Shared by Afolabi Adisa on June 10, 2021
Have you heard of a school called: "School of the Holy Spirit"? My dear and sweet grandmother was indeed a unique example of a student enrolled in that school! She shared her testimony with me of how the Holy Spirit of God taught her how to read and understand the Yoruba bible as she consistently made efforts to study God's Words. Mama will frequently say: " Afooolaaaabi, Adura le bo oni gbagbo", encouraging me to pray always.

She will be greatly missed in our midst, but I am so thankful to the Lord that her recreated spirit lives on forever, and is with the Lord. On that glorious day of the rapture of the Church, the dead in Christ will be the first to be raised up with a glorious body to meet Jesus Christ up in the clouds of Glory, and forever, the Bible says, will we be with the Lord.

That is Esther Olanumo Olamigoke's Story, a story of an unending walk with the Lord! Love you mama!

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