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Evelyn White Harthcock
  • 94 years old
  • Date of birth: Oct 18, 1920
  • Place of birth:
    Colerain, North Carolina, United States
  • Date of passing: Sep 18, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand
"Things which eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, and which have not entered the heart of man, all that God has prepared for those who love Him." I Corinthians 2:9
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Evelyn Harthcock, 94, born on October 18, 1920 and passed away on September 18, 2015. We will remember her forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Joan Neuner on 19th September 2016

"As I remember Evelyn as we mark the anniversary of her passing, I remember her kind heart and her love for talking with people and sharing her experiences.  While I have many things she gave to me over the years, the one most precious is a beautiful set of napkins from Thailand - brightly colored and beautifully patterned.  They set a beautiful table and remind me of her each time I use them.  

"Well done good and faithful servant!""

This tribute was added by liuyang lhamo on 18th September 2016

"Time runs very fast, you have been leave me for one year. But your beautiful smile is in my heart for ever. When I saw the picture at my home, I still feel you are still close with me. I believe one day we will meet in the heaven, together, and forever."

This tribute was added by Rodney Duncan on 30th September 2015

"The Harthcocks have been a special part of my families' life for many year - we were first blessed by their visit to Alaska where they stayed with me for several days and from that time on we grew to love and appreciate them.    Who would have through our path would pass again later in Southeast Asia - both in Thailand and in Malaysia where they helped teach two months in an intensive English class - what a blessing they were to both their students and to me personally.   When my parents came to visit Thailand we also were privileged to spend a day with the Harthcocks and were gain blessed by out time together.     They were always easily identifiable by their matching clothing as the walked hand in hand - their love for each other was inspiring.    And while Evelyn has left to be with her Saviour in heaven and will be sorely missed - it is comforting to know she is free of her suffering.     God bless you Gary as you continue on the journey - you are both such an inspiration to me and my parents.       My own father died on a mission trip to Southeast Asia and I truly believe that your example of never being too old to serve was something that inspired him to continue to come and serve so many times in Southeast Asia himself.      Love and prayers,     Rodney Duncan and Cynthia Duncan (mom)"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 28th September 2015

"Dear Gary and Evelyn,

You don’t know us - but we know you. We also live in Chiang Mai, and have known you from afar for awhile.

We have a great memory of you from one Sunday morning at The Gathering. This was when John Duncan were pastoring. John stood up in front of the church that Sunday morning, with you two - Gary & Evelyn - standing next to him. He was interviewing you.

I believe at that time, Gary, you were 90 or so. John was asking  you about your lives, your work, your writings, etc.

Then, he asked you a final question, and we will never forget your answer.

John:  And so, Gary, what’s next?

Gary:  Well — our long-range plans are….. [at this point you were interrupted by the congregation’s outburst…]

John: Ninety years old and still has long range plans...

So classic. We love that about you - you’ve both given your lives to God to do with what He wants. You have never given up. What an example you have been to us.

We pray for you to have peace and contentment. May you trust God during this time and look forward to the  long-range plans He has for you.

Mark and Fran Wakefield"

This tribute was added by Kim Ratliff on 26th September 2015

"Dear  Gary,

The day we heard Evelyn went to be with our Lord I had a flood of memories of our times with you both.  You have blessed our family in so many ways.  The first time I remember meeting you 14 years ago what stuck in my mind was your matching clothes.  It wasn't long before we saw the love you both of you had for all people and your desire to see all people know Jesus.  You loved on our kids since they were 1 and 4 years old. The two things I remember Evelyn most for was 1) her fairy bags and thoughtful notes and 2) her ability to go into my kitchen and teach my helper how to serve things "just right" to make my table beautiful in our early days in Thailand.  She was a woman that just always made you feel so special and had a knack of making things beautiful.  I loved the way she always seem to make the most of every opportunity to help people and share the love of God.  So grateful for all the Christmas Day meals we had with you through the years!  We love you, Kim, Quintin, Kati and Nathaniel"

This tribute was added by Lila Cox on 24th September 2015

"First read about the Hartcocks in the Commission Magazine and hoped that someday I would get to meet them in person. Soon afterwards we met in Chaing Mai at the Empress Hotel during AGM. I helped them sell their items and we soon became forever friends. We spent many Sundays having lunch together after worship. Remember their welcome above the meeting place: Come to know Him better - Leave to make Him better known. Thanks Gary and Evenlyn for enriching my life by the example of your lives of love, generosity, and faithfulness. I am blessed for having known you both. Psalm 115:16 "Precious in the sight of the Lord is death of His saints."  Precious indeed!  Our eternal home awaits us as well. Until He comes...Lila"

This tribute was added by Gerald Burch on 22nd September 2015

"Dear Gary,

We heard of Evelyn's "home-going" and know that she will be missed by everyone but know that she is in the presence of the Lord. You both have been very faithful servants of the Lord and will be rewarded for it. Please know that you are in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. You two have been, and are role models for us during the years. You're special to us! Romans 8: 35-39.

With Christian love and prayers,
Gerald and Brenda Burch"

This tribute was added by Curtis-Tricia Bridges on 21st September 2015


We forever treasure singing the great hymns of faith with you and Evelyn; the laughter in your Ulaanbaatar apartment; the joy of starting the first church there alongside your leadership; the wisdom you speak into our lives; and your prayers that sustain us.  We love you both.  We appreciate your tireless service for the Lord.  You inspire us!!  We pray the Father's comfort for you in this long journey as you wait to stand with Evelyn once more singing our Father's praise alongside her."

This tribute was added by Craig Keller on 20th September 2015

"Dear Gary,
Evelyn has entered into her reward, the arms of her Savior she loved and served for so long. You both are such and inspiration to us. May His love and strength sustain you until you meet again."

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 20th September 2015

"Dear Gary

Our loss is heaven's gain.  We feel sad for missing our dear sister but we rejoice at the hope of seeing her again in heaven.  May the Lord bless and comfort you at this time.
Much love
Aileen, Perry and family

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 20th September 2015

"Heaven rejoices at the presence of our beloved friend, Evelyn Harthcock, after a lifetime of preparing for this journey to her eternal home.  My late husband, Jim, and I enjoyed several years as neighbors with Gary and Evelyn with blessings untold and tremendous fellowship.  Often they were helping us or we were helping them in preparing for and receiving guests, students, other company personnel and especially international visitors who frequented their home.  Only God can know of the tremendous impact of their many books, each using their special skills in the finished books they shared.  Their editions have been and are vital to help nationals of many different countries  become more fluent in English and, more importantly, to find "the way, the truth, and THE LIFE."  I personally have used their books for years while serving in international missions and when stateside.  Mine and Jim's lives were spiritually enriched as we served God through the love of and ministry with Gary and Evelyn.

Gwen Allen"

This tribute was added by Leah Newsome on 20th September 2015

"Dear Gary,
We are very saddened to hear of Evelyn's passing, but one thing is for certain-heaven is now an even sweeter place. Just being in her presence was an honor and a privilege.
Your love for each other and all people everywhere, your lives of selfless service, your generosity, and your passion for sharing the gospel serve as an inspiration to us all.
We pray God will continue to strengthen you and bring you comfort, joy, peace, and purpose each moment of every day.
Sending you a long-distance hug and love all the way from Colerain,
Charles & Leah Newsome"

This tribute was added by Joan Neuner on 20th September 2015

""Auntie" as I knew her was one of the most special persons I have ever met.  She was so kind, thoughtful and loving and she enjoyed sharing with others her activities around the globe.  She was always thinking...always planing what to do next to help someone and to spread the gospel.  She was an inspiration to me and when I look around my home and see many reminders of her - gifts she gave me over the years - I am so thankful that she shared herself with me!  I pray now for Uncle Gary for I know he will miss her terribly.  Much love, Joan and John"

This tribute was added by M C on 20th September 2015

"We wanted you to know that our thoughts and prayers are with you during this time and for the days, weeks, and years ahead.  You both have always displayed the sacrificial service to Christ that we desire to follow with our own lives.  Since coming to East Asia in 2007, we have used your materials (A True Story) continuously to share HIStory with all that the Father has brought into our lives.  Thank your for this wonderful resource and the example you have been and will continue to be for us personally and for our ministry. May Father continue to use you, Gary, to bless many in Thailand.    The Clarks"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"We love you and pray for you in these days, Gary.  Evelyn has finished this race well & now enjoys her reward.  Many lives have been touched by her love of Jesus and them.  May God's strength, love and comfort embrace you now.  Love to you from two blessed to know you two ---- Jim & Trudy Crittendon"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015


I extend my sympathies to you in the loss of Evelyn.  It was so good to have you both in my home at times, and to have fellowship with you and Evelyn.  All at Central Baptist here in Melbourne will never forget your parts in our ministry.  I pray that you will continue in your teaching ministry.

I turned 91 last week, and while I won’t catch you in age, I will certainly catch up with you—and Evelyn—in Glory.  Maybe I can fix breakfast for both of you again, or have you visit me in my room there.

I am praying for you, Gary

Harry Sauter"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"May God give you the strength that you need for what you face in the hours before you and HIS Grace for every moment. May HE carry you in His righteous right hand.

In Jesus,
Clifford and Peggy Dane
Brazil and Belize"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Our beloved Gary,

Thanks for letting us know the home going of Everlyn. Our prayers are with you as we celebrate her faithfulness to Christ, the King of kings.
By His Love,

Kollie & family"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"My dearest Evelyn I will never forget you, you were and still are an inspiration to me.  Thank you for taking the time to befriend and mentor both Paul and me.  You were an amazing woman of God and you shared His heart where ever He sent you.  I loved your beautiful spirit and your big generous heart.  You and Gary blessed our home with your presents as we shared our holidays together and you were an example of Christ love to the young people who gathered at our table.  They not only enjoyed the holiday feasts, but they were always very excited to know that you and Gary, as part of our family, would gracious with your presence.  What wonderful memories we all have of the time spent together.  I will never forget how much we enjoyed how you and Gary accommodated us on one such evening by when I asked you to dance one dance to Nat King Coles sonf "Unforgettable" it was a beautiful site which brought tears to my eyes and joy to all of us watching you arm in arm dancing to those beautiful words.  

It was only a short 5 years the time spent with you but the most memorable by far.  I look forward to seeing you again and then we will be singing and dancing before our Lord for all eternity.  

In loving gratitude with a grateful heart,

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dear Gary,

Your and Evelyn's friendship meant so much to Connie and I, although we did not get to spend much time with
you in Chiang Mai while doing LEAD Team preparation.  Your love and friendship as our brother and sister in
Christ was such a blessing to us.  We know not only that our Lord Jesus has received Evelyn home in His loving
arms but that He also is holding you in His loving arms while you are here on earth.  May you know His presence
in a special way as you abide in His love, joy and peace during these days.


braxton & connie  (I Jn. 5:9-12)"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dearest Gary,
You are in my thoughts and prayers.  Much love to you and grace and peace as you and Jesus walk through the next chapter of your life.
The two of you have been amazing examples to me of what Christ can do with yielded vessels!  I rejoice with her and I pray for comfort for you.
She just wanted to go on ahead so that she can be there to welcome you when you address changes!
I love you my dear brother.
In Him,

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dear Gary,

I thank the Lord for your loving kindness shown to both Paul and me over the five years we spent together in Chiang Mai.   Yours and Evelyn's relationship, as husband and wife, was one to be admired and to be an example for all married couples.  I loved to watch your face, as you looked at dear sweet Evelyn when she spoke.  Your expression was always full of love and honor toward her every time.  It was awesome for me to watch the love you had for each other.   You were always gracious and kind toward her and a true example of how husbands should love their wives, and how wives should honor their husbands.  Thank you for being a wonderful living example to all who had the honor and privilege to know you.

You are truly a man after God's own heart and He has blessed you with wonderful gifting that you have generously shared with hundreds, no thousands, of other believers and non-believers alike.

Your precious Evelyn is always with you, even though not in the physical sense, and I truly believe that when the Lord comes to take you home Evelyn will be right there with Him to welcome you.  What a beautiful reunion that will be!!!   Praise the Lord!

I will continue to hold you up in prayer. May the Lord Jesus fill you with His peace and may our Father God wrap you in His blanket of love.  Grieving is difficult but in the Lord it is sweet because our love ones are with Him.

With love and prayers your sister in Christ,
Donna Rakowski"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dear Gary,

We love you!  We love Evelyn!  We are praying for you and all those around you today.  You touched and impacted our lives in those days you served in Guyana.  You touched the lives of Guyanese all over the country.  Today, with your message of faith - you again challenge and comfort all of us.

Know that we are sad, but, Oh! so glad that God is Faithful to all HE promised!

Blessings and love for the days to come,
Paul and Janet Rohde"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"What a wonderful life this beautiful angel has led during her 94 years on earth.  I will start by saying this.  Even though Auntie never had any biological children, she has helped raise several “sons and daughters” all over the world.  I will single out one that stands out in my mind.  This “son’s” name is Shawn.  He lived in Antigua when Auntie and Uncle Gary served as missionaries.  Shawn needed surgery on his hand and his family could not afford to have this done in Antigua.  Auntie found a doctor in Statesville, NC who agreed to perform the surgery, free of charge.  Auntie accompanied him on the plane and served as his “mother” for months prior, during and after his surgery.  What a servant heart she had to help this young boy, who was probably 6 years old at the time.  I might not have all the facts exactly right, but you get my message.  

On a personal level, Auntie was like my second Mother.  Carmen takes price in saying she is Daughter #1, so I will say I am Niece #1.  It was due to the generosity of Auntie and Uncle Gary that I had wonderful trips and vacations all over the US, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands.  We would take trips out west during the summer when I was pre-college and memories of those times together will remain as wonderful and happy times during my younger life.  We even went to CA and Canada during my high school graduation, thus missimg the ceremony.  But I wouldn’t have traded graduation for that wonderful trip any day!

I want to honor Auntie with two adjectives that she excelled in living to perfection.

1.  THANKFULNESS - I can’t remember a single time that “thank you” in EXCESS didn’t come out of her, both vocally and on paper.  And I might add, she instilled on everyone in her family the importance of being grateful and making sure you knew the importance of showing that gratitude to everyone.

GENEROSITY - Auntie loved to help people who made crafts in every country she lived and visited.  She bought them and shared them with all her loved ones.  You could go in every house they lived and a “show and Tell” room with all these treasures would be in plain view.  She was proud to own them and would give anyone who was interested the history behind each item.  She loved to carry out what she called “fairy bags” - mailing packages throughout the years of things she bought and wanted to share with you.  A generous heart to the max!

I will close by saying that everyone who met her will have memories in their hearts and minds to remain with them as long as they live.  Whether it be a thank you note that she instilled you to write, a present from Thailand, Cambodia or Africa that you received from her, or most importantly for the Christian role model that she has left with each of us, we will miss her here on earth but look forward to hugging her neck and reuniting with her in heaven when we all join her there.  We love you, Auntie, and thank you for the many ways you enriched our lives.

Debbie Mikeal"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dear Grandpapi -

I just wanted to let you know how heart warming your words were describing Grandmami's passing. It was almost like she held on to make sure all of us were taken care of, especially you. But now she's an angel in heaven that can watch over all of us, without the pain she had been suffering.

I'm also writing to let you know what an impact you and Grandmami have had in my life. You both have been an inspiration since the day I was born, and there are thing Grandmami taught me that have made be a better person and that I will take with me throughout my journey in life - a life that may have not been possible with you and Grandmami taking in my mother. My mother, my father, my sister and I are eternally grateful. I hope these words bring you some joy in this time of sadness.

I wish my mother and I could be there to comfort you in this time. If it weren't for the kindness of all the great people surrounding you, we would be. I hope I get the chance to make it to Thailand at some point to meet the family you have made over there. Please let me know if there is anything I'm able to do from across the oceans.

Love your granddaughter in South Carolina,


This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Our lives intersected with Brother Gary and Evelyn in 2003.  

We attended and were participating in a then called AGM in Bangkok that year.  It was the year that the board had asked you to start to draw on your retirement.  It was the first time that we heard you say the words, "we will retire when the devil retires".  We were struck by your confidence that God had brought you and He would keep you as long as He desired.  God would call us to join the work in Thailand and be on the same team with you in 2005.  You ministered to us in countless ways as we walked together in Chiang Mai.  The times you took us out to dinner and encouraged us, the stories that you told, the countless lives that we knew were impacted with the gospel because of your lives and ministry, the monks, the fairy bags, the smiles, the love, the talks through sermons, and countless other ways our lives have been blessed because of you.  Our lives are richer because of you.  We thank God for you.  Our hearts are grieving with the passing of Evelyn, but we don't grieve as those who have no hope, and in that we rejoice.  We pray for you, Brother Gary as you continue the journey the Lord has you on.  We love you and are forever grateful that God chose to intersect our lives.

Jim and Kim Day
Chiang Mai, Thailand 2005
Serving in Oklahoma presently"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Heavenly Father, Gary knew this time was coming, but we can never really
be ready to say good-bye to one who is loved so much. Gary witnessed all
You did for Evelyn. Yet, there is an emptiness in his heart that only You
have filled. Grant him mercy, grace and peace. Thank You for Evelyn's
testimony of Your faithfulness. All these years You have kept them and
they have faithfully served You. I pray the hospital staff and doctors
will become Gary's family. Use them to minister to him in this time of
being alone...but we're never really alone. You are with us and will never
leave nor forsake us. Wrap Your loving arms about Gary and lift him up. I
hear rejoicing in his writing...rejoicing that Evelyn no longer suffers in
her physical body. Now she is with the Lord and awaiting Gary's
"graduation." Give him work to do that will bless Your name and honor You.
I ask for this in the precious loving name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

Garey B Scott, Sr"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dear Gary,

So sorry for your loss, yet so happy in Jesus that Evelyn is with Him and among all the adoring angels and saints of God.

May God’s nearness be your good (Ps 73:28).


Chip and Suzie Collins (Suriname and what formerly was the Caribbean Communications Center)

“But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if
only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the
Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God” (Acts 20:24)."

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"As this day is a sad day, grand Evelyn who we love passed away.
Even though, she will not be with us now as a physical body on earth but she will always here with us in our hearts and souls. Deaw and I are grown up by your mercy and love without both of you, we will not become as who we are today. Thank you for introduce God to us and let us became family in Christ with you.
Right now, I'm sure that Grand Evelyn is smiling and hope all of us know that she is in the best place and in God's hands. When we lose someone we love so much, sorrow and sadness will come but thank you God that he will bring joyful and peace to us and let us know that he never left anyone behind.
He reassures us that we will see the one we love again in his kingdom and want us to continue our life with hope and faith.
We love you Grand Pa and we will be with you. No matter what Love, Phak"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Uncle Gary

This is Yvonne Malcolm Thomas from the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Prayers continued for Aunty Evelyn,

Love you all lots,

God Bless you both.


This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Gary and Evelyn,

We have been keeping up with you and Evelyn in several ways.  Notes from friends and especially the updates directly from you.  Your last notes meets us with a big mixture of sorrow and grief which is met with joy and happiness all at the same time.  It is in those moments that we see the way in which the Lord has created us all; such a huge mixture of true emotions.  But there is something wonderful about thinking of our real home in Heaven with the Lord forever.  A perfect, whole and healthy body, and joining in the eternal worship.  Part of that cloud of witnesses waiting for all of us.

We know you are being taken care of very wonderfully by the Ram Hospital staff.  We know they love you both very much.  We know that even in this situation, they are all seeing and hearing a witness of the Truth of the Gospel.  That is what you have always wanted and what your lives have been about.  Or, as Evelyn would say, “We have no intention of retiring until Satan does!”  What a faithful witness to the end!  An amazing way to cross the finish line, even without the ability to take a single step.  It is the witness of the heart and life.

It has been a long time since we left Chiang Mai and moved to India, but our memories are great.  PT Place has never been the same since you moved out.  For the time we lived there, it was an honor to be among your neighbors, a joy to do some small errands for you, bringing a meal from Soi 13, and the other things of everyday life.  We will always have the joy and memories of joining the two of you for a day out to a restaurant.  The huge and funny moments of both of you joining with the LEAD team for special gatherings and holidays.  While you could stand out in a crowd due to your spirit and humor, dressing alike didn’t hurt!  Of course, our personal favorite, Evelyn wanting you to tell the story of how you met and fell in love!  Even more funny when she would take the telling of the story within moments, and at the same time, reminding you to not forget the funny parts.

You both have been great role models for us and many others.  Your legacy is all the lives you have touched in so many different ways…including us.

Blessings and joy,
Michael and Denise Wright"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dear, dear Gary and Evelyn,

We are so sorry to hear your latest news and we are praying for both of you as you make this last journey together.  You both have been faithful in ministry and following wherever the Lord led you.  The greatest journey is yet to come and we know you will make it well. We praise Him for you, for your lives, for your faithfulness, for your positive attitude throughout these difficult days.  God bless you…

We love you both ,
Marvella & Glen"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dear Gary,
Greetings from Pakse, Laos!

WOW - the story has been amazing listening and watching the two of you.
I know this is a hard time - but you are strong than I!
I learn from you.

Edward - and Pailin, Geng-Fah & Pinmanee"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Our Dear Friend Gary,   How we praise God for your beautiful testimony which was so very encouraging to us all.  Our heartfelt love, thoughts, and prayers are with you both during this time as you wait with the Master, assuring you that we are right there with you in spirit.  May God continue to bless, strenghthen and  give you his words as you bless and encourage so many others.  Please keep us updated as we pray for you both always.
In His love and grace,
Art & Martha Haylock"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

                We love you two so much!
                Our prayers are with you and Evelyn in these days.  We wish we could visit but we know we will see Evelyn again.  She will be waiting for us.  I can imagine her sitting there talking and telling stories with her sweet smile!  
We love you,

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015


                We all have a chance to impact eternity during our time on this earth. Praise the Lord that you and Evelyn have lived your life to the fullest, praising the Lord, and ministering to so many to show his love to others. You and Evelyn will be in our prayers as you go through this time of transition.

Love, Aubrey & Kathy"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"We knew one day this would come. Ithank God for each precious day youve had with your bride. God will keep you in His sweet love. today and days to come"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dear Papa Gary,

I am sorry to hear the news . But just as you said , it is a perfect destination for 96 years old. And now Evelyn is going to be with the only One True God . She is going to have eternal life in the heaven. And this place is also be the place when all the people who believe in Him , and one day we will be reunion in this place .

I am glad that she has no pain and be taken good care by Gai, the nurse, doctors and you. I only worried that you will feel lonely . I miss you so much . How I wish I could be with you at this point ! Although we can not see , I hope you will not feel alone since you have your daughters love you so much.

These days I am thinking about Evelyn . I remembered that she has told me about her family and her mom . She also told me how she first meet you .The picture of young Evelyn is in my mind. She is such a lovely , kind , beautiful, out-going lady. We all love her so much! And now she is going to be with her parents soon.

These days I am also thinking about death. To be a human being , everyone has to face death. Since we have different beliefs in the world , people have different attitude towards death . I can see Papa Gary and other Christianity do not fear death . We think this is a time we could return Father's home, the heaven and will have no pain, no suffering under His protection. So we do not fear death . Just think this is a way to go home.  As u know, My grandmom also passed away on 4th, August . Many our Relatives  here have no beliefs and they are scared about death. I am glad that in my life I can know  Jesus through you . In this case, one day when I face death I will not be afraid .

With much of love ,


This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dear Brother Gary,

Thank you for this update.  We were so thankful for the moments this summer that we were able to spend with you and Evelyn.  It was especially special to us that we were able to introduce our children and grandchildren to you.  We will treasure those moments!  

We are saddened to hear this news, yet know she is going home and will be at rest.  We are so thankful for her life and the lasting investments that both of you have made through the years in countless lives.  You both have impacted our lives with an eternal investment.  Isn't is wonderful to grieve as those who have hope?

Please know of our constant prayers for you as you walk these days.  You have reflected the faithfulness of our Lord as you have faithfully served Evelyn through these days of confinement.  We will be asking the Lord to faithfully minister to you and give you strength and peace.  Our desire would be to be there with you as you take this journey, but God knows and has united us through His Spirit.

We love you dearly,
Jim and Kim Day"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"So sorry,  yet rejoice as Evelyn moves on to her
heavenly Home. She was such a great Christian
lady and now she will be with her Lord - what a
rich experience. God bless you as you rest and
adjust to the days ahead.  
Praying for you daily.  Rita Roberts"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"“He gathers the lambs in His arms and carries them close to His heart…”  Isaiah 40:11"

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"dear Gary,  I am so sorry about Evelyn's pending homegoing.  But the next life is far better than this one and all of us will soon join her.  Then we will have a very happy reunion and talk over old times.  Blessed are we indeed to be loved by our Saviour.  Love and blessings, Billie"

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"A sad time of departure, but we know that Evelyn will be greeted in heaven not only by Jesus, but by multitudes who have preceded her there because of the faithfulness of both of you in introducing them to the Savior. Our prayers continue to be with you.
Fred & Leona"

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"When I recalled my sweet memories with Evelyn, I am always very thankful for receiving His grace through Evelyn’s gracious love. My first met Evelyn was in 2001, she was looking for someone who can direct her to the Hearing aid clinic at Suan Dok hospital. I wrote my name on her pocket notebook just in case if she needed my help. A month later, she gave me a call at the hospital and invited me to meet her. I never thought by accepting her invitation, my belief has completely changed. My new journey began.
My first question to her was “How I can be happy like her?” ‎ I was hoping to hear her tips to becoming a happier person. Surprisingly, she answered humbly “I have asked God to lead my life everyday"
More questions run into my mind--- Why her life depends on God? Why she trusts in her God? Does her God exist? Can her God help me? Will her God love me? She started showing me her True story book---my life with God begins on the first chapter of the True story. The answers for my questions are found in Jesus Christ, the son of God.
Evelyn is a very talent teacher. I just love and enjoy being her student. I am always so grateful for her patience with me. We spent hours after hours together and never boring. How so wonderful and noble Evelyn is---I have learned and found more goodness of her from her childhood life, her willing to push the cart to help a poor man to move up to the hill, her nurse aid volunteer during World War II, and her life in Africa, Mongolia, Cambodia and all over the world to share the good news to people (and to me). My attitudes and personalities gradually change to trust in God's plan. When ‎I look at Evelyn's life I saw the obedient child of God; I experienced her loving God fills her heart, soul and mind; she always wants to be helpful to other. Living water runs through her life to all nations. Evelyn, you are my great teacher, and my beloved mom. It is impossible for me to stop loving you. If I may be so bold as to say that you are my parent in Christ.  
You are blessed and peace in His hand.
Gai, your Thai daughter.
September 14, 2015"

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"To Gary in memory of Evelyn,
Dear Gary,  What a blessing you and Evelyn have been to me.  Thank you so much for including me as one of your 'daughters'.  You both radiate God's sweetness and love.  Evelyn was so giving, always ready to share a poem, a flag, something nice.  Her cheeks were so soft to kiss.  She will be missed.  Gary, you are especially special to me because you remind me of Dad.... your joy, the twinkle in your eyes, your love  for people and your love for God's Word and practise of redeeming the time in writing things that benefit others spiritually.  Praise God for being able to see the fruit from your lives in Thai and others.  I'm thankful for your youthful countenance which testifies that "Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose hope is the Lord."  Thank you for the example you have been to me and so many.  I know that God will continue to order your steps and delight in your way.  I'm reminded of a chorus my family enjoys...
"How good is the God we adore, our faithful unchangable friend,
whose love is as great as His power and knows neither measure nor end.
Tis Jesus, the first and the last, whose spirit shall guide us safe home,
We will praise Him for all that is past and trust Him for all that's to come."
God be with you and bless you Gary!
Anabel Rulison"

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"Dear Brother Gary,
We are praying for Evelyn as she crosses to glory and for you as you hold her hand through this experience and as you  continue to love and serve Jesus there at the hospital.
Love, Melissa and Nathan H."

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"Dear Gary,
I'm united to you both in prayer during these lasts days of Evelyn's life here on earth. I hear the Lord calling her and saying, 'Come you blessed of my Father, receive the reward prepared for you'.  As you and Evelyn have lived so united these many years she will still be in your heart Gary, comforting you during your last years while preparing a place for you there in our Father's house.
You have created so many wonderful and spiritual memories together in the Lord's service to so many nations, and people of so many different religions, showing the Father's and Jesus' FACE of LOVE, PEACE, CARE, COMPASSION and HOPE, in all you did. The Lord entrusted the two of you with this marvellous mission and you both responded fully not counting any cost to yourselves, and to me, that is continuing to live out the sacrifice of Jesus, responding to Him without hesitation and giving all for Him.
I thank the Lord that you were in my life and you have given me so much inspiration to live close to Jesus and listen to his voice and go where he leads. Because of this I have had so many adventures with him and encountered with him many people from all over the world and I've been blessed.
May His blessing be on you both especially during these next days as you say adieu until you meet again in our heavenly home. I shall be in constant prayer for you and with you these days and may the Lord surround you with His peace and comfort Gary.
love and prayer
Joan Margaret"

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"To God be the Glory. I love you, Gary. I love you, Evelyn. I wish I could be with you especially now. Please tell Evelyn thank you for being such a thoughtful, special friend and sister to me and my ESL endeavors. And that I will see her on the other side...the best side!!! With all my love, Barbara Mang"

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"Dear Gary and Evelyn,

We are lifting you both up to the Father. May He be gentle with both of you and show you His kindness in tangible ways.

We love and respect you both.

Lynn and Woody Thigpen"

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"Dear Gary,
Our hearts are with you as Evelyn passes from this life into God’s Eternal Kingdom.  So sorry we are not with you during this grieving time and plans for her funeral.  Our Prayers, Thoughts and Love are with you from across the ocean!

Much Love and Hugs,
Quintin, Kim, Kati and Nate Ratliff"

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"Dear Gary:  It has been a long road for you and Evelyn.  You have been a wonderful, faithful companion all these years and, especially, the past several years.
Our prayers continue to be with you at this time.  God has blessed you both with an amazing staff of care givers.  We are so thankful for that.
We look forward to our reunion with both of you.  Blessings, Kenneth and Joyce"

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"Evelyn Affected my live for positively

I met Evelyn and Gary Harthcock in 1986 when they arrived in Voinjama, Lofa County, Liberia, West Africa. They arrived to replace Thomas Smith family who had served as Southern Baptist Missionary in that part of Africa. After their first service at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church in Voinjama, Everlyn  took over the literacy ministry in the church where she taught women to read and write English language.  Many of those she had taught received Jesus as Lord and Savior and were baptized. She also taught English Composition to young boys and girls who were preparing for university placement exams. Many of those she taught also received Jesus as Lord and Savior.  She used to provide food for the needy and paid school fees.  Evelyn and husband traveled to villages and towns in Lofa county  to share the love of Christ for about 3 years. She and the husband regularly visited the Telewoyan Hospital and local  prison sharing the love of Christ. Due to their regular visitations, She and her husband became known and were always welcome to these two institutions. Both the local prison and hospital staff welcome the Harthcock to always go pray for prisoners and the sick.
I'll remember Everlyn for her love for humanity. Her greatest desire was to see others come to the saving knowledge  and make decision to follow Christ. As I reflect the life of Everlyn, I'm totally convinced that she has fought a good fight and has finished her race just as apostle Paul and their lies ahead a crown like all others the Lord as  called in glory. I'm thankful that her life was a reading gospel to many who did not have a copy of the Bible.
Thanks and Goodbye Evelyn!

In Christ,

Massa Kollie from Liberia, West Africa."

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"A tribute to Evelyn Harthcock

Gary and Evelyn are the first American Christians we have ever met. God bring them into our lives in a miraculous way in June of 1990 on their way to Mongolia. Since then, their love and living testimony of God’s grace has been a great blessing and lasting impact in our lives. We are deeply grateful for them and attribute our accepting the Christian faith largely to their faithful prayer and witnessing.
Evelyn is a unique lady. She is full of love, wisdom, and humor. I remember she joked about American teachers who teach English in China without Southern accent as “not teaching English the right way”
She lovingly collects and sends us many little gifts from all over the world. We still have those dear memorable items in our home. They will continue to remind us of her grandmotherly love.
She is full of energy and never short of words. She does most of the talk for Gary  But out of many things she said to me, one that will stay with me forever. When she was helping Gary to recover from cancer in 1995, she told me: “Worry is an insult to God.”
In 2004, I met Gary and Evelyn in Beijing. They stayed in a hotel on the campus of Tsinghua University, my alma mater. I vividly remember she witnessed and shared the Gospel to an American professor at the restaurant of the hotel. It is to my astonishment that she was so natural and sincere as she bring the Gospel to intellectuals, and she didn’t waste any opportunity to be salt and light in the world.
Evelyn, you are our endeared grandmother and sister-in-Christ. We love you, thank you, and look forward to seeing you again in our heavenly home. May God bless you and embrace you!
Jane Zhao (on behalf of her husband Jersey Song)"

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"Dan and Tricia Dougherty


     So how does a Christian finish well?  We met Gary and Evelyn for the first time in their 80's.  Though physically they had slowed down, they made a point to be on the front row of church every Sunday.  Then, one day, we got news that they were holding a special baptismal service for a young lady they had brought to Christ.  Being new to Thailand and bad in language, we realized we had no excuse to not share Christ in a greater way also.
     After a couple of years, when unable to attend services, we would stop by and visit Evelyn and Gary at their home.  What a revelation to see their busy life of writing, connecting and being such gracious witness folks for Christ.  In fact one visit to their hospital room (a short stay for Evelyn) revealed a witness table of literature to share with all who visited.  
      I think however, that Evelyn's greatest impact on our lives was that she was always the gracious host.  Even in pain and some confinement, a visit never happened without offer of drink and snacks with plans to eat out.  When most folks would let pain and loss of mobility make them self-centered, Evelyn was always others centered to show the love of Christ.
      Age and health needs may rob Evelyn of ability to fulfill her heart of care, but it has never dimmed her love of the Saviour and others.  What a legacy she leaves for all who know her to use every day God gives us to love others to grow closer to the Saviour she loves.

Thank you Evelyn that those who come behind you (Dan and Tricia), have found you faithful to the Saviour."

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"Gary and Evelyn (one cannot be spoken of without the other) …  just their names bring pictures in our minds of PT Place in Chiang Mai seeing them waiting for the Red Truck to come to shuttle them to Central.  With backpacks in place they were on a mission to share – share ESL helps, share Jesus, share themselves.  In a few words we would describe them as “giving”, always “giving”.   The many lives touch by them could not possibly be numbered.  For sure it is a rippling effect that will never end, never – to the ends of the earth.
     We served with the LEAD team and always traveled with materials from the Harthcocks because we knew that we would encounter students throughout the semester who would be trying to reach people through the teaching of English.  We could share these resources knowing that the hard work of Gary and Evelyn would impact lives through the One Story series.   It was always such a blessing to get reports from those who used the Harthcock materials and then to report back to them to let them know that in places where they had never been their supplies were impacting lives for our Lord.  
    LEAD team often invited Evelyn and Gary to be a part of our fellowship times.  We always said that they were our honorary LEAD team members.  They were eager to hear how God was working throughout South Asia.  The encouragement that they gave to us was a vital part of our ministry.  
    Of course their commitment to each other is continuing to this very day.  Gary, your dedication to the care of Evelyn is such a witness to the many seeing how lovingly you have seen to her needs.    One special memory that we have is taken from a visit to Ram 1 Hospital in Chiang Mai.  We were there one day for treatment and while waiting to see the doctor realized that the hospital had some new ambulances – beautifully painted with some pictures on them.  Upon closer examination we saw that Evelyn’s picture was on the side of the ambulance advertising their good care.  Isn’t it amazing how God has provided for Evelyn and Gary to “live” in the hospital?  When we heard this we chuckled and knew it could work.  One day Kathy was at the hospital and was waiting to get a prescription filled.  When the nurse saw her address was PT Place, immediately came the question:  “Oh, you know Miss Evelyn?  She lives at PT Place.  She is such a nice lady.”  
   The simple words “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE” seem so inadequate to express our appreciation to Gary and Evelyn.    Thank you for always being such an encouragement to us, for always giving of yourselves, for always being available and ready to be His servants.

Love and Appreciation,
Ron and  Kathy Copple"

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"Hello Gary,

David and I just wanted to tell you that we are thinking of you and praying for you during this time.  Both you and Evelyn were so very special to us when we served in Thailand.  You were such an inspiration to us and to so many others.  Your selfless service, love and concern for the people on this side of the world has truly shown so many of us how to do the work that God has called us to do.  God has used you in more lives than you will ever know and we praise God for the opportunity to know you and work alongside of you these past years.  Your lives have served as an example in so many ways, but one that really stands out to me at this moment is your constant faithfulness until the very end.  I have heard how you have been using your time as you have been by Evelyn’s side caring for her.  The fact that you continue to write materials and encourage others in need is just another incredible testimony of how you bless others and spur us all on to good deeds.  We wish we were there now to be with you face to face, but since we are not please know that we are interceding on your behalf.  You have truly blessed us and we love you so very much.  David, Nora, Parker, and Halle Gass"

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"Dear Gary,
You don't know how much I enjoy keeping up with the two of you. I pray for
you every morning and I will continue lifting you up.
Whether you remember us or not, we were living in Guyana when we took our
first Stateside. You stayed in our home for a few months. I wish we could
have gotten to know you better personally. But regardless of that, I'm
glad to know how you're doing and how you're encouraging others as you and
Evelyn walk this path. We all will walk the same path one day, from here
to heaven. I wish I knew what it looked like and what heaven will be like,
but that's what faith is all about. Wherever it is and whatever we will be
like it will be perfect because it's the home our Father has created for
May our Father wrap both of you in His warm Spirit, give you mercy and
peace in abundance. Thank You, Heavenly Father for Jesus...the Lamb of
Heaven who takes away every sin. In His Special Love,
Gary Harthcock

Garey B Scott, Sr"

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"Dear Gary and Evelyn,

It was so good to see you on Friday! We loved reminiscing with you and hearing stories about how God is at work in the world around us. We rejoice with you in how the Lord is caring for you through so many dear people. We just want to hug each one!! Evelyn, I'm so sorry you could not share your story with us, but you looked lovely as usual. I tried to tell Andy the story of how you two met during WW II but I could not remember all the funny and romantic details. Maybe you could tell us that story when we come next?

As I pray for you this morning, I pray that you both can rest in His Presence and receive the blessings He has for you today. May your day be filled with trust, thankfulness, and joy. I read Jesus Calling this morning:

DO NOT HESITATE TO RECEIVE JOY FROM ME, for I bestow it on you abundantly. The more you rest in My Presence, the more freely My blessings flow into you. In the Light of My Love, you are gradually transformed from glory to glory. It is through spending time with Me that you realize how wide and long and high and deep is My Love for you. Sometimes the relationship I offer you seems too good to be true. I pour My very Life into you, and all you have to do is receive Me. In a world characterized by working and taking, the admonition to rest and receive seems too easy. There is an intricate connection between receiving and believing: As you trust Me more and more, you are able to receive Me and My blessings abundantly. Be still, and know that I am God. But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as by the Spirit of the Lord. 2 CORINTHIANS 3 : 18 (NKJV) . . . so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the saints, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge— that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. EPHESIANS 3 : 17 – 19 “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” PSALM 46 : 10

You two embody this transformation more than any I know. What an amazing trip, glory to glory! We are praying for your journey. Thanks for praying for ours!

Loving you, Lisa"

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"Thanks for giving us the opportunity to share what the Harthcocks have meant to us over the years. I met Gary and Evelyn when our family were ISC staff in the Vista Pacific office 2002-2005. Evelyn and Gary were very encouraging to us. I met with them in their apartment a couple of times, and they shared with me the ESL books that they developed together. They were always editing, adding illustrations, and improving on the publications they put their hearts into. Evelyn liked sharing their pictures of her ESL students, and had so many fascinating stories. They never wanted to charge anyone for their publications, and paid for printing them with the personal funds.
When our son Ryan turned 13, we went out to lunch after church, and Gary encouraged Ryan in the Lord, to be a godly man.
I was always inspired by the Harthcock’s desire to spread God’s love with whoever they met. They shared with me stories of how God used them in West Africa (“Help me small”) and Mongolia, as well as stories of befriending monks in Cambodia and Thailand (Into the Buddhist mind). They wore the same design on their shirts when they came to church.
I am thankful for their love and devotion to Jesus, and their commitment to serve him wherever he leads.

Love, In Christ, Aubrey Truex"

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"To the Harthcocks,

Our family has along history of interaction with you both.  I can still well remember when you came and stayed in Alaska and helped with so many things in Alaska.   I vividly remember you staying at our house in North Pole and getting to know you there.  Little did I realize that our paths would cross again – not in a cold place – but in the warmth of Southeast Asia.    You have both always been such an inspiration to me as well as my parents.  I remember spending time together with you in Chiang-mai riding in the back of the yuk-tuk together – my mom still talked of that time.   I fondly recall the weeks you spent teaching English in the Intensive English program at New Era college and what a blessing you were to both the college and the students there.    I remember taking you to the cloth place so that you could buy material to have your trademark match outfits made.   It was always so apparent how much you were in love with each other and that always brought a smile to my face.   Both of you have made an indelible impression on my life and your faithful servant hearts are something that every believer would do well to emulate.   My own dad dies in Southeast Asia doing what he felt God called him to do and in his Providence – it seems as if the Lord may call you to glory in the same part of the world.    Please know though that there will always be a place in the hearts of the Duncan family for Gary and Evelyn – God’s faithful servants to the end.      We love you,  
In His grip,    
Rodney and Cynthia Duncan"

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"Dear Grandpa and Grandma,

I cannot express the impact you have both had on my life. I have put a lot of thought into which characteristic  best describes you.  When thinking back upon all the time I have know you both, I cannot help but remember the love that is evident in your lives.  Through your deep commitment to the Lord, I believe that He has blessed the both of you with the gift of love.  Your life of service in Cambodia and Thailand was an excellent display of your love for God and desire to see the Great Commission fulfilled.  Your love for God is best portrayed by your love for the nations.  I have such fond memories of celebrating the Buddhist monks birthdays in your home.  Grandma, I will always remember you loving the Cambodian children and giving them smiley face stickers…sometimes your sticker was all they were wearing   

I'm thankful for the time God has given me to observe your love for each other.  The joy of serving each other and caring for each other has been an example to me and I desire to have a similar love for my husband.  Grandpa you have always treated Grandma with a tender and gentleness.  

Your love for me and my family has not gone unnoticed. I remember the many sweet things you did to show my sisters and I that we were a family, from Grandma's delicious candied peanuts, fairy bags, how she always remembered our favorite colors and incorporated them in our birthday gifts, to Grandpa's sweet letters, poems and daily need for a kiss!  I can confidently say you impacted my life as a child and teenager.  I am grateful for the time and love you both poured into my life over the years. You will always be family!

I love you more than a thousand red M&M's!

Bethany Ellis (Henshaw)"

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"Dear Grandpa and Grandma,

    How often you both come into my thoughts and prayers! I love getting updates from Mom and Dad about their visits to see you both in Chiang Mai, but I wish my sisters and I were all there to go eat at the restaurant over looking the mountains with you both. We have so many sweet memories with you; which are a constant joy to reflect on. I cherish those times.

    Growing up detached from our biological grandparents, my life was never lacking of the sweet relationship between grandkids and their grandparents. You more than filled the void! You were a constant source of love in our lives. You would sit and listen to our stories, were present at all our holidays and special occasions, and privy to all the inside family jokes and fun.  You made a difference in my life by being there and loving me in a way that I was missing from my own grandparents. It made a lasting impression because I still include you both when I talk about my grandparents. You are very real to me still.

    Grandpa, you always had a big smile across your face and we knew that you were going to say something witty or to tease us girls. I remember you snapping pictures of us and sending us sweet poems. I remember that you knew the name to every flower and plant. Wish I was able to glean that knowledge now as I tend my own flower beds. You helped me find beauty in the nature around me.

     Grandma, you taught us so much about etiquette and poise. I love remembering you making your special spaghetti sauce for us all to eat. Wish I was able to get a cooking lesson on that now so that I could share it with my family.  I still have many of the framed bible verses that you gifted to me over the years on occasions like graduations, wedding, and birth of my first born. I love thinking back on the afternoon tea times with you at the Weston Hotel.

    As a young woman, I was never moved to ask you about your lives and secrets to your marriage and relationship with God. I regret that so much. I wish I was able to do that now. I have always admired your relationship together. So sweet and gentle. It is so evident to those around you the love you have for each other. I'll always remember the way you both held hands, the special glean in your eyes when you told us the story of how you met, and the team approach you took to life endeavors. I pray that over my marriage daily.

    I want you to know that I love you both dearly. Thank you so much for being my Grandpa and Grandma. You will never know just how much that means to me.


This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dear Grandma and Grandpa,

I just wanted to write a letter and tell you how influential you were in my life. I know God placed you in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in order to spread His love. On a daily basis, you showed my sisters and I God's love while we homeschooled in your home. I LOVED getting kisses from Grandpa everyday as a kid! Grandma, I remember when I was sick one day and you let me lay on your lap while you read me a book. I treasure these moments. Grandpa, you blessed me by being my pen pal as a little girl. Grandma, you always remembered my favorite color was green. Every Christmas and birthday, I knew I could expect my gift in green! I loved spending most Christmas' with you in Thailand. You are truly family. Thank you for loving on me and my family! Thank you for being godly role models who consider it all joy to serve Christ! "I'll retire when the devil retires." These words will always stay with me. Thank you for being my Grandma and Grandpa! I love you more than I can write in words.

Molly Ellis Woodward"

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"Dear Gary,

Every time we think of you and Evelyn, we thank God for you, for your faithfulness to Him, and for the beautiful way you've touched so many lives in Chiang Mai and around the world. Our son had the privilege to live in "your" house, the "Harthcock House" while he attended Grace International School. We visited Chiang Mai while we were serving in India and we were so blessed during the times we got to see you and Evelyn in person. The evidence of your joy and love is such a great testimony to the One who gave it to you!

We're sure that everyone who has known you and Evelyn have been blessed by you!

May joy and peace be yours,
Alan, Beth, Matthew & Melanie Waters"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Paul and Janet Rohde (IMB  Guyana, South America )
Gary and Evelyn Harthcock are wonderful folks who worked for a year with us in Guyana.  During these days in their lives, we have been encouraged to see their strong faith in action.  Not a surprise!  That was our experience with them in Guyana.
Here are some memories that we treasure, laugh about and thank God for as we love them and pray for them:
--One day, Paul asked Gary when they would retire.  Gary’s response was, “When the devil does!”
--Our daughter, Sarah, was the only MK in Guyana at the time Gary and Evelyn were there.  As parents, we thought of things our children would miss by being home-schooled for their High School years in a foreign country.  One day, after mission prayer meeting in our home – we were surprised by a ‘Graduation Ceremony’ for Sarah, lovingly planned by our missionary co-workers.  Gary and Evelyn were part of that plan.  Gary wrote a special poem and presented it to Sarah while we cried.  Such love expressed!
--One day Gary and Evelyn invited us to their home for soufflé.  Gary made sure we knew that we had better be in our chairs at the table when Evelyn pulled the soufflé from the oven, OR we would be in big trouble.  It could not fall before we saw it.  Well, we were there, and it was wonderful food and fellowship!
--Gary and Evelyn celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary while they were with us in Guyana.  All of us missionaries traveled to the New Amsterdam home of Warren and Bette Rice for a ‘slumber party’ and celebration of this milestone.  We played games, listened to stories of those 50 years, ate too much, and just were blessed by the time together.
--When Gary and Evelyn arrived in Guyana, they were in their mid-70s.  They wanted to see everything.  They wanted to go to camp which is 40 miles up the Essequibo River, reachable only by boat – with bathing in the river, outdoor toilet facilities, etc.  Paul suggested a trip to see the place before trying to spend time there.  He arranged a day trip with speed boat (usual camp transport was 6-8 hours on a steamer).  He was concerned about the getting in and out of the boat safely.  No worries there.  Evelyn stepped in the boat and gracefully stepped over seats all the way to the back.
--Gary and Evelyn did go to Youth Camp!  Early in the week at camp, they were asked to share their testimonies and especially about marriage for 50 years.  Evelyn took the opportunity to ask if any campers were interested in getting together for sessions to learn more about marriage, etc.  Thus, another group session was added to the camp program.  It became a’ True Love Waits’ emphasis.  In October, following camping season, the Baptist Convention of Guyana held its annual convention meeting.  A’ True Love Waits’ reunion was scheduled during that weekend.  It was wonderful!  God used Gary and Evelyn in a very important way in the lives of the youth.
--Since their Guyana days, Gary and Evelyn have shared Chronological Storying materials with us. Gary is a resource that continues as he expresses his faith and the faithfulness of God.
Gary and Evelyn Harthcock have testimonies that span many years and so many countries.  We love them and praise the Lord for the opportunity to know them and to serve with them. We know that even in the most difficult times their trust is in the Lord! They continue to testify that they have found HIM faithful!
Blessings, Love and Prayer,
Paul and Janet Rohde (IMB Guyana)
Isaiah 26:3"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Gary and Evelyn Harthcock are two of the most faithful servants of our Lord I have ever known.  Gary and Evelyn became our (Carter and Charlotte Davis) friends in the early 1980s during our first term of missionary service with the International Mission Board.  The Harthcocks warmly received me into their home in Antigua when I was on their island to lead a Sunday School teacher training workshops and other occasions.  I found the Harthcocks to be loving people with a caring heart for everyone.  I remember Evelyn’s faithful ministry to those in nursing homes and for those with illnesses and disabilities in need of medical help.  I believe she may have even arranged for some to travel to places outside Antigua to receive the help they needed.  Her life was built on relationships with others though her personal interest in them and their needs.

I am even recalling when Evelyn was used in the IMB video to promote the Lottie Moon Offering.  I can still visualize her with the basketball.  What a woman!  She was used by God literally around the world and through the LMCO video she was seen all across the U.S.A.!

Following Gary and Evelyn’s departure from Antigua and their journey to other parts of the world, I followed their ministry through Gary’s faithful email letters.  I never ceased to be amazed as I read Gary’s journaling of people he and Evelyn met through God’s intervention and how eventually those persons came to faith in Jesus Christ.   Sharing the gospel with the unreached peoples of our world was a burning in their heart and soul.  Only eternity will reveal the impact of their lives upon the unreached brought about by their faithful going anywhere God sent them to share the gospel.  My life was touched and inspired by their never-ending life on mission for the glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Gary and Evelyn continually sent me (by “snail mail”) Bible storying materials they had written to encourage me as the Bible storying trainer in our region.  I used their resources and shared with those I trained about Gary and Evelyn’s ministry of Bible storying in various parts of the world.  Their experiences were a great source of encouragement to me and to all those in training sessions I led in our region.

Though the years, Evelyn and I have shared the same birthday!  I still have and use a lovely bookmark from Thailand Evelyn sent me on one birthday.  This marker is a constant reminder of a friend whose life has greatly influenced me.

Gary, your messages of hope and courage during Evelyn’s illness have flowed out of a heart of love for your precious wife.  I have often share your letters to classes I teach in our church to give example of a deep love between an husband and wife.  The tenderness with which you have cared for Evelyn have touched my heart and those with whom I have share your story.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to “see inside your heart and mind” the example of Christ’s love for His church as we have read about your love for Evelyn.

I Corinthians 2:9.  “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love Him.”

And now, Evelyn knows!

With gratefulness to God for allowing me the blessing of knowing Gary and Evelyn Harthcock!

Charlotte Davis
IMB Missionary
Grenada and regionally Middle America and Caribbean Region
November 1976- March 2008"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dear Gary,

I remember with great gratitude the first time that I met you and Evelyn in Antigua.  The two of you hosted me in your home and during the visit you gave me a tour of the agriculture project that you were doing in Antigua.  From that very first visit, my love and respect and admiration for both of you has grown evermore.  The two of you have demonstrated for co-workers, friends and neighbors to see the reflection of Christ in your lives.  You have both lived your faith and spoken your faith in all aspects of your life.  The Kingdom has been enlarged because of your faithfulness to our Lord.

These last years of your lives have been self-giving as you made the decision to remain in Thailand and to continue to be ambassadors for Christ to everyone you meet.  I remember the many emails that Gary wrote regarding the ministry through correspondence that both Gary and Evelyn continued to individuals that you were no longer able to visit because of declining health, but you maintained that contact and encouragement to so many.  As you were encouraging people on that side of the world, you were at the same time encouraging many of your friends as we were able to join you in prayer for your continued ministry.

Heaven's doors will be open wide as Evelyn is welcomed into the presence of the King.  

Serving the Lord together,

Carter Davis"

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"Dear Gary
Thank you for allowing us to share in your journey through your dear Evelyn's illness and final days.  Your reports of the highs and lows of those days allowed us to share with you in prayer, and in empathizing in your joy in serving her and in your grief.  We pray that our dear Lord will meet your need in this difficult time through His comfort, grace, and peace, as you remember her in love, and rejoice in her presence with her Lord.
In Christian love,
Reggie and Mary Ellen Hill
Retired from Trinidad and Bermuda


This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dear Gary,
I have been following your journey with Evelyn during her illness.  It has been a long time since
we communicated with you, but I have prayed for you and Evelyn during  this difficult time.
I have been touched by the stories you shared on internet, and appreciate your wonderful care-giving and
total attention to her..
I remember in Missionary Orientation at Pine Mountain, GA, what a great time we shared.  Both of you
were a blessing to Leslie and me during those memorable days.  I know that your missionary service was
meaningful and a blessing to all with whom you worked.  We had a wonderful 5 years with IMB, and
unexpectedly had to resign near the end of our first furlough, due to Leslie's health.  He developed
very high blood pressure while in the Bahamas.  God had other mission fields in Texas where we
served from 1981 - 1998.
I have been retired here in Waco, living in my family's missionary home, for the past 16 years.  My dearest
Leslie departed for heaven in a split-second highway accident as we were changing drivers near Ft. Worth, TX.
on June 27, 1998.  He was hit while preparing to enter the driver's side door by a huge waste disposal truck,
and while I looked out the passenger window, I saw him hurled out on the highway.  He was killed instantly,
and I suffered a major heart atttack from shock.  The little church in Arlington, TX. where he was pastoring
was so loving and wonderful to me for the 3 months I stayed there.  I felt a need to leave Arlington and move
to Waco, as we were only 6 months from retirement and moving here.
God has blessed me with wonderful friends and a loving church, which has been the main focus of my life.
I teach Adult women's SS, sing in the choir and Joyful Sound ladies ensemble, and love teaching ESL with
our International ministry, and mentoring in Kid's Hope USA with a little Hispanic girl 13 years old.  I have
shared with her once a week for the past 5 years.  WMU and service in the Baptist Assn.  have kept me
involved in missions.
My 3 sons, Robert, David and Paul, are all happily married and have added 5 grandsons and 3 grandaughters
to our family.  What joy!
Know that my memories of you both are always beautiful, and bless me still.

My love in Christ, and prayers for you,

Eleanor Davis"

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"A Tribute To: Gary and Evelyn Harthcock

                              Lester and Fonda Boyd

We would like to pay tribute to two very faithful Christians whom we have known since 1964.
Lester first meet Gary in his first Evangelism class at Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute he was his Professor. The next year Gary became the director of the school and became Fonda's boss. Fonda was manager of the bookstore and a snack place called the Duck In.

As Director of the school Gary and Evelyn were good role models and mentors for us. After graduation (1967) the next time we were together was on the mission field in 1976. As fellow missionaries in the Leeward Island Baptist Mission, we worked together on projects, prayed together about many concerns and had good fellowship together.

We went home on furlough in 1980 and Lester found that he had to take care of his mother for the three years. After her death we went back to the Board and they sent us to Suriname South America. We discovered that Gary and Evelyn were in Africa. We kept in touch by letters until we met them in North Carolina while on our first furlough from Suriname. Gary and Evelyn were on their way to China to teach English as a second language. Their faith, skills and willingness to follow the Lord whenever and wherever He lead them was again a great inspiration to us. We continued to follow their ministry through newsletters.

Since retirement we have kept up with them through Skype first from their home in Chiang Mai, Thailand and then from their hospital room. As our dear friends and mentors they continue to inspire us with their enduring faith in the  their Lord."

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Tommy and I have great memories of Evelyn and Gary. When we moved to Chiang Mai, Gary and Evelyn took us under their wing and taught us to love the Thai people. They showed us how to witness at monk chat and to witness using their simple English books.( I have used them here in Little Rock for ESL.) each July Gary celebrated his birthday at our house. Tommy and I enjoyed working with them, sharing meals, and just hanging out together which always turned into a learning session for Tommy and me.
We love Evelyn and Gary and look forward to enjoying Eternity with them.
Blessings in Abundance,
Beverly Mays"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dear Gary,

God blessed me through you and Evelyn when you served in Liberia several years ago.  It was special to watch the two of you serve so selflessly and lovingly in Zwedru.  The GA and RA camp staffs and I passed through Zwedru one day, headed down to Harper for GA / RA camps.  You and Evelyn hosted us in your home ... served a delicious meal to all 6 of us ... let us rest a while before continuing the drive ... encouraged us with some of your personal stories ... and sent us off with a blessing and prayer for the journey ahead of us.

I admire how you and Evelyn have served so faithfully all these years.  Thank you for showing all of us how to live for the Lord and serve others in His name.  You have done it so well.  You continue doing it so well.  

With all my heart, I believe there will be many, many people in heaven who came to know Christ through your faithful sharing and loving in the name of Jesus.  Amen!!

God bless and keep you in His constant care!

With love and gratitude,

Debbie Moore"

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"Dear Brother Gary,

Denise and I join our prayers with the many now praying for you and Evelyn. We remember very fondly our time of serving the Lord together in Antigua, Leeward islands and the many lives touched with your selfless service. The Medical and Dental Clinics, the Agricultural Project, your good support of the ministry at the Central Baptist Church where I was pastor at the time, are all remembered with much gratefulness. May you find the Peace and Comfort and Presence of our Lord Jesus Christ to be very real to you and Evelyn - always!

Lambert & Denise Mills"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Such precious memories of Evelyn and Gary from Voinjama, Liberia.
We enjoyed going to Aunt Dee's on Tuesday for their Potato greens and rice.  This was the big event of the week for us, as Aunt Dee's was the only restaurant in town.  We would take our pots there and fill them up and bring them to our house and enjoy our meal together.  It didn't take much to entertain us.

And then, there were the perms and haircuts--the perms for Evelyn, of course.  Gary got the haircuts.

They were both such encouragers and certainly were the epitome of "Positive Attitides".

We celebrated Evelyn's last birthday in Liberia by putting balloons on their car and then, going to Aunt Dee's for our "traditional" potato greens and rice".  Precious memories.

We look forward to our reunion in Heaven with Evelyn.  

Our love and blessings to Gary,
Kenneth and Joyce Nicholson"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dear Gary and Evelyn,
     We are so honored to have you as a brother and sister in Christ, as well as mentors for us. We have always seen the love of Jesus expressed through the lives of both of you. You two have worked so very well together as a team, and we remember many times your wearing matching outfits together in Chiang Mai. That reminded us of the unity you have as a couple and the unity in the Body of Christ.
     We have many fond memories of fellowship times together in Chiang Mai. You always called us when we were on our "down time" from the teaching route with LEAD and either invited us to your home or to a local restaurant for a meal. When visiting your home at PT Place, we were impressed with seeing many "stacks" of English Bible materials you had written and were preparing for basically free mailouts to many areas and countries. It was exciting to listen to many testimonies of how God was working in so many lives around you. We both felt that you never met a stranger. One time visiting in your home, we remember seeing a large picture that reminded us of a mural with the both of you in the center surrounded by an enormous crowd of Buddhist monks dressed in bright orange robes. You two had a wonderful relationship with the monks and had opportunities to teach them English Bible while you were in Cambodia for ministry. God has used you both as a funnel of his love to those about you. Your trip to visit us in Myanmar was a special blessing to us and to those who met you. Even as we traveled to the southern part of Myanmar to see Ann Judson's grave, you never stopped seeking ways to share Jesus wherever you went.
     You both have been our "role models" in exemplifying the walk toward Christlikeness. We have appreciated your hospitality on many occassions and especially your love and prayers on our behalf. In your desire to spread the Gospel as far as the mountains of Tibet, you followed the Lord's leadership, and the Lord sent a young Tibetan to you; later, the new believer took the Gospel back to the mountains of Tibet. What a testimony!
     May the Lord continue to bless you both as you walk through the days ahead. Jesus will reward you both and say, "Well done, thou good and faithful servants." In the days ahead remember the following verses of promise:
Isaiah 43: 1b-3
1b  "Fear not, for I have redeemed you;
I have summoned you by name; you are mine.
2    When you pass through the waters, I will
be with you; and when you pass through the
rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you
walk through the fire, you will not be burned;
the flames will not set you ablaze. 3 For I am
the LORD your God, the Holy One of Israel,
your Savior." (NIV) Bible
With our love, hugs, and prayers--Until we meet again.....
Gerald and Brenda Burch (IMB Emeritus Missionaries to Japan, South
and Southeast Asia"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"In honor of Evelyn Harthcock from Frances Reese

I remember what a blessing Evelyn was to me as Young mother of four, as she taught our ladies Sunday School class. She was a loving caring person to all. She was always helping others. She and Gary, in Christian love, brought young Carmen from Guatemala to the states so she could complete her education. Carmen was living with an aunt after both her parents died. As her aunt had many children of her own, it would have been a hardship for her to pay cost to allow Carmen an education after the seventh grade, so that was impossible in that country. They offer to bring her to the U.S. On a student visa to supply that need and let her live with them there in Hendersonville, North Carolina. As Carmen did not speak English at that time, and Evelyn was a school teacher, Evelyn taught her this new language. Evelyn became as a real mother to Carmen.

The last year of Carmen's visa came and the Harthcocks were finally offered their dream to be missionaries in the Virgin Isles. One problem was there was not a school there for Carmen to continue her education. They again saw to her needs by contacting my husband and I about caring for her, so she could finish that education in the US.  What a gift they gave us to have this sweet young lady join our family for a time.  We treasured her as one of our own, thanks to them.

Evelyn always shared their mission experiences over the years wherever they were. We knew first hand how God seemed to open doors for them to share the gospel. What a life of loving and sharing through the years and s great role model for all whose lives she touched."

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dearest Gary and Evelyn,

What a beautiful testimony both of your lives have been to the LORD JESUS...whom  you still serve so faithfully.  As Gary stated some years back, "When the devil retires - so will I."  COUNTLESS ONES around the world are so blessed because you have remained faithful to the calling HE PLACED UPON YOU BOTH and never considered retirement an option.  ONLY heaven will account for the lives that will offer a deeply grateful... "Thanks for giving to the Lord - I am a life that was/is/will be changed."

When Buck and I arrived on our first of 3 volunteer visits to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in September 1993,  we were SO BLESSED to have been given a room in the same "hotel" as the Harthcocks.  Besides going with them to church and meeting several women for me to visit during the week, they literally fed us breakfast everyday for most of the month we were there.  While Gary and Evelyn  taught Medical English to doctors and Buck worked at 1st State Hospital ,  I would take my small calculator and tugrigs [ like Monoply money} and walk all over "UB" trying to find a loaf of bread, some eggs, some butter, some "sausage" and perhaps a small jar of jelly.  What fun we had preparing breakfast, praying over the day to follow and enjoying whatever HE provided.  A tradition developed during clean up - "Spoon licking" and thus an exclusive club was formed by the 4 of us!  The memorial you sent me when Buck went "HOME" in 2010 is a treasure still!!!

I can honestly say - " Gary and Evelyn...your  lifestyle and verbal witness - your  "unoffical mentoring" of Buck and me strongly influenced our call to serve the Lord in Mongolia until this day!!!'  I remember during your  years in Cambodia that Evelyn's hugs and birthday cakes revealed HIS LIMITLESS LOVE to some Buddhist monks that chose to de-robe and surrender their lives to Jesus as Savior and Lord.  To HIM be all the Glory.  

We were only able to visit you once in ChaingMai, but  of course  you treated us  to an amazing cultural outing and wonderful dinner!!!   Gary, as you have continued to so lovingly care for Evelyn and keep us informed , thank you my brother. Your  "challenge" to memorize , meditate on and speak scripture as an encouragement to others is challenging me!!! Our actual days together were really very few during a 22 year friendship, but the impact you and Evelyn are STILL having upon me is DEEP and ONGOING.

Until we all meet again IN HIS PRESENCE, may HIS PEACE be your comfort and HIS JOY be your strength.
TA HOER ...MASH IX HAIRTAI SHUUUU, [much love to you both]
Pam Rusher
Psalm 13:5-6
[Jonesboro, Arkansas]"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dearest Gary and Evelyn,
We first met when we both lived at PT Place in 2000.  We were on the 2nd floor and you were on the 5th floor.  A few times we got to take you to church in the hotel as we had a car and you did not.  You both showed us the Galae Restaurant the first time we went there.  It was delightful and we shared it with others as they came to town.  I do have pictures of you both through the years in your 80's and we got to be at the Ribbon cutting of the Harthcock House for Grace International School.  We have had the privilege of knowing a student at GIS that lived at the Harthcock house whose parents were in S Asia.  We came back to the US in 2002 and returned at the end of 2003 back to PT Place.  This time we were on the 3rd floor and you were still in the same place on the 5th floor.  You introduced us to Khun Gai who was working at the hospital where you are now.  Later she went to work someplace else, but we loved her as well.  Khun Gai was a precious friend.

I loved being able to take cassettes and then CD's to have copies made for you and other materials to help in your ministry.  You were always so sweet and thoughtful.  I loved running up the stairs to check on you and seeing you arrive by song than as I walked under our apartment building in the evenings.

I must tell you that the two of you gave us the most memorable evening in Chiang Mai.  First you invited us to dinner as we were returning to US  in March of 2006.  You did not say where, just you wanted us to come to dinner.  You took us to the hotel across the street, had flowers placed on the table, name cards as to where to sit, offered us the most expensive dinner on the menu, had a man lined up to come play the violin as we dined, and wrote us a poem that is framed and hanging on our bedroom wall today.

Thank you for being the sweet servants that God called out and you responded to many places in the world.  You and my friends Buck and Pam Rusher and Martha Taylor met in Mongolia and they are friends of ours as well.  I love the spoon licking stories.  Thank you for loving the monks and sharing Jesus with them.  We love you and you both hold a dear place in our hearts.

Sharon and Robert Barber
Knoxville, TN"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"I know many people have a special connection to Gary and Evelyn
Harthcock, but I can truly say that I wouldn't have been given the
gift of life without them. You see, it was Gary and Evelyn who took,
some might say rescued, my mother from her home country of Guatemala
and brought her to the U.S. at the age of 17, 10 years after losing
her biological parents. If it wasn't for their kindness to take her
in, teach her English and southern etiquette that we all know Evelyn
was passionate about, my mother would have never met my father, and
they wouldn't have the 40 years of happiness they have spent together.
Furthermore, I wouldn't be the person I am today, for it was those
early mornings my parents loaded my sister and me in the car to see
Grandmami and Grandpapi in Florida to celebrate the birth of Jesus
that Evelyn would bake a cake for each year; the numerous hand written
letters I would receive from faraway lands that they bravely traveled
to reminding me to have faith in Him; or the two hour lesson on how to
set the table - all of which I'm infinitely grateful for. Today,
because of my grandparents, I have faith in the Lord, for he gave me
life, and an amazing family, and a grandmother who always showed the
power of kindness over fear and taught me to be polite while
appreciating the diversity of the world. That is how I will always
remember Evelyn Harthcock...a mother to many.

Love you always Grandmami,

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"We met Gary and Evelyn when we transferred from Central to South Asia, but our team was, at that time, based out of Chiang Mai, Thailand, where we met these wonderful people.  We lived in PT Place, down the hall from Gary and Evelyn.  Other than our teammates, Gary and Evelyn were the first people we met.  Their love of people and wonderful sense of hospitality were felt by everyone who knows them.  Almost immediately they invited us to go to dinner with them, and many times we were able to share a meal with them, hearing of the wonderful ways God uses them in ministry. They, of course, share freely of the materials they were writing to use the Bible stories in easy English for many peoples around the world.  We continue to be amazed at the many nations who have been touched by this precious couple.  They are a joy to know and we look forward to the day when we might have a more complete story of all they have done and all the lives they have led to the Lord.  We marvel at their stamina and willingness to do all for the Glory of God and the spread of His Kingdom.

Every Knee, Every Nation,
Marvella & Glen Thompson"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Dear Gary and Evelyn,

You have been such an encouragement to our family and a picture of perseverance.   We love that you say you won’t retire until the devil does.     What a sweet example you are of joy and peace to each other and those around you!     Thank you for your steadfast love of the Lord!

Charlie, Ann, and Abby Bone
   And our married daughters:   Ruth and Ellen"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"We remember Evelyn and Gary from their visit to help us landscape the yard of our newly constructed mission house in Guadeloupe, French West Indies.  The year was about 1977or1978. They were a delight to have in our home.  We were so at ease together.  I remember having made a plate of chocolate fudge for their visit.

I noticed that as Evelyn and I prepared for the evening meal and were bustling about from kitchen to dining room setting the table, putting serving dishes on the table, etc., that Evelyn snatched a piece of chocolate on many of her passes to and fro. Finally she said to me, “Florence, please put that candy away.  I am a chocoholic. It is so good and
I haven’t enough will power.”  

We have followed with great joy the ministry of this great couple.  Their lives have truly blessed so many and
honored our Lord.  Love until we meet at the Throne.

Florence and Wayne Frederick"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"My name is Abraham Kamara from Liberia. But I am currently a U.S Naturalize Citizen living in Chicago. I am one of the Harthcocks spiritual sons. They are my role model and mentor. I learned to live independently from the Harthcocks. They treated me like their son. In fact, they wrote about me in the book called “Help Me Small.” They name the story title inside the book as Courage To Change. I remembered Evelyn introducing me to her guest and saying “Gary loves him very much.” I wished to attend her memorial service; but due to financial constraint I will not be present. Please share this scripture with her in 2Corinthians 12:8-9, Paul said three times I pleaded with the Lord to take it away from me. But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness. I wished Evelyn a perpetual rest in the Lord. For Gary, the Lord is carrying him on his shoulder and will continue to give him the support to overcome this health storms as the Foot Print tract writer wrote(Isaiah 43:2).

In Christ,
Abraham Kamara"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Bette and I met Gary and Evelyn during their brief time in Guyana. It was long enough to appreciate their Christian character and amazing ENERGY. They were a real blessing to us.

Warren and Bette Rice"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"I had the great honor of serving, for a short time, with  Gary and Evelyn in Guyana,
South America. They were always so positive in any situation and sincerely
loved everyone unconditionally. I praise the Lord for missionaries that have served
in so many places, under so many types of situations, and are willing to encourage
other missionaries, as they ministered to  the nationals. God bless each "seed"
planted and I know they will have much fruit for their efforts.
I pray that these last days will be filled with the peace and comfort of the Lord
Jesus Christ.
Love and Prayers,
Rita Roberts"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

", I have known Gary and Everlyn since I was a small boy probably 65 years ago. We were in the same church and Gary and my father did church work together. When I was about 9 years old I admired a New Testament he had. He said if I would read it he would give it to me. I said I would. He gave it to me and I read it. I still have it! I remember him ad Evelyn as a sweet and gentile couple who loved the Lord and wanted to serve him, which they did, of course, and I have been amazed at the longevity of their service and their desire to keep at it for life. Gary said he would retire when the devil retired. May God bless both of them richly and lovingly at this point in life. We love you, Gary and Evelyn. Rejoicing in the Lord, Tom Adcox"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Gary & Evelyn,

Although we have never met either of you, we feel we have a kindred spirit with the two of you through Jesus Christ our Lord & Savior.  We met you both through reading Gary's book "His Eye His Hand".  Chele Caughron, our dearest friend, whom we know personally, gave Mary a copy of the book in 2006 and after reading it, we feel we do know you and Evelyn.  Chele has kept us updated for some time on your situation and then we got on Gary's email list and have been getting updates on Evelyn's condition.  Our church, Maple Grove Baptist in Maryville, Tennessee have you both on our Prayer List.  Your emails are so encouraging as you are facing and preparing for Evelyn's departure to her "New Home".  Gary, you have touched so many lives with your amazing strength and dependence on our Almighty God.  His grace is sufficient for our every need and you have proven that to so many.

God Bless You both and we pray God's peace will continue to surround you.

Mac & Mary McCain
Maryville, Tennessee USA"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"To my dearest Uncle Gary,
You may not remember me. My name is Sarah Rohde. I was the only missionary Kid (MK) in Guyana South America, where you served. I know it was one of many places God has sent you and Evelyn to serve and be used for His purpose. You and Evelyn touched my heart and life in such a great way. I learned by watching you what a surrendered life of service to our God looks like and the joy it brings. You both were family to me. I am honored to have been a part of your life of faith and witness  the love you have for each other in faith and be challenged by you to step out from the ordinary.

I will always remember the surprise high school graduation that the mission set up for me in 1995 and your role in it. I still have the poem you wrote for me called "higher education" . I read it often and smile when I am reminded of you and Evelyn. ( I attached a picture if it)

May the sovereign God of all comfort be with you. May He be glorified in your pure love for Evelyn in these final days and use your example of sacrificial love to change the hearts of many, like He has done in the past.  Your emails and updates have warmed my heart and increased my knowledge and understanding of God, of faith and of true love between a husband and a wife.

May God hold you and keep you ever strong and surround you with people to love you, and care for you as you have so faithfully and selflessly done for others

Sarah Rohde (daughter of Paul and Janet Rohde missionaries to Guyana South America )"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Our Dear Evelyn,

You have truly been a light from God in the lives of so many folks in many places throughout the world during your lifetime!  We just want to tell you that we love you very much and are thankful for the ministries you and Gary have performed.

We  remember first meeting you all in Antigua and you invited us into your home where we enjoyed a delicious meal.  What a great cook and wonderful hostess!. We realized then, as so many have, what a wonderful couple you all are!

After we left Guyana, you all went there and ministered for a good period of time and were fondly remembered by the Guyanese people.  We later saw you in Thailand, where you were in a mission meeting not far from where we were in a meeting with others from China being held in Ching Mai.  We remember that Gary invited us to consider coming to Thailand after our time in China and serving along with you all.  We missed many blessings along the way by not being able to do that.

Surely a crown of righteousness awaits you in Glory with our Lord Jesus.  We will soon join you at the great Banquet Table.

Thank you for the life you have lived for our LORD!

Charles and Mary Love"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"I could list many things relative to Gary and Evelyn and their service while they lived here in Melbourne, FL.

Three things stand out.  

1.  At times, Gary attended the SS class that I taught and many times added great comments and spiritual blessings to the discussions.

2,  Gary and Evelyn spent the night at my home on occasion, and Evelyn always complemented me on my breakfasts, which she said were great Sousthern breakfasts.

3.  Gary, i believe, helped start the Korean church which was one of our plants.

We loved them here at Central Bapist in Melbourne, and will always have fond memories.

Harry Sauter"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"I was blessed to know and work with Evelyn and Gary when they were serving in Antigua. They both made such a positive impression me  that throughout my career and into retirement I virtually always used them , when I spoke about missions in churches, as examples of extraordinary missionaries. Both of them influenced me in ways unseen by them, but were significant to me.
I thank God for their influence on my  mission service and my spiritual life.
Mickey Searcy"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"To Friends of Evelyn Harthcock,

It is not an accident or a surprise that Evelyn passed over to be with the Lord from a hospital in Thailand.  When the Harthcocks sold their Florida business at age 55 and headed overseas, it was to enter a new phase of whole life service to their Master.   They chose to live out every day the Lord gave them serving as missionaries and investing in the people they love.  They could have gone back to the US, but chose to plant themselves in Thailand. Their love and witness to the hospital staff in Chiang Mai meant that Evelyn really was at home with her family for her last months.  

Gary and Evelyn served well in a number of countries, but our knowledge is based primarily on their work in Southeast Asia.  At a time when IMB work in Cambodia was still new, the Harthcocks contributed some extremely valuable treasures to the work.  Of course, for all that have been touched by them, there were the warm relationships with both colleagues and local people that characterized their lives overseas.  How could anyone not feel part of a team, even a family, if Gary and Evelyn were involved?   They cared for each adult and each child and their warmth impacted all who worked with them.  The second contribution was perhaps even more valuable.  Gary and Evelyn pushed through myths about what was an acceptable approach to evangelism.  They did not speak the local language and sometimes ignored cultural mores, but they loved people and loved them enough to tell them about Jesus.  They did not invent storying, but their English language Bible stories have communicated the good news to thousands of people.  Gary and Evelyn showed us that monks can be some of the most open people in a Buddhist country.  In other words, they quietly and graciously pioneered new paths that others tread today.

We will pray for Gary as he grieves the loss of his best friend.  We will carry the memory of Evelyn’s smile, joy, and commitment everywhere we go.  

Don and Anne Dent"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"I have read Garys letters and they have touched me so. GARY an Evelyn Im praying for you and have been. What a blessed life you have had with one another. Cheryl Kirk Antigua"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"My mom, Lila Cox, and the Harthcocks are dear friends and she introduced me to them while visiting in Thailand.  Gary and Evelyn were the highlight of any day you spent with them.  We visited the orphanage outside of Chiang Mai and watch them faithfully witness and share the love of Christ.  Visiting the dormitory (again in Chiang Mai) and Gary relaying the honor bestowed upon them, only confirmed their impact on the lives of all they came in contact with.

Even while Evelyn has been so ill, Gary is overseeing a printing project to have the 7  I AM booklets printed in Polish.  Another evidence of the great work and legacy of this precious couple.

I am blessed to know them and call them friends.

With all my love,
Sue Schultz"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"I had the privilege of living with and getting to know Evelyn and Gary in Cambodia while I was a Journeyman. They were so faithful to be patient with a young independent girl of  23. They were like my parents there and I took so many lessons from their love for the Lord and an example of complete surrender to His will from them. Evelyn was faithful to have breakfast for me everyday. She let me fix her hair, taught me how to make homemade pimento cheese, spaghetti sauce, and who could forget her famous yeast rolls! I had no idea the gift that was being given  to me at that time. Gary was always teaching me about horticulture and Orchids. He could grow some of the most beautiful flowers. His ever present smile and gentleness and patience was so evident in every situation. They were so inspiring to watch as they wholeheartedly work with the monks at the local wat and became parental figures to them.
It was a true blessing and an honor to have been able to serve along side both of these two amazing friends.

Cindy Dill Gilreath"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Evelyn Harthcock
Gary, my now deceased wife Betty and I first met you and Evelyn in Liberia in early 1986. We had just arrived and were waiting to get housing in Grand Cape Mount County. We were trying to take every opportunity to work with others to get a feel of what ministry was like in Liberia.
We went with the two of you out to a rural school near Ricks Institute where you were teaching school children. This was our first missionary experience in Liberia and we always cherished it.
Because we were located in a remote village, we did not have the opportunity to get to know you very well but from time to time got to visit with you.  
In the years that followed, we kept hearing about different places in the world where you went to serve. We were amazed at your continued service, and prayed for you from time to time.
From experience, I know how hard it is to lose one with whom you have loved, lived, and worked with so many years. I also know that God does not forget about us and through the Holy Spirit brings healing after a loss.
Gene, my wife of 7+ years, and I will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers both for the emotional distress and for your physical wellbeing.
Your brother and sister in Christ,
Cliff and Gene Hobbs"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"I am so sorry to hear about Evelyn's condition.

               She and Gary were such a blessing to me when I was in Thailand. I lived two floors down from their apartment in the same building.

               I had the privilege of go up to their apartment and fixing their computer. During that time I got to know them quite well as good people, good Christians and most of all Gods servants.
               As anyone who knows them, they love to take people under their wing and get to know them.

               I have and will continue to pray for them both and the family.

               Love them both and may God Bless and Keep us all during this time.

Paul Swaffer"

This tribute was added by Veronica Melancon on 19th September 2015

"Gary and Evelyn were a blessing and light to so many.  Even thought I did not know her/ them personally, I often heard of and were aware of there good work and sharing of the Gospel in so many places through their long life and journey together.  God's continued peace and blessing on Gary.
    Hal with Brenda,
    The Hostetlers of Panama, Bahamas, Trinidad, and other places."

This tribute was added by John Duncan on 19th September 2015

John and I have been so very grateful for our friendship with you and Evelyn.  I am happy to think that John was one of so many there in heaven to welcome her home.  I know they are rejoicing together, and that brings me great comfort.  With love and prayers from Jennifer Duncan"

This tribute was added by Harry Sauter on 19th September 2015

thank you for being a part of my life, and my church, Central Baptist of Melbourne.  Thanks you for helping Central in its ministry with other groups. Thank you for visiting with Evelyn in my home, sharing my breakfast, and my life.  Harry Sauter"

This tribute was added by liuyang lhamo on 19th September 2015

"I met Gary and Evelyn in 2005 in Chengdu.  It has been ten years since we know each other. We have many good memories and Evelyn likes to smile and talk .I feel I can talk to them freely. Something I can not share with my parents but I can share with Gary and Evelyn. They are not only my friends but also my parents, my spiritual guide. She will be always in my heart and we will meet in the heaven one day. I love you , mom !"

This tribute was added by N Sam on 18th September 2015

"Dear Family of Evelyn,

I'm sorry that you are experiencing the mourning of losing a love one. Many if not all of us has experienced this, but I would like to share a brief scripture that will may just bring you comfort.

(Revelation 21:4) And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

Thanks for reading."

This tribute was added by Sheila Wang on 18th September 2015

"Our family has known the Harthcocks since they came to Puerto Rico--must have been some 40 years ago.  We visited them in Antigua and have followed them in their ministries in Cambodia, Zimbabwe and Thailand.  Such a loving couple!  Such wonderful ambassadors for Christ!  Especially in these last years.  We are so grateful to the Lord for their wonderful witness.  The James Wang Family"

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