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Remembering Eula❤️

Shared by renee poindexter on April 30, 2021
Remembering Eula
Thinking of you, your smile, eyes filled with rays of sunshine and that special twinkle in your eyes. Your love of your family, always ready to assist. 
Always smiling, but you wouldn’t hesitate, if a small correction was needed. Your willingness to listen, and with that special pat on the wrist she would give you in affirmation of your truth and that huge smile. Man could she and would she sing. She loved to sing. 
We spent our younger years discovering and finding ourselves with Renee along for the ride. 
Missing your laughter my dear friend. 

Janet Hall-Herod
Shared by Renee Lee on May 2, 2021
The fun we had at Boots And Saddles Ranch line dance with Jumana.

My fondest moment with Eula

Shared by Tanya Goins on April 29, 2021
I can remember when I used to work with EULA & she would have me make Jazz CDs for her. She played those Jazz CD so much in fact she would drive us little crazy because she had this habit of humming to the tune of the music. I am going to miss you Eula but I will see you at the resurrection.
Tanya Cashaw-Goins

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