Let the memory of Everett be with us forever
  • 78 years old
  • Born on September 29, 1937 in Harvey, Illinois, United States.
  • Passed away on August 10, 2016 in Houston, Texas, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Everett Hill, 78, born on September 29, 1937 and passed away on August 10, 2016. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Vicki Hutchins on 5th September 2016
About 20 or some years ago, when I first met Everett, a bunch of us, family and friends, went out to dinner together. My Uncle Tito, Everett and my Dad wore dark suits, slicked their hair back and wore extremely dark sunglasses. (Of course they all had dark hair back then.) It was one of my early visits to Las Vegas and the stories I had heard about Las Vegas preceded my visit and lead my mind to wondering. Here are two men whom I knew, or thought I knew, and this new man, Everett Hill. As we were seated in a private room, none the less, of the restaurant, my mind began to put two and two together. It couldn't be...could it? My mind raced all over the place recalling all that I had learned about the Mob and Las Vegas. My mind was racing through all the names I was familiar with: "Bugsy", "Fat Herbie". "Tony the Ant". Who was this Everett Hill character and was that his real name? Why would my Dad and my Uncle Tito get mixed up with this guy? Now they all are walking around and looking like Mob Members. I must admit, I was forever looking over my shoulder that evening in the restaurant and the parking area. Constantly checking around to see if anything weird was going down. After I got to know Everett, (and realized that this was something the guys did now and again to be funny), I learned that Everett was such a mild mannered man; soft spoken and kind! I had to laugh at myself and still do when I think back at that dinner! They had me for sure. Everett will be missed. I enjoyed our conversations on Aunt Sue's patio all those holiday gatherings. I never did tell him what I thought when I first met him. I'm sure he would have had a good laugh over it. Rest in Peace Everett, and say Hi to my Dad!
Posted by Lexie Moravec on 2nd September 2016
To my Grandpa: I sit here wondering what to say/write, words can not descibe how much I miss you! I am so glad that I was able to come and spend time with you in Las Vegas a few years ago, we had such a amazing time and one I will never forget!! I can also recall all the tickle monster sessions we had as kids with you, you would tickle us till we couldn't breath and yet we would always come back for more :) I miss you so much! I will see you again one day until than watch over everyone and always be all of our amazing angel!! Love always Lex
Posted by Sandy Ortega on 1st September 2016
I have many memories of Everette. We loved when he brought the toy truck home and would let us kids go pick out a toy! I also remember him driving the car on the lake in Friendship and being terrified-he would just laugh! What fun that was! In Las Vegas he would visit Mom and Gary and bring sweets-so nice! He will be truly missed!
Posted by Coral Smith on 19th August 2016
It was a pleasure to know (Mr.) Everette. He was a great dad to all his girls and always made me feel right at home when I'd come to spend the night or visit. Rest in peace.
Posted by Andrea Marevka on 17th August 2016
I remember Uncle Everette making jokes and teasing my about my boyfriends that I didn't have. He was always very sweet. He will be greatly missed.
Posted by Kathy Kilboy on 16th August 2016
I remember when I first met Ev, the first thing he said was "do you fish?" :) He (and Diane) had a knack of making you feel right at home. The world is a better place because of his kindness and the love he had for his family. May God give you all comfort and peace! xoxo
Posted by Bonnie Danley on 16th August 2016
My dad was the greatest man I will ever know.....I know he is not sick anymore and that comforts me a lot.....I will love and miss you forever dad until I see you again....Your Daughter Bonnie....The one that looks like you!!!!!!!
Posted by Jerry Adams on 16th August 2016
I remember a lot of good times with Ev sitting on the porch in Adams drinking a few beers while he cooked his famous beer,butter,and brats.Lots more good memories back in the day when the kids and I were younger. A good man, RIP Ev.
Posted by Diane Hill on 16th August 2016
I loved Ev as a young woman, and will until I die .No one will ever take his place .
Posted by Trevor Reed on 16th August 2016
Grandpa was the kindest man I've ever met. He cared deeply about his family and made sure there was always a smile on ours faces. If I grow up to be half the man he was, then I'd be proud. He will be missed greatly. I love you, Grandpa. Thank you for everything. The man you were, the lessons you taught, and the memories we will forever cherish.
Posted by Tracy O'Hare on 16th August 2016
Everett was a kind man with a great sense of humor. From the moment I met him, he treated me like family. His brother in law Lea loved him like a brother because if his kindness and generosity. He will be missed greatly.
Posted by Yvonne Adams on 16th August 2016
Dear Ev, We loved in life and will remember always, until me meet again brother.

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