Let the memory of Esther be with us forever and stay forever green.
  • 55 years old
  • Born on March 31, 1958 in Cameroon.
  • Passed away on September 18, 2013 in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Esther Munji, 55, born on March 31, 1958 and passed away on September 18, 2013. We will remember her forever. For more information and funeral details contact: Pa Clement Aweh 617 719 0686 Fomuyam Patience. 617 504 2670 Fombe Pentocoster 617 630 6824 Yvonne Munji 617 756 9545, Frida Ngam 301 256 1012, william Munji 404 514 2113, Dr. Ayim 318 344 8955. For financial contributions: we have a Citizen account dedicated to this. Routing #211070175. Account #1326809013 Banker's name: Funeral Yvonne Funeral program: Viewing and Church service at Faggas Funeral Home. 551 Mt. Auburn st. Watertown, MA. From 3-6pm and reception at the Watertown Hall at 465 mt. Auburn st, Watertown MA.

Posted by Pentocoster Fomum on 31st March 2018
Mama. Es, as I always called you. It's been 5 years yet the memory is so fresh. Mama continue to rest in peace in the arms of the Lord.we will for ever missed you. To day is moghamo meeting,we will remember you. Your memory leaves on. Pentocoster Fombe.
Posted by Frida Ngam on 2nd April 2016
Booh, It's been 2+ years that we have not seen nor talked to each other, not by choice but the will of God. I just want to let you know that I miss you so much now than ever before. I have persevered, pretended that it's ok not to have you around, hid my feelings and tears all these years. Booh, you went too soon. I miss your soft voice when i thundered. I miss your gentle and soft smile. i miss your kind and encouraging words when i was upset. Booh, i miss you just the way you were. Ride on my dearest sister, ride on. You were so special to me, but I guess more special to the Lord. That's why He called you so soon. I wish you were here to see what Yvonne and Brina are doing. Brina graduated last year with her First Degree and Yvonne is graduating next month with her RN. The progress you always wanted for them is happening. Your grand children are doing so well in school. They are in GT(Gifted and Talented) classes. Way above grade. This piece of info should give you more peace and happiness where ever you are - right? Cos this is what you always wanted for them. Andin and i including Immaculate Tinglet will be attending Yvonne's graduation. I will be visiting Brina in New York soon. All your friends In LCC miss you Booh. Sleep well my dear, and may the peace of the Lord that surpasses all human understanding be with you. Bye for now sister. With all my love. Frida Ngam
Posted by Prof Martin Ayim on 20th October 2013
Thank you for being the true friend you were, and a mother of our beautiful daughter, Sabrina. You will forever be missed by us. As written on the bouquet I have given to you on our behalf, to take along, “God has a better plan for you”. You will forever be remembered. Love and Good Bye.
Posted by Prof Martin Ayim on 20th October 2013
Since 1972 when I knew you as my student at Longla Commercial College Bamenda, and continued in the USA in a different capacity as a friend since 1990 when you were going through turbulent Chicago times, you have always been peaceful, graceful, understanding, loving, and hardworking.
Posted by Prof Martin Ayim on 20th October 2013
You fought back the pains every time, endured all types of medications, marveled the Doctors at your resilience, did every reasonable thing that needed to be done. But, Money could not buy your life. We ran out of options. The Doctors ran out of options, God prevailed as you accepted him fully.
Posted by Prof Martin Ayim on 20th October 2013
I remember four years ago when it all began and how for four years we have both quietly gone through everything we can humanly do to help you. We cried together, called for God together, made healing journeys together to places, spent lots of money together, made national and international healing phone calls to no avail.
Posted by Prof Martin Ayim on 20th October 2013
TRIBUTE TO LOVELY AND PEACEFUL ESTHER MUNJI Peaceful Esther, I cannot believe I am placed in this situation so soon. Yes gone so soon. The Lord has a better place for you. Admittedly, unless the Lord builds a house, the builder labors in Vain (Psalm 127:1). We had big plans, so much was on the works, but Liver Cancer was the stumbling block. God said YES. “RIP”.
Posted by Rosemary Mokia on 9th October 2013
Here today, gone tomorrow. I will forever cherish the memories that we shared. You fought a good fight and finished your course and now you have gone home to claim your place with the heavenly angels. Dear friend, rest in peace until we meet again.
Posted by Christabelle Uffey on 7th October 2013
Aunty Esther, it's not how you died, it's how you lived. It's not what you gained, it's what you gave. I am deeply saddened by your passing. Like seasons change & songs fade, death can never be detached in our fate. Life is the greatest gift that God has given us, death is only a bridge towards eternal life with God. Certainly, heaven is rejoicing; you are home. We will miss you! R.I.P.
Posted by Helen Achwei on 5th October 2013
I am bewildered every time I reflect on this episode. With no answers, I end up exclaiming and asking if its real. At a distance one may not understand why it is so baffling to us, yet it is. LOVE is the reason. We loved you because you showed us love. Who would not have loved to know you? Who would not have loved to be your friend, your brother, your sister, your daughter, son etc.
Posted by Helen Achwei on 5th October 2013
The qualities of an angel, you had. Your love was contagious, your humbleness admired, your peace and faith envied, your kindness radiated far beyond imaginable limits. We must say you were an angel on earth. You left us with good memories and we will always remember you.
Posted by Helen Achwei on 5th October 2013
Your flesh may have left us but we will request that your spirit visits us often. Please, let your spirit share with us stories from Jesus, whom we know is contented with the work you have done on earth. You were God’s soldier who never failed. Rip mamma
Posted by Marie Mbongwo on 2nd October 2013
Aunty, i can hardly believe that you've left us. For close to 5years you have fought so hard than you'll ever know. We are so greatful to have had you in our lives for so long. You took pleasure from all the simple things in life. I know you in a better place resting well. We will missed you dearly.
Posted by Yvonne Munji on 2nd October 2013
Weeks before mom was called to Heaven, she held my hand and said, "i feel i should share with you to tell those you love that you love them every chance you get, because you don't know what God has in store next. Mom i know how you fought till the end, but don't worry because i will see you again one day. I know you are watching over us everyday. RIP my Mother, my beautiful Angel.
Posted by Yvonne Munji on 2nd October 2013
Many people say there's nothing like a mother's love, and they are right. My mother was a wonderful person who showed love to everyone she came in contact with. She was caring and beautiful inside and out. She loved her life, family and friends and taught me to do same.
Posted by Yvonne Munji on 2nd October 2013
My dear mom, my Angel, my Mentor, my Friend, never believed a time will come in my life to write an orbituary to you. You have taught me how to live life fully, passionately, bravely, and courageously just like you lived yours. You are, and will be dearly missed, more and more as time goes on. Mom, of all my life i remember you as SIMPLY THE BEST.
Posted by Agwe Quinta on 1st October 2013
My dearest mummy , what can I say than to say RIP. I loved you like my own mum , yet without haven met you. I always pray that it was not going yo be long. We only plan and God make those plans come to pass. I will only have u in my memory now and pictures.you have gone so soon Reme but your legacy will remain for ever. Your sweet words and advise.we will miss u mama. Love you.
Posted by URIEL WALI on 25th September 2013
Dear Esther, in you I saw a woman of strength, grace and immeasurable courage. You triumphed over death by choosing CHRIST. You survived all the heart aches we go through on earth by a mixture of hardwork and love. We prayed together, we sang together and in our last conversation you fixed your eyes on the Cross and on Christ, you smiled because victory was on your side.
Posted by Pentocoster Fomum on 24th September 2013
Knowing what to say to a grieving family is not easy. It feels like there are no words that can possibly be said.  And in a way, that’s true. True, especially because what I really feel is also grief. However,I have decided to deal with my pain one day at a time. it also true, because your grief is strongly related to your interactions, relationship, and experiences with her, what can I really say
Posted by Samuel Nebo on 24th September 2013
O death,where is thy sting?O grave where is thy victory? A precious daughter,a caring mother,a beloved mom is called into Glory,We Missed you Beloved Esther,We are consoled of the fact that you talk & planned about your death and burial.You surrender to Christ Last time we prayed together,I know for sure now there is crown await you in Heaven.Till we meet to part no more.Adieu
Posted by Frida Ngam on 23rd September 2013
Boo, it is very hard to believe you are truly gone. It is harder for me to be writing a tribute for you at this time. Saying goodbye to you is the saddest word for me to use now. I know that it has been a very long and rough road to this point. I was in denial. I thought the end was going to favor us. You were not only my best friend, but also my confidant,
Posted by Frida Ngam on 23rd September 2013
the only one I trusted with all my secrets. You inspired me beyond expression in ways no one will ever understand. Your hard-work, your resilience, your love for people, your caring attitude, your calm nature, and above all, your determination to know and love your creator (God) were quite an inspiration to me.
Posted by Frida Ngam on 23rd September 2013
I remember the first day I met you in secondary school. The memory of your calm and beautiful nature that I saw, has never left me. You picked me up many times when I was at my lowest point. We talked at least twice a day seven days a week for many years. Who will I be talking to now?
Posted by Frida Ngam on 23rd September 2013
Who will listen to the things I could only share with you? Who Will I be calling the way I called you and had no rejection? Where will I find another listening ear when I need it? I feel like I’m having a bad dream. I feel so empty and lost without you. Your departure has created a vacuum in my life, one that will never be filled because you had a special place in my heart.
Posted by Frida Ngam on 23rd September 2013
Boo, you know how much I loved you. I want to reiterate that I will always love you ‘til forever comes. I want you to know that God sent you to this world for a specific mission and I believe you accomplished that mission. That’s why He called you back to rest in His heavenly kingdom.
Posted by Frida Ngam on 23rd September 2013
I know that there is a special garden in heaven waiting for someone as wonderful as you. I can imagine the Angels singing and children telling Jesus of a new rose in heaven picked by God. Knowing that the new and precious rose is you, gives me joy.
Posted by Frida Ngam on 23rd September 2013
I am so thankful to God for the great memories and seeds of love you planted in my heart. You are gone to where the earth turns into heaven, and a Golden Paradise where you are seated up high with our Lord Jesus Christ. I am so happy for your peacefulness. Grief, disbelieve, and sorrow is what most of us share here on earth - wondering how this can be.
Posted by Frida Ngam on 23rd September 2013
In as much as I mourn you, I give thanks and praise to God because I know you are in a better place where there is no more pain and no more sorrow; where there is nothing but joy, joy, joy. I know your main concern here on earth was – the children. I want to reassure you that I am here with them and for them.
Posted by Frida Ngam on 23rd September 2013
I am personally thankful for the great memories that will sustain me, the children, grand children, and loved ones till we meet again. It breaks my heart to say goodbye, but the love we shared will always live. Till we meet again, and until then, goodbye and rest in perfect peace. Love Love Frida Ngam
Posted by Gilles Anjoh on 23rd September 2013
Ma Esther was such a gentle soul who have battle her illness with grace, we are going to miss you so much in our community. We pray that the good Lord will grant you eternal life in his Kingdom as well as comfort the Munji's especially the children and grand children. Adieu Ma Esther.
Posted by Nixon Tebo on 23rd September 2013
I just heard of Mama Esther Munji, I am so sorry and I want the entire Munji's family to know that I am thinking and praying for them during this difficult moment. Although no words can ease the loss you feel, just know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Please accept my condolences. Like a bird singing in the rain, let grateful memories survive in time of sorrow.

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