~~2nd Year Anniversary April 2,2015~~
From your aby brother ) Bro.Floyd T Rogers Sr.(bruh') and family. Let us all reflect,on the memories of our beloved Evangelist Missionary Geneva Mae Rogers Spencer and our deceased family members.Rest In Peace
  • 75 years old
  • Born on August 14, 1937 in Campti ( Natchitoches Parish), Louisiana, United States.
  • Passed away on April 2, 2013 in Houston, Texas, United States.



              Evangelist Missionary Geneva Mae Rogers-Spencer 



                                      1937 - 2013

75 Years Old  Born: August 14,1937 Passed Away : April 2,2013 after a long,long  battle with colon cancer (metastatic)  
                                                                 IN MEMORIAM OF  THE LIFE and LEGACY of our Dearly Beloved  Evangelist Missionary Geneva Mae Spencer ,
Mother,Sister,  Sister-in-Law , Aunt, and  dear Friend, in connection with her  only living  baby brother , of 11 siblings , Bro.Floyd T. Rogers Sr ( blind individual)  as excerpted and bio-graphed by Bro. Rogers , and narrated by his wife Sister Dykeba Lecole Rogers, for the purpose of memoriam visitors and  for the  the visually impaired, as well                Background Music "Troubles of The World" by The Late Great Mahalia Jackson , so similar to the voice of our dear mother The Late Great Sister Rose B.Rogers. Evangelist Spencer  leaves behind  three sisters, Laura Lee Wilson, Beulah Mae Coutee, and Hazel Mae Pratt and the only living brother, Bro.Floyd  T. Rogers Sr. (Please excuse all of the errors in punctuation, spelling or grammatical errors due to all of the stress,trauma, and frustration  we are suffering at this time .)(Please note , you may find parts of this memoriam and biography , very interesting, amazing,shocking  and heart-wrenching ( happiness and sadness), coupled with a considerable amount of  emotional moods  as described and detailed as follows: 
     Our beloved Evangelist Missionary Geneva Mae Spencer was born to The Most Elite 33rd Mason Brother Joe Edward Rogers and Eastern Star , District Missionary  Rose Bell Waldrup Rogers , on August 14,1937 in Campti, Louisiana of The Natchitoches  Parish . Evangelist Missionary Spencer covered her primary studies at The Campti Junior High School and later graduated from the Nacthitoches Central High School in Natchitoches ,Louisiana. She was well rounded in sports and  extracurricular activities . While at Campti Jr.High she was an outstanding  girl scout , a top performer and held the first place position throughout the track and field season in the high jump.   She was  a talented cheer leader and drill team member . She excelled in theater arts , was an adamant  band member where she played the tuba , as well as  a four year track and field, and a  varsity  basketball  star during her four years of high school at Central High . Although her studies did not end after high school,she attended The Central Area Trade School where her focus was on cosmetology and was Board Certified in Louisiana and later in Texas. Evangelist Spencer was a excellent  pianist .She was also an excellent seamstress , same as her dear mother and her baby brother, Bro.Floyd.

   A very sad time came in Evangelist Missionary Spencer's   life when she gave birth, in the late 1950's, to a baby boy who weighed 11 lbs and was 21 inches in length , who appeared  very, very healthy but was unfortunately, born stillborn  From henceforth due to some unforeseen female complications , in 1965 she had to undergo surgery at Jefferson Davis Hospital, at the time. Her baby brother Floyd Thomas Rogers, who was a  manager on Richmond Avenue and Mandell in Houston, Texas  at the time , was in contact with the Chief Surgeons and staff, from his office ,  throughout the entire procedure .He later closed his office and rushed to the hospital to be at her bedside, when she awakened.   Due to this type of surgery it prevented her from ever being able to give birth again. Sadly enough  this horrific tragedy , caused her to suffer a  long, long history of Postpartum  Depression. Statistically ,Stillbirth occurs in families of all races, religions, and income levels. Each year in the United States about 25,000 babies, or 68 babies every day, are born still. This is about 1 stillbirth in every 115 births.However , unfortunately, this tragedy took a great toll on Evangelist Missionary Spencer, and she was forever devastated.
In regards to Brother Joe Edwards Rogers and District Missionary Rose Bell Rogers  Evangelist Missionary Spencer's, outstanding parents who were excellent roles models for their children , and for the young and the  old.  Brother and  Sister .  Rogers were both  multi-talented, and creative . They lived in a lakefront Clear Lake community,starting in the early 1900's   in Campti Louisiana, as sharecroppers The grew cotton, regular corn, popcorn,sorghum ,sugar cane,  peanuts, soybean,, sweet peas , field peas,cream peas , crowder peas ,whiple peas, black eye peas, purple hull peas, and green beans ect  They also grew  sweet potatoes and Irish potatoes ,tons of watermelons and cantaloupes ect.., The Rogers children enjoyed the three huge Black Walnut trees during the season . There mother Sister Rose would make homemade walnut candy and homemade walnut ice cream. All of the children found this so exciting to have one giant cherry tree that produced crates of delicious red cherries that we would eat daily, during the season .Our  mother  would use some of these cherries  for jellies, jams, and juices.  Our parents also  raised  chickens by the  hundreds, turkeys,ducks, peacocks, geese  ect., and raised all kinds of farm animals for market.

In regards  to Sister.Rose Bell Rogers , she and  Bro. Joe Edward Rogers and their children were members of The St.Titus Baptist Church , in Campti , Louisiana , from their childhood and  throughout their adult lives. From this stemmed  Sister Rose Bell Rogers's ministries of mission work and outreach, where  she mesmerized  crowds around the country with her sharp and crisp alto  voice with the echoing background of God's spirit. She was  an eloquent orator who never ceased to electrify the crowds who would gather at the schools, churches, and other facilities to hear her speak words of wisdom and at the same time spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ . She was one of the greatest seamstress. She even  mastered quilting, embroidering, knitting ,crocheting,needlepoint,ect.,  as well as be an amazing  beautician/stylist.She made her own hair growing grease as well as making her own  bath and laundry  soap using some fresh herbs from her own garden.  Sister Rose was an expert in horticulture. She mastered the skill of growing all of kind of fresh fruits and vegetables , with her focus on some considerable amount of healing herbs that she used for holistic remedies.She and the older children would milk their Jersey cows and gather the cream from the milk and she would  make  her own homemade butter,fresh cheeses,buttermilk and lots of fresh  milk to drink;from  the chickens they raised, they would gather dozens  of eggs daily.Missionary Rose Rogers  preserved jars of  all varieties of fruits, vegetables to  jellies and jams. Our specialty was MayHaw Jelly .The Mayhaw Tree grew in the water, so we would enjoy harvesting them by wading and scooping  them out of the water with small nets, as Evangelist Spencer , our brother, Brother Edward and our brother , Brother Jimmie would shake the trees .Of course  our mother  was an excellent cook, she made everything from scratch . She loved to focus on  main course dishes , fruit and meat pies , as well as cakes, with a specialty of pastries of all varieties. 

In regards to The Roger's homestead, they were the only African Americans , within several miles. Bro. Joe Edward Rogers,mastered the skill of agriculture and soil rejuvenation, and some experience as a veterinarian. He  was a notable hunting and  fishing guide who had rods and reels  of all kinds  and was a  fly-rod  fishing expert. He caught the state's largest gar fish weighing in at 247 lbs He made his own tackle,hand-carved fishing lures, and  made his own handmade fishing tangle nets ect .., He  had customers from all around the country. Since  the Rogers family  lived next door to   The Percy Brochette'  Marina that had it's own minnow ponds , and a  considerable amount of summer log cabins on Clear Lake which connected to Black Lake further down ,where fishermen flocked to every year, for fishing tournaments , water skiing, swimming , and picnicking.The abundance of all kinds species of fish  in these two lakes and  wild ducks, made Brother Rogers' hunting and fishing guide services  bustling during this early  1900's era. Bro. Rogers  also used his fishing and hunting  guide services , to accommodate anglers and hunters throughout the country.  Bro Floyd is also an  adamant fisherman and technique specialist as he has passed on his love for fishing fresh water and salter water down to his wife and children. They frequent the bays and the lakes during season for year yound competition for Bro.Floyd and  his wife as well as competitions for their children.One of Bro .Floyd's main fishing mottos is : "Fishing is one of the best therapies on the globe, when you take your kids fishing today , you won't have to go fishing for them in the streets tomorrow."  Bro.Floyd has had a great compassion for outdoor sports since his childhood to the present. He was one of the greatest hunters in The  Natchitoches Parish starting from 9 years old  until he left home at 15 years old. 

  Bro. Joe Edward Rogers and Missionary  Rose Bell Rogers  kept on  serving their fellow brethren . They  open  heartily served the community,  diligently serving ,through mission work , all walks of life, the poor, underprivileged, sick and shut in, and just about anyone who needed a helping hand.  Their great compassion , love for God , and ongoing mission work ,  was well known throughout the community and was widespread throughout Natchitoches Parish and throughout the country . Having said all of that mentioned, now  we can see why Evangelist Spencer and her baby brother  were  successful in their  lifelong endeavors  and careers after having such excellent role models, as  their mom and dad . 

Bro.Floyd picked up this  torch and ran with it , shortly after their  father passed  away, but before Bro.Floyd left home in Louisiana ,  he to took part in this Rogers Family mission work . He would run errands for his mother  on his bicycle and by  horseback , having the same   love and compassion,for his sisters,  as his mother and father.For his sister , Beulah Mae Coutee,since she and her family were living on the bayou at the time, about 14 miles away. He would catch a ride, or sometimes his mother would drop him off  to spend  weeks and sometimes the summer, with his sister to help her out around the house,during , Beulah's pregnancy with her oldest child , Helen Coutee and afterwards. Bro. Floyd would also babysit Helen as his sister Beulah and her husband Lawrence Coutee  would work in the plantation next to their home. On  occasions afterwards , even after Beulah and her family moved from that location by Cousin Allivane  and Johnny Crumbling , where they later relocated upon the hill in cousin Easter's house ,  where the well was so deep  until it would take forever for a rock to hit the bottom.   Bro.Floyd was also there to help her when she was pregnant with her second child Betty Coutee . Bro Floyd was even there when our grandmother, who was a midwife for many years ,  delivered Betty on the 4th of July 1956 or 57 .As I was standing outside of the house , by the room, with my ear to the wall, listening in , suddenly I heard  my grandmother  when she  spanked  the baby's buttocks , and the baby started crying, thereafter announcing you have a fine baby girl. Simultaneously, a 1952 green pickup flew by down the highway so fast I could barely see it when it passed  ,traveling around  80 or 90 miles an hour, as the driver lost control and crashed into the embankment , ejecting the two passengers and the driver all the way on top of the hill. When I heard the crash .I  ran down the highway and ran  to the scene as fast as I could run. The distant was equivocal to about three city blocks, I was about 13 years old  at the time .There I discovered  a horrific and gruesome  scene of injury and death.As I proceeded on top of the hill where they lie. I discovered that  it was J.C.  Thomas,who was the driver , my cousin Nelsina, and my brother -in-law Beulah's husband Lawrence Coutee. The driver J.C. Thomas  was killed instantly from a broken collar and neck bone, as well as  both his arms and legs were brokenMy cousin Nelsina and my brother -in-law both suffered broken bones, and were unconscious when I arrived.  By the time I got back down to the highway , I stopped  a passerby and pleaded with  them to go the nearest house and call an ambulance,since there had been a terrible accident. Within 20 to 30  minutes the ambulance and policeman were on the scene. Sadly enough , this was an  alcohol related tragedy.I later returned back to the house and explained this to my grandmother outside  of the presence of my small niece Helen and my  sister Beulah , since Beulah  had just given birth and was too weak to get that kind of tragic news, I was just being a Good Samaritan as we have always been taught. Due to all of the hardships  and other she suffered during her marriage, Beulah's marriage ended years ago . Beulah Mae Coutee is 79 years old now and is a retired school teacher 

 Now , in regards to Bro.Floyd's oldest sister , Laura Lee Wilson . He would also  go to spend the summer with her to lend her a helping hand too. He even  took  care of his oldest Sister Laura's 6 (six) children,cleaning her house,  nursing the younger children with bottles, changing diapers,(remember there were no Pampers in those  days )  keeping the baby's Bird Eye Diaper's, washed daily, feeding the smaller babies Gerber foods while he would  cook full course  meals for her older children  as their mother, Laura Lee Wilson  worked on the plantations,sometimes . Bro.Floyd did all of this, for his his sisters  from around age 10 until the time he left home at age 15. Due to all of the brutal  hardships Laura suffered during her marriage. Laura's  marriage ended in the early 1960's. Laura Lee Wilson is 84 years old now and is a retired beautician. Anyway, Bro.Floyd continued his mission work  where he would take  food to loved ones and friends, as well as checking on the sick and shut in.  Bro.Floyd continued to run with this torch and shared  this torch with his sister   Evangelist Missionary Geneva Mae Spencer.  

    Evangelist Missionary Geneva Mae Spencer  was a beautician for a short while in Louisiana ,thereafter, seeing that her baby brother was only 6 years old when their dad was set up , and poisoned with arsenic  in 1949, at a luncheon, by some sick varmint (in laws) , which caused his death on Thanksgiving Day in 1949, because some were so jealous of  his wonderful marriage  to District Missionary Rose Rogers and  his success as a sharecroppers and businessman.   This took a great toll on Bro.Floyd , and caused him to suffer major depression, anxiety, and grief, for the loss of his father.  But Brother .Floyd  kept  on  sharing  his vision and  dream with the family  that he would  be successful if he left Louisiana . After  much thought and prayers, and the fact that his mother  believed in him, and she knew he was gifted, multi-talented, responsible,and had the faith of a mustard seed and always talked about God and Jesus at a young age . Surprisingly, Brother Floyd was baptized by his godfather, Rev George Walworth  at The St.Titus Baptist Church at the tender age 6, in 1950. Due to all of this mentioned and other, Missionary Rose Rogers finally agreed to allow her baby  to move to Houston at such a young age ,15. Upon his arrival he lived with his oldest brother, Brother  Jimmie Rogers, who was a foreman at The Port of Houston.  Bro. Floyd lived with his brother Jimmie,until he was able to transition. By the time Bro.Floyd  turned 16, while still attending high school,  he was already established in the business, as a manager, and was already set up in his own 2 bedroom apartment.  Bro Floyd  started off his career in  the  heart of Fifth Ward on the corner of Lyons Avenue and Fellowstone , where he also gained notoriety with  friends from all walks of life  who were lawyers, doctors, politicians, judges ,businessmen,school teachers,professors, and clergyman, ect.., The late Congresswoman Barbara Jordan's Law Office was next door to our business, therefore since she was and educator as well she offered me tutoring sessions during her free time, she would tutor ,give  me tips on  business management and legal matters. Also all of us mentioned ,  used to dine together during breakfast  at  Joe Marshall's Drugstore, on the first floor of Congresswoman's law office and lunch  at Lanes'  BBQ  as well as dining at Spanish Town where the African Americans owners served a variety of Mexican dishes ,located in the back of the Lyons Theatre, on the corner of Benson and Lyons Avenue. We also dined at Southern Kitchem,on Lyons Avenue across the street from St.Elizabeth Hospital  where they served some of the best  soul food dishes and desserts.Each of us would take turns taking care of tab. I even  installed Congresswoman Jordan,  a set of custom made seat covers  for free as a  small token of  thanks. Anyway, to further his  credentials Bro Floyd attended trade school and received certification in upholstery, new custom built  furniture , refurbishing antiques  interior decorating , customizing the interior and exterior of automobiles , specialty carpeting  customized, tailor made pleat amd roll seats with plain or  multicolored  stripes, which included pleat and roll  on the door panels , package trays, dash,sun visors  sometimes inside of the trunk, for competitions and car shows. Bro.Floyd specialiazed in making  convertible tops some with half moon or  diamond in the back  window . This was popular in those days, from the  late 1950's throughout the 60's . Bro .Floyd  was  one of the fastest in operating  all brands of  commercial sewing machines  as well as a certification in  business management .In spite of his success as a businessman , he continued his mission work in Houston, by accommodating his fellow brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews ,cousins and others  who  needed a place to stay and gave them  a job  when they moved from Louisiana to Houston. Rev.Acy  Doyal McCraw originally from Many ,Louisiana, was  a dynamic orator as the  Pastor of The Mt Pleasant Baptist Church, on Solo Street . Upon Bro/Floyds'  arrival to Houston , since his bossman and wife Proctor and Verline were members of this church ,Rev. McCraw would always stop by  the business in the evening after he left his college classes to chat.After he learned  that Bro. Floyd was from Campti, Louisiana just a few miles from his hometown Many,LA  and that Bro.Floyd was baptized at the age of 6 , he was astonished and Rev.McCraw went on to say that he thought he was the  youngest seeing that he was just 7 years old   when he was baptized.  As time progressed  Rev . McCraw became  Bro.Floyd's spiritual advisor, guardian, and a dear friend .

"Moma Lena", formerly Mrs.Lena Kyles was his landlord and a retired school teacher. She used to sit down and lecture Bro.Floyd as if he were her own son, supported him in all of his  endeavors, helped him to establish credit, and other. She acted like a true "mother", to Bro.Floyd. Anyway, because of his love for his family,  Bro.Floyd  accommodated  them free room and board. He would also give some of Laura Lee Wilson's children a summer break , especially the oldest nephews Leon, and Jimmy, who spent three consecutive summers at Bro.Floyd's home . Bro.Floyd  would send them  all back home to Louisiana with new clothes, 1960's school book bags filled with  school supplies, until they all finished high school.
Bro.Floyd did all of this for Laura Lee Wilson's children out of the kindness of his heart and to help her through her tumultuous marriage.

    All of this prompted Evangelist Missionary Geneva Mae Spencer  to refocus her endeavors and career, and reconnect with her baby brother , who gladly accommodated her upon her arrival to Houston in 1961, until she was able to transition into her own place. Upon her arrival to Houston she later converted from her traditional baptist religion to the Pentecostal  Church of God in Christ (sanctified) . Bro.Floyd connected  with his sister again, where  she enrolled at Espanola Beauty School where she had to take  another 750 hours in classes , before she could go the the board for the state of Texas .She subsequently passed all requirements .Soon after this , she met and married Owen Spencer . Thereafter she launched her first beauty shop on Sam Wilson in Houston Texas. Later launched another beauty shop  on Sakowitz Street which was unsuccessful. She later opened another beauty shop on Tape Street. Lastly,she opened up her beauty shop, and a customized hat and floral design business on  Fowlie Street. Rev Spencer had his own booming business ,as well, in janitorial services . After being married for 21 years, Rev Spencer, left Evangelist Spencer for another woman. This took such a great toll on  Evangelist Missionary Spencer it literally made her physically and mentally  sick,so much so, until she had to seek therapy for her condition. This explosion of abuse turned her life into shambles. Yet and still ,She still did not give up on hope and faith in God. Evangelist Missionary Spencer  suffered a considerable amount of adversities, but she never ceased to stop serving the Lord and continued her missionary and evangelical ministries for years to come.

     In 1983 ,Evangelist Missionary Spencer, brought her ministries to  a new level and attended The C.H. Mason  Bible College and Institute, to further her degree  and licensing in theology. In late 1983 she graduated successfully as  Cum Laude  of her class. She had a vast outreach   in jail ministry , she took her  ministry  throughout the  entire prison system in Texas , her hospital ministry where she would visit and pray with those who were hospitalized , and street ministry  where she ministered to the under privileged, just to name a few . She  also focused on assisting young families in their times of need  and introducing them to Christ  and the ways of righteousness. She was very free-hearted , like her parents and baby brother , like they all were taught from small children. She would frequently invite her baby sister,Hazel, her  husband  and all six of their children  over for dinner so that they could all enjoy the fresh hot prepared meals she would cook, and on many occasions, Evangelist Spencer would take Sister hazel and her husband Eddie Pratt  out to dinner , where she would once again cover the costs . Evangelist Spencer did this for many years,out of the kindness of her heart. One of her high points in her ministry ,  was to feed the needy and less fortunate with money from her own pocket. Whether it was dining out  or taking them to shop for groceries , and clothing as her sister in law , Sister Dykeba Rogers, witnessed first hand on numerous occasions as well as the street ministries they joined in together throughout Wharton Texas inviting the community to join them for church and come and hear the word of God.    As for her sister-in-law Sister Dykeba Lecole  Rogers she has known  Evangelist Missionary Geneva Mae Spencer since 1983.They met while singing in the UNAC 5  1983 ,choir of the Church of God In Christ Southeast Jurisdiction, in Houston, Texas . In later years  they also sang together in the  choir , from 1983-1985 at The National Holy Convocation of Church of God In Christ  in Memphis , Tennessee ,  which had over 200 choir members, under the direction of the late Great Dr.Mattie Moss Clark , mother of  the well renown " Clark Sisters." While Evangelist Missionary Geneva Spencer  sang soprano , and Sister Dykeba Rogers sang contralto they sang melodious melodies for different engagements  around the state of Texas. Sister. Dykeba Rogers is  a renown pianist, organist, and soloist, since  1980 , who joined  Evangelist Missionary Spencer again in 1986, on her quest to spread the news of Jesus Christ  and would accompany her as she sang  wonderful solos.  This is the same Wharton, Texas where, four years later , in 1990 , where Bro. Floyd  met Sister Dykeba Rogers,they both fell in love  the same day, as she played piano for The Pastor's Anniversary.Keep in mind , Evangelist Missionary Geneva Mae Spencer  and  their  younger sister, Sister Hazel Pratt stood by ,looking on, as their brother did his usual hand sign to his sisters as saying  ,this is it . They both knew from the expression and the glow on these to lovebirds  faces , that the timing was right. On the seventh day,  God said it was good , the proposal was implemented ,after which  the union has lasted for 23 years, and still counting ,in which some family on both sides , said it would never last,  because , Bro.Floyd  was too old (47) and legally blind , at the time Sister Dykeba Rogers was only 18. God is bigger than all of  them he gave Bro .Floyd exactly what he prayed for  , for many years a young virgin, clean positive -minded , someone that does not believe in gossiping , highly educated ,understanding ,classy , decent wife, and six children three boys and three girls. Ages 4, 13,14, 15, 20 and 22 years old. 

     Now,  in looking back over the life of Evangelist Missionary Spencer.   As  time progressed, her   physical condition began  to deteriorate . She was ultimately diagnosed with Colon Cancer (metastatic, recurring ) She began intensive treatment  for her colon cancer in in 2007 where she endured bouts of remissions and bouts of new diagnosis. In spite of all of her illnesses she never lost her faith in God, and spent her last years doing unto others as she wold have them do unto her . She was very strong throughout her long battle, but was finally succumbed to this horrible disease on the morning of April 2, 2013 at 9:50 am at The Herman Memorial Southwest Hospital , in Houston Texas. Sadly enough cancer is such an ever destructive  disease that first took my  dear mother on March 6,1966 , in which, Evangelist Missionary Spencer   and I accompanied her  through all of the best of  treatments and therapy , back and forth for chemotherapy,  In The Texas Medical Center, since her care in Louisiana  was limited  in which her  battle was very painful to her and devastated  our family. Evangelist Spencer , and I , and our deceased brother , Brother Edward took turns keeping  watch on our dear mother , Missionary Rose Bell Rogers , and made sure she received the best of care while she  was in Evangelist Spencer's home  on Sam Wilson in Houston, Texas .Sadly our mother  passed away on March 6,1966, while all three of us and Evangelist Spencer's neighbor Joyce was also present .  After this monster (cancer) took away our dear mother, my sister and I began our studies and research on cancers, revamped our diets ,our  everyday lifestyles, and sought alternatives regarding handling stress, and stress related cancers.

Our brother Edward Rogers  later ,passed away in 1977 , his death was caused by recurring heart attacks. At the time of his death Bro.Edward had gone back to Louisiana to check on his 40 acres of land  and to have his property surveyed. Moments before Bro Edwards' death ,  Bro .Floyd Rogers had just arrived home from work , exhausted  .He received simultaneous phone calls from the hospital in Shreveport   as well as a call from his sister Evangelist Missionary Spencer , concerning their  brother's critical condition.Owen  Spencer , Evangelist Spencer's husband  refused to take her. I told her" that's ok just be ready you can ride with  me I am on my way "  I had to drive from my home in South Park in Houston Texas crosstown to Settegast .Upon arrival, Evangelist Spencer was standing in the driveway with her luggage, she immediately jumped in saying "let's go bruh'  I am ready. " By the time we got to Scenic Wood .Sister Hazel was standing outside waiting in their  drive way with her 4 small kids and  their luggage ,seeing that I had just bought a brand new Pontiac Grand Prix with sticker  tags still in the window with crushed velvet interior. I told my sister Hazel "that's ok , grab some sheets  and put over the seats and the floor and come on and go with me I'll take you "this is after Hazel's husband Eddie Pratt refused  to take her and the kids on this emergency  trip. Yolanda Andrenette Pratt  , Sis.Hazel Pratt's  daughter, was the first one  to jump into my new car , along with  three of her  siblings Von age 10 , Renelle  age 7, and Kutina age 5 at the time. This is the  same Yolanda who was  floor  showing , at the hospital , flashing  in Evangelist Spencer's obituary, floor showing at the funeral home, the cemetery , and at the funeral at  The Williams Temple Church of God In Christ   in Houston, Texas . She   was  8 years old  in 1977 ,  and is now 43 years old. This same Yolanda Pratt was the main one to coerce others  decisions during  my sisters' Evangelist Missionary Spencer's , final days of  illness.  As I was speaking of earlier , before we started this shocking and emergency  trip  of over 300 miles, I stopped by my friend's BBQ restauraunt and bought food  and drinks for all of us, seeing that knowone had eaten dinner .  By the time we  reached Shreveport, Louisiana and arrived at the hospital , the doctors and nurses met us  at the door stating that our Brother Edward tried to hold on ,but that  he had just passed away about 10 minutes prior to our arrival. I did recall him telling me before he  left Houston right before he was stricken  with his illnesses  that he had some unfinished  business to take care of with me, his brother, Bro.Floyd, and that he wanted to transfer the deeds  to his property in my name, where he was confident that I would handle  his business ,fairly. Unfortunately , since my brother Edward  passed away  , my brother's 40 acres of land have been greedily taken over 100 % ownership , by my two sisters,Laura and Beulah the only two siblings , that never moved away from  Louisiana for these reasons.This is not even the beginning of our family's homestead assets in other locations. This 40 acres is rich in timber and is very lucrative property . Every 7 (seven) years timber is cut off of this land  ) and the profit has been kept between Laura Lee Wilson , Beulah Mae Coutee' , their children and their grandchildren. Now we know why my  two sisters named above , and their children never visited me for 10 long years during the time I really needed them, and still haven't vistied me to this day. Sadly enough instead , they made mockery of  me, Bro Floyd  down  through the years , and the tragedy that caused my  blindness , as saying that I was blind crippled , and crazy. It is sad that my own family members have purposely mischaracterized  my disabling medical condition after all that I have done for my family down through the years , as duly noted above starting from when I was small child , all because of their own selfish greed and their own morbid curosity.  I guess one would say that I was blind,crippled and crazy , "..I was blind alright , but now I see." 

Tragedies, tragedies,tragedies in the year of  1992 cancer took my favorite niece Odell Marie Reliford , at age 38, of Campti , Louisiana  who was nothing more than a sweet angel from a small child, who was also a missionary who served The Lord wholeheartedly. Marie  battled with cancer over several  years in which this horrible disease prevented her from finishing her studies at Southern University in Baton Rouge , Louisiana. (Please note I also gave her and her brother Jimmy Wilson a summer vacation together when she was 12 years old and Jimmy was 10 years old  and sent them back to Louisiana  with brand new school clothes and backpacks filled with school supplies ) Cancer also  took away her two siblings my niece Catherine Wilson in her early 50's  ,and my nephew Bobby Clarence 52 years old who  passed away  of cancer in 2009, both of Campti , Louisiana . Cancer also took away my mother's niece and her Godchild, at age 51  who was  also my favorite cousin Evangelist Missionary, Hester Mae Holmes  in 1994, in Houston, Texas. (Please note, Evangelist  Holmes came to spend the summer with our cousin Minnow  in Houston,Texas  when she was in the 11th grade. She came to visit, Bro Floyd   at the furniture plant where he was the manager . There, he gave her a job,and taught her how to operate a commercial sewing machine. Bro Floyd also taught her how to cut and sew, including teaching her how to upholster. She worked the whole summer with Bro.Floyd and returned back to Louisiana with career skills and to finish her 12 th grade in high school . Evangelist Holmes did end up owning her own upholster business in Houston, Texas, before she passed away.) My brother, Brother   Jimmie Rogers, passed away at age 62 of colon cancer in 1996 in Houston , Texas  and now my own sister , Evangelist Missionary Geneva Mae Spencer passed away from colon cancer as well this year , 2013, in Houston, Texas .  As you know,  these  different kinds of  cancers do not discriminate against anyone , babies, teenagers , adults or the seniors.Statistically,colon cancer is the third most diagnosed cancer , and the second leading cause of cancer death in men and women combined in The U.S.  The American Cancer Society estimates that 142,820 people will be diagnosed in 2013 and 50,830 will die of colon cancer In The United States.About 72% of the cases arise in the colon. People with a first degree relative (parent, sibling, or children) who has colon cancer are  between 2 and 3 times at risk of developing the cancer  than those without a family history.   I am equally certain, though,  that if we take the time and pay close attention to our bodies and minds that we can take precautions and pay close attention to our everyday eating  and exercise habits, we could sometimes  lessen and slow down the symptoms and the  effects  of all kinds of cancers and other diseases. I myself have  been on the road as an advocate speaking about  how stress relates to the spread of cancer cells since my mother passed away . Seeing that she  had experience so much death and devastation  in her immediate family of her oldest  sister, SIster Alma  was killed in an horrific accident in 1955.  Her baby sister was about 18 months old when she was struck by lightning while she was crawling on the floor. Her brother, Uncle Buddy  ,who was also a fishing guide was struck in the head with  a boat paddled and killed  in the water,by some customers, because they did not want to pay him for his services. Sad part  was rumor had it that he fell out of the boat and drowned, but when they found his remains the evidence showed different that  he was struck in the head with a boat paddle.Prior to his death his wife Aunt Pearline , passed away in 1949, her cause of death an  aneurysm, onset by eating too many pecans on her hypertensive condition. Now both parents are deceased leaving nine boys behind, such a sad, sad time.   Then  Sister Rose Rogers'  oldest  child our brother, Roosevelt, was brilliant in school ,was great in all kinds of sports , and he was humble and helpful to his mom and dad , Bro and Sis. Joe Edward Rogers ect..,  He was also  one of  the best swimmers in Natchitoches Parish . One day , he was teaching our Brother Jimmie how to swim . But since it was so hot during that era about 110 degrees with the heat index , and he had just eaten lunch which caused him to catch a cramp. He wasn't able to swim back to shore. Sadly enough he drowned in the lake, right in front of our house. They  dragged the lake day and night , and on the third day they found his remains , about two miles from where he went under.That is why when God blessed us with our last son , who is 4 years old now, ten years younger than his sister , we knew he was a miracle baby  and  choose to name him Roosevelt Joe Edward Rogers , so that the life and legacy of our dear brothers and our father  would live on. I am equally certain that he is the reincarnation of my  dear brother Roosevelt.He is highly intelligent , his IQ is  above average , and he has  photographic memory from when he was two years old the same as I had when I was two years old to the present. He is way ahead of his time . He is the life of our house and makes our roadtrips 10 times more enjoyable, otherwise he is a  4 year old human GPS. 


Speaking of the the horrific deaths  my mother experienced also  the loss of her own husband and our father, as mentioned above. Sadly enough, as me and my sisters,brothers, and cousins  used to be playing in the front yard.  I used to stop playing  sometimes ,and watch my mother as she would sit  around on the porch in the swing   gazing  at the water, as I could tell many thoughts were running through her mind ,and sometimes she would shed tears .  Knowing all of this about the tragedies my mother had suffered, I knew that the mental and emotional stress was the main factors that caused her onset of cancer, which ultimately took her life. I also believe that  mental and emotional stress was the main onset of my sister, Evangelist Missionary Spencer 's  cancer from all she had suffered ,  as well. Statistically ,Dr.Caldwell's studies supports  Bro.Floyd's theory as stating that ,"... the main cause of Cancer is mental and emotional stress. Its scientifically proven that all illnesses are 84% based on stress and only 16% based on physical elements. Therefore, I would know that I would have to uncover and eliminate the root cause of my personal health challenges to be able to get rid of the symptoms and physical malfunctions. "   Bro Floyd has always said ,positive ,pleasant thoughts, laughter ,and a stress -free environment will also help and prevent these cancer cell from manifesting in our bodies. Eating  all kinds of fruits, vegetables,  and drinking 100 %  juices, small portions of grilled chicken, fish, and   beef ,  (Organic preferably if you can afford it ) can all slow down the growth of cancerous polyps.Drinking water,preferably  64 oz. or more a day,for an adult , is the most significant resource to leading a healthy eating and living lifestyle, by helping to detoxify your system on  a daily basis. Bro Floyd's research goes on to reveal that cancer feeds off of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages , that are very high in sugar, and sugar substitutes , as well as fried  and fatty foods that are  high in cholesterol, all of which feed the cancer cells and help them to multiply and manifest in all kinds of forms of cancer and diabetes .Also, smoking and alcohol can  lead us down the road of cancer  and diabetic destruction.  In any instant, we should avoid  these kinds of foods, drinks, and smoking . PLEASE NOTE : as a courtesy the information in the latter is disseminated for informational purposes only and does not in any way form or fashion display the lifestyles of my deceased family members or my recently deceased sister , Evangelist Geneva Mae Spencer, but is for informational purposes only and does not substitute for a physician's diagnosis. 
    To my beloved  sister ,a new angel in heaven.  I, your Bro Floyd , want you to know how all of  this  has impacted my wife and I after being informed of your passing by another source outside of the family , which was  one of my wife's former co-workers at The Herman Memorial Hospital  , where she worked in hospice  and ICU   for more than two years during her nursing career. This sad , sad, shocking , horrific news was revealed to us too little, too late, and too long , preventing my wife and I from being there to console you during your time of illness.The news of this great catastrophe put an immediate halt on our pre-planned Mother's day celebration, our children's private  homeschooling, and our own personal matters went undone. Everything has been put on the back burner until we are able to refocus and gain strength from God to help us through this tragic loss. 

   Now you don't have to suffer anymore like you did on life support  as you were for  just three days and thereafter transferred to hospice where your life was slowly taken  by some family member's  bone headed abrupt decision, after which your breath grew  shorter and your eyes closed slowly until you finally left us on the morning of April 2,2013 at 9:50 am, as recollected, by your hospice nurses , with know one , family or friend , at your bedside. My wife and I  didn't even know that you were in the hospital or that you had been battling this cancer for so long and not bringing this severe medical condition to, me ,your baby brother's attention., the same as you had done down through the years with other matters , as mentioned numerous of times  throughout this memoriam , has devastated me and left me lifeless.But with the power of the Almighty God he will strengthen me with his powerful hand as he has always done in the past , but I have never had to suffer such grave disregard at the hands of my  own family.  But God is my rock and my salvation , He will lead me in the path of righteousness for His name's sake, as scripture says: ...and he will make mine enemies my footstool.. (revised Luke 20:42-43) AMEN. As you know, my dear sister,  there has never ever been any secrets between you and I , we have always shared our  most personal matters,medical conditions ect...,  That's okay,about the life support, that was selfishly  taken away from you, after just three days  you don't need that now , because you have everlasting life,  you have been transformed  from this ole body to go and be with The Lord. To all of  those  that gathered together, keeping this a secret, my sister's illness and death  away  from me,showing absolutely no respect for  your ailing "Aunt Gen"(Evangelist Spencer) my sister, having no respect for me , Bro.Floyd ( Your Uncle Floyd), and showing no respect for our deceased Father and Mother , Bro. and Sis. Joe Edward and Rose Bell Rogers , and having grave disregard for our family morals, upbringing , and family values that  we lived by for generations.Otherwise you have  torn down the foundation that my parents, grandparents , and ancestors have  built on  for many years.  All this was evil and  maliciously done , after  knowing that my wife and I live  right here in Houston,15 minutes from the hospital, and just a phone call away. Well then,God shall whoop thee  with many stripes and his judgment shall  fall  upon thee.  Fact is the only way that these reprobates  can get where you are my sister Gen, in your heavenly place , is in their dreams.  Now, therefore , you, my dearest sister , you  don't have to suffer anymore pain and you don't have to study war  anymore.  

 Now as you know my sister, we have  both  suffered a considerable amount of adversities , and I  have suffered ridicule at the hands of many adversaries,  but no matter what  things were said and done to me because of jealousy,  envy and because of my successful marriage of 23 years and never separated not one day , not night ; Also,because of my success as a businessman starting at  age 16, who  later moved up the corporate ladder and  broke the barriers by being elected as  the the first African American to take over the largest furniture plant for Sears and Roebuck in the late 1960's, as the comapany's  only African American Bilingual Spanish Speaking Manager ,and due to my outstanding business background, determination, and expertise, that I obtained  by the grace of God  and I still carry that  mustard seed  of faith ,from a child.

 All of my life this was always instilled in me  from our parents and grandparents from a child that no matter what , never live on vengeance, or as the scripture says in Exodus 21:24  " an eye for an eye , a tooth for  a tooth.."  even though some of the things said about me, hurt me to the core of my heart . I  have forgiven all of the worst filthy lies and garbage that I have ever heard of , but God is great and he is the only judge of us all. I have always been a good Samaritan to my family ,and treated my fellow man  the way I loved to be treated , from my childhood, and lived a clean decent life , but as the scripture says ".. when you do good evil is always present .." scripture goes on  to say ,"... if God be for you he is more than the whole world against you .." and one of my all time favorites " Let not your hearts be troubled ye believe in God believe also in me ,in my father's house are many mansion , If it were not so I would  have told you , I go and prepare a place for you , I will come again and receive you unto myself , that where I am there ye may be also ..."  I have lived by these scriptures and the whole bible, and will live by it  for the rest of my life , as I your baby brother am getting old now , and am approaching the age God  promised  three scores and ten ( 70 years old ), September 12, 2013 . Even after all that you have suffered, my dear Sister Gen, you were still blessed to have lived your three scores and ten and God was even  merciful enough  to allow you to be with us five years past his promised . You have left a many footprints on this globe. You have fought a good fight , finished your course, you have kept the faith,  now it is time for you to get your reward. We  will see you on the other side. Rest In Peace ,My Dear Sister...Rest In Peace.
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on 3rd April 2018
5 years has passed so quickly my dear sister in law... We yet ache over losing you..Rest in peace
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on 14th August 2017
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on 17th August 2016
Happy Birthday from earth to heaven ! Seems like just yesterday , you laughed with us , made us smile and brought joy to the room ...missing you dearly
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on 11th July 2016
Thinking of you my dear sistsr, gone from this old earth but never forgotten... Your brother and sister n law! Mr Floyd T Rogers Sr. And Mrs Dykeba L Rogers
Posted by Mr. And Mrs. Floyd And D... on 16th August 2015
To my dearest sister n law ~~ time has passed so quickly and still the sorrow has not left our spirits . Of course your brother and I celebrated our 25th Anniversary on you 78th birthday wish you were here with us you would be so proud of all of your nieces and nephews ... I know that God has you in the biggest mansion all decorated up ..missing you always Our hearts will never forget you my sister forever, Rest on my sister Rest on ... HAPPY 78th Birthday~
Posted by Rebekah Rogers on 15th August 2015
To my dearest Aunt Geneva, Happy 78th Belated Birthday Aunt Gen, there isn't a day that goes by where I can't feel your warm spirit blessing me, I feel you and the other spirits that watch over me are the reason that I've already accomplished so much in my life, I love with all of my heart and wish you could be here with me, I know God has your back, I would never doubt that. Happy 78th Belated Birthday Aunt Gen, from your niece, Rebekah Kwanita Rogers. RIP All My Love
Posted by Rebekah Rogers on 2nd April 2015
Hello Aunt Gen, Today marks the 2nd year anniversary of your passing and not a day goes by where I don't think about you, feel you surrounding me and my family with your warm spirit, I know God has been taking good care of you and that he has you watching over us, though I never really got the chance to meet you, I feel strongly close to you, you will always have a special place in my heart and I'm so thankful to have you to call my aunt, I love you, rest in peace my dear Aunt Gen, all of my love, your niece, Rebekah Rogers.
Posted by Rebekah Rogers on 2nd April 2015
Hello Aunt Gen, Today marks the 2nd year anniversary of your passing and not a day goes by where I don't think about you, feel you surrounding me and my family with your warm spirit, I know God has been taking good care of you and that he has you watching over us, though I never really got the chance to meet you, I feel strongly close to you, you will always have a special place in my heart and I'm so thankful to have you to call my aunt, I love you, rest in peace my dear Aunt Gen, all of my love, your niece, Rebekah Rogers.
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on 2nd April 2015
***APRIL 2,2015 2nd Anniversary of your Passing April 2,2015 We miss you more today than yesterday. We know that God is looking over you as you look down on us in your heavenly place.Our deepest sadness seeing you are not here with us ==( We know you're enjoying your heavenly mansion , We shall never forget you my sister , forever in my heart and thoughts MISSING YOU MORE THAN MY HEART CAN SAY Your Brother, Bro.Floyd,wife,Dykeba L Rogers and all The Rogers children
Posted by Renelle Pratt on 19th July 2014
Uncle Floyd I want to tell you that your sister Hazel Pratt is very ill in Memorial Hermann Northeast Humble Hospital. I tried to find you all on facebook and I do not know your number . Goodbye Take care!
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on 2nd April 2014
One Year Anniversary of the Passing of our Dearly Beloved, Evangelist Geneva Mae Rogers-Spencer April 2,2014 From Brother Floyd Thomas Rogers Sr. and Family Let us all pause for a day of remembering the life and legacy of my dear sister Evangelist Geneva Mae Rogers-Spencer , It has been one year since you have left us and we will never forget the loss as we can feel your spirit as a guardian angel... God's angel Love your Baby Brother Bro.Floyd and your sister n law, Sister Dykeba and The Rogers family “What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch, we may not understand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before we were ready to say good-bye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived. And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget.” -(Author Unknown) “When those we love have left this earth, we still can feel them near. We'll see a picture, hear a song, and it’s just like they are here. And when we call upon our faith, when we believe and trust, we know the ones we care about are always close to us.” -(Constance Parker Graham) It's seems as though it was just yesterday . It's still so hard to Say Good Bye to Yesterday ... Please Copy and Paste the link below to : "All that I have Belongs To God " Darryl K. Rushing and The Gospel Music Awareness Choir Evangelist Geneva Mae Rogers Spencer's favorite song where Sister Dykeba would accompany her as she sang this song as , they traveled around the country. So similar to my sister , Evangelist Geneva Mae Spencer's clear and concise soprano voice,which captured the hearts of many over the years ,,, I can still hear her beautiful voice echoing in my spirit. From Your Brother Floyd Enjoy Sis' http://youtu.be/bkW6gZiPdMs Please copy and paste the link below to Mike and The Mechanics "In The Living Years" In dedication to our Father Bro Joe Edward Rogers,(Gone to Soon ) (Passed away in 1949) I still commemorate your passing from a small child just 6 years old to the present . Always in my Heart ... Now your baby son,Bro. Floyd T Rogers Sr. ,age 70,dedicates this beautiful and profound song to you my dad since it hit the charts in 1988. http://youtu.be/agC7SoihH-o Please copy and paste the link below to "O Happy Day !" In dedication to our Mother , District Missionary Rose Bell Rogers, we will never forget your kind and caring,sweet spirit “Oh Happy Day - The Edwin Hawkins Singers” — This track is owned by Sony Music Entertainment. From 1969. http://youtu.be/EfGDvDGE7zk In Dedication ,from The Rogers Family to all of my deceased family members , Please copy and paste the link below to"You Brought The Sunshine " by The Clark Sisters http://youtu.be/x4h_ItABOWc
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on 1st April 2014
**One Year Anniversary April 2,2014** From your (baby brother ) Bro.Floyd T Rogers Sr.(bruh') and family. Let us all reflect,on the memories of our beloved Evangelist Missionary Geneva Mae Rogers-Spencer and our deceased family members. THIS WEBSITE HAS BEEN UPGRADED TO LIFETIME by Bro. Floyd and wife Sis. Dykeba Rogers and family and will always be available to all of Evangelist Spencer's family,friends and site visitors forever... ***** SPECIAL THANKS TO FOREVERMISSED.COM and staff*****
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on 23rd January 2014
***An Updated Dedication to My dearest sister Evangelist Spencer can be found in the photos section of this website. May God Bless All of the Families of the bereaved and May God shine his light down from heaven on each and everyone . Thanks to everyone for all of your prayers , kind wishes, and words of Comfort ,,,,God Bless
Posted by Elder . And Sister Elroy ... on 27th October 2013
Retired Navy Petty Officer First Class ,Thelma Wilson-McLaughlin's family ,we bid our most deepest condolences,thoughts and prayers of strength to everyone dear and near to the family . A Soldier gone too soon . May God continue to encamp around your beloved family and friends . With thoughtful prayers and blessing, God is with us From: Elder and Sister Elroy Craden October 27,2013
Posted by Elder . And Sister Elroy ... on 27th October 2013
My husband and I are saddened.Our hearts are heavy and our spirit burdened down . We have been missing you at the Annual Women of Power Convention . I am glad we met in 2005, and since then every moment we spent together, we can all go over the many fondest of times laughter, and powerful explosions of God's presence. Additionally to the members of your family and your niece,
Posted by Ann Lancaster on 27th October 2013
Another loss in a wonderful family lineage . To Thelma's family I am sorry ,To Thelma's friends, I know you will miss her. To God and the angels I know that she will be glad to see you and know that she has finally made it over. She will be glad to look back and wonder just how she made it over . May God shine his everlasting light on your soul.My condolences again to the Family, ...
Posted by Joyce Ann Brown on 27th October 2013
of Evangelist Spencer and her niece Thelma . May they comb the heavenly streets of GOD'S Kingdom together in peace ..FRIENDS FOREVER , JOYCE A.BROWN
Posted by Joyce Ann Brown on 27th October 2013
To the family : I am glad to have a solemn place where I can revisit my dear friends' life. I am thankful that this memorial is a place of solitude for me in my times of struggle hear on earth . However , I am very saddened that another member other of the family , Niece Thelma McLaughlin is gone away to her home in heaven, although we must all realize that God can take much better care
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on 12th October 2013
and so many goals to reach. HEAVEN HELP US :-(( REST IN PEACE MY BEAUTIFUL NIECE, Thelma Jean Wilson-McLaughlin, Rest in Peace From Your Loving Unc' , Uncle Floyd
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on 12th October 2013
many cards and letters,I received from my niece Thelma in 1982 and thereafter , while she was serving in the Navy as a nurse, prior to her career as a model for Dillard's Department Stores. She sent this wonderful card during my 10 years of incarceration. Another beautiful card of encouraging words.We had so much in common , so many bridges to cross,
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on 12th October 2013
Thank you so much for the shocking and sad , sad notification of the passing of my very special niece,Thelma Jean Wilson-McLaughlin, on September 29,2013.You can rest assured, that God has called another sweet angel home . I am too overwhelmed at this moment , but here is a Father's Day Card, one of the
Posted by Renelle Pratt on 12th October 2013
Uncle Floyd your beautiful niece Thelma Jean Wilson McLaughlin passed away on September 29,2013 in Pahrump,Neveda.
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on 5th October 2013
My wife , your sister-n-law, Sister Dykeba Rogers, and I , and our children know that you are very happy for me , as you always visit us with your powerful spirit and your guardian angel service to us 24/7.
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on 5th October 2013
I became so emotional until I just broke down in tears . THIS ALL SEEMS just like yesterday ...OH What a Happy Feeling !! (September 12, 1972 ) .... MY 70th BIRTHDAY THIS YEAR was very similar .. We are still celebrating !
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on 5th October 2013
When I returned back to the plant , the party was all set up buffet style with different kind of meats, varieties of dishes, cake and an abundance of gifts .., from one end of the plant to the other and the party goers met me at the dock singing Happy Birthday, I was the plant manager at the time .
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on 5th October 2013
The most surprising part is that my secretary knew that I would leaving the furniture plant to go to a conference with my decorators and that it would take a couple of hours before I returned .
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on 5th October 2013
. But I must say that the best surprise birthday I've ever had is when my sister Gen' , Ida , and my daughter Tonya ( who was 2 years old at the time) ,friends, my secretary ( who was caucasian), and all of my employees got together and planned this wonderful surprise birthday party for me at my job . What a blast we had that day !
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on 5th October 2013
This is just one of the many cards and letters I received from my sister , Evangelist Spencer over the years. This card brought many tears of joy to my eyes as I scrolled down memory lane thinking of how we used to throw each other surprise birthday parties starting from the early 1960's .
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on 5th October 2013
To My Favorite Sister Gen.' .An Angel in Heaven , I had planned to post this lovely card on my 70th birthday, 9/12/2013, which clearly describes the way I have been all of my life , What A Perfect Combination !. Since I have so many old letters, cards, and photos from my imprisonment , I was unable to find this one in time. Therefore at this time I am presenting this wonderful birthday card
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on 17th August 2013
Dear Aunt Gen , This is your (four year old ) big nephew , Roosevelt Joe Edward Rogers. I like to listen to your memorial website on my cellphone and I see you shouting , jumping , and playing the tuba in heaven.HAPPY 76th Birthday , I will miss you forever...REST IN PEACE
Posted by Jonah Rogers on 16th August 2013
"Dear Aunt Geneva,it has been four moths since your passing and it is very saddening that you are not here to celebrate your 76th birthday with your family,I really wish you could be here with us but i know you are in a better place. happy 76th birthday Rest In Peace,from your Nephew Jonah Rogers.
Posted by Joelle Rogers on 15th August 2013
Happy 76th birthday to our beloved Aunt Gen. On a day where we also celebrate the 24th wedding anniversary of our parents, we also remember you and your stay on this earth. We all love and miss you dearly and wish you a very happy 76th Birthday. Rest In Peace Aunt Gen. From your nephew Joelle R.
Posted by Rebekah Rogers on 15th August 2013
Happy 76th Birthday Aunt Gen. It's saddening that you are not here with us to celebrate with you, as it is also my parents' 24th wedding anniversary, but in my heart I know God has everything taken care of. Though we only met once I am still very proud to call you my aunt. I love and miss you dearly, I will forever keep you in my heart. Happy Birthday R.I.P. From your niece Rebekah R.
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on 14th August 2013
A SPECIAL BIRTHDAY GREETING TO MY DEAREST SISTER AND VERY DEAR FRIEND , Evangelist Missionary , Geneva Mae Rogers-Spencer: Please copy and paste This Link for My Special Birthday Dedication FROM : Brother Floyd Thomas Rogers Sr .( Bruh') and Family: http://www.123greetings.com/send/view/08214113513506127236"
Posted by Elenore Jackson on 14th August 2013
"Dear Evangelist Missionary Geneva Mae Rogers-Spencer.I have listened,and read the whole paragraph above.I know enough you about to know you were a kind women who loved and cared for your siblings,and i know that you will surely be missed by your relatives,I am truly sorry for your loss and i hope make it through this,and i hope you have a happy 76th birthday up in heaven.Rest in Peace.
Posted by Brother. Floyd T. Rogers ... on 14th August 2013
HAPPY 76th Birthday to My Dear Friend and sister-n-law, Evangelist Geneva Mae Rogers-Spencer. Coincidentally our wedding anniversary is the same day as your birthday. August 14,2013 is our 24th Anniversary . We know you are celebrating in a heavenly place along with us.Still missing you more than you can ever imagine .From Your sister-n-law and The Entire Rogers Family! Rest in Peace ...
Posted by Elder Charles L Williams ... on 18th June 2013
May God Strengthe and keep the family, during this time of sadness and grief and May God bless those that need to hear from heaven,save any lost souls, and may they be led to Christ our Saviour in Jesus name we Pray Peace, Blessings and Mercy From Dear Friends in Christ ,Elder Charles L Williams Sr and Missionary Bessie Williams
Posted by Elder Charles L Williams ... on 18th June 2013
God has given the instruction to a dear member of your family Bro Floyd thank God that someone knows some family background and history to be passed down from generations to come.Be thankful that God has blessed you to be from a prosperous family seed and do not take that blessing for granted,be cautious in thought The Lord giveth and The Lord taketh away,blessed be the name of the Lord !
Posted by Elder Charles L Williams ... on 18th June 2013
We will forever keep her laughter near to us .In this time of bereavement I say to the family this is a beautiful life story,sometimes my wife Bessie and I listen to this memorial website more than one time a day , because we always seem to hear something more intriguing than the first time . My words of wisdom to the entire family be thankful for each other , be greatful that
Posted by Elder Charles L Williams ... on 18th June 2013
She and my wife would always laugh and cry over the many stories of how God had brought them through trials and tribulations. Evangelist Missionary Spencer and my wife would also trade fashion ideas and my wife just couldn't wait to see what beautiful arrangement of attire she would adorn. We will always miss her sweet spirit and her glittering smile.
Posted by Elder Charles L Williams ... on 18th June 2013
To The Family , I am so sorry that I can not express how death has a toll in moving forward. I have known Evangelist Missionary Geneva Spencer since 1983, We met at a banquet in Chicago , Illinois. Every year my wife, Bessie and I would enjoy listening to her stories of praise, worship, and how God had poured out his blessings on her during the year before the annual banquet.
Posted by Sister Linda Joyce Burke on 8th June 2013
Resting with Jesus and Cradled by GOD, Thoughts and Prayers go out to The Family as this is an amazing documentary of your family and ancestors I can tell the love you shared with all of us was first given to you in abundance Peace and Rest Your Friend In Christ Sister Linda Joyce Burke (National COGIC Annual Attendee)
Posted by Sister Linda Joyce Burke on 8th June 2013
of The Holy Convocation in Memphis ,TN. We live our lives so that we can one day go and see Jesus.I know that you are a wonderful addition to the heavenly choir as your voice would radiate our rehearsals. I can not imagine the sadtimes your family is going through, right now I am praying for your family and that they accept and know you will always be with them in spirit .
Posted by Sister Linda Joyce Burke on 8th June 2013
We had a marverlous time in the Lord . I would always look forward to these meetings and feeling the presence of God . I am speechless, as I see your beautiful face on this site , I know that God had a big mansion waiting for you . I am sure you have added some heavenly upgrades. We shared a lot of praise break stories as we would attend the Prayer Breakfast during the first week of
Posted by Sister Linda Joyce Burke on 8th June 2013
(Crying)Words can not express, tears can not swallow the shock I am in right now .Year after year we traveled to Memphis , TN just so that I can buy another one of Evangelist Spencer's hats . I mean her hats were very astounding and her spirit was just as beuautiful . We also attened the Women's Seminars, with Evangelist Spencer , during the COGIC conventions in 1991 and 1992.
Posted by Joyce Ann Brown on 6th June 2013
your time of bereavement . May the legacies of all of your family members that you have presented so well here live on and may this memorial site lend consolation to each who one who visits. Again my Condolences to your family . In Care Joyce Ann Brown,(St.Louis ,Missouri)
Posted by Joyce Ann Brown on 6th June 2013
I watched my mother day in and day out dwindle down from a vibrant outgoing church usher to just a whisper in a dark room . I too can relate to the hospital trips back and forth , and with high hopes after each treatment, but finally I realized I was on a journey with my mother one that in the end took her away and for that I am saddened :-((May God Bless You all and the Family in
Posted by Joyce Ann Brown on 6th June 2013
I stayed on your memorial site for some time as I feel the warm spirit in the presenation,and to know that someone out there is"REALLY " paying attention is very important to me.As I relaized that you love your family,just as much as I Iove mine and although they are in a much better place with the angels above in God's kingdom gives me some relief to know that they are no longer suffering
Posted by Joyce Ann Brown on 6th June 2013
My Name is Joyce Ann Brown.I was elated to stumbe upon such a beautiful rendtition of family, friends, and the ever heartbreaking cancer.(2am) Sadly , I have lost four relatives to cancer.I have lost an aunt to ovarian cancer, and uncle to prostate cancer, a cousin to pancreatic cancer and my mom just passed away, on April 30 of breast cancer. It is a very,very difficult for time for me.
Posted by Ann Lancaster on 4th June 2013
I am so sorry for your family I know she would remember me if she were still here with us.I used to be one of her customers when she had her beauty salon on Sakowitz in Houston, Texas.I live in Washington State now. I will miss your smile and always trying to cheer up the ladies and for helping my hair to start growing. You wouldn't recognize me now .So Sorry you are Gone Ann Lancaster

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