On December 28th, 2018 Earl Warren passed away. He was loved and admired by many and will be deeply missed.

A memorial service will be held in his honor on Sunday, January 13th, at 2PM.                    The location of the service is:

UCLA Faculty Center                                                                                                                 480 Charles E Young Dr East,                                                                                                 Los Angeles, CA 90095     https://facultycenter.ucla.edu/About/Directions_Contact_Us_Hours.aspx

For general parking, please park in Lot 2 which is adjacent to the Faculty Center.  There are pay stations available to pay by plate within the structure.  There will be no parking attendant on duty.                                   

For those that require handicap parking, please enter the campus on Westwood Blvd. and proceed to the main kiosk to purchase a parking pass. You can then continue to Lot A.  You may need to inform them that you are attending the Earl Warren Memorial Service. The map below provides a map of all parking structures:


The Warren family has designated the following charitable organizations if you would like to make a contribution in Earl's memory.  Earl was very involved with these organizations and would be honored with your support:

Los Angeles Rod & Reel Foundation                                                                                       5826 Ostrom Ave.                                                                                                                   Encino, CA 91316                                                                                              http://www.larrc.org

Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute                                                                                     2595 Ingraham Street                                                                                                                 San Diego, CA 92109                                                                                                     https://hswri.org/

Posted by Oliver Barry on 15th January 2019
I met Earl about 6 years ago. I was new to business and pretty new to Los Angeles. He was Lew’s old friend and lawyer. From the instant I met him, I could tell he was a warm, kind man. The kind of man I aspire to be. It was clear why Lew held in such high esteem My wife Sophie and I are so thankful and grateful to Earl for his guidance, advice, and support. Pam, our thoughts and love are with you and all your family. Much Love, Oli
Posted by Andra Brosh on 15th January 2019
Earl, you were always so kind and deeply interested in my life even after long passages of time between seeing each other. Thank you for being such a warm, and good human being while on this earth.
Posted by Keith Heerdt on 14th January 2019
I knew Earl as a fellow LARRC board member, He was passionate and able - nothing new to hear for all who knew him better than I. I will miss him - wish we could have fished together. Best to Pam and the Family, Keith
Posted by Michael Tobin on 12th January 2019
Earl is my cousin and we have know each other all our lives. When we were young, Earl, Arlene and their parents use to spend weekends with us at King Star Stables, or horse ranch in Granada Hills. We would do our chores and then go horseback riding into the foot hills or we would swim in the pool. When we were older we all went to the race tracks at Santa Anita, Del Mar, and Hollywood Park to watch the thoroughbreds race. Earl married Pam and we would get together with all the cousins. Earl liked to play the game "How many of the race horses from King Star Stables could we each name." We never went fishing with Earl and Pam but when they went to Alaska to catch salmon we would get a call, "Any room in your freezer for the fish?" We kept the freezer just for Earl and Pam and once in a while we would take a salmon steak out for rent on the freezer. Pam was devoted to Earl and they were a very happy couple. Earl will be missed.
Posted by Donna Bertisch on 11th January 2019
I have lost a dear friend, and I am so sad. Earl’s and my story goes all the way back to the 4th grade when this adorable, sweet boy came to Laurel Avenue Elementary School. While our lives the past couple of decades made it such that we saw each other infrequently, during much of our history, we were very close and each other’s rock. I am not a fisherman, but our story did begin over fish – guppies and canned tuna. A group of boys and I used to run and chase on the playground after school (Anyone still out there who remembers “Donna’s touch”?), and one day Earl asked if I would like some guppies. I can still not only remember but feel how it felt that first time walking home with my new friend; he was really enthusiastic and energetic, and SO nice. I liked this person. We were alike; we understood each other. It seemed we were not new friends at all, but I couldn’t imagine the wonderful 68-year bond that was to follow. Oh, the fun we had, and the traumas we weathered! We fought each other’s battles and celebrated our achievements, not to mention the support through each love affair. All through school and UCLA, we were there for each other, and I always adored him. A truer friend there couldn’t be! Later, my husband, Gary, and I enjoyed Earl and Pam together and have some really nice memories, but I’m especially glad to have spent time with Earl during a period when our children were young. We got to know and really like each other’s kids and had some great times together. Justin and Jeremy, while so wishing it were for some other reason, my kids are looking forward to being with you on Sunday. Your father was a special person and one to be admired – so smart, so accomplished, always willing to advise and help, and funny too – just a wonderful human being, vulnerable, loving, and masterful. Pam, you are the best! Thank goodness Earl had you for almost half his life. He really lucked out. He deserved the best, and he got it. For 34 years, you blessed him with a wonderful life, and he loved you dearly. I knew that way back when you were courting. You’ve had a wild ride, haven’t you – and, wow, all 10 of the billfish species!! Of course, you will have sad days ahead, and I want you to know I’ll be here for you. I so don’t want Earl to be gone. I want to meet the two of you for dinner and have him tease me about the old days. I want him to tell me to come to Costa Rica, and this time I’ll go. Why didn’t I go! Too many “whys”! He was my friend, and I will miss him. May he rest in peace… Love you, Earl, Donna
Posted by Andy Rubinger on 11th January 2019
I first met Earl when I was 11 years old. 1982. My family and I just moved in across the street from Earl’s sons, Justin and Jeremy. Earl was a very involved father with his sons in everything they did. In 1986, my father passed away I was 16. Earl was amazing for my family. He was so helpful in so many ways to my mother. He was a real mentor to me always making himself available with life’s endeavors. In 1994, my mother passed away, and again Earl was right there helping me out with endless advice that was priceless. I was lucky enough to get a letter of recommendation from Earl to law school which he encouraged me to do. Always very positive. Earl is a huge reason why I became and am a lawyer. Earl was a straight shooter. Very honest and ethical. He had spot on intelligence. Really funny! He made it known he was vey proud of his sons. Jeremy for becoming an attorney and Justin going to UCLA and getting an MBA. My condolences to the whole family.
Posted by Robert Sacks on 10th January 2019
Farewell to a friend, incredible lawyer, husband and father. You will be missed by the Sacks family. I know my brother Larry will be glad to have at least one person with him he always consider on the same par.
Posted by Lewis Maler on 10th January 2019
Memories of my Life with EW January 13, 2019 In 1963 I met EW in Sepulveda Ca. He was just out of UCLA Law School. It did not take very long to find out we had many mutual interest UCLA, Dodger Baseball, Sport Fishing and Earl’s passion for the Law Graduation and First Job Earl was just graduating UCLA Law School and was looking for his first Job. I asked if he would set aside his prejudice and take a position in a Law Firm of my USC fraternity brother Mr. William Rosensweig Esq. He did and that was the beginning of my long term professional relationship with Earl. From day one was a true councilor and although I rarely let him know he advise was for the most part right on. Earl knows more about my life and my family’s life then I do. Business relationships come and go but true friendship are embedded in a commonality of interests which surely Earl and I enjoyed. Uncle Hy’s Elco and Newport For those who know Earl as well as I did we are aware that he lost his father at a young age. Enter Uncle Hy who lived in Newport and permitted Earl to be a deck hand on his fishing boat. That was the good news. The other side of the story was he was not allowed fish but got to go to sea, we all know Earl’s intensity and I am sure this was very frustrating to Earl. I had bought sport fishing boat and Earl and I went out of Newport Beach Harbor to the 14 Mile Bank to see if we could catch a Marlin. As luck would have it within 2 hours we hooked a marlin on MY boat. I have never seen anyone move as fast as Earl to grab the rod and reel and begin to bring in the Marlin. In his excitement his back went out and he had to sit in a producer’s chair which I rotated as the fish moved from side to side. He would not give up. That trait was embedded in Earl in everything he undertook to accomplish. The Marlin was boated and we made our way back to Newport where Uncle Hy was waiting. He arranged for a special dinner at the Balboa Yacht Club to celebrate Earls prize catch. It was a special moment to share with a special guy San Clemente Island That day was only the beginning. Two weeks later we headed out to San Clemente island to see if I could get to the rod before Earl. With only a compass to navigate by we headed out 90 miles in search of a Marlin. After many hours of trolling we get a double hookup. Earl grabs one pole and I grab the other and the fight is on. Oh! Who is running the boat? Who do you think? My fish is soaked and EW brings in his fish. Now I can attend to my first Marlin.  We see color (seems bigger then Earl’s) and Earl grabs the flying gaff and misses!  The line is now wrapped around the propellers The next thing I know EW has a knife in his mouth and he jumps off the stern and frees the line. We know have boated two 225 lb. Marlins. You would think it was a good way to end the day. Not with Mr. WARREN.  We continued to fish and run out of gas. We radio a boat nearby called the Dry Martini who proceeded tow us to Avalon flying 2 Marlin Flags. A memorable moment in both our lives. Tradition calls for a canon shot for catching a Marlin we got two! Enter Pam Earl’s Life Partner Other them Pam and His Family Earl’s other Wife was fishing. When he married Pam I am pretty sure their Honey Moon evolved around some fishing trip. Over the years Pam developed an equal passion to fishing then EW to the point where she is one of the few women who have caught all 10 of the bill fish species Earl and Pam take on the Challenge of Cost Rica Thank You and Pam for taking on Costa Rica. You always had my back and I know it was arduous from time to time. Although we did not spend a lot of time together the time we spent was special. I always looked for the yellow golf cart to see if you were on the campus. I know I have told you this before but you made a big difference in making \Los Suenos Resort was a success. There are so many wonderful experiences shared with Earl. Too many to write about but the following quips will give you an idea as to what is was to be part of Earl’s life Fishing in Cabo San Lucas and there was a need to catch bait during the night. No one but Earl stayed up to catch bait. When we got up the in the AM all the bait had a blue rubber bank on its tail for EW’s use only Entertaining my Bankers on a Charted Albacore Trip who were not experienced in the and chaos that goes on when you find a school of Tuna. As the lines of my bankers crossed Earl’s line he promptly took out his pliers and cut their lines. Sharing a room with Earl in Manual Antonio, Costa Rica in a marginal room to say the least. We all know how horrible Earl snored so I asked him to keep talking to Me until I fell asleep first. Needless to say that did not happen On a long range Albacore fishing trip having to lock Earl up in cabin so we could start back home in a horrific storm. Salmon fishing at Water Fall resort for 5 days with Diane and Pam. On the 5th day not one Salmon was caught and EW commented there is not a Salmon with in 100 miles of this place. We are pulling up our lines and Diane hooks up Earl says just another Halibut! After 20 min. a 50LB King Salmon surfaces. Win a free trip back for largest fish. Diane still maintains today Earl tried to wrap her line to cut off her fish 50 Years of Friendship So many wonderful memories I have with Earl. He was a true friend who was dealt a difficult hand during his life time but you would never know. He did not allow his handicaps to stop him from enjoying his life and especially with Pam. Certainly I can relate to that. I will miss him and no longer will be able to have his council. I am appreciative for the years we had together. You will be missed by many but I am glad we had the time together that you were given on our planet Love Always Lewis R.
Posted by Coleen Olds on 9th January 2019
You were a really good teacher and a generous employer. Because of you so many people experienced deep see fishing for the first time, including me. You have left a big hole that will never be filled. You will be greatly missed!
Posted by Larry Brown on 9th January 2019
Thanks Earl for always showing a sincere and genuine interest in my fishing and philanthropic projects. I will treasure our chats and fishing time together as well as your guidance and counsel. You define the art of being a gentleman.

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