They were your pride and joy...all of them!! Missing you!! xo
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on March 17, 2012
Hi "My Buttercup", It's been 1 year since you have been gone. I can hardly believe it. I miss you so much. You will always have my Love and I will keep your Love close to my heart forever. I am glad that I have seen you in my house, places we go eat at, stores we shop at. It makes it easier for me knowing & just having that feeling that you were there. Love you always kisses to you! XO
Posted by Tamela Forbes on March 7, 2012
Happy Birthday Mom! Miss you terribly! But I know you and Grandma Beres are together! You missed her so much in the later part of your life...I am glad you could remember your mama and dad during that time. *Tears* xoxoxo
Posted by Victor Lopez on March 6, 2012
Dear Nana;
Today is your 91st birthday and I miss not having you here to celebrate. Time has passed but you can be sure your memory has not been erased from my heart. I hope you get all my goodnight kisses I send your way each night; have a great celebration with all the Angels in heaven! Love you...
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on February 20, 2012
Hey Buttercup! I had a dream about you the other night...it was nice seeing you it felt so real I just wanted it to go on & on. Can't believe it's been 11 months already time sure is flying. I sure miss you. Love you Always "My Buttercup" XOXOXO
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on January 18, 2012
Hey Buttercup!
Just thinking of you today! I got a beautiful corner Curio today. We always said one day we will get one & today we got it! You would love it. I miss and Love you Always & Forever! XOXOXO
Posted by Victor Lopez on January 3, 2012
Happy New Year in you honor; Cindy and I always talk about you and we share laughs with all the funny and silly things you would do! I miss you so much but always carry you in my heart along with my mom's memory!....and don't forget I always blow you a kiss every night when I go to bed! Love you always.
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on January 2, 2012
Happy New Year "My Buttercup", I know your here with all of us in our hearts. As long as I am thinking of you I am happy it just means you are only a thought away. I Love & miss you Always My Buttercup! XOXOXO
Posted by Tamela Forbes on December 27, 2011
Nothing is the same since your gone. Nothing. Miss our talks about the Bible and things going on in life. Even when we didn't agree! No cookies or desserts this yr. Maybe next yr. I'll get in the mood. Love and miss you. xo
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on December 25, 2011
Merry Christmas "My Buttercup"! I can't believe it's been 9 months already, first Christmas without you. I miss you so much! Love you Always & Forever. XOXOXO
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on December 17, 2011
Hey My Buttercup! I can hardly believe it's been 9 months already! I miss you so much. I was just thinking it's almost Christmas time & I miss baking your favorite Hungarian cookies with you. We always had so much fun rolling that dough out, grinding those walnuts & putting them in the dough, baking & sitting with our coffee eating them as we make them. Good times. Love you always! XO
Posted by Tamela Forbes on December 4, 2011
*Tears* Today I saw a little lady at the hairdressers that made me think of you...I immediately broke into tears. I miss you more today than yesterday. Wish I could chit chat with you...only in my mind. Love you Mom...xo
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on November 17, 2011
Hi Buttercup, Just having my coffee & thinking about how the little grandkids used to sit around the table talking or drawing pictures for you. I always loved watching how they treated you so loving & gentle. So I just had to post their pic for ya. haha. Love & Miss you, Always & Forever! (And that's the Truth!) haha
Posted by Tiffin Ash on October 19, 2011
Hi Nana! Love and miss u everyday! Can't believe its been 7months since ur passing! Miss u everyday!
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on October 17, 2011
Hey Buttercup! Just finished a Memory box of you for my wall. All my special memories of you together in one place. Miss & Love you Always & Forever! XOXOXO
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on September 17, 2011
Hi Buttercup! Just missing you. I'll have a morning cup of coffee for ya tomorrow okay. Love you Always & Forever!
Posted by Adrienne Chavez on September 17, 2011
LUVYA ....NANA! xo
Posted by Cindy (Beardsley) Lopez on August 16, 2011
Hello My Buttercup just missing you! I found a pic of you cutting up your pepper's & onions ready to cook with your eggs. Yum! I love that dish! Love you always & forever My Buttercup! XOXO
Posted by Tiffin Ash on July 20, 2011
Hi nana....im missing u alot! I think the hardest time is when im at my moms and I see ur room. I sit in the living and sometimes forget and I find myself getting up to check on u! I miss u so much nana! My grief hits me hard at times! Love u always!! Xoxoxo
Posted by Victor Lopez on July 17, 2011
Hey Nana;
just missing you so much! we often chat about you; you are always in our memories and you certainly are in my heart always!
love you

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