Let the memory of Ethel be with us forever
  • 94 years old
  • Born on April 6, 1909 .
  • Passed away on March 1, 2004 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Ethel Deal/Yates 94 years old , born on April 6, 1909 and passed away on March 1, 2004. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Mary Pirkle on 16th May 2018
My granny I'm sorry I wasn't there more often I miss you the way you used to play your harmonica the way you did your snuff up and your drink your little H&H and you always had beans and cornbread on the stove every morning y'all go in and get something to eat... I remember you telling me one time you bury five of your eight kids..... You said I guess when it's my time GOD will take me I'm just waiting.. love you always your granddaughter Mary Bell pirkle
Posted by Judy Martin on 6th April 2018
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!! make it a Grand one there ,,,be sharing with ye one day there ,Hug Jesus for me !! sure miss you!! love you for everymore ~~
Posted by Barbara Winfrey on 3rd March 2018
Grandma loved life.I remember when she met Yates a tall lanky man.Grandma had a boyfriend. Met her for the first time in 1957 when she visited us in Calif. never knew one could chaw tobacco. When we traveled across the US to GA we met up with her there at Her cousin Eugene, near Moms aunt Emma. Grandma showed us a local bar ( it was emty at time except the owner) that’s where she went “ junking” at night.She was always happy.inspite of loosing her parents and brother.just after she got married.
Posted by Judy Martin on 1st March 2018
MOM, today you entered God's Holy light 14 yrs ago .his Loving arms .`~. seems like yesterday ,the beginning of Life starting without you , such a Sad heart broken day for me/us ..still there 's not a that day goes by that I don't wish you were here,``O' how I miss you !! The world is not the same with you gone ,i could use you here as you were but Jesus wanted you most & Jesus got a wonderful one ! & we will be seeing you one day ! Love you for ever more,your daughter Judy
Posted by Judy Martin on 1st March 2017
Wow ,13 years ...Mom ,so much happen since you been gone but not a day that I don't miss you ...sure wish I could talk to you again...but we'll meet again in Jesus one day so rest in his Love till then ...when we all go home...Love you ! your last Daughter here....
Posted by Judy Martin on 26th November 2016
just a note to let you know I miss you been thinking of you lots & today you've been with me.. ..also Happy Thanksgiving 2016,the food was grand just like you made ,maybe not as good as you did ... wish you had been here.. thankful the Lord let you be here as long as you were here...love & miss you .....not forgotten either ...
Posted by Jackie Deal on 26th November 2016
Grandma miss u and all your lil silly ways when i was a kid .. Comming to ur house . playing in ur yard . having u yell at us to not touch the food cus u dnt knw where our hands have been ..lol love u miss u always n forever
Posted by Kimberly Bennett on 6th April 2016
Miss you grandma! Happy Birthday!
Posted by Judy Martin on 6th April 2016
Its been 14yrs.Mom since you were called home.Life sure has change since to... I sure miss you & wish I could just talk to you now...I think of you often ...& wonder what you would think of how this world has changed. . if you were here...but then I know you would not like it to much...the change/...even the weather seem different now..but I know that one Day we will have a beautiful time together...forever...LOve you ..~~~
Posted by Barbara Winfrey on 8th March 2016
Miss you Grandma. You have had an adventurist life,and feisty one. First time I met you is when you visited us in Calif. I was 10 yrs Never seen any one chaw tobacco. You spit right out the front door. The middle class neighbors hadn't either. Glad you could spend time with Gladys,Jewel and others when you went to Georgia at parents grave.Say high To Mom,Jewel ,Joann,and Buddy.
Posted by Judy Martin on 1st March 2016
Today ,12 years ago the Lord took you home ~~to a Place where I know your happy~ yes ~ now being a angel for our Most High*,Lord*!! thro it is rough sometimes when I miss you so bad and wish you were here ....but I know your in the most Happy place to be...& i'll be there with you one day..after my time is spent here on earth ..Thinking of you Today Mom & every day since you left ,Love you ~~~
Posted by Judy Martin on 6th April 2015
Mom I am Missing you more the ever,Left some Easter flowers, Yesterday., Hope you had a wonderful Easter in Heaven & Left some Pink Rose Flowers for Your Birthday today! Happy Birthday you would have been 106 on Earth...if you were still here so hope you Had a Grand one in Heaven...Love You !!
Posted by Judy Martin on 1st March 2015
Dear Mom ,Its been 11 yrs. since you went home to Jesus ,and time has not lessen my heart from missing you...just wish you were here... some Days are hard now ,I am 71 & getting old is so hard now, I know you did so Beautiful to growing old ( 95 wow) what a great Lady you were in your old age..I seen it & I know i will never be able to do as good as you,,,just half would be good ..lol..You were a ,wonderful mother to your 9 children as I remember all the Days of my life knowing you ,so miss you & one day see you again,rest in God' Home till then..Love your Daughter
Posted by Judy Martin on 27th November 2014
Mom.. Another Thanksgiving has came with out you here,It never get easy missing you..I remember lots of Thankful thing you learned me to be thankful of ...I remember the thanksgiving Day Daddy died, also know it was a sad day for you ..miss you both ! but also thankful God gave me you for 60 yrs... Love your last Daughter here on earth,Judy
Posted by Judy Martin on 6th April 2014
Posted by Judy Martin on 6th April 2014
Thinking of you Today,,,Moma, this would have been your 105 birthday if you had lived ,But i think of you Every Day ,Moma...some little something reminds me of you ...miss you so much & wish you could have been here ,but bet you having a wonderful " Birthday with Jesus" in Heaven!! Love you always Mom < Your daughter
Posted by Judy Martin on 1st March 2014
Mother, you are gone but truly not for gotten , I miss You as much to day as the time you left this world , And love you then ,now ,& always ,wishing you were here to share this life with me still ,but know I will see you again one day.....Just Rest in Jesus's arms till we all meet again...Senting you all our Love on a angel's wing forever more,your loving Daughter,Judy
Posted by Kymberlee Bradley on 31st May 2013
Miss you so much My dearest Great aunt Ethel Deal! You were all I had left after Your sister, my great grandma left this world, and then you left, you will be forever loved and missed:( never forgotten!
Posted by Judy Martin on 30th May 2013
Every Day I think of you in some way ...the times we had together , the memories of a great Trip we took on your 90th Birthday , Raising the Chicken when I was a little girl.... so much more ..
Posted by Judy Martin on 30th May 2013
O' Mother , How I am missing you ! You were such a Wonderful Mom ! I know God has you in his Wonderful Place waiting on us ,one Day. I Love you so ! Your Daughter,Judy

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