Today a reunion happened

Shared by Shari Hooper on July 12, 2018

Oh how I want to be with you chatting together & tell you about our reunion with Randy, Whitney & the kids! Is it coincidence that it happened today on the very day you left this earth or is there some kingdom intercession that helped us here on earth? I know you yearned to see your baby boy before you passed on & to hear his voice, I grieve even to this day about all the bad stuff that was going on while you were sick. Today felt like some redemption was taking place & I wonder how you played a part in it. You were such a good mom & grandma...miss you so much

Meeting my second Mom

Shared by Gayle Harbin Skinner on January 14, 2015

We moved to Swartz Creek when I was five yrs old, and lived next door to Walt and Eve. When I started first grade, I walked to school a couple blocks away, and would come home for lunch. I did'nt want to return for the afternoon session. I then came up with a plan to stay home by hiding behind the house, and I would go back in the house when I saw other kids walking home. I was hiding about 10 minutes, when I saw a woman watching me out her screen door. She then came over to me and asked what I was doing. I told her my plan. She said we should go see my mom and tell her my plan. That was the day my Mom and Eve became best friends. I am sure they had laughs about my scheme. I have laughs about it too. My Mom was short 5' and Eve 6' we would laugh that the looked like Mutt and Jeff. My Mom's name was Doris, but Eve always affectionly called her  Dorsa. I miss both my Moms very much. I loved you Eve. I was so blessed to have her in my life.


the gift of music

Shared by Lorna Thompson on July 12, 2011


I am the second daughter of Eva Mae Smith.

I grew up in a  home filled with music !  

There was Boots Randolf on sax, the croonings of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra...we listened to Tommy Dorsey and other 'Big Bands'. Tennessee  Ernie Ford, Burl Ives. We shared Lawrence Welk - all the variety shows,
 when TV was entertainment !
            and i'll never forget the live concerts together:                                           ...'the showman', Wayne Newton and the inimitable Roger Whittaker !

and, then, there were the WOMEN in our lives,
whose songs we loved to hear AND sing !
 Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand,,Bette Midler and  Liza Minnelli !

Besides playing all this music on our stereo console -
Mom sang to each of us !  
If she had to change the words in a song to personalize it for us,
she would!  Some of my favorite memories are singing duets with her, as she taught me songs from another era.

i was very active in my own kind of music
(whatever was popular at the time)
yet,  i treasure the rich heritage she gave,
more than that of my own generation !

As i became acquainted with 'Big Mama' - Mom's mother,
i found that she also loved music and loved to sing.  
We have a video of her in her later years,
 in ill health and blind from Diabetes -
Still singing and rocking her shoulders to the beat !

So, we have generations of singers and music lovers !

My two sisters sing beautifully, and my niece performs cello, piano and is a music teacher !  Her brother has been in various bands, as well. i have performed all over the country, play guitar and write music and my three beautiful children - (two girls and a boy) - all sing.  my son also plays guitar and composes his own songs.

and, now, the Great-Grandchildren will have their turn !

Of all the gifts a mother gives her children - unconditional love, attention, sacrifice - She taught me strength and dignity, tenacity and endurance.       Yet, it is the gift of music that has lifted me up in hard times ...                             Faith has buoyed me, so often expressed in songs                           i learned at my Mom's knee.

~ ~ ~ * ~ ~ ~

So, Mom for us on earth, it has been a year sine you crossed over. 

I love you, i miss you - i felt it when your breath left your body,

and now that you've gone -

i feel you can hear, what i cannot even say.

Eva Mae Smith, you are a hero, an example
and inspiration to me.

I love you !




Christmas Eve

Shared by Judy Soper on August 24, 2010

My memories aren't of one special Christmas Eve....but of my childhood filled with special Christmas Eves.  I was the fortunate daughter of (what I believe) was Aunt Eva's best friend, Berneta Gilles.  My mom met Aunt Eva when they were working at GM up in Flint, Michigan.  An unlikely friendship, as Aunt Eva is warm and outgoing...and my mother...while warm...was shy.  Somehow...these two ended up as friends for over 50 years.

Christmas Eve each year was either at the Smith house or the Gilles house.  It didn't matter who's house it was held at...having  Aunt Eva and Uncle Walt visit (or us them) was VERY was the pre-cursor to the big event of Santa coming to visit.  Each year...I would sing a holiday song....and Aunt Eva and Uncle Walt would clap and act like it was the best singer they'd ever heard sing that song.  And to this day....and for the rest of my days...I will think of Aunt Eva and Uncle Walt each and every Christmas Eve. 

When my mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October of 2007, my family was devastated.  In January, 2008, I flew to Florida to spend what would be my last time with my mom.  Aunt Eva and I spoke on the phone several times that week...with my giving her an update on what I believed the status of my mom's condition was.  I told Aunt Eva that it would be better to visit my mom before her operation rather than after.  Aunt Eva and Shari visited within a week or so from my visit.  My dad has told me that while Aunt Eva and mom visited, he and Shari would stay out on the porch and talk.  Dad also mentioned that at least one time, when he looked mom and Aunt Eva were forehead to forehead...just being together as only best friends can be.

I will miss Aunt Eva every day.  I am fortunate and glad that she called me and told me of her condition....and I got to tell her that my husband and I were adopting a son.  I asked her that, when she got through those pearly gates up in heaven, if she could tell my Mom that she was a grandma again.  Aunt Eva said that she would certainly tell  her the good news. 

I love Aunt Eva....the whole family is in my prayers.  God bless.


Shared by BettY Feher on August 18, 2010

We met Eve at our Michigan Day event which was held at the clubhouse. A great time had by all.  Eve baked and served cakes for the Foxwood shufflers and had a great time meeting the folks from other parks in our area.  It is ironic that Eve was from Swartz Creek and we are from Montrose which is 12 miles away.  Small world.  We went on several cruises and day trips through Foxwood . The montly dances where a hit. Frank loved to dance and so did Eve. I remember one dance that Frank danced the shoes off Eve.  She came back to the table huffing and puffing.  I  loved having Eve call Bingo . Her voice carried well.

When we heard of the horrible accident, Frank and I immediately went to the hospital and stayed with Eve . I called Sharri and Rob to tell them what had happened. The worst phone call I have ever made.  Rob and Sharri drove strraight   through the night.

After Eve moved to Franklin, Tn we visited Eve on our way and back from Florida. Our son l, Ken, lived in Franklin at the time.  Eve enjoyed the Manor at the time but I think she was happier at the aparrtment.  When Christian was born, she was thrilled.. He is a cutie. I could go on and on with different events but have rambled on enough. i am sure Frank and Eve are plyaing pinchole and dancing.  Betty Feher


A wonderful women I was blessed to know

Shared by Stephanie Ziobrowski on August 8, 2010

I met Eva while she lived in Florida.  She was a neighbor and very good friend to my parents.  She was instantly likeable and as I saw more of her on trips to FL, I came to think of her as one of the kindest, warm and most thoughtful people I've ever met (not to mention fun too).  She helped many of the folks who lived in Foxwood Estates.  We shared great sadness when her friend Marilyn and my mother Jeanette passed away.  

I have enjoyed keeping in touch with her over the years since she moved to TN and knew how important her family was to her.  I see from the stories how loved she was and she was truly deserving of all that love. 

I do hope Marilyn, Jeanette and Eva are together enjoying a good game of pinnacle once again!

My father and I will miss her very much and we send our sincere sympathy to the family. 

Stephanie & Edward Ziobrowski


Shared by Joy Freundt on July 17, 2010

I first met Eva when she came to West Franklin Baptist Church in Franklin, Tennessee.  I soon came to know Eva as the very gracious, warm, kind, and elegant woman that she was.  She made everyone around her feel special, and she touched my life.  I will always remember her.

Me too, Shari......

Shared by Janine Eitniear on July 16, 2010

I too am having a hard time writing something about my dearest ever aunt, Eve. So, I am taking a page from Shari's book and am borrowing a post from my blog that I wrote on Valentines' Day 2008.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine production low this year...........

I made and sent exactly ONE Valentine this year and that was for my Aunt Eve.
Aunt Eve is the widow of my dad's brother Walt. My Uncle Walt died over 20 years ago due to complications from a car accident.
My Aunt Eve has always been special to me. When I was a little girl people would say to me, "Where did you get that pretty red hair?" and I would always reply "from my Aunt Eve." I realized on my own at some point that we were not blood relatives and therefore she did not pass her red hair gene to me........But I was not ready to learn in jr. high or so that Aunt Eve was not a natural redhead. My dad broke it to me!
Aunt Eve bought me my first bra. It was pink and lacy and had panties to match.
My Aunt Eve and I have always stayed close even though she lived in Florida for many years and now lives in TN. Lindsay and I visited her about 3 years ago. It was wonderful. She has done more for me than people will ever know. She is a wonderful aunt.
About 4 years ago Aunt Eve and two of her friends were visiting on the sidewalk in their retirement neighborhood when all three of them were hit by a car. One of the women died from her injuries and Aunt Eve and the other lady were seriously injured. I was terrified that I would lose her. I did not rest until I got in touch with her daughter, Shari to make sure she would recover and Shari promised to keep me updated on her progress. Thank God she did recover and it was soon after that that she moved to Franklin, TN to be near Shari and Rob, and then we flew down to see her.
So, I rarely miss a holiday.......always sending cards to her and occasional pictures of my kids (she loves my family). And I hope to visit her in TN again sometime soon.
I love you, Aunt Eve!!!
Your Neenie

Fun memories

Shared by RaeAnna Goss on July 16, 2010

The past few days I think of little things that I know I'll miss about Grandma!  Here are a few:

The way we would banter "I love you!" "I love you more...." "I love you most!!!!" and "I love you all the way up in the apple tree!"

The way we would joke about it being 5 o'clock somewhere and share a glass of wine together!

The way she would say "batteries" - I know it's silly but I'll never say the word without thinking of her!!! BATT-rees

Talking about the latest episode of a dancing or singing reality show!

Discussing Alex Trebek's Final Jeopardy question

Over the past several nights I've fallen asleep thinking of her voice and the feel of her hand in mine.  I love looking at her pictures on my computer and watching the video of her rocking Christian.  And watching the video in my memory of all the times we spent together!  She is going to be alive forever in my memory and I really hope and pray we have a little girl to name her Eva Mae!  

My mother; My friend

Shared by Shari Hooper on July 16, 2010

I'm having a hard time writing words that seem appropriate at this time, so I'm going to copy a letter I found yesterday while sorting through her paperwork that I wrote to my mother right after she moved to Tennessee ...


This birthday card says alot of what I want to say- but I have more.. I am humbled by your generousity to us, we wouldn't be where we are without all your love and gifts to us, I am so thankful that you have been such a loving, supportive mom (and Grandma). so with all my heart I THANK YOU!

Now on to speaking about my love for you- I want you to know how much I adore having you close to us during this time in our lives. With the kids gone and my time not being taken up with school; soccer practice; music lessons; etc..., it brings me great joy to know I can "pop in" and visit with you whenever I want. I pray you feel settled and happy with your decision to move here. I know "stuff" isn't an issue for you, but still- you have made a sacrifice to move here and I hope you're happy with what has transpired.  Please let me know whenever you feel uncomfortable or unhappy about something. I am not too busy to share your burdens with a listening ear and then take whatever actions need to be taken to help make your days better.  You probably really don't know how much I enjoy thinking, "I'll go visit Mom for a bit". It really has been a blessing to me- thank you for choosing to relocate close to us, it's been fun!! You are an inspiration to me and I'm so proud of you. I pray much more health, peace and happiness to you.

You are my sunshine!!

Shari Etta"

I have been finding many letters from her loved ones that she has kept through the years, it has been bringing the healing tears to grieve a life well lived by a very classy lady, Eva M. Smith  MY MOM

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