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Happy BirthdayEwen

August 24, 2020
This past weekend we listened to my playlist of all your songs;  it was if you were sitting with us singing and playing your guitar
So many beautiful songs, lyrics and memories
I wish I had an outlet so many more people can appreciate your musical talent 
You are still missed Love always Su

Tennis Partner & Friend

September 7, 2011

During our stay in the US, Ewen provided Peter with a much needed friend and they battled each other for many hours in tennis.

Ewen kept Pete same with his kindness and willingness to help Pete fill his days when he couldn't work.

Ewen you were a kind and gente man who left a positive mark where ever he went.

We will miss you

Pete & Kathy

October 28, 2010

I received a telephone call yesterday from my sister in law who told me she had read an article about Ewen's passing in a local newspaper in Blyth.

Ewen was best man at my wedding in 1967, however sadly we lost touch in the early '70s for no apparent reason, and until now I had been unaware of his life since then and the impact his music has had on so many people.

Ewen and I worked together at the Zurich Insurance Co. office in Newcastle and I also used to travel with him on the bus to the office.

I used to get on the bus before Ewen and when the bus was approaching the his stop at Bebside, inevitably Ewen would be nowhere in sight. As the bus passed the road junction near the bus stop, Ewen would be seen running at full speed. often with his guitar over his shoulder.

Most bus drivers were used to his lateness and would wait, however on some occasions his race was in vain.

I also recall another occasion when Ewen was best man at another wedding, that of Rob and Vikki Todd.

Newcastle were playing at home that day and after the reception, we headed off to the match with Ewen dressed in his wedding finery, an unusual sight on the St. James's Park terraces.

I carry full responsibility for having introduced Ewen to Newcastle United and wonder if he still followed their fortunes in later life.

On reading the other tributes , I was particularly sad to note that Ewen had performed at Chester-le-St. on 16th September with me being unaware that he was only 6 miles from my home.That date was also the 43rd anniversary of my marriage to Pat at which Ewen was best man.

Although my memories of Ewen go back a long way, he will never be forgotten.








October 25, 2010

One of my favorite memories of Ewen was a trip with Dick, Judy, Frank, Sue & Ewen  on Frank's 32 foot Bay-liner Motor Yacht from Vallejo, California to Angle Island located off of San Francisco. Ewen was skeptical about going on the trip but he enjoyed spending time navigating the Bay-liner. We had a picnic on Angle Island and a good time was had by all. 

Nancy Smith



October 24, 2010


Thank you Sue, David and Sarah for the beautiful Memorial service for Ewen, It was wonderful for us to share such an uplifting experience with so many of his life long friends.

As you know we only met Ewen three years ago, but the impression  he made will stay with us forever.  He truly was a life giving person who through his words, music and gentle ways could build communities.

Thank you David and auntie Connie for the beautiful eulogies.,

We will not forget your kindness and hospitality. We are practising some of Ewens songs today. They will always be in our repetoire.


Will every good wish to you all.

Pat, John and Peter.  Pipe Dream.



Thank you to Everyone

October 24, 2010


Thank you to Everyone
Words cannot express our deep loss but over the past week we have been comforted by the overwhelming love and support extended to us by family and friends.
As I leave to return to the States tomorrow I take with me a saddened heart but one filled with so much love for family and friends in the UK.
There are so many people to thank in making this week’s events a beautiful remembrance of his life. I switched on the web site last night read the touching words posted by Sarah and David; indeed Ewen would be so proud of you both. David had posted the song “Memories” which I recall from the 70’s.   I met him during the Red Bear days in Sherburn in Elmet when I was a young medical secretary at LGI. My colleagues and I were all inspired by hearing Freeway sing and Ewen spent many Sunday afternoons at his home attempting to teach us how to play guitar. He was so patient – many of his true virtues.
Music has played such an important part in Ewen’s life and he has been an inspiration to many. Just hearing friends play his songs is a testament to his musical talent and this legacy will stay with us all forever.
I have so many favorites and each song has a story behind it – prompted by an idea; a TV documentary; people and experiences which touched him so much that he was able to convey these emotions into the masterpieces he shared with us. There are so many unheard new songs but I brought David over 50 CD’s of songs he recorded on his home recording studio. Thank goodness for that recording studio – he loved it – although it was such a technical challenge to him at first – but he mastered it and the demos he produced were unbelievable. He would sit up in the room upstairs playing guitar and piano, adding the harmony lines and any needed effects – that was Ewen.   Lets hope we can take these unheard masterpieces and share them with you one day.
Our trip to the North East of England will stay in our hearts forever. There are so many people to thank as mentioned by both David and Sarah - Reverand Derry – we felt as if you knew him – David and Connie for opening their hearts in their eulogies – flowers from friends not able to attend – Mike for singing that beautiful song – it resonates and the many musical friends who sang back at the Hind.  What a wonderful tribute. The tributes still come streaming in and comfort us all.
From this sad event new friendships have been made – old friendships have been rekindled – Ewen you have weaved your musical magic.
My sincere thanks to everyone but especially to David and Sarah and their wonderful families and to my wonderful lifetime friends Roger and Barbara for their love and support and for being my constant companions during this visit.
I hope to return and attend one of the planned musical tributes and meet you all again.
Ewen had painted me a picture some years ago following a movie we watched and it is inspired him to put paint to canvass… it reads “Split a piece of wood and I will be there – lift a stone and you will find me”…. Please take comfort that he is everywhere especially in his music.
With fondest thanks to everyone
Sue Carruthers

Thank you

October 23, 2010

 I just want to reiterate what David has written on this website, and thank everyone for making the celebration of my Dads life such a special day. I was overwhelmed with the feeling and sentiment and just how much my dad had touched the hearts of many. I heard some wonderful stories and people reminiscing, I could listen to the stories forever. 

Thank you to everyone who came to share this special day, and to all who sang - it was amazing. I loved how it was explained why people loved the songs, how they came to be written - it was like my dad was there in the room with us all. 

I also want to say how proud I am of my brother David, with the wonderful eulogy. David - you have been an inspiration to me and I know that my Dad would have been immensely proud.

My Dad is now in Rothbury, back where he loved, in the heather, the wind, the earth, the trees. It was lovely today - the rain stopped, and my Dad was carried on the wind. I am sure we will be there often, to pay homage to such a special person, and make sure our children love this beautiful place, just as my father did, and as we do - a family heirloom.

Dad - here's to you, your love, your music, your life. 

Sarah xxxxx

Freewheelin' Big Band!

October 22, 2010

Billy and I used to play at the Downe Arms, Snaith every Tuesday for about 10 years or more in the 80s and 90s and Ewen used to come and join in, and it eventually turned into a big band. This was at a wedding in the Riley Smith Hall in Tadcaster. It was a great pleasure to play with such good musicians and an even bigger laugh!

Rock & Roll Ewen!!

October 21, 2010

Ewen was a master story teller with the rare talent of putting to music his wonderful tales.  He amazed me when he would compose a song from the most ordinary objects or events and make them relevant and compelling.  When Ewen was driving from Woodland California to San Francisco where he and Sue lived, he had two screaming little boys in the back seat.  Nothing seemed to distract them or calm them.  While hurtling down the freeway at 70 miles per hour, Ewen saw a small cloud in an otherwise blue summer sky and composed a tune in his head and sang it to the two little boys in the back seat.  They were asleep before they reached home.  "Little White Cloud" is one of my favorites because of the story behind it.  Otherwise it would be hard to choose a favorite because every time I listen to Ewen's songs, they seem new to me all over again.  The "stories" have a different nuance each time you listen.


Judy and Dick Howard

So long Ewen

October 13, 2010

It is difficult to think that you will never again partake of  a ‘small portion’ of one of my roasts as you did just a couple of weeks ago. It is much more difficult to imagine a world without your wit and graceful command of the English language, your flow of ideas, your sense of melody and your generous friendship. When we met in 1975, I was touring with Brenda Wootton. She spent the entire journey from London to Leeds that day talking about your songwriting talent and how she wanted so much to sing your songs. That night I stood at the back of the room while you sang ‘Sailors All’ and realised I was in the presence of a true genius. Some people use that word lightly: I do not. Your ability to paint broad Technicolor images with just a few words, so simple yet so vivid, has been an inspiration to me ever since that first evening. Your memory will stay with me forever and I will carry your music with me and proudly tell my audience how I came to know you and work with you.

You enriched my life with your music and gave me more than words could express.


Mike Silver



October 12, 2010



I am sitting here missing you already. The thought of never seeing you or hearing your voice again makes me so sad.


You have been such big part of my life and I am so grateful you got to see me grow up and mature into a successful woman. I am so happy that you got to meet my children and spend so much time with them in your last year. Brody loved playing with his Papa Ewen, although sometimes I think that you loved playing with his toys more than he did. I am so glad that Kellan got to meet you, and now every time I look at him smiling I think of you saying that he smiled more than any baby you ever knew.

This world lost a great and wise man this week, one full of knowledge and history, passion and talent for music, and a caring loving man. I know you had a hard time showing your affection, love and emotion, but I always knew you loved me and my family. I am so sad that you are gone. Please know how much I love you and how much you mean to my family and me.

I am so glad I have so many fond memories and I will treasure those memories forever

I love you




October 12, 2010

I wrote this some time ago and recently shared it with Ewen, not quite publishing material said he but he liked the concept! I share it with you now


For Now I am Gone


I have lived

And in living I have given you

A special part of me


I have lived

And in knowing you and loving you

I have received a special part of you


I am no more

But you are with me

And I am with you


So live for me

Know that you take that special part of me

With you everywhere


I will see what you see

I will do what you do

I will share your laughter and your tears


I have taken with me that special part I received from you

That part of you that now feels sad is safe with me

It stays with me, it comforts me, I comfort you

I have you with me


In you is me

In me is you

Live for me

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