Let the memory of Father David be with us forever
  • 57 years old
  • Born on March 27, 1957 in Monroe, Louisiana, United States.
  • Passed away on January 10, 2015 in Monroe, Louisiana, United States.

This memorial website is created in memory of Father David Thomas Richter, 57, born on March 27, 1957 and passed away on January 10, 2015. He will be remembered forever with love, respect and admiration.

Posted by Albert Dumas on 9th July 2018
One thing I haven't noticed yet in these tributes was Father Richter's work with the Boy Scout program. I was an adult leader and my boy was active in Scouts. Most of the troop were Catholic as it turns out. There were several occasions when we wanted to schedule a camping trip of longer than normal duration, but would not be able to because there was no Catholic Church in the vicinity. Fr. Richter made that possible by coming to say Mass for us in the forest. It made quite an impression on the boys, as well as we adults. He was also associated with the Catholic Committee on Scouting for both Boy and Girl Scouts. When he was at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church, he made that facility available for us to have a series of weekend camping trips on the church grounds, in which we concentrated on the Catholic religious emblem awards. Normally, earning even one religious emblem award is as rare as earning the rank of Eagle. There were many, many "Parvuli Dei Awards," (for Cub Scouts) "Ad Altare Dei Awards" (for Boy Scouts) and even a "Pius XII Award" (for Explorer Scouts) earned during these camps in Shreveport, thanks to Fr. Richter's care for these young men.
Posted by Connie Martinez on 8th July 2018
Miss you more and more each day. Not only was he my Spiritual Director, my Pastor but a person that I could talk to about anything!!! Always had my family in his prayers. Very closely concerned about one of my children. He is like St Theresa, his work on earth has just begun.
Posted by Becky Healy on 19th March 2018
HAPPY BIRTHDAY month…Dear Rev. David Richter!!! Note: Below is an excerpt from an email that went out to over 100 parishioners of Jesus the Good Shepherd Church, Monroe, LA; many of whom pray this Novena together at least twice a year on the anniversary of Fr. Richter’s passing into eternity and on his birthday. Please pray with us! Dear Friends of Fr. David Richter, Father David Richter’s Birthday Novena begins today, March 19th (St. Joseph’s Feast Day) and ends on March 27th his birthday! What a perfect time to pray this Novena as we approach Holy Week and Easter for the intentions that were so dear to Fr. Richter’s heart: pro-life ministries and vocations to the priesthood and religious life, our seminarians, missionaries, deacons, priests, bishops, Pope Francis, as well as, all the needs of the Parish and our families, all RCIA candidates and catechumens preparing to enter the church and your personal intentions! Theresa Brandle’s Novena prayer to Fr. David Richter written by her through heavenly inspiration is on this website: with the pictures and in my post below on January 1, 2018. May all of our prayers, in God’s Will of course, be answered through this Novena! Lenten Blessings, Becky Healy, OCDS “You pay God a compliment by asking great things of Him.” ~St. Teresa of Avila “Shedding tears of love over the Passion of Jesus is as pleasing to God as shedding one’s own blood for Him.” ~St. John of the Cross
Posted by Donna Barnard on 10th January 2018
Fr. Richter was a very holy Priest! He prayed with us all the time at St. Joseph's for years!! We helped him with his Vocation Holy Hours when he was Vocations Director and have only fond memories of him.Last year my husband had to go to Good Shepherd to look at some ac issues and I rode with him with intentions of going to the Adoration Chapel while he worked. The secretary told me it was closed to due to repairs also, but offered for me to sit in the parlor which was Fr. Richter's former office-- I was so happy and told her I will pray to Fr. Richter - I sat down in a chair and she passed by and said that is exactly where his desk chair was--- gave me chills! I was looking at facebook to pass some of the time and a facebook memory of Fr. Richter popped up of him doing the Ice Challenge for his mother for ALS! So he was really there with me-- the chances of me being in Monroe at Good Shepherd in the middle of the week and this happening was definitely a message from Fr. Richter! I still get chills just telling about that beautiful moment! We may have a Saint in our Diocese so keep praying to Fr. Richter and ask him to intercede for your intentions!
Posted by Chelsea Lewis on 10th January 2018
A very personal tribute but one to show just what a Saint he is. Before I was a member at Good Shepherd I was going through a very dark time. I didn’t know what to do with the pain anymore so I decided I wanted to take my life. Something in me told me to give God one more chance. So I did. I wasn’t even catholic at this time. I looked for churches around and saw Good Shepherd had a mass that evening. So I got dressed and went to a church I have never stepped inside of before. Father Richter was new at this time. I walked in and was nervous. I was so desperate for a sign. I walked in and sat in the very back of the church and began to pray. Mass was just a few minutes late getting started. I prayed to God “God, please kill me. I cannot do this anymore. Please show me a sign or send someone to save me because I am going to go home and kill myself tonight if not.” Father Richter was running to get to the gathering space so mass could start and as I finished my last word to my prayer, Father Richter stopped in his tracks. He walked up to me and put his hand on my shoulder and said “Are you ok?” And I was speechless. I had no words but tears when I tried to answer. In fact you couldn’t tell I was sad at all before he approached me. I was smiling and saying hi to people. So he told me to meet him after mass and ever since that meeting he took me under his wing. He found help for me and I am still here. He saved my life. He could have overlooked me. The fact he couldn’t even tell I was desperate for help and he still felt to approach me speaks volumes to me. I told him what I was praying before he approached me and he said he felt something strong tell him to approach me. If he didn’t I don’t know where I would be right now. Later that year I joined the Catholic Church and it has been the best thing to ever happen to me. I have met amazing people who I cannot see my life without. The night I joined the church he gave me a small gift. It was a necklace and I will cherish it the rest of my life. He also offered me a temporary job in the church office around that time. So if you remember seeing a young 20 year old female who looked like she had no idea what she was doing...that was me. The Jesus Good Shepherd Church has been amazing to me and the people have been so welcoming. Father Richter is truly a saint and I will forever be grateful for him. Thank you Father Richter. I miss you terribly.
Posted by Theresa Brandle on 10th January 2018
Saint John Paul, II said this in 1984 about priests, “ The priestly vocation is essentially a call to sanctity, in the form that derives from the Sacrament of Holy Orders. Sanctity is intimacy with God; it is the imitation of Christ, poor, chaste and humble; it is unreserved love for souls and self-giving to their true good; it is love for the church which is holy and wants us to be holy, because such is the mission that Christ has entrusted to it. Each one of you must be holy also in order to help your brothers pursue their vocation to sanctity.” Fr. Richter truly lived these words and now we must follow his example on our journey toward our Divine Intimacy with God. I miss you every day, but trust that you are interceding for me and all the souls that knew and loved you.
Posted by Randy Tisdale on 10th January 2018
Great man of God , great Cowboys fan . Enjoy heaven and see you soon.
Posted by John Willcox on 4th January 2018
This good priest meant more to myself and my family than words can describe. I still miss him terribly. I know Fr. David reclines at table with our Lord and I ask for his help often.
Posted by Lori Thibodeaux on 1st January 2018
Father Richter was such a prayerful priest. When he first came to Jesus Good Shepherd Church, I asked him if we could start the Chaplet of Divine Mercy once month, on the First Friday of the month, in our church. He immediately said “yes.” Not only did he say yes, he came to pray the chaplet with us. He lead us all in the Divine Mercy Prayer Service on Divine Mercy Sunday, also. Soon he started the Cenacle for Marian Movement for Priest on Thursday nights. I have never prayed in a small group, in front of our Tabernacle with a priest joining us before. This was so special. I still fill his presence in our church. I felt and still feel such a connection with Fr. Richter—�—�I know it was and is the Blessed Mother. Please pray and intercede for all of our intentions, Fr. Richter. We love and miss you! Your Friend and Sister In Christ, Lori Thibodeaux
Posted by Becky Healy on 1st January 2018
Novena to Fr. David Richter starts Tuesday, January 2nd Below is an excerpt from the reminder email sent on 1/1/18. ************************************* Dear Friends of Fr. David Richter, Attached is Theresa Brandle’s (and the Holy Spirit’s) Novena prayer to Fr. David Richter, our beloved former pastor. If you begin the Novena on Tuesday, January 2st and pray it for nine days ending on January 10th, that will be his Feast day and the third anniversary of Fr. Richter’s passing into eternity! This will make the third consecutive year that we have prayed the Novena leading up to Fr. Richter’s Feast day, as well as, his birthday in March. This email originally went out to over 80 parishioners, but it continues to grow! The praise reports received from participants are truly heart-warming and many believe that our Jesus the Good Shepherd parish family has truly been blessed through the intercession of Fr. Richter. Here’s the link to the memorial website sponsored by the Richter Family: http://www.forevermissed.com/father-david-thomas-richter/#about May all of your prayers, in God’s Holy Will, be answered through this Novena! Becky Healy “Prayer is the only power to which God surrenders.” ~ St. John of the Cross “You pay God a compliment by asking great things of Him.” ~St. Teresa of Avila ************************************ The Novena was originally posted on this website by Theresa Brandle on the 17th December 2016. THE NOVENA TO FATHER DAVID RICHTER: Oh Loving and kind Servant of God, Fr. David Richter, priest forever. You who administered to us all the Sacraments of the Holy Church, who prayed for us daily, and who gave profound example on how to live our daily lives, please take my petition (state personal intentions) bound in the love and devotion you have for the Blessed Mother, Mary and present it to her most merciful Son, Jesus. Now that you have entered into your heavenly reward, may you intercede for me to always "do the right thing" in each moment on earth, so that in God's time, I may also enter into His Heavenly Kingdom to be with you and all the angels and saints, giving eternal praise to the most Holy Trinity. Amen.
Posted by Randy Richter on 27th March 2017
Happy Birthday, David. Wow! My prayers for a little brother were answered SIXTY years ago today. BTW, thanks for marking the daily Mass for today in the "Pray Together" Missalette for me this morning. Cool. Miss you although I know you are with us.
Posted by Theresa Brandle on 19th March 2017
Today, March 19th, St. Joseph's Feast Day, is the day to start praying the 9 day Novena asking for Fr. David's intercession for your intentions. The ninth day will be on his birthday, March 27th. The prayer can be found in an earlier post of mine or there is a photo included on this website. Fr Richter is a powerful intercessor and I am sure he would want to give you a "spiritual gift" on his birthday!
Posted by Shanda Sepulvado on 12th January 2017
Missing you more than ever. Remembering you always.
Posted by Carol Silvey on 10th January 2017
Father David, cousin and friend, you are greatly missed, but while I shed tears today, I rejoice knowing you are with our blessed Savior. I look forward to the day when we will all be reunited with our dear Lord and those who have gone on before us. When you see Dad, please tell him I love and miss him, too. Love, Carol
Posted by Susan Erlemeier on 5th January 2017
Father David Richter was my spiritual director for a period of time. When my son committed suicide Father David quoted the Catechism of the Catholic Church and put my fears at ease regarding my son's salvation. Additionally he shared the story about St. Monica's advisor in that her many prayers for St. Augustine would be fruitful. Father also inducted me into the Society of the Brown Scapular. I remember that day and the little ceremony and still wear that Scapular after about 5 years! It's pretty tattered now but I remember my responsibilities in wearing it. I am truly blessed to have shared time with such a gentle, kind soul who always kept his door open for those in need.
Posted by Becky Healy on 1st January 2017
Fr. David Richter was my pastor at Jesus the Good Shepherd, also my confessor, spiritual director and very dear friend. His Novena Holy Card that Theresa Brandle pinned under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit remains on top of my breviary. As a member of the Vocation Awareness Committee and the ACTS Missions Core Board, I was blessed immensely to have the opportunity to work, plan, consult and, above all, to pray with him. My last spiritual direction conference with Fr. Richter was the Friday before his mother died. It was most definitely different than any of our other sessions; looking back it was almost like he knew it was our last meeting. After my first spiritual direction conference with him on August 9, 2013, in my thank you note I wrote… “Thank you most kindly for graciously agreeing to meet with me for spiritual direction. You most definitely fulfilled one of the primary goals of a spiritual director… you gave peace! Our Lord has given me a great grace in providing a Spiritual Director to my soul and at an especially crucial time. May God continue to give you insight into the souls you direct for His Honor and Glory.” And, he never failed to continue to give excellent spiritual guidance and peace! As faithful, devoted and diligent he was to all his obligations and duties to his state in life…all he wanted to do was pray! He truly had a heart of pure gold; such purity of intention in all his works and everything that he communicated. Do not doubt for a minute that this Holy Man of God is not praying continually for everyone he ever knew here on earth and especially the sheep he was called to shepherd! One of his sheep, Rebecca “Becky” Healy, OCDS
Posted by Theresa Brandle on 17th December 2016
I was so blessed by God to have Fr. Richter as my Spiritual Director for twenty-two years. He taught me so many precious lessons on drawing closer to Jesus, Mary and the Saints. Fr. David stressed the importance of daily prayer and over the years was a great witness to how to pray by watching him before or after he said Mass. He seemed to be constantly praying the Divine Office, the rosary or a Novena. This is why I wrote a Novena after his death (with the help of the Holy Spirit).... for his intercession for special intentions that I had in my life. The first time I said this prayer, it was for nine days before the first Anniversary of his entering into Eternal Life. Since then, I have prayed this Novena nine days before other important dates, like his birthday and then again for Divine Mercy Sunday. All of my intentions have been answered, sometimes with concrete answers and sometimes with Grace to know why God answered my prayer differently from my intention. I want to share this Novena to Fr David Richter with you today. If you begin it today, December 17th, it will end on Christmas Day. May we all feel Fr. Richter's intercession as he is a member of the Communion of Saints and may we be blessed by his powerful prayers for our intentions! NOVENA TO FR. DAVID RICHTER Oh loving and kind servant of God, Fr. David Richter, priest forever. You who administered to us all the Sacraments of the Holy Church, who prayed for us daily, and who gave profound example on how to live our daily lives, please take my petition (state personal intentions) bound in the love and devotion you have for the Blessed Mother, Mary and present it to her most merciful Son, Jesus. Now that you have entered into your heavenly reward, may you intercede for me to always "do the right thing" in each moment on earth, so that in God's time, I may also enter into His Heavenly Kingdom to be with you and all the angels and saints, giving eternal praise to the most Holy Trinity. Amen.
Posted by Becky Anderson on 30th November 2016
Father David was my not only my pastor but a wonderful friend! Think of him often...and have said his name several times and I stop to say "thanks I know you are praying for me today! Love and miss you!
Posted by Randy Richter on 29th November 2016
From an unknown contributor: Father Dave was my pastor and friend. I think of him often, knowing that he is praying for me at the heavenly banquet! He did so much for me and my family teaching me my faith and how to live it, I love you Father.
Posted by Randy Tisdale on 29th November 2016
Father David was a great man of God. We watch a few Cowboys games together and talked religion some . Him being Catholic and me being Baptist made quite the conversation .One thing that we both agreed on is you either have Jesus in your heart or you don't . His job as well as mine was to make sure as many people as we came in touch with did in fact have Jesus in their hearts . He did a great job of that . He was a good friend . great man of God , and a good Cowboys fan . I miss him a lot as i know many that he came in contact do as well. Bless you Father David , thanks for all you did . Have a great time in heaven . See you soon . .

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