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Posted by Graham Hodge on October 5, 2014
I just can't believe it's 4 years and a day since my buddy Billy rang to tell me the sad news of your passing… I'm going to sing Rubenstein Remembers tonight… my greatest respect to a great musician and friend… rest easy… Graham & Lesley Hodge
Posted by Mike Silver on October 4, 2014
Like so many of those that leave tributes here Ewen, you are seldom far from my thoughts. On Monday next I will be saying goodbye to another good friend, Peewee Hunt from Trowbridge. He specifically asked for me to sing Sailors All. Your songs carry so much warmth and heart and remain an inspiration and tremendous comfort to us all. You wrote in a way that drew us all in. Lyrical and musical portraits of extraordinary clarity that still leave me breathless. Sleep on mate.
Posted by Keith Taylor on October 4, 2014
Your memory lives on through your wonderful music you are always remembered with much fondness by all at Cramlington
Audrey and I never forget the great times spent in your company always a true friend
Posted by Nancy Smith on October 4, 2014
Doe plays your music nightly and your music & beautiful voice drifts through the house. You live on in our hearts.

Nancy Smith & DoeDoe (Vacaville, California)
Posted by Patricia Haswell on October 4, 2014
Dear Ewen.
We always include your songs in every set we do. Your beautiful lyrics and music live on in the memories of people who knew you well, but also new followers of your inspirational poetry.  We were blessed to have met you and grateful for all the friends you have givenus through singing your songs. Thank you. Pat, John and Peter. (Pipe Dream)
Posted by Janet Hainsworth on October 3, 2014
Where does the time go.......

Listening to Remember Me, remembering you, your smile and all our good times.

Finding it hard to sleep friend, miss you now and everyday that's been and gone.

Going to see Mike play in York as a celebration of happy days past.

Much love as always to David, Sarah and their families x
Posted by Amy Lawson on September 9, 2014
Ewen, your songs always told a story. To listen to one of your songs is to imagine, as I do, the film going through my mind. Brilliant songwriter!
Posted by Amy Lawson on September 9, 2014
Ewen, your songs always told a story. To listen to one of your songs is to imagine, as I do, the film going through my mind. Brilliant songwriter!
Posted by Mike Silver on August 25, 2014
Ewen, your memory and your songs are always with me. I have travelled and played in many places on this planet. I have never heard songs written in the same way as yours. Unique and very special, just like you mate. Rest well. Mike
Posted by Patricia Haswell on August 25, 2014
Ewen we sang 5 of your songs at Newton Aycliife Candlelite on Tuesday and folk remembered you singing there.
Also performed Waiting for a Rendezvous and Rubenstein Remembers at the Britannina on Wednesday.   You kindly came to support us when we opened there in February 2010.  We will never forget you or your music.  Peter, Pat and John from Pipe Dream xx
Posted by sarah carruthers on August 25, 2014
You haven't been far from my thoughts this weekend Dad.. Happy birthday... Much love now and always, Sarah, Ellie and Mollie xxxxxxxx
Posted by Keith Taylor on August 25, 2014
Always will be in our thoughts
Posted by Janet Hainsworth on August 25, 2014
Well lad, been letting the wind and the rain blow the cobwebs away, walked our beach end to end and of course had to have a huge birthday ice cream! Missing you as always, much love to Sarah, David and family been thinking about you all. xx
Posted by Susan Carruthers on August 24, 2014
Happy Birthday Ewen - you are missed - thinking about you on your birthday. Love Sue
Posted by Graham Hodge on August 24, 2014
Here's to you Ewen, I sing at least two songs of yours every week, so there's never going to be a week goes by without a thought for you old pal!
Posted by Andrea McCulloch on August 21, 2014
Ewen, we remember you at the Candlelite and at Sedgefield, and even more so now that Pat, Peter and John have brought your songs back to us. Including some from recent years that we'd never heard live. Wonderful songs that will live on.. and on. God bless.
Posted by Allan Savage on May 18, 2014
Your songs are still sung at Cramlington Folk Club. You are always remembered
Posted by Janet Hainsworth on May 15, 2014
Sitting beneath your picture in The Grove last night thinking about all the great times we had there, the kids sitting cross legged in front of you gazing up and singing along, so many memories, so many happy times, there and everywhere we went together, miss you so very very much xx
Posted by David Green on October 6, 2013
I saw Ewen twice,both times at Porkies Folk Club in Poynton, He gave us two great nights and I will for ever treasure the demo CD he gave me at the end of the second night. I was staggered when I heard he had passed away. I would love to have see him again. I found Secret Lives on this web site and bought it. What a fantastic CD; I just have to learn The Loneliest is man. He will be missed
Posted by Susan Carruthers on October 5, 2013
My Dearest Ewen:
You are truly missed; your music is timeless and gives me great comfort. There are so many instances that arise and I think "Ewen" wrote a wonderful song about that!!! All my love Sue
Posted by Graham Hodge on October 4, 2013
When I heard news about Voyager leaving the solar system, it makes me think of the song you wrote about it, it's got 10 years of battery life left, but your songs and memories will last forever. We all miss you such a lot…
Posted by Mike Silver on October 4, 2013
Today marks the passing of another year without being able to talk to you pal. I still talk about you and sing your songs and tell people what a great writer you are. You'll always be that which is why I talk I the present tense. Even though you're away from us you are still somehow with us here through your amazing songs. Thanks to you, always.
Posted by Patricia Haswell on October 4, 2013
Think about you everyday, as we play and sing your songs. We are hoping to record one of your beautiful songs on our next album.
Which one? 

John, Peter and Pat (Pipe dream)
Posted by Janet Hainsworth on October 4, 2013
Miss you still my friend, so very very much.

Thinking of David, Sarah and their families with love.
Posted by Keith Taylor on October 4, 2013
Dear Ewen you will always be in the thoughts of all at Cramlington,
in fact one of your songs was sung last Tuesday
Keith and all at Cramlington
Posted by Helen Parnala (Vacaville ... on October 4, 2013
Your music will live on evryones lives whom you touched. I'm glad you gave me some of your music to listen to.

Posted by neil richardson on October 4, 2013
I will always miss your company.

Your songs are still on my iTunes most played!

Neil x
Posted by David Major on August 28, 2013
I still reflect on the great times I enjoyed jamming with Ewen around a campfire with cocktails.....!
He always plays from the heart no matter what's going on around him....Rock on my brother!!
Posted by Allan Savage on August 26, 2013
We think about you all the time and miss you at the club.
Thanks for all your wonderful songs.
Posted by Graham Hodge on August 24, 2013
We quite often think of you, and you're there most weekends when I sing your songs in the restaurants…
Posted by Mike Silver on August 24, 2013
Hey Ewen, Your songs carry me still as they always have done. Whether I'm thinking about you or them or singing one! Last week I played When Time Turns Around and forgot the second verse. Sorry mate. You and your wonderful music will be with me always.
Posted by Keith Taylor on August 24, 2013
Hi Ewen
Your songs are still and always will be a big part of Cramlington they will just go on for ever
We all miss you and think of out times together
Keith & Audrey
Posted by Rob van Sante on August 24, 2013
I miss you mate.
Posted by brendan egan on August 24, 2013
Thanks for the good memories Ewen.
Bren and Sue
Posted by Patricia Haswell on August 24, 2013
Wonder what songs they are asking you to play for them Ewen, they will all have their favourites . Forever greatful for your music, and you.
Pat. John and Peter, Pipe dream x
Posted by Janet Hainsworth on August 24, 2013
Had a magical musical evening, paddled in the sea, took six deep breaths for you, ate a huge cream bun and remembered, as I do every day, just what a special friend you were. Miss you x
Love to David and Sarah and families and remembering you all with love x
Posted by Keith Taylor on October 5, 2012
A day late!!
What a great tribute Tuesday night was to hear so many of your songs and to have David there was fantastic every one did you proud. Cramlington Folk Club was indeed honoured to be able to pay a tribute to wonderful man and good friend Thanks to Mike, Pipe Dream and all who made a night to remember
Posted by Mike Silver on October 4, 2012
hey Ewen, you were with us all this Tuesday evening at Cramlington Folk Club. David came up to be there too. It was an evening with everyone singing your songs. A trio called Pipe Dream (big fans of you and your songs) and me were lucky enough to be headlining and I got everyone to come and sing the refrain of When Time Turns Around at the end of the night. Miss you mate, always will. Mike
Posted by Janet Hainsworth on October 4, 2012
Today I will be remembering all those special times with my special friend sitting out on a sunny day like today eating french bread and pate and fighting over the last bit of cheesecake! I always won! Thinking today of David and Sarah and families and thanking them for having made this site for us to share our memories. A good friend missed so much but made easier for his legacy of songs.
Posted by ray dobson on October 4, 2012
Hey, well..seems like yesterday when ( as Pat Haswell reminds us) you would glance over, smile and tip a little wink as you sang about the photograph machine and how it kept (hopefully) a little bit of you.Love, Ray & Sue
Posted by Helen Parnala (Vacaville ... on October 4, 2012
Ewen I know you are still playing your beautiful music, I still listen to your CD's I never get tired of listening to you.
God Bless
From a friend always
Posted by Susan Carruthers on October 4, 2012
My dearest Ewen
Thinking of you and still missing you. The memories and music are a great comfort and I am so pleased Mike and Pipedream are playing your songs for everyone to enjoy. The garden is still so tranquil and I know you are here sharing this beauty with me.."split a piece of wood and I am there - lift a stone and you will find me" Love Sue
Posted by Patricia Haswell on October 4, 2012
We will never forget you. So grateful for filling our minds with your beautiful poetry. we were privilged to play at Cramlington folk Club on Tuesday. The entire evening devoted to your wonderful songs. The residents played. The amazing Mike Silver sang your songs, along with some you had written together. A lovely evening. God blessx
Posted by Kathryn Jean-Pierre on August 28, 2012
My husband and I listened to when time turns around
on German radio sr2
How very sad it is to learn of the passing of
this great singer.
The lyrics of his amazing song say it all.
Ewen Carruthers R.I.P. And Godspeed to all who love and miss him.

Kathryn and Jean-Pierre from Germany
Posted by alan blyth on August 25, 2012
was playing some of Ewens songs on my iPad yesterday. I had the privilege of working with Ewen for a short while back in the mid 60's. we playe a few gigs , made a demo record at Mortons Studio (now lost). Didnt get anywhere with the music sadly. he sang one of his early compositions (have you heard the good news). Ewen was a real nice guy, and a good songwriter.
Posted by Susan Carruthers on August 25, 2012
My dearest Ewen
You are so dearly missed and loved by so many people - it is still hard to believe that we will not see you again, but I do feel your presence and love all around me especially when I play all the wonderful songs you wrote. I was honored to be the one you chose to share your life with. Love always until we meet again....Sue
Posted by Janet Hainsworth on August 24, 2012
Happy Birthday Mister! Remembering birthdays and happy long gone and thinking of you and yours... any excuse not to buy the cream cakes!! Miss you kiddo xxxx
Posted by sarah carruthers on August 24, 2012
Happy Birthday Dad. Thinking about you today and always. Coming up to Rothbury tomorrow to share a drink with you! Lots of love from me and your beautiful granddaughters. xxxxxxxxx
Posted by Patricia Haswell on August 24, 2012
Never a day goes by that I dont think of one of Ewens lovely songs.
Forever grateful for illuminating my life with his lyrics.
Looking forward to doing The Tribute night on 2nd October with Mike Silver and friends. at The Hind Cramlington Pat from Pipe Dream
Posted by Judy Howard on August 24, 2012
Happy Birthday Ewen! What a perfect opportunity to express the love and gratitude for the music and the memories you have added to our lives. You will forever be missed. Dick and Judy
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Posted by Bronwen Dootson on August 31, 2021
A late one from me Ewen. Often in my thoughts and your wonderful music will never be forgotten.
Still loved and missed. x
Posted by Chris Bartram on August 31, 2021
A belated happy birthday to Ewen Carruthers. I heard someone sing 'Was It You' a few years and then found a Youtube clip of Ewen singing it at Morley Folk Club. I worked up my own take of it based on his DADGBD version, which I now perform solo and with the trio White Sail. I'm learning some more of Ewen's songs at the moment and look forward to doing them. Such a beautiful voice and guitar, and such wonderful songs. Thank you for the gifts, Ewen xx
Posted by Patricia Haswell on August 25, 2021
Happy Birthday Ewen, we played Mr Anderson on your birthday at Croxdale Folk Club.  Our repertoire of your songs increases all the time….. the latest The Loneliest is man.  Thank you for another beautiful song from Pat, John and Peter (Pipe Dream) x
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Happy BirthdayEwen

Shared by Susan Carruthers on August 24, 2020
This past weekend we listened to my playlist of all your songs;  it was if you were sitting with us singing and playing your guitar
So many beautiful songs, lyrics and memories
I wish I had an outlet so many more people can appreciate your musical talent 
You are still missed Love always Su

Ewen teaching me :)

Shared by neil richardson on May 28, 2014

Ewen showing patience:)

Tennis Partner & Friend

Shared by Kathy Kirk on September 7, 2011

During our stay in the US, Ewen provided Peter with a much needed friend and they battled each other for many hours in tennis.

Ewen kept Pete same with his kindness and willingness to help Pete fill his days when he couldn't work.

Ewen you were a kind and gente man who left a positive mark where ever he went.

We will miss you

Pete & Kathy