Let the memory of Evan be with us forever
  • 49 years old
  • Born on September 9, 1965 .
  • Passed away on March 22, 2015 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Evan Blank 49 years old , born on September 9, 1965 and passed away on March 22, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Barbara Smolin on 22nd March 2018
Three years? It was yesterday
Posted by Barbara Smolin on 9th September 2016
I always thought things like this were hokey----you would hate it The hole in my life will never fill
Posted by John Ching on 26th April 2016
I wish so much that I could see you again, dear. I would sacrifice anything for that. You have been an amazing guy. I could never believe that you leave all of us so early. As you always said to me, " Man Up! ". But this time, I just can't stop my tears. Please tell me that you are doing fine in heaven when I see you that time. Or do tell me in my dream if you can really see this.
Posted by Barbara Smolin on 18th October 2015
There is a hole in my heart, in my life. This is not the way it was supposed to be. We had a plan---our secret--now I can't "Make it Happen."
Posted by Crista Cloutier on 11th September 2015
I drank champagne on your birthday last night. I drank champagne on your birthday because had you lived just a few months more, we might be celebrating your 50th birthday together. This wasn’t part of the plan. I drank champagne on your birthday because I remembered all those birthdays before. How many were there? I watched you grow from boy to man. I drank champagne on your birthday because since we met, all those years ago, you always told me the hard truth. Even when it hurt. And sometimes you’d make me cry. You told me I was a smart girl, only pretending to be dumb. So I went to college. You told me that I needed a man who was “Yay Crista.” So I dumped my boyfriend and found a better one. You told me that I was an artist. So I stopped selling other people’s art and started making my own. You told me to write. I drank champagne on your birthday because whenever you looked at the choices I was making with my life you fell into despair, “Crista, what will become of you?” And that always made me laugh. I drank champagne on your birthday because when that horrible call came, that you were gone, I went numb. It was dark outside and the rain fell hard. I walked along the banks of the River Thames without an umbrella. I let the cold rain hit my face, trying to feel, trying to wake up from the fog. And then I heard your voice. You giggled, in that way you do, “Crista, look what’s become of me!” And I knew it was you. We spoke as I walked along the river that night. And comforted one another, so sad that this was how our story would end. But you promised me a new chapter, vowing that you’d always be there. “Where?” I asked. And then I heard that laugh again. I heard you laughing. As the dark river continued to rumble and crash below, I climbed the concrete stairs back to the busy street above. My heart was still heavy as the traffic and bustle of the city street came into view. But there, right in front of me, stood a giant sign with your name on it. EVAN. And you whispered, “Here. I’ll always be here for you.” I drank champagne on your birthday because you are still here. And when I fall, you still pick me up. You still slap me hard with the truth. You still make me cry. You still make me try. Happy birthday, Evan.
Posted by John Jardin on 9th September 2015
Evan was one of a kind and I truly miss him. I work for The Journal and his name comes up often and it brings a smile to my face when I think of what his response might be. I think his memory will live on in anyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting him.
Posted by Steve Marcopoto on 18th April 2015
Want to know Evan? The unbridled, authentic and from-the-heart nature of his spirit? I saw it from a stage one night during a Time Inc conference in Thailand. I was doing a surprise drag show for the staff during the closing dinner. Nobody at the tables across the pool quite knew what to make of this rather bad looking performer...and then Evan recognized me....and spontaneously got up from his table, dove into the pool, swam across and jumped on stage to hug and kiss me. That was Evan. Pure. Genuine. Unconstrained. And wonderfully madcap at the best times.
Posted by Paul Beckett on 13th April 2015
What a terrific colleague to have had -- a fun, funny, mildly crazy, driven, creative, imaginative presence in the office who helped bring everyone along for the ride, preferably with a drink in hand. He is, and will be, sorely missed but not forgotten.
Posted by Imran Ahmad on 7th April 2015
Evan my friend, we hadn't met for over ten years but you have always been close to me. We had spent some good times together during your AOL/Time days. You were so full of life my friend, you will be missed. My prayers are with you.
Posted by Corrin Doherty on 7th April 2015
Evan, our time with you was too short, and bidding you farewell is more difficult than you imagine. You are always in my heart and my memories. We were to celebrate our big birthdays this year.... And I'm sure you will still be there right by my side. I'll miss my friend and protector
Posted by Justin Dubber on 7th April 2015
Well what can I say... Because Evan was larger than words... At our time in Asiaweek Evan took me under his wing and gave me the gusto and the confidence that I needed. If it wasn't for him I think I might not have made it in the design industry. His confidence and support kinda pushed me up the ladder. I have lots of stories to tell. But I just want to say a huge thank you to him. I'll never forget you. And cherish our photoshoot moments. They were catwalk moments never to forget. Rest in Peace Brethren. x
Posted by Abby Mandel on 7th April 2015
For those who couldn't attend today, I posted what I said under Stories. I don't seem to want to stop talking about this "one of a kind" friend that I was so lucky to meet.
Posted by Rebecca Tjouw on 6th April 2015
I never met such a talented, bold, passionate, sentimental and crazy person ever. You will be deeply missed, Evan.
Posted by Richard Hine on 6th April 2015
RIP Evan Blank. It's hard to believe you're gone. But you'll never be forgotten. You made a powerful impact on many people in many corners of the world. Friends, colleagues and family members said goodbye to you today. The stories that were told prompted lots of laughter and many tears. They were stories that remembered your creativity, genius, passion and the love you showed to others and the love people had for you. Safe to say, it was a unique collection of stories that could not have been told about anyone other than you.
Posted by Eric Fok on 6th April 2015
Rest well, Evan. We got this - would've liked some forewarning though. We'll catch up again, some day. Also, I still cannot believe your surname is Blank. I remember the first time you told me, I thought you were just being a cheeky bastard. At least I could the cheeky bit right, the latter part is still being intensely debated. We'll come to a conclusion by the time we watch up next time.
Posted by John Jardin on 6th April 2015
Evan Blank Nothing could be further from the truth than the name Blank when it comes to Evan. He was dynamic, creative, funny, and always blunt, and that's what we loved about him. His memorable laugh would turn heads in a crowded room with people wondering who is that guy and why is he so happy?! His laugh and his passion for his marketing craft were infectious. If Evan was involved in your business you knew you were in good hands. Evan was a rule breaker, and I mean that in the best way. Sometimes getting things accomplished in the corporate labyrinth can be time consuming, slow and frustrating...not when Evan was in your corner. He had a way of cutting through the clutter, getting to the right decision maker and getting you what you needed and then some. He had a way of breaking down the most complex problems and making them seem so simple. It was the Evan way. Honest, True, and Unabashed! There are few people in our lifetime that can bring a smile to our face when we hear their name and that leave an indelible impression on our soul. Evan was one of those people. We will miss him!
Posted by Mark Ong on 5th April 2015
I met Evan during one of those WSJ sales conferences early on in my career. "Crimony, who is this loud character with that one-of-its-kind laughter!" I recalled asking. Funnily, we hit off. We always caught up during subsequent conferences but it was his return to Asia that we started to work closely together. Brilliant, opinionated, mercurial and of course, crazy-nutty ever so often. Never a dull moment working with him! Passionate and a indomitable cheerleader for The WSJ. He was a formidable sparring partner. Once at one event, we garnered curious stares when we discussed an important account - he was gesticulating wildly, pacing restlessly and practically yelling at the top of his voice. Folks thought we about to punch each other. Attaboy, Evan! I remember inducing wild guffaws from him when I used this A word on him. This is Evan - unrestrained, passionate and special. I miss him. A lot.
Posted by Betsy Matsunaga on 5th April 2015
Our thoughts and prayers are with Evan's family. Evan will certainly be missed -- his creativity and infectious laugh most especially.
Posted by Laurie Sammeth on 5th April 2015
Evan was the MAN in The Man Who Came to Dinner, the play where I met him. Brilliant actor, hysterical funnyman and great human being. Such a huge loss--the world will miss him.
Posted by Mark Pope on 5th April 2015
Evan Blank. It's really difficult to think about a world without Evan -- he was a unique individual, and one that you will never forget. He was brilliant, charming (8% of the time), and passionate about whatever he believed in. I miss Evan terribly -- that laugh and all, and feel lucky to have known such a special guy. My thoughts and prayers with his family and friends.
Posted by Joann Barros on 2nd April 2015
So very sorry for your loss. I fondly remember Evan from EBHS Class of 1983 and I know he will be sorely missed. Joann Newmeyer
Posted by Jill Henry Cohen on 2nd April 2015
Rest in Peace, Evan! You were an good friend and wonderful person in the Ad industry. You will be missed. Does he have a favorite charity for donations?
Posted by Mary Leung on 2nd April 2015
Evan had got the brightest smile in every picture. He is the smartest and boldest guy I have ever met. He could read my mind. He told me what I should do and where I should go. He was so outspoken and sometimes too bold and too frank. He had a big loving heart. Evan is such a wonderful and special person. Sorry for a big loss for his family, his friends and me. I really miss him!
Posted by Stacey Staaterman Feeney on 31st March 2015
I started to write something here.... and then thought: "I better work on this more carefully and post later. If the writing stinks, Evan will hate it!" He was a masterful writer among many things.
Posted by Stephanie Jacobs on 31st March 2015
You and your family are in my prayers Amanda, sorry for your loss.

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