Fannie Louise Hope, 97, of Dallas, TX went home to be with our precious Lord Jesus on Monday close to midnight, February 8, 2021. Her morning started out beautiful that day. It was reported her morning, afternoon and evening was fun, enjoyable, and happy. She showed much gratitude to everyone making contact with her. She reportedly ate all of her food that day. Most importantly, she was extremely happy and talked about her children and how proud she was of each of them and how much she loved all of her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren and stated she looked forward to having great-great-great grandchildren. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a sad day for us. She is missed so very much. She was loved by so many people, her parents, grandparents, husband, sister, brother, numerous aunts and uncles, cousins, neighbors, her nurses and doctors, and the list goes on. She was a loving and nurturing mother, doting grandmother, great grandmother, and great great grandmother. Her treasures included Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior, her one and only husband, J.W. as she referred to him, her seven precious children, numerous grand children, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. She enjoyed being with her loved ones, helping care for her grandchildren until arthritis took its toll on her body. She loved gospel and country and western music. She loved listening to her husband sing opera to her and enjoyed dancing with him every chance she got. Her father, Selby Blades, and mother, Edith Roberts gave birth to this beautiful red headed bundle of joy on April 2, 1923, in Seagoville, Texas. She was the first born of three wonderful children. Fannie Louise is preceded in her death by her husband, James Waid Hope Sr., his six brothers and sisters, her eldest son James Bentley Hope, daughter-in-law Hattie Ruth Hope, daughter-in-law Felisha Hope, grandson Richard Hope, her mother Edith Martin Roberts and all of her thirteen aunts and uncles, her father Selby Blades and his brothers and sisters, her loving step-father Maurice Martin, mother-in-law Fannie Mae Hope, father-in-law Robert Tynes Hope, her son-in-law Rickey 2 Kirby, her sister Marie Helen Chinn, her daughter Mary Kathleen Botello, and her brother, Rusty Selby Blades. Fannie Louise gave birth to seven children, four little men and three little ladies. She has numerous grandchildren, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren. Fannie Louise’s loved ones are cherishing and honoring her. She is survived by three sons, one son-in-law, and two daughters. They include her son James Waid Hope Jr. and his children and grandchildren, son Robert Houston Hope and puppies Bubba and Terry, daughter Patricia L. Hope Kirby Rasmussen and her husband Ed Rasmussen and their children and grandchildren, son Samuel Eugene Hope and his wife Elizabeth Hope and their children and grandchildren, daughter Marie Hope and her daughter and granddaughter, and many cousins, nieces, nephews and other extended family members. Fannie Louise had to drop out of school to help care for her younger siblings while her mother worked. Then her first job out of the home later became known as one of the “Rosie the Riverter”. During World War II, the drafting of millions of men for combat left American military contractors in dire need of workers to produce munitions and vehicles for the war effort. Women on the home front stepped up in great numbers, taking over strenuous, hazardous manual labor and handling complex, technical tasks. Women stepped in as laborers and engineers in steel mills, tank factories and, in particular, the aviation industry. Fannie Louise was one of these women. She helped put airplanes together with rivets. The Dallas – Fort Worth area played a vital role in World War II. Planes were mass-produced at Fort Worth’s assembly line and citizens from all over the area pitched in to help get them built and fly-ready for pilots. Soldiers had a strong presence in the area, and women played a key role in riveting plans and working jobs traditionally held by men. Dallas served as a manufacturing center for the war effort. In 1942, the Ford Motor plant in Dallas converted to wartime production, constructing almost 94,000 jeeps and 6,000 military trucks. Time passed and love was in the air for Fannie Louise and a handsome man named James Waid Hope. After just a few dates with a long-time friend of the family, wedding bells rang. On the fifth day of their love story, they tied the knot in the front yard of her mother’s home. At the age of seventeen she immediately and bravely began her new life as a wife and later as a mother. Shortly after their marriage, he was called to serve his country through the United States Army Air Corp. He mostly served in the Battle of the Bulge, also known as the Ardennes Counteroffensive and took place from December 16, 1944 to January 25, 1945. 3 Then the war was over and her true love came home to Dallas Texas. He is an American HERO. Her love for her husband continued after his death in 1990. He left an incredible loving legacy as Fannie Louise has left. She was still very much in love with him on February 8, 2021. She longed to be back in his embrace. We pray they are embracing this very moment. Their love story continues into eternity. She could not have made her parents prouder by giving them the sweetest grandchildren to love and help spoil. She shared her children with all of her family. Her children, as do many children stole the hearts of those who came in contact with them very quickly. Her first little man, James Bentley had all of his aunts, uncles and cousins twisted around his tiny finger and that continued his entire life. His life was a blessing in so many ways. He had a beautiful wife that loved him deeply. She set his heart on fire with her talented cooking abilities. Her secret ingredient was her very special love she included. She gave him three incredible and beautiful daughters, and one wonderful and handsome son that looks so much like him. His children brought so much joy and happiness to the entire Hope family and made life so much better with each passing day. Later, precious grandchildren were born, then came great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. Truly a legacy of joy was given to the family through all of their lives! Fannie Louise’s first little girl, Mary Kathleen could not have been sweeter. She was loved by everyone, her mother, father, grandparents and siblings. She was a great sister and a very caring person. She later married and was on fire with love. Together, they were fruitful and gave birth to two gorgeous girls and two very handsome boys. Her children were truly joyful and wrapped everyone around their little fingers with their special childlike sweetness. Spoiling children within the Hope family became a daily occurrence. The children were eager to love everyone, as love continually poured into their lives. Later, Fannie Louise was blessed with precious and loving great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. Happiness was throughout the Hope family with these very special children living, laughing and crying. Thank God the crying was minimal and the laughter was rich, plentiful and joyful. Many wonderful blessings for the family continued. Along came James Waid Jr. who was his father’s shadow especially when it came to going fishing. Wow, they really knew how to bring home the fish together. He loved asking his mother around Thanksgiving, “Mommy are you going to cook more gobby gobby.” Such a precious memory for Fannie Louise and the family. 4 Shortly after high school he joined the United States Navy SEABEES, and made a career traveling the world. He was truly missed so much through the years. He fell in love with a kind, beautiful and smart Pilipino girl. Her beauty and talents together with her talented husband, rocked the entire family and the heart and soul of Fannie Louise, with their love, singing and performances. They blessed the Hope legacy with two baby girls and three bouncing baby boys. Their children, like most children were such a blessing to everyone in the family. They mostly lived in California after moving back to the states. So, whenever Fannie Louise received their phone calls or got to see them in person, she was excited and became full of happiness. They are a very loving and wonderful part of Fannie Louise’s family. Fannie Louise was overwhelmed with joy to see them and embrace their love. James Waid Jr., his wife, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren brought so much sweetness into the Hope family. They all are very much loved and respected. Robert Houston was the next young man born and he was full of curiosity and brilliance. He enjoyed telling people his name was “Bob Hope”. He had a great sense of humor and his family loved that about him. He loves to sing and has a great singing voice. He loves his family and tried to make them happy with humor. He also has an undying love for animals especially dogs. He has two little dogs, Terry and Bubba. They are terrific. Robert has many talents, one of them included drawing structures and then building them when possible. He was multitalented as all of his brothers, mother and father were. He was very loving and enjoyed helping his loved ones whenever he could. He is loved by others very much. He took great care of his mother after his father passed away in 1990. He is a sincerely loving and remarkable son. His siblings feel it is such an honor to be able to call him brother. Robert is in continued pray for his entire family. He gained respect from his family through his kindness, love and support he gave to all of his family members. Oops, but no mistake, Fannie Louise was pregnant again. Now Patricia Louise was the next little lady to come into this world. She was named after her mother and several grandmothers. Being of a curious mindset, she and Robert, her brother, were best pals for the majority of their lives, and still are best buddies. Her family loved her and she loved them. They all took great care of one another. Patricia had a little girl and adopted a little boy six months younger than her daughter. Patricia’s little girl looked so much like Patricia. Fannie Louise got to relive the joy of Patricia’s youth through the eyes of Patricia’s daughter and son. Fannie Louise 5 allowed the children to paint her face numerous times with water colors. The laughter and childlike giggles would flow generously throughout the home at their Grandmother’s newly decorated and colorful face. Fannie Louise delighted in the lives of her family. Samuell Eugene was the last young man to be born to Fannie and her husband. They all loved him very much. He gave his mother and father a wonderful daughter-in-law, three beautiful and charming babies to love and adore. They did just that and their hearts were on fire with love for those three girls and their parents every time they laid their eyes upon them. Sam excelled in so many things including but not limited to Spelling Bee contests while in school. His knowledge of spelling words was truly amazing. He was really brilliant and very funny, as was his brother Robert. He too like to make his family happy by telling them very funny things which made them laugh so hard, stomach muscles would begin to hurt. He was involved in the R.O.T.C. in high school and did very well. He was a great son and brother. The last young lady to be born to Fannie Hope was Maurice Marie, known as Marie. A talented red headed daughter, enjoying singing, dancing and theatrics during her life. She liked performing. She was very loved by her parents, siblings and other relatives and brought much joy to them. Marie later married and brought a pretty little girl into the world. Marie was a doting mother and loves her daughter very much. Marie is enjoying spending much of her time now as a grandmother, doting over her granddaughter. Marie thrilled her mother’s heart each time she brought her daughter and granddaughter Juliana to visit. Fannie Louise stated she really enjoys seeing her granddaughter Juliana perform. Juliana’s performances reminded Fannie Louise of Marie when Marie was younger. All of the children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren are very much loved. The children of Fannie Louise attest she was loving, caring, a great cook and very unique. Her children believe she is the sweetest mother the Lord could ever have given them. Fannie Louise has left a legacy within the lives of her loved ones whom she held so very dear to her heart. Hope for Children Foundation was established on the birthdate of Fannie Hope, April 2, but in the year 1998. This is a 501(c)3 tax exempt charity named in honor of Fannie Louise and her loving husband, James Waid Hope Sr. This charity is registered in most of the States within the United States of America as a charity. The success of Hope for Children Foundation Website has been tracked since 6 2012. Since that time, at least 5,590,466 visitors have come to the Website of Hope for Children Foundation to access helpful life saving skills and resources in over 188 different countries around the world. 4,416,626 of the visitors were from the United States of America. The organization was established for the benefit of children, teens, families and other adults within the United States of America for the prevention of cruelty to children. On behalf of the children, teens, families and other adults served by Hope for Children Foundation, Fannie Louise and her life partner James Waid Hope Sr. are sincerely thanked for giving love and encouragement for such an organization to exist.

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