Posted by Frances EMEMBOLU OKOCHA on August 15, 2021
Happy heavenly birthday, grandmama❤️

Love always,
Ikenna & Uju OKOCHA
Posted by IKIDDEH ImeM on May 29, 2021
Dear Mum,
It's been a year now since you went to join the hosts of heaven. Your absence is so loud and the silence when we call is so deafening.

Thank goodness for memories, we hear you and know your mind when we are confused.

Memories make us feel you and almost touch you. Thank you for the difference you made.

Rest on Mummy
Posted by Andrew Chiedu on May 26, 2021
May our good lord continue to grant our beloved mother in law everlasting peace and grace beside him. Though we don't feel her fiscal presence but we do feel her spiritual presence at all times. We genuinely appreciate her foot prints on the sand of life. Amen.
Posted by Judy Mordi on May 25, 2021

This day last year, 5/25/20 will remain a memorable day for us! Your daughter Ify, and myself were delegated by Anioma Association Philadelphia Tri state chapter to present a donation.
After the presentation of this Covid19 relief check to St. Vincent De Poor, your daughter Ify and I went to the parking lot. Instead of getting into our vehicles to leave, Ify started a conversation that kept us standing in the parking lot for over an hour. This conversation from no where was all about you Mama... Ify was talking about how Mommy struggled to raise her and her siblings. I was suppose to be rushing to go home and prepare for work, but I couldn't leave because I noticed Ify needed my full attention to tell me about her Mommy. While I was listening to her, I was wondering in my mind why she was telling me so much about her mommy. Ify said if her mommy comes back this time to the States, that she will not let her go back. After Ify was done telling me all about you Mama, we then drove off. Not even 5 minutes later Ify drove in front of me, got my attention to pull over.

I pulled over beside her, and she said "Auntie, I am going back to the church to pray for my Mom in the Blessed sacrament, my sister just told me my Mommy was rushed to the hospital.” At this time Ify was already crying. I texted Ify few hours later to check up on Mama, Ify replied " My Mommy left me" I was shocked. Yes Mama you left Ify then but I am so convinced that you came right back to her again...... I am happy I had the opportunity to meet you in person, and most of all I feel so blessed to be part of your wonderful daughter Ify's last memories of her Beloved Mommy.
Sleep in Peace Mama ! It's well!!!

Judy Mordi

Posted by Chisom C on May 25, 2021
In the time that we got to know each other, you embraced me as your daugher-in-law. I am thankful that we got along from the jump. When we met each other in Delaware, we took pictures together, talked and we just got along. I remember when you came here for our Traditional Wedding, we watched wedding videos, laughed, talked and I did your make-up for the Traditional Wedding. I am at peace knowing that the last message I sent you was a message wishing you a Happy Mother's Day. I am at peace knowing that you knew that you had two granddaughters on the way and I know that I was like a daughter to you.

Thank you for raising amazing children, one of them being my Husband. Amazing children that accepted me from the beginning and see me as a sister. I know that someway and somehow, you're watching Onyi, Fumnanya and the rest of your grandchildren grow. We'll see each other again.
Posted by Irene Osaghae on May 25, 2021
I met Mummy for the first time in Asaba in 2002, it was in the evening when we arrived Asaba, she related with me like she had known since I was born, she was very jovial and welcoming, she had a wonderful personality that we now miss dearly, may her gentle soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Angela Utomi on May 25, 2021
Exactly one year today, I last spoke to my bestfriend-my mum.
Do I miss her? Very much so.
Can I still see her in my dreams? Of course!
Do I wish to have her back? Absolutely!
I have carried on as a Christian should, waiting on the last day where we will all meet again.
The lessons of PEACE she taught, have endeared me to take certain decisions that make me seem like a super human. But, I'm not and I'm so frail and in my quiet times, I feel lonely without her.
I remember how unreal it all seemed after that call on a Monday evening.
Oh, the confusion, the journey through different states in the heat of lockdown. The pain, the fear, the exposure, the loneliness, the grief...
The sound of the siren, even the praises from her cousin as we stood in the morgue to see her corpse. Jesus!!! I had to plead for her to stop.
My heart was ripping out of my chest!
My older sister all alone in the ambulance, I needed to stay strong for her and make her feel it didn't matter. Father, you alone know these things...
My mummy!!! I miss you sooo much

We are still holding on strong as you would expect. I hope you are proud of all we have achieved so far by God's grace.

Thank you for watching over us. Rest in the Lord mum, you are triumphant!
Posted by tony okocha on May 25, 2021
Mommy Love...this was never part of the plan. We had LOTS more àkàrà to eat due to "cold" weather. Chide had LOTS of fort ideas for both of you to build. Nonso needs to help you "rearrange" your bed every night by jumping on it. Onyinye is going to hear an earful of what a wonderful GrandMama you were. You left a powerful impact in every aspect of our lives that you touched. Your garden is flourishing and we officially dedicated it to you today. You plant a seed in the lives of anyone you meet and in your absence, the seed grows and flourishes and we know we are not alone. We will always miss you.

Ndu Love.
Posted by Victor Utomi on May 25, 2021
Our last meeting together, saw you attired elegantly in our Anioma Otogwu and a purple blouse...

It took us long driving around to reach you and while the Asaba evening closed in on us, we persevered.

Never for once thought that it will be our last.... well well well, that was a lesson

Today we know better. We know to savour every moment with our loved ones... Good night once again

Victor Utomi
Posted by John Ameh on May 25, 2021
Dear mum,
I have thought of this day before now and really try to imagine how far we have come knowing that you are with us but yet we can't see you in the physical. It is indeed a mix feeling. one knowing that you lived well, a life we are all proud of and grateful our paths crossed with yours on this side of your journey.
Your have a large heart, you don't judge, you lived life with so much easy that sometimes it look as if you have seen it all.
Even though i met with you a few times it was like i have known you all my life, the memories are still very clear.
This is your business partner, remember we did not loose money in that risky business, you trusted me.
I miss you and more so that i couldn't come to pay my last respect physically.
Rest on Mama, your legacies are here with us and I will cherish it forever.
Posted by Nzenwa Rita on May 25, 2021
Mum, the brief time I came in contact with you thru your daughter Tessy Ewuzie showed a woman with a lovely and godly heart. You have fought a good fight, you have finished your race and I now know that you have been given a crown of glory that God has prepared for people that love HIM. Mum, you daughter is crying everyday that God fulfils the gap your death has created in her heart and I know that God will comfort her and her siblings in Jesus Name. Rest on till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Geraldine Ifezime on May 25, 2021

On that Monday evening of the 25th May 2020, while hurrying home from the service of songs of late Mrs Ugbah, My mum and I were sharing one of the beautiful memories of mummy and the kids she took care of when she was running a crèche. (It was one of the episodes with little Sammie) Little did we know that mummy had embarked on a journey to meet her creator.

Mummy was a cheerful, fun-loving woman who was full of life even at 73. Her infectious smile and warmth could light up a room. She made sure every one arround her was always happy and made sure you see the positive side of any situation no matter how urgly it was. Always ready to share from her wealth of experience and knowledge. She always made an impact.

Surely, mummy will be missed by all who encountered her as she was a confidant, prayer partner, mother, doting grandmum, doctor, counselor to all and above all, a vitiours wife and lover of God and our mother Mary. Our consolation is in the fact that she lived a good life and am certain she is resting in the bosom of our Lord where she is watching over us all.

Eternal rest grant unto mummy oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her soul and the souls of the faithful departed, through the mercy of God Rest In Peace. Amen.

Foundly remembered by Gerry (as you always called me)
Posted by Chioma Uguru on May 25, 2021
Mummy I cant believe it’s been a year since you left us. I miss your smile, hugs and how you treated me as part of the family. We love you so much and we know you are in a better place. May God in his infinite Mercy continue to give your family the strength to bear this loss.
Continue to Rest In Peace Mummy❤️
Posted by Abosede Maiyekogbon on May 25, 2021
Mummy, I'm just hearing today and now that it's a year you passed on. I'm shocked to hear this; you are a good mama with beautiful heart to those that are not children. Always smiling ....times that I met you in Tessy's house were wonderful times. It's really hard to believe you are gone to be with the lord. I thought you are with Ify. Sleep on in the bossom of the Lord till we meet to part no more. Love you good mother!
Posted by Frances EMEMBOLU OKOCHA on May 25, 2021
Eternal rest grant unto mummy O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon you. May you continue to rest in peace, Amen!

We pray for you, mummy and all those who have passed away and call on God's love and mercy to grant them rest and eternal happiness with Him in Heaven, Amen

May the Holy Spirit continue to comfort your children and give them the fortitude to bear this loss❤️

Love you forever,
Ed & Frances OKOCHA
Posted by Ify Okocha on May 25, 2021
On that beautiful (May 25th) afternoon last year, under the scorching sun, I shared a heart felt story with a big sister, telling her my uttermost desire for my Mom to come stay with me forever. She said to me ‘God will grant your heart desire’. Little did I know that you were right there with me (in me) in spirit after you left this mortal world and like everyone says you came back to me as a beautiful gift in my baby girl. For one hour I spoke so intensely, with so much emotion and passion of all the tough times you went through in life and how happy I was that, that was all in the past.

My Mommy, you taught me to be confident, truthful, prayerful, patient, kind, resilient, independent, optimistic and so much more virtues I needed in life; not just by your words/advise but by your actions; being the best example for me to follow. You were a mom not just to me and my siblings but to my close friends, classmates, church friends, co-workers, in-laws ... I am forever grateful for your love, care, protection and all. You were my gist partner, my confidant, my doctor, my prayer warrior, my therapist ... you were always ready to be the first that would stretch a hand for peace and forgave all (even the ones that hurt you the most). I am so confident that you are resting in heaven because as a Christian you completed your work here on earth and you have always submitted to the will of God. Thank you for all your blessings and giving me the privilege of sharing so many happy moments and adventures of my life with you.

I will forever love you Mommy. I miss your infectious laugh, your calm, happy and reassuring voice daily. Chide misses building forts and playing with you and “he said I wish Onyinye got to met grandmama”... Your Duke is a communicant now and I know you rejoiced with the angels that day.

Continue to Rest In Peace Mommy.

From your Fy love (as you fondly called me)

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