Let the memory of Eva be with us forever
  • 79 years old
  • Born on November 6, 1929 .
  • Passed away on April 17, 2009 in Milledgeville, Georgia, United States.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Eva Shinholster 79 years old , born on November 6, 1929 and passed away on April 17, 2009. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Gail Finney on 21st November 2018
Missing You Extremely bad today Mommie
Posted by Gail Finney on 6th November 2018
Mommie today is your earthly birthday.....I know that you are resting and waiting on Jesus! I was going to leave you a poem, but i decided not to. I just wanted to sit and meditate with your pictures and smile for awhile. Your smile warms my heart and lift my soul. Its been sometime since I wrote on your page, but you are forever on my mind and in my heart on a daily bases. But i know mom, To be absent from the body is to be present with the the Lord...So rest on God good and faithful servant. Happy birthday Mom........ I love you and Miss you daily Love Your Baby Girl Gail<>
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 13th June 2018
I awake each morning to start a new day But the pain of losing you never goes away. I go about the things I have to do And as the hours pass I think again of you. I want to call you and just hear your voice. The day that you left I just didn't know That you were going where I couldn't go. And now all my memories of you are so dear, how I miss you and wish you were here. Who now can hear me when I need to cry? It still hard to tell you goodbye. Someday I know all will be well And I'll see you again with stories to tell Of how you are missed and how we have grown And how good it is to finally be home. Until then my memories of you I'll keep near And I'll pass them on to those who are dear. "Author Unknown" Love You Chick VALVAL
Posted by Gail Finney on 17th May 2018
Mommie, Just a quick I love you this morning Love always Your Baby Girl....Gail<>
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 17th April 2018
Sunrise:Nov. 06,1929 Sunset: April 17,2009 Mothers are faithful companions and confidants even in the most difficult times. Mothers dedicate their lives to caring and providing for their children both physically and emotionally. They always seem to know how to help them to overcome problems and thrive in spite of them. A mother's love is irreplaceable, which makes losing her to death an incredibly painful experience. RIH Chick.. Source: https://www.familyfriendpoems.
Posted by Gail Finney on 15th April 2018
Mommie.....I just stopped by to say that your anniversary is near ;yet,It seems as if it was yesterday. Every time I smile, Every time I sigh, I think of your face, and a tear escapes my eye You were my world,My inspiration &heart, but when you left me I thought I would fall apart. You were my best friend, my one and only confidant, and that's not all you were, You were also my mom. I didn't want to live without you, knowing you would have wanted me to. And if there's anyone I want to make happy that anyone is you. I would have given anything to have you back, But I know now that it was meant to be, for you are still watching over me, God had given me the strength to give you up, for I know to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. So, I lift my head and dry my tears and raise my heart to the Most high, the Majestic King Jesus Christ......I have learned to BASK in His glory for God knows whats best. You took flight to something so so beautiful. I am down here in the dressing up room preparing to see you one day, For I know the only way to see you again is to live right and keep a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.....Rest on Mommie I love you and think of you every day Your Baby Girl Gail<><
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 15th April 2018
Good morning my LOVE.. It's 12:48 am and you came to me.. I don't know what you where trying to tell me.. But we will continue this in my Dreams ...RIH LOVE YOU CHICK
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 5th April 2018
Easter 2018 without your word of wisdom and the I'm cooking dinner you coming by, the phone calls at work, having people trying to find me like something wrong,get to the phone,then you only say, you coming by the house today...Only Eva Mae my mother... Miss you like Crazy.. Rest on my Lady...
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 25th March 2018
March 2018 I came cause you called....A genital Breeze that felt like a touch of your hand..Saying that you are okay and Continue to do your Best at what ever you do...Continue to pray for your family and others as this world turns without your physical presence..But always keep your memories at heart.. Love you Chick...
Posted by Gail Finney on 14th March 2018
Mommie....I just stop by to say that I miss you and I love you. You are on my mind and your anniversary is coming soon, but mommie I cant shake that it feels as if it was yesterday when God called you home. We are having a Sista Patti Day Saturday I know you would approve your girls being together.... Mommie your baby is driving now I ask that you continue to watch over her along with God to keep her safe. I talk to you daily and my heart feels you always...I love you but God loves you best so rest on Mommie... Love your Babygirl Gail<><
Posted by Gail Finney on 23rd December 2017
I Miss you Mommy.......
Posted by Gail Finney on 6th November 2017
Just stopped by to say ...HappY Eternal BirthdaY Mommie.......... I love you and think of you daily, forever in my heart!!!!! My Heart Forever Your babygirl Gail<><
Posted by Gail Finney on 30th October 2017
My Dearest Mom...... I just stopped by. Mom your earthly birthday is coming soon, but you have the ultimate gift of eternal life. You are resting with Jesus.. even though this happen in 2009 it seems as if it was yesterday. My heart gets happy when i remember.....Mom I pray a lot and laugh often, because this is what you have taught all of your children. Mom Tarrencia is getting so tall she growing up really fast last month she looked small to me but this month she looks really tall. You would be really proud of the build that you started and I feel my parenting would make you really proud. Mom you are really missed and you are always on my heart and mind. I wasn't ready to let you go , but God had another tour of duty for you, and that assignment was extremely important than me want you here with me. Let the beloved of the Lord rest secure in him, For he shields him all day long, and the one the Lord loves rest between his shoulders......Deuteronomy 33:12 I love you mommy............Rest on, In the Majestic name of Jesus Your baby girl Gail<><
Posted by Gail Finney on 14th May 2017
Well, Mommie Here I am. You are on my mind and strongly in my heart.When I think that i might forget your voice, it rings in my ears, my heart and my soul. Happy Mothers Day , keep on resting in Christ Jesus......Nobel woman.....Proverbs 31:28-31 Love 4-Ever!!! Your baby girl Gail<><
Posted by Tarrence Finney on 17th April 2017
I thank God ever time I remember you. Philippians 1:3 Mrs. Eva Mae I remember your very strong marriage principles very well. You didn't care if it was your daughter, son or anyone in the family if you was not doing right by your marriage you were really I mean really going to let them know. You were not going to up hold any wrong doing! I remember back in the day when I first met your daughter Gail and you told me boy aren't you married leave my daughter alone. "I said no Mam!" LoL that was 20 years ago and myself and Gail are still married. My advice to anyone pray with a sincere heart and ask God for a soul mate your way will not work. Always put God first. I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. Mrs. Eva your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure, you are loved beyond words and missed beyond measure. Everybody read Psalm 34:18 and 2 Corinthians 1:4-6 In Christ Rev. Tarrence Finney
Posted by Gail Finney on 17th April 2017
Mommy, Its been 8 years ,the years has rapidly passed by. One thing for sure is that my love and memories of you will never shallow away from me. The love , the laughs, the talks, the car rides, the shopping trips, the dinners,the bible readings,the ice cream runs at 1 a.m, all of these things I will never forget, but forever hold in my heart. What you have bestowed in me as a parent; I will forever cherish and use these tools in my everyday life to make me a better mother . Mommy I miss and think of you everyday, but I knew your tour of duty had came to an end and God was ready for you to be young again, to rest with the living God. So on this day I will not lower my head , my eyes will not hold a tear because I know I will see you again. You had to start your new tour of duty with The Lord. I see all of the love and the values that you constantly taught Tarrencia everyday. She acts like you a lot and the things that she says remind me of what you use to say. I'm ending this tribute but never ever my love for you. My star, My sunshine, My dearest love........ Love you Mommy, Your baby girl Gail<><
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 17th April 2017
Mom, I know you are listening from the heavens above. There’s nothing that I value more, than your love. No matter where I am or what I am doing, your memories will always keep me smiling. I miss you...Long and Hard 8 years....Miss you Chick..RIP
Posted by Gail Finney on 16th March 2017
Mommy....On days like today that I miss you a great deal
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 5th January 2017
Love you.....
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 1st January 2017
Happy New year my love.....I know don't let no woman in till a man walk through the house....This is what keeps me going...thinking about the things that you taught me.....I'm going to keep it going....Rest in peace.. .love you Chick...
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 25th December 2016
It's another Holiday with out you..Fun Memories is what keep me going and knowing that one Day I will see you again Merry Heavenly Christmas...Still loving you to the Moon and Back...R.I.P. CHICK...
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 25th November 2016
Once again we gathered on the 24 of November to be thankful for all things present and past...Just wanted to let you know that the room was filled with your present as your children sat around and told lies as usual...Still you already know Gail wasn't there and Paul....but it was nice just to fellowship...But you know missing you during the holidays...love you chick..R.I.P....
Posted by Gail Finney on 6th November 2016
Smiling and Remembering on this special day! Love your Baby Girl Gail<><
Posted by Tarrence Finney on 6th November 2016
Grace, Mercy , and Peace On this special day of remembrance, we must ask ourselves when we remember someone; what is the first word that comes to mind? My spirit says to me that word is LOVE, not just love :but love for others, particularly family . First we must ask ourselves what is Love? Webster tells us ...Love is a feeling of strong affection for a person. You do know that love has been abused in the world today. It has been used to describe sexual lust, it has been used as an excuse for sin to continue in the lives of loved ones. II John 1:6 lets us know that love is when we walk in obedience to God commands . I John 4:7-8 , lets us know that God is love and love is a great gift from God. Look! in my life Mrs. Eva has shown me the strong love for family and for marriage. She made sure that everyone came together as a family and stayed together. I also; have learned that if you was family and needed somewhere to lay your head her door was always open. I also experienced first hand her strong love for marriage, when I first meet my wife Gail, she told me" Boy! get away from my daughter aint you married? and I quickly said no ma'am I use to be married.I said to myself then WOW she really values marriage. Look! that's why as a son-in-law, I have always opened my doors to not only my family, but also my wife family, and I have learned her strong values for marriage. Sometimes in life we may not always agree on everything, but the one thing we must all agree on is to "Love your neighbor , as yourself: for the entire law is fulfilled in keeping this one command." Galatians 5:14 I would like to say Thanks for showing and giving LOVE, these are my heart felt thoughts. Matthew 11:28- Lets us know and we all must listen, He tells us to come to Him, all you who are weary and burden, and He will give you rest. May these words of my spirit and the meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight Lord my rock and redeemer. In Christ, Rev. Tarrence H. Finney Sr.
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 6th November 2016
Today is your birthday in heaven above. I am sending my blessings on the wings of a dove, not only for today, but every day hereof, I think of you always, my love!......R.I.P.Chick!!!!!!
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 6th November 2016
Happy birthday to you..... Happy birthday to you... Happy birthday....My thoughts have been about you the entire day....Just wanted to let you know that your offspring is not dong me right they want cook and feed me and today of all days no one has called to say come get something to eat or dinner is ready...but we will continue to pray for them.....love you my lady........as always loving you to no end.... Happy birthday chick
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 5th November 2016
You are my lady... that's what I'm singing...l know..I know..it's not Al Green....but you cross my mind like a hundred times today and the reason why..... it's your birthday month...as always you know I will be there..... love you Chick to the moon and back......love me some you....
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 7th August 2016
On this fine Sunday...I get up and think of you all day...now I know that I have told you ..that your other children are not taken care of me....it's Sunday and no one has called me for dinner...Rest on my love..Never forgotten always in my heart and soul and mind...Love you Chick....
Posted by Gail Finney on 17th April 2016
Mommy ~ ~ ~ ~ I just stopped by before heading to church. I awaken to start my day with your favorite bible verse 23 Psalm and your favorite song.."Lord your my landlord", Well, today is the day that you took flight and God called His warrior home; Yet, it seems like it was yesterday. Mom I still hear you voice when I'm stressed saying "Pray Gail", When I need my mother I can still feel your presence, and feel you more and more in my heart each day, and I sit and remember something funny that you said or did. I miss seeing you and as I type you this message, I know that I have a lot of work to do down here to see you again. I'm in the dressing up room preparing one day to share that hug and to welcome that kiss you always gave me on the cheek. I strive daily to be the faithful and understanding mother to my daughter that you showed all of us, I bask to be that Godly fearing mother that you were. You taught me truth, love, modesty, humbleness , you taught me all the qualities that it takes to be a true follower of Jesus Christ and I thank you for that......I say it now and I said it then "Thank you for raising me, Thank you for loving me, thank you for showing me how to be a good wife and mother, and most of all teaching me to love myself, for I would not have known these qualities If I didn't see you demonstrating them daily. Mom you are truly missed and heartily desired. You would be proud to see how Tarrencia has blossomed into a young lady and how intelligent she is...... She misses you a lot mommy especially when she gets angry with me, but she always says," She have to keep it straight to see you again" . I wanted to keep you ,but Jesus called you on home to rest because you had fought a good fight and your tour of duty was complete. Until next time my Gorgeous Queen. Rest on my Guardian Angel.... Love Always, Your Babygirl Gail<><
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 16th April 2016
It's one day before, Heavenly Father Called you home from a job well done...Year after year,you are still my thought thought out my day...I'm missing,loving,and learning to be with out you.....Rest on my dear lady in peace and with no pain.....love you chick.......
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 13th March 2016
My lady today you have crossed my mind a thousand times....still missing you like crazy....your family is doing as well as to be expected...sill love you too the moon and back...I will return.......
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 25th December 2015
If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again. I thought that I would miss you so, and never find my way. And then I heard the angel say "She's with you every day." "The sun, the moon, the wind, the stars, will forever be around, reminding you of the love you shared, and the peace she's finally found." Love you chick.....
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 26th November 2015
My Love..This is a sad day for me, cause you are not here with Me.and I have to find me some Thanksgiving Dinner. Your kids not doing me right...Happy Thanksgiving...Love you Chick...
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 6th November 2015
Another year has caught up to us my lady and you are still the one that I think about every day,when I laid my head down and when I first open my eyes there's not a time of the day that you don't cross my mind. With that been said. Happy Birthday My Love. Rest on, In Glory With our Heavenly Father...
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 27th October 2015
My lovely lady.. I know that it has been a while since I visit this sight but you already know that I think about you every hour,minute,and second of the day... Love myself some chick.....
Posted by Gail Finney on 19th April 2015
Mom, Your sunset dated come and goes, but it still feel as if it was yesterday.I still feel as if you are here. When I'm having a hard day I can hear you say, 'Gail, pick your head up what are you doing, if you drag your head you will drag your feet" this would always put me back in place to keep it moving no matter what comes my way. Knowing that you are one of my angels on my shoulder and God as my Co-Pilot, This ship will sail just fine. We miss and Love you MOMMY. I know I will see you in Heaven one day................ We Love You You Baby Gail<><
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 17th April 2015
Sunrise November 06,1929,Sunset April 17,2009. This the day that our heavenly Father called you home after your long hard journey, the life we know on this earth.Seem like it was yesterday when you called to see if I was coming by after work. It gets harder round the Holiday's without you ,but I know GOD make no mistakes,he called his Angel Home...still missing you everyday my love Rest on Chick....
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 17th April 2015
Sunrise November 06,1929,Sunset April 17,2009. This the day that our heavenly Father called you home after your long hard journey, the life we know on this earth.Seem like it was yesterday when you called to see if I was coming by after work. It gets harder round the Holiday's without you ,but I know GOD make no mistakes,he called his Angel Home...still missing you everyday my love Rest on Chick....
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 5th April 2015
Happy Easter Chick...Love you to the Moon and Back RIP.....
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 4th April 2015
I'm feeling some type of way this morning, Easter is tomorrow and got my mind going in so many ways about what we use to do for Easter Sunday and just sitting back and reminiscing on the good old days, but I know that you are resting with the Lord and keeping a watchful eye on your family....As always missing you like Crazy doing the Holidays... Love you to the moon and back Rest on my Lady.....
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 22nd March 2015
Mom you have know idea how much I miss you ,your present your smile, laugh your calls your Sunday meals, stopping by to see what you were doing is all but a faded memory, but what you taught me and what I've learned with you still guiding me even from Heaven, so to stay true with GOD and family but mom they want feed me on Sunday, Monday, Tuesday ,Wednesday, Thursday ,Friday nor Saturday, so I think you need to have a talk with them on that...But you know that I will always love and miss you Dearly Rest On My Love.....Valval..
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 25th February 2015
Sweet smile on your face as you sleep the pain away, Resting in God's arms now, although in the ground your body lay. He needed another angel in the Heavenly choir and that's why you had to go. As you promised, you are still with us watching your children here below. I never would have imagined the end would be like this, me comforting you. Holding your hand, telling you not to worry was not an easy thing for me to do. You have always been there through the thick and the thin No matter what I've done, unconditionally your love never wavering. When I told you of the mistakes I made and all the times people saw me fall You simply nodded and gently replied 'so have we all'. The key to success is learning from the past Ensuring a brighter future is now the present task. A pillar of strength even until the end Fighting all life's battles, knowing it triumphantly you would win Pushing me to be the best that you know I can be Reminding me to keep the faith and allow God to lead me. Knowing it's through Christ that I can do all things And as He never makes a mistake I will come through victoriously. I miss you more than these words could ever say The pain in my heart is from one unimaginable day After I cried all that I could; my eyes still shed countless more tears And when I try to sleep, I have nightmares of ten-thousand fears I walk in footsteps on an unsure path My load feels so heavy I am not sure I will last. Silly though I may be, I am afraid of life now that you're gone Because I've always had a mother. I wonder if I prayed hard enough and if so, did they get through. Finding relief in knowing I will see you again someday soon Remembering all you taught me as my soul I continue to groom I will walk in footsteps you have walked before me Seeing the path you walked lead you, Mommy, straight into victory. So as you sleep Mommy, in the cradle of the Lord, I am reassured of God's promises in His Holy Word. I dream of the day when Heaven's gates open to receive me And with your smiling face and loving eyes, reunited once again I will be. Love You Chick.....R.I.P....Valeria Shinholster
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 2nd February 2015
“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal." Love you my LADY.
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 21st January 2015
My love its like12:32 am and I was thinking about you
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 2nd January 2015
I am learning how to live In a new way Since that day You were taken away. I am learning how to live With the things left unsaid Knowing I got to say them With every tear that I shed. I am learning how to live By embracing the pain Knowing that you live on Through the memories that remain. I am learning how to live Knowing I will never again see your face And I have peace knowing You’re in a better place. Another year gone and a new one starts without you by my side!!! Still loving and missing you my dear lady!!
Posted by Gail Finney on 31st December 2014
Just stopped by Mommy to see your BEAUTIFUL Face, We are headed to Church for watch night service....... A place I know you would want us to be........... Another year has past but it still seem like yesterday hearing you say Gail put that child hood on her head.......I have learned to put that child hood on her head!! You have taught me to be the best mom that I can be, not to worry are care about what people say, because you taught me to know what is best........Mommy I know I said this to you often while you where here, now I will continue to say it until the end of my journey.....THANK U, THANK U, THANK U for being my friend and the best Mommy in the world, NOONE COMPARES!!!! CONTINUE TO REST FOR GOD KNOWS WHAT IS BEST Love u 4 ever Your Babygirl Gail<><
Posted by Gail Finney on 27th December 2014
*********************Just stopped by MOMMY ******************************* Love YOU Gail<><
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 25th December 2014
LIGHT A CANDLE And I will light a candle for you. To shatter all the darkness and bless the times we knew. Like a beacon in the night. The flame will burn bright and guide us on our way. Oh, today I light a candle for you. The seasons come and go, And I'm weary of the change. I keep moving on, you know it's not the same. And when I'm walking all alone, Do you hear me call your name? Do you her me sing the songs we used to sing? You filled my life with wonder, Touched me with surprise, I always saw that something special deep within Your eyes. And through the good times and the bad, We carried on with pride. I hold onto the love and life we knew. Rest on My dear Lady!!! Love Valval
Posted by Gail Finney on 14th December 2014
Mommy,,,,,, I can imagine the sacrifice it took for you to be a wife, mother, worker, and cook Working hard, making sacrifices to keep us happy From sending us to school to changing our nappy From the expensive toys and field trips that we took in school There is no one else to thank, but you! Mommy....... I said to you often how much I love you and I say it until the day I'm called to glory..... I LOVE YOU I love you NOW I Love you THEN I love you because you are my best friend Everything you told me and taught me as a mom, it stares me in my face daily, Thank you for preparing me for what was and what is to come Rest in Heavenly peace MOMMY..... Forever yours...xoxoxo Gail<><
Posted by Valeria Shinholster on 14th December 2014
The beam shines down, The rays so bright, The stars come forward, At the dead of night. I feel you close, You're always here, The glow of the sun, You're my star, my dear. An angel gained, A distance apart, Our LOVE lives on, A place in my heart. LOVE YOU CHICK (R.I.P) Valval

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