Her Smile!

Shared by Leona Williams on August 14, 2019
I have known Evette I believe for before I came into existence for me to know who she was. But from the day I was able to know who she was, she has always greeted me with her SMILE. She was always telling stories and interested to know about me or anyone she knew what they were doing and how I was doing. I know many stories always linked to her previous experiences which were... eventful to hear and learn about her. Evette told her stories as a true story teller...with emotion and delight about all things she knew and experienced. I knew her as my Big Sisters Mom... but to me I knew everytime I saw her there would be a story and a SMILE. The last time I was able to see her a few weeks ago...her SMILE was the brightest thing I could see ....it's the kind of smile it makes you smile because you can see it's so Genuine! So happy to see Nik and her grandsons and even me. It was like she was waiting patiently with her SMILE. We heard a few stories while we were there...I appreciated listening as she spoke to her grandsons. From a child to an adult she has always passed words of wisdom when you were around her...and funny stories as well. She loved and cared about her family very much and it showed...the SMILE will always be what I remember most.  May you sleep in peace and I know you are Smiling each and everyday. Xoxo


Shared by Rheema Ricks on August 13, 2019
I do not know what to say. My heart is broken! This woman was the best person in the world. Words cannot explain it!! She loved her children more than life itself, and always had our best interest at heart. There’s no one like you, and there never will be. We were best friends, and now I have no one I can call that. You loved and protected me until your last breath. I thank God for that! You were everything you thought you were not, the best mother anyone could ask for. You were loyal, honest, loving, and selfless. Now, I do not have that consistency of unconditional love and truth around and I am lost. Thank you for loving me and being an amazing grandparent to Brooklyn. I always wanted her to have what I did not...and I thank you. I just need to see you one more time. I love you more than life Queen❤️ You were an amazing, funny, loving, person. With the most beautiful, infectious smile and spirit! There’s nobody like you. The soldier that you were!!!


Shared by Bellah Scott on August 11, 2019
I first met Evette when her daughter, Nicole and my son, Jeffrey became engaged.  She was so warm and welcoming that I felt like I had known her all my life and that smile, it lit up her whole face.
. Then we became “mother-in-laws”.  We first bonded over my love for her daughter and her love for my son.  Nicole became my daughter and Jeff became her son.  We would commend each other on producing such good people. Lol 
 The next level of bonding came when we got the opportunity to share the births of our grandsons,Edison and Ellis.  She was so excited when they were born.  They were her first grandchildren from her first born child.  She was “over the moon” with pride and joy.   
Our geographical distance kept us from seeing each other regularly but in our occasional telephone conversations we caught up quickly. Evette you are missed already in our lives but you are Forever in our hearts. ♥️
Shared by Raeven Ricks on August 10, 2019
Home is wherever Mom is..

An Angel Has Gotten Her Wings

Shared by Valli Sears-Jones on August 10, 2019
Ms. Evette

Such a beautiful woman! Thank you for being a strong women that impacted so many. May you Rest In Peace. Your death has left us with an heartache that no one can ever heal... But your love, smiles and strength has left us many memories that no one can ever steal. 

Nikki .. I send my deepest condolences and prayers for you and your family.

Coolest Mom Ever!

Shared by Elisha Divinity on August 8, 2019
Wow Evette it's hard to believe you're gone! I remember meeting you almost 34 years ago and thinking you were the coolest mom ever! (Remember the house party?) Yep that sealed it! BUT that cool also came with a few side eyes and some words of wisdom. I admired how you worked hard to take care of your girls. But what I admired most was your bold confidence to stand firm on what you believed in. Yeah you gave my girl Nik some that boldness too! 
Whenever I saw you I could always count on that bright smile, even if followed by a bit of a sigh, the smile still shined through. Whether watching Jeopardy or a tennis match, imparting knowledge to others, debating passionately or expressing displeasure, there was always a coolness about you.
All that being said, I thank you for giving me one of the best friends a girl could ever have! I knew Nikki would be my friend forever after I took her babysitting shift, keeping Rakkel and Raeven while she went to New York for Sping Break! I knew the rest of the semester would be pretty dark if she had to stay. Lol
Well you rest now my dear in sweet heavenly peace. I know you will watch over your girls and their children from up above. Hope you have enough bandwidth for me and my girls too!
Shared by Tamara Hall on August 6, 2019

The Silver Lining:

My fondest memory of Moms occurred in sunny, California back in 1987. 

It was a school day, high school to be exact, that started off like any other day. At 5am, I boarded the school bus in LA headed to the Valley. Nikki lived about 15 minutes from the school; so, she likely got a ride to school. Valli, from the Valley was dropped off by her Mom.

Although Moms lived in the Valley, she worked in Beverly Hills with an 1hr + commute. 

I arrived first and was already freaked out; while en route, Valli was wondering why pediatricians were shaking and running around. When we all met up, Nik was freaked out and called Moms. 

I don’t know if Moms was at home or work (pre-cell phone days), but her first priority was her daughter, Nicole, whom (if memory serves me right) just experienced her first earthquake. Welcome to Cali!!!! 

When Moms arrived, she was hit up by three daughters: Nikki, Valli and Tami. Yes, the Valley girls. 

Moms turned a gloom day into a fun and impressionable day. We rolled out to her job in Beverly Hills. I don’t know what she told the staff; but, she was boss lady that day. Instead of working, Moms drove three frantic teenagers around Beverly Hills so that we could pick out our dream homes. As we rolled down Benedict Canyon, all she heard were our exclamations “wow, that’s my house, no THAT one, that’s my house!!” 

Her response? Her million dollar smile and the sparkle in her eyes said it all: in the midst of gloom, create your own sunshine! This too shall pass.

I thought, Moms is the coolest 

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