"Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses [who by faith have testified to the truth of God’s absolute faithfulness…" HEBREWS 12:1
  • 48 years old
  • Born on July 20, 1970 in Nigeria.
  • Passed away on March 10, 2019 in United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Evelyn Odiyi

A woman of faith and valour, always smiling, always a source of encouragement.
She was a strong pillar to her family and the church, another Hero in the great cloud of witness.
Everyone that met with you always left with  spirits lifted.
Your faith and commitment was always exemplary, we were blessed to have you in our lives.
 An example to many and a leader amongst women.
A mother to many, your love and care spread without prejudice.

We will remember her forever.

Posted by P Odiyi Kenny on July 22, 2019
My Babe,
Today 20th July you would have added another year...... When I think of all the years that you were by my side, they were special. I know we shared more smiles, more laughter and more love than I ever hoped for. You brought joy to my life. You stood firm by my side and help me be the man and father that I am today. We had dreams. Life happened to us. Your faith and believe in christ was your strength. I felt there was nothing I couldn't do with you by my side.... my helper ..... I never felt alone. Today, I know you were the one for me. If I had to choose again, you' re still the one I would choose again and again. You will always hold a special place in my heart. You were such a blessing to all who knew you. I love you with all my heart. Karen and Anita loves you. I miss you . Our children miss you. We all miss you. I know you are in the Best place. God is ever so faithful. To him be all the glory.
Sleep well.
My Babe Forever.
Posted by Adebayo Olatunbosun on April 27, 2019
The news of your passing was so hard for us to bear, but we take solace that you have gone to be with our maker where all pain and tears are taken away. However you will be remembered for the great faith you demonstrated, you will be remembered for the good moments we shared, moments of laughter and memories of friendship, you will be remembered for your kindness and thoughtfulness, you will be remembered for your rare humility and the legacy of service and above all, you will be remembered for who you are. We love you but God loves you more. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Bro Odiyi the Lord be with you and the girls. We will continue to put you in our prayers. Bayo & Bimbo
Posted by Claudette Ogechi Nkwocha on April 26, 2019
Auntie Evelyn...I was so shocked when I heard of your passing...you were indeed a woman of great faith, always smiling and full of joy... your words of encouragement have gone a long way... your kindness and care for others is forever imprinted in our hearts...may God receive you with the words "welcome my good and faithful servant"... Sleep well auntie xxx
Posted by Akin Adediran on April 25, 2019
I don’t know you personally but have heard great things about your great personality, kindness, the fear of God as well as your ministry. I am sure the legacy you have left behind will continue to be a testimony as well as emulated.
Rest in perfect peace
Posted by O Lucas on April 22, 2019
I never really knew you personally sister Evelyn but I was amazed and encouraged by the testimony of your faith from those who knew you personally. You were described to me as “ a woman of strong faith” and for that reason, I remember thinking to myself and concurring, that God will honour His word more than His name in your life. It is very rare to see such demonstration of strong faith in the midst of deep trials. Hence when I heard the news, I was deeply disappointed and troubled and I couldn’t help but ask, but God, why?However I’m learning our God is the unquestionable One and His ways are mysterious, but in it all, He is still God and has the final say. I trust that You will rest in his eternal peace now. He will hold each of your very loved ones in the palm of His hands and carry each of them through each day they face without you. Thank you for your great example of courage which has inspired me and, no doubt, many others. May God grant such courage, and stronger, to each of your loved ones. Rest in His peace tcxx
Posted by Olori Atoke on April 22, 2019
I felt my heart crushed into tiny bits when I heard about the untimely passing away of your beloved wife. Words cannot fully express the shock and sorrow. The loss of your wife is felt by many. May her beautiful soul rest in perfect peace. Wishing you peace to bring you comfort, courage to face the days ahead and loving memories to forever hold in your heart.
Posted by Maseba Ngor on April 18, 2019
Aunty Evelyn, you know the promise of God concerning you that you will live in His presence and behold His face, your faith for God is with boldness and you are always positive because you know your Father, you love my family so dearly that you communicated to us even in the hospital. Praise never seized from your mouth... and that's how you will want us to praise God in all situation. We love you but God loves you most, sleep on till the resurrection morning...
Posted by Dan Odiyi on April 17, 2019
Sis Eve,
There is a sunshine for each sunset,
And beyond this dark horizon,
Our hearts once more will sing.
From those early days in Sariki Yarki till you left ,you were an epitome of LOVE and an embodiment of dogged FAITH.
Through it all you were courageous
You fought and you WON!
Your were and remain a BLESSING to us !
And though the tide of life ebbs and flows,the gates of your memory will never close.
Goodnight sister mi.
Posted by Mercy Enejo on April 16, 2019
It was a great shock to hear that you had gone home.....Mummy Karen!you were a wonderful personality. I used to stop by your shop to say hI,oh....my consolation is that you've gone to a place where there will be no pain,no sadness.See you Ma on the resurrection morning.
Posted by Felicity Nkwocha on April 16, 2019
Romans 6:4. We were buried therefore with him by baptism into death, so that as Christ was raised from the dead by the glory of the Father, we too might walk in newness of life.
Dear Sr Evelyn I know you are walking in the newness of life with Christ where there is no more pain. We miss you here on earth but God needs you in heaven.
Posted by Joel Uzibor on April 15, 2019
It was a deep shock and sudden sadness to hear this.
The last time I had the opportunity to see you was 2001 in Kano.
Since then, you have always been indelible in my heart. It is impossible to simply forget who you are because every moment that you visited our office or that we visited your home was always joyful, blissful and unforgettable.
Our only comfort lies in your life of faith in Christ, and in the legacy that you have left for us all to behold and be inspired by. While it is extremely difficult for us to miss you, it is a relief to know that you rest on in His presence till we all meet to live forever, really happily ever after.
For... "In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed"
Rest on my sister, rest on.
Posted by David Ativie on April 13, 2019
Aunty Evelyn, you left too soon. Words can’t possibly describe the void created by your passing. Your departure emphasizes our sojourn here is finite and the importance of making each day count. No doubt, you made each day of your life count.
You were one of a few people I envisaged having in my corner to guide me through certain milestones in life. Sadly, your gentle words of wisdom and memories are all that’s left behind. But I am grateful I have those words and memories to hold on to.
Your selfless nature is rare, and you remained selfless through it all! Even during the days of discomfort when it was understandable and okay to make yourself the center of attention, you didn’t! You focused on praying with and encouraging others around you. Your last words and prayer for me will forever remain with me. Your selfless love for Uncle Paul is undeniable #relationship goals. You exemplified a life deeply rooted in the word and love of Jesus Christ, a true role model and mentor for many.
Your absence is felt, and your memories live on! Though you’re gone, you will never be forgotten. We all miss you. Rest easy Aunty Evelyn
Posted by Oladayo Oladunjoye on April 13, 2019
Words cannot express how we feel. You have been a big part of our lives and really appreciate you. Thank you for all. God knows best why He called you home at this time. He will strengthen and comfort the family. God bless you. Tobi, Toni, Tolu, Bukayo and Dayo Oladunjoye.
Posted by Adeyemi Taiwo Balogun on April 12, 2019
Our loss, Heaven's gain.
Good night and sleep well, till we meet to part no more, dearest Sis.
Posted by Josephine Igonor Olusakin on April 12, 2019
Hmmm, we still chatted on the 3rd only for me to get a call barely few days that you were gone.. I know I should not cry,but you were a big Sister to me. You are a woman of faith. You proved to the world that the word of God is potent. Sis like I always called you,you have fought a good fight...Rest on Sis.
Posted by Ebun Okenla on April 12, 2019
I first met you when you came on holiday and on one day when pastor P had to go into town he left you in the church office and you came to seat by me stating your observation of me in church that I seemed to have built walls round myself as you never saw me really chat with people I remember I smiled and thought Pastor P come and carry your wife, you said you were going to break down the walls I had built up around me little did I know that you were not just going to break down the walls but excavate the foundation the walls were built on.
Our friendship grew when you came to live here in the UK and I remember bugging you to join Sunday School because of the passion you had for God’s word , when you finally joined you also decided to join the hospitality dept I remember asking you why you joined after the guests had gone and you said to support me and I exclaimed Sis Evelyn with all your health issues and you released a torrential downpour of the bible passages over me saying you had no health issues that Jesus had healed you.
When you were hurt about something that was said or done to you you would sit me down and pour out your heart not for gist it was so you could get it off your chest so you did not harbour any offences and also for me to say if you were culpable in any part of it.
You were soo passionate about the word of God you would call the young ladies in church and give them a book of the bible to read so you could discuss with them and explain any bits they didn’t understand I remember one young lady Miss O name withheld who you gave the book of proverbs to study and after 3 weeks she said she was still on chapter 6 and you exclaimed. I hope the young lady reads this and goes past chapter 6 of proverbs!
Apart from being a woman of faith, you were also a woman’s woman and a good friend and very complimentary of me every time you saw me you would call me ‘fine girl you carry well’ that always made me laugh the narcissist in me is looking for someone to continue with that. After service you would sit with me and hold my hand and ask me to retell my testimony and share something new I had learnt in the Bible. When I was illl your ogbonna and your calls were a constant source of joy to me. I can go on and on but I miss you a lot you have created a void no other earthly friend can fill.i miss you muchly. This is not goodbye this is till we meet again. Love ya.
Posted by Taye Oyekunle on April 11, 2019
May your Gentle soul rest in Peace.
Posted by Esther Akintunde on April 11, 2019
Sister Evelyn,
we loved you dearly but God loves you more. Sleep well. God in his infinite mercies will take care of the family you left behind. I know you have gone but you will forever remain in our hearts, Rest in peace.
Posted by Mensah Odiyi on April 11, 2019
It is with great pain in my heart that I have to write this tribute. Words
can't even do justice to my true feelings at this time, this has been way more painful that we could
ever have imagined. When the news about your demise came, it came with a heavy thump in our
chests as a big blow. It’s surreal but here we are, writing you a tribute, because of how
strong and lively a woman you were. There is clearly no doubt that your absence has left a big
void as you were a mother figure to many, a great counselor and most of all, a wonderful sister
in-law to me.
You have fought the good fight of faith, you fought hard till the last minute and remained strong in faith but the truth remains that it still hurts deeply when we remember you're no more with us. I'm glad you're now in Heaven, resting with Jesus. Our mouths are full of questions but who are we to question God? He knows best. We do not mourn as those who have no hope but we'll always celebrate your life and the legacies you left behind. We love you Sister Evelyn and we miss you so much. Adieu!
Mensah Odiyi
Lagos, Nigeria.
Posted by Chuks Eneboachi on April 11, 2019
My lovely and darling sister Evelyn Omoh Odiyi, I find it hard to believe that I am making this funeral tribute for you! Words cannot expressly describe how heart broken I am for your departure. You were like sunshine that embraced everyone who came in contact with you with your warmth and loving natural personality, ever smiling face, naturally kindhearted woman, good mother and reliable, humble wife to your husband till the end. We will always miss you but your memories and legacy will never be erased. But John 6 v 40; says "And this is the will of God(Him) that sent me (into the world) that everyone which seeth/seek the son (Jesus Christ) and believeth on Him, will have everlasting life; I will raise him/her up at last day ". You were a great believer of Jesus Christ. Sister Evelyn continue in your sleep of rest in perfect peace in His bosom where there's no more pains, worries and suffering until we all meet again in heaven to part no more. Good night. I Pray that the unquestionable God shall  fill in the vacuum your departure has created with  His spirit in Paul's family and in all of us. From your Bros Chuks Eneboachi.
Posted by Susannah Ajayi on April 11, 2019
Sister Evelyn Odiyi,
Your Death came as a shock to us and as you sit in the arms of the Lord, your family, friends and colleagues mourn your death. It’s all right as each of us have the Lord beside us as we say our farewells. Your body might be gone from this world but your spirit will live on in our hearts forever. Today we mourn you in our own way as we pay a tribute to you.
We still wake up every morning hoping this is a dream, and it hurts knowing you are gone forever. I remember last time I visited you in the hospital, you sounded strong and believed in the Lord that you shall come victorious and told us you were leaving the hospital very soon but God decided it was your time to come home.
We will cherish every single moment we spent with you. I guess this is our final goodbye since we never got the chance to do so. Rest in peace Mrs Evelyn Odiyi. We will definitely miss you.
                   Love You,
Posted by Hellen Adesina on April 10, 2019
Sis Evelyn, though i have only known you for a short while, I am glad i had the privilege of having one to one chat with you twice.first was when we were planning a get together for your husband's 50th birthday from our conversation I saw a woman with passion who loves and wants the best for him. During my visit to the hospital, you showed strong faith and courage in God your smile was very contagious while sharing jokes together the .your genuine heart of care and love for all is incomparable.I know you have fought a good fight and you finished well. Sis, you will be dearly missed continue to rest in the bosom of God.
Posted by Odiyi Emmanuel C. A. on April 10, 2019
Indeed you were a woman of Faith;
Never a down moment with you
Your trust and Faith in the Lord had ripple
effect on all around you .
The expression of your strong believe in the Lord;
And your words of hope were unparalleled.
     Alas! a star is gone, we ve lost a gem;
     A jewel of inestimable value;
     A virtuous woman.
The race has been intense and laborious;
But you completed it and you won;
Indeed you are A CHAMPION OF FAITH
Sleep on our beloved, in the bosom of the Lord.
                                    Emma & Ronke Odiyi
Posted by Dunsi Bolarinwa on April 10, 2019
It is God who gives us life and who decides when it ends. A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts and minds, through us, they live on. Surely she will not be forgotten.”
You were a woman of great faith and wisdom and I'll cherish all the advice and encouragement you gave me.
God knows best and although you are greatly missed, we're assured you're resting in his presence.
Posted by Victor Daniels on April 10, 2019
Aunty Evelyn , a woman of faith, a strong mother and a lover of God. Your life was a blessing, your memory a treasure , you are loved beyond words and will be missed beyond measure. We love you but the one who created you loves you more. Rest in peace dear Aunty Evelyn.
Posted by Gabriel Odum on April 10, 2019
Oh nwaaya London that is what I and my entire workers call u, u are among the people who really touched and changed my life,when I think all hope is lost boom!!! U appear like a savour, u encouraged me and always tells me not to give up,ur attitude, love and sacrifices for humanity is extraordinary, u are a hope to the hopeless. I know u are not dead and can never die because of ur legacy. infant u are a roll model, your life style is worth emulating. Words is not enough to tell of your good deeds,why should we cry when I know u are resting and interceding for us in the bossoms of our Lord Jesus Christ. Mr p. Be strong for ur children is the Lord that knows the best, rest on my business partner,rest on Nwaya London, until we meet to part no more. Guo games
Posted by Peggy Afolabi on April 10, 2019
Sister Evelyn , always so bubbly and full of life with a Warm ,infectious smile . Indeed you have gained your wings, rest on sis.
Posted by WOLE DANIEL OKE on April 10, 2019
Your dearest wife was not just a great companion to you, but also a very wonderful human being having touched the lives of many. Her passing has brought gloom to many around and we are all going to miss her lots. You being the closest to her, I know that I can never possibly understand the terrible loss you are suffering. But do know that my thoughts are with you. May her soul rest in peace
Posted by Emma Akinfenwa on April 10, 2019
I have not been able to process the magnitude of your loss. It’s been a whole month and I catch a hold of myself afraid to allow the reality to wade in. For you were such an example and I do not want to write meaningless words. Faith should have been your first name for that is how you lived. You showed me how to go home my big sister! Your passion for people will be a guide and your personal encouragement I will hold unto forever. Dance a special dance with my Lord tell him it’s from me. I will try but tell me who will tell me truth like you do. Dance on for that is my endearing memory of you xx
Posted by Liz Oshionebo on April 9, 2019
For those who don’t know me I am Omoh’s cousin. My cousin, Omoh (Evelyn), was my mother’s niece. During her younger years, she lived with us before moving to the northern part of Nigeria. Growing up, we often played together but the best part was the fun we had as kids.
In recent years the time we spent together was limited due to the distance between our respective places of residence. The last time I saw my cousin was on her wedding day. I will never forget that day. How beautiful, radiant and happy she looked. When I left Nigeria some years later, there were no cell phones, so we did not keep in touch. Fortunately, another cousin of ours connected us last year. 
May 17th, 2018 is a day I will never forget. I received a message from Omoh and I immediately recognized her voice even though we had not spoken for a number of years. We chatted and giggled like little kids. We teased ourselves about our growing up in the village. We had plans of family reunion, having family group chat and, most importantly, she proposed family prayer meeting. We exchanged our family pictures and did video calls for me to see our beautiful angels Anita and Karen. I know how much her husband (Paul) meant to her. For her to leave all that behind confirms that death is a mystery nobody can understand. 
Words aren’t there to express my heartbreak. I thought there was a mistake somewhere when I was informed about the sad news.
Omoh was an incredibly intelligent, generous and caring person. I feel honored to be related to her and will never forget her. She will be my model for living my life. God fearing, loving, full of faith and hope.
Love you big sis, as I often called you. You will be missed forever. Rest in peace. We will block in heaven!
Liz Oshionebo
Posted by Ade Adeyemo on April 9, 2019
A woman of great faith you are sis Evelyn. You will be greatly missed. Rest in perfect peace till me meet again and part no more
Posted by Seun Keshiro on April 9, 2019
My wonderful Aunty,
It all still feels very surreal, I'm very glad we got to speak at length before you went home.
I'm incredibly grateful for all the advice and encouragement you gave me, I continue to hold your words close to my heart.
Although this is a difficult time, I'm truly consoled by the fact that you're with The King of Kings.
Rest in perfect peace, I will make you proud.
Posted by Temitope Afolayan on April 9, 2019
For the little period of time I knew Aunty,she really tried in my life,especially in the life of my children,she taught my son how to move closer to God,how to read the Bible,she relieved me of my stress,she will ask me to send over her child(my son) that he’s the only Boy of the house,for Good six weeks she took my son in and took very good care of him,what more can I even talk about,she’s a very good person,when my daughter was seeking admission into higher institution,I was blank because I know nobody in Nigeria,some schools were only giving admission to those that use money to pave their way but Aunty just summoned me one day that I should tell my daughter to make enquiries about the school that it’s a private school,she really stood beside me and told me that I can scale through,luckily for me admission was going on the time she came to tell me about the school,and my daughter gave it a try and she was given admission,and by God’s grace she’s still there,what else can I talk about,she’s just too good,even in church people ask about my son from her,she’s done a lot for me
I pray Her soul rest in perfect peace
It is a very painful loss because I miss her but May she rest well in the bosom of the lord.....Good Night Auntie....
Posted by Oluwaseun Akintunde on April 9, 2019
Dear Sister,
You have fought a good fight, you have finished the race,you truly hkept the faith.I believe that there is laid up crown for your righteousness,2nd Tim 4:7.
Sad you left this when you are most needed,continue to rest in His bossom and His peace reign in the affairs of the family to fill the vacuum.Rest on.....till eternity
Posted by Ayeley Glover on April 9, 2019
Hmmmmm, my heart still bleeds I can’t believe I am writing on your tribute, words can not express how heartbroken I am. I miss you and you will forever hold a place in my heart❤️❤️ Rest easy, angel. ~Ides
Posted by Sopeolu Ilori on April 9, 2019
Evelyn Omoh Odiyi,that we never met is a fact that only is not so painful when I consider that you have gone ahead of us who remain till the trump of God shall sound then we will meet in His glory. Your light still shines in the lives and hearts that you touched with your grace, the print of your love and strength are left in your lovely daughters and my dear friend your loving husband. You have won Evelyn you have truly won! You’re in glory now no more pain.....
“Your candles burned out long before your legend ever will”
Posted by Baba Balogun on April 9, 2019
Aunty Evelyn,
I still remember the first day you came to the house and looked at me, followed with the question "are you okay", at this point you did not know who I was or what i was involved in. Not that my family do not ask if I am okay, but the fact that I keep myself to myself and do not talk to anyone about my emotions, and to feel free to open up to you, that was the type of person you were.
Everyone felt comfort when they were around your presence, for someone who has gone through what you did and to still smile everyday, indicated to me there is a better life than 'what we live', and that is 'what we leave behind', you wanted people to remember you for being the character that brought happiness to others. We have two endings in life, which are to 'make our own story' or to 'let life make our story for us'. You made your own story and that is something i strive to do for myself. Everyone loves and misses you but we know you are in a better place and will constantly be looking down on all of us.
I did not get a chance to say this to you, THANK YOU FOR HAVING AN IMPACT ON MY LIFE.
Posted by Felix Olayinka on April 9, 2019
I called her "woman of faith" ....indeed you   lived the life of faith, showed the world power of faith with no compromise and your creator has called you home to rest on His bossom. Forever, we will remember you for your love and passion for the kingdom advancement. Sleep on Mrs Evelyn Omoh Odiyi!
Posted by Adeyemi Taiwo Balogun on April 9, 2019
Hummmmm, still thinking of your demise, my dear Sis. Evelyn. It's as if you've gone back to Nigeria after your 'holiday'!
You were a true believer of the words of God that says 'death has no power over us' and you held on to it, even till your last breath and I learnt from this! I believe you are in a better place now, meant for an angel like you, where there is no pain or sorrow.
My Mama Peace (as l used to call you), you will forever be remembered. We thank God, who is the Giver and Taker of lives, for your short but well spent live in this sinful planet earth.
Adieu, good night and sleep well, my dearest Sis.
Posted by Eniola Ibiyemi on April 9, 2019
Though we never met due to geographical location your wonderful husband is my brother and an ex school mate.
You will surely be missed and may the Good Lord comfort and strengthen your family.
Your Children shall make you proud and no misfortune shall befall your blessed family ever again.
It Is Well.
Posted by Taiwo Olumuyiwa on April 9, 2019
Sis Evelyn, your life was short but meaningful. You lived God, you breathed God and you epitomized faith. You fought a good fight and have finished your race but certainly you left your mark on the sand of time for those of us who are still in the race. Your life was an epistle to all who came in contact with you. Our loss is heaven's gain. We love you but Jesus loves you. Sleep well! Sleep well!! Sleep!!!
Posted by Maulune Akparanta on April 9, 2019
Sis Evelyn, words have failed me of your passing.
Your infectious smile and your gentle spirt will be missed.
Your loss has touched everyone and we pray for your eternal rest in the arms of our Lord a d Savour.
Rest in eternal peace.
Posted by Kemi Ilori on April 9, 2019
Evelyn Omoh Odiyi, my sister from another mother, my bosom friend and my confidant, a lady that always got my back, its so so hard to believe you are gone. My heart is broken.If it's ever said that anyone fought death vigorously, that person was you. Evelyn Odiyi, a virtuous wife, a godly mother, a woman of prayers, a woman with raw faith, a praiser, a worshipper and a lover of God, may your sweet soul rest in perfect peace. Adieu my darling. Love you so so much but Jesus loves you more.
Posted by Cassidy Nkwocha on April 9, 2019
My dearest sister Evelyn, your faith in God has greatly challenged my journey in life. You are just that grain of wheat, though insignificant in the sight of people, but has blossomed in hand of God. You will forever remain that gentle but powerful soul where the hosts of angel shall be celebrating. Forever my sister in Christ.
Posted by Linda Bonsu on April 9, 2019
we miss your smile, your gentle voice, your hands we cannot touch, still we cherish memories of one we loved so much. this world is not our home we just passing through. God has you in his keeping, we have you in our hearts.  TILL WE MEET AGAIN REST IN PEACE SIS. EVELYN
Posted by Toyin Adedayo on April 9, 2019
We met such a long time ago, but constantly I heard of your strength, courage and great Faith. You have touched hearts and inspired so many, and given us a picture of 'even against all odds, STAND!' You were a loving wife and fantastic mum, raising beautiful and lovely girls who will forever be proud to call you MUM and remember all that you instilled in them. That same Joy of the Lord will continue to be the Strength of the family you left behind! Adieu!
Posted by Bola Dada on April 9, 2019
My sis. What can I say. Knew you for too short a time. You were such a down to earth, loving and caring person . Always on fire for the Lord. Watched you and learned a lot. You will be missed. I know you are resting in the bosom of the Lord. The Lord will comfort the family you left behind and take good care of them. Rest in peace my sister
Posted by Temmy Bello on April 9, 2019
It's a shame I didn't get to meet you before you gained your wings, but, I know your soul is blessed as you died in the Lord. Blessed indeed, says the Spirit, that you may rest from your labor, for your deed follow you! (Revelation 14:13)
O death, where is your victory?
O death, where is your sting?
The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
I know your spirit is alive as you believed in Jesus. Though you died, yet you shall live, for everyone who lives and believes in Him shall never die. (Corinthians 15:55–57)
Rest in the bosom of the Lord, sis Evelyn Odiyi.
My thoughts are with your family.
Posted by Dele Adeyinka on April 8, 2019
Sister Evelyn , a courageous woman, cheerful, an awesome mother, a loving wife and God fearing lady.
In the short time I met you , I knew you were different. You words hit home , and was precise.
We love you , but God loves you more.
Rest on in the bossom of the good Lord and rest in perfect peace .
Posted by Olabisi Sunmola on April 8, 2019
Dear sister Evelyn,
When I received the news that you had gone to be with the Lord, I wept. It's hard to describe the multitude of thoughts and emotions that those tears represented. You were a strong woman of God. I will always remember you as a woman of faith, may your gentle soul continue to rest in peace.

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