Christmas Ornament

Shared by Javier Arrillaga on December 18, 2019
The Christmas ornament on my tree in memory of my dad.  
I miss you dad. You have been gone 8 years.

I"ll be Home for Christmas, 
So please don't be so sad.  
This is the greatest Christmas
That I have ever had.  

I"ll be home for Christmas,
So please don't grieve too long.
In Heaven here with Jesus,
Is where we all belong. 

The world is full of struggles,
No matter where you roam,
But please don't be discouraged;
The world is not our home.  

I"ll be home for Christmas,
And one day, so will you.  
The angels all are waiting,
and I"ll be waiting too.

Chevo y Erica

Shared by josie ghigliotty on September 10, 2011



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