FARHEEN's motto: Storm child made of wild&flame
  • 26 years old
  • Born on January 23, 1993 .
  • Passed away on January 23, 2019 in Abu dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Farheen Gill 26 years old , born on January 23, 1993 and passed away on January 23, 2019. Only Angels pass away on their birthday Farheen for you are an angel.

Farheen filled our lives with positivity, kindness and joy . A piece of her is in each one of us, forever. 

This angel deserves a celebration, therefore, please leave a tribute/write a story, share a photo/audio on this website. Hopefully these memories and stories will help ease the pain, remind us of all the good times we spent with her and give us and most importantly her family strength and patience. 

We love you FUFU

Posted by Marriam Kheshgi on May 9, 2019
We're onto to the fourth month since you've left this world. They say with time the thought of people fades away... Maybe the pain fades away a little bit but the memory stays as strong as ever... especially if they mean a lot to you.... Your presence, your aura, your smile is ingraved inside me. I hope to live by the optimistic attitude you continuously instilled. Not only in me but everyone around you! Not one person had anything negative to say about in your presence on in your absence. That's rare as heck! We needed more people like you in this world but God decided to call you back. I hope you are at peace now. I miss you so much. It's hard to put in words. May God bless your soul, you beautiful little gem 
P.s. That ice skating night was one of the coolest spontaneous hangouts! I miss your hugs.
Posted by A A on March 19, 2019
One of the most genuine and purest souls I’ve ever met....
I will miss you, angel, <3
Posted by Mariam Gabaji on February 8, 2019
Farheen, you brought so much joy in all our lives. You were so loved and you will forever live in our memories. You were like my baby sister and gave me so many amazing memories in university. I couldn't be happier you came in my life and taught me how to be kind and loving and free. I hope you're shining brightly in heaven as you did on earth. I love you and will forever cherish our memories together.
Posted by Jehansher Wali on February 8, 2019
I didn't really know you that well...but you were a kind soul, and the more I travel the world, the more I realize how rare people like that really are. You were genuinely nice to everyone. One can gauge what a great person you were from the impact you've left on all those close to you. You meant a lot to them, and a whole bunch of other people too I'll bet...I hope they find the strength to push on without you and I hope you have a great view wherever you are :)
Posted by Akram Fathi on January 27, 2019
One of the purest heart i ever met heaven is where she belong .
My Condolences to her family and friends

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