Posted by Patricia Hill on January 9, 2012
Rest in Peace Uncle Eugene. My most favorite memory of Uncle Eugene is his laugh. During the family moments when we all get together and fellowship, Uncle Eugene and my grandfather Jessie Donahue's laugh will light up the room. We always knew when you arrived. Love You Uncle Eugene
Posted by Linda Morgan on January 6, 2012
Lord I thank you for the (59) years that you lent my dad to me & I'd like to thank you Dad for teaching & introducing me to that man name Jesus
I thank you for planting that seed in me at an early age & I'm so thankful that when I was lost & deep in sin & didn't know what to do I remembered that man name Jesus & he pulled me thru thanks Dad (your son Nickey)
Posted by pauline earl on January 3, 2012
Rest now my brother....ALL is well
Posted by Rynell Morgan on January 2, 2012
We will miss him, I remember spending summer vacation with my grandparents it was the best time of my life. We always had fun. I remember those trips to the westside to get our haircut at Uncle Jesse house. We would always stop and get something to eat or some ice cream. His favorite saying "God is good all the time". To whom much is giving much is expected. Love you, Rynell (Grandson)
Posted by Ardelia Neal on January 2, 2012
My dearest uncle, oh how I remember how he would always make me laugh with his sense of humor. I will never forget how he found me Downtown wondering around & confused. I didn't know which bus to get on that would take me back home, but oh thank God my uncle was driving his cab & spotted me. Whenever I see him, we would laugh & talk about that day. Thank you uncle, you will be missed
Posted by Marilyn Knight on January 1, 2012
My father was a man of God and his love of Christ was ever present. When I had a question or needed prayer he was the one I turned to. He was a man of few words but words that would remain with you. He had a sense of humor and kept you laughing. Daddy, I miss you so much. You now join Momma in heaven. May you both rest in peace.

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