My Grandparents

Shared by Rynell Morgan on January 2, 2012

It always amazed me that both of my grandparents did not have a lot of money but anytime we wanted some money grandma would say go get a dollar from the BIG BIBLE. There was always money in the BIBLE because that was the safe. I remember when the house was broken into there was money in the BIBLE but the theives did not go near the BIBLE. Everything else was taken but not the money. I just would like to thank god for both of my grandparents. My grandmother and grandfather help raise me to be the man I am today. I remember all the trips to Jewel Food Store on Ashland in that yellow taxi cab. I remember all our trips to the westside to get our hair cut at Uncle Jesse house those were good times that we had with our grandparents. I loved spending the night at my grandparents house it gave me a since of security. I will miss both of them very much but I will always remember both of them. God Bless them both, love your grandson Rynell Morgan

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