Let the memory of Fay be with us forever
  • 58 years old
  • Born on January 19, 1952 in South Carolina, United States.
  • Passed away on April 6, 2010 in United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Fay Fagan, 58, born on January 19, 1952 and passed away on April 6, 2010. We will remember her forever.

Fay is survived by her husband Mr. John Fagan two daughters Mrs Sandrus Privott, Denise Fagan. Two grandsons Jonathon Fagan, and Deon Fagan, one granddaughter Keyon Fagan. Six sibiants Kennth Doggett, Byron Doggett, Evelyn Doggett Marsh, Bruce Doggett, Juan Doggett, and Robert Jackson.

We pray this site will allow those of you who shared in her life to share in remembering her. We welcome all the memories of Fay, whom was taken from us to soon. please feel free to leave a story a message, poem or a picture.

                         Rest In Peace  Sis       

Posted by Evelyn Marsh on 19th January 2019
I'm missing you so much today sis. Happy birthday
Posted by Keyona Fagan on 6th April 2018
Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you and I love you.
Posted by Keyona Fagan on 27th January 2018
Happy belated birthday grandma. Love you always.
Posted by Brenda Johnson on 10th February 2017
On my heart and mind.
Posted by Keyona Fagan on 19th January 2017
Thinking of you on your special day. Happy birthday grandma. I love you and I hope your having a ball up there with uncle Kenny , Erica, grandma Sarah , Aunt Joyce and everyone else. I love you sweetie and miss you more and more as every year passes. I hope I'm making you proud.
Posted by Keyona Fagan on 23rd July 2015
Well Grandma, life without you is still hard for me but I feel as a big weight has been lifted off of me. After all these years, we finally have justice and closure from you being taken away from us too soon. Now you can rest in peace my angel. Now when I cry thinking of you it will be tears of joy knowing that you can finally rest in peace and now I can dwell on all the good times rather than the bad. You were truly a gift from God that I can never get back, I can never hear your voice again or feel your touch but you will forever exist in heart. I love you grandma fay and you will forever be missed. rest in peace and heaven baby.
Posted by Evelyn Marsh on 12th June 2015
missing you.
Posted by Evelyn Marsh on 12th June 2015
missing you.
Posted by Keyona Fagan on 11th March 2015
As I'm getting closer to my dreams and goals I can't help but to think of you and wish you were here to see them Love you grandma Fay! Gone be never forgotten.
Posted by Keyona Fagan on 20th February 2015
Thought of you once more. Love you.
Posted by Sandrus Privott on 12th February 2015
You were taken from us to soon It happened shortly after noon. The sun set and you were gone But your legacy shall live on Auntie and I will try to hold it together It's not easy you know our subjects At every turn they bitch and object We're only trying to keep thing tight To help everyone have a good night We love and miss you every day But if we had the chance to say We love and miss you dear Ever to often we shed a tear. But it's a tear of joy and assurance To know you're there during our endurance
Posted by Kriston Marsh on 10th February 2015
This poem is called a rose for a rose. You was a great mother sister and a aunt. To some you was a friend and to others you was family. You lifted spirits when you walked into a room. Threw your eyes it seemed like dark days would shine bright. You always spoke your mind and never kept what you was feeling inside. You helped clear up a lot of dark and clouded minds. A rose for a rose and wings for a angel that God has called home. All thought your not here in flesh your here in spirits hearts minds and homes. When ever someone was down and out you knew just what to say God please don't ever let my Guardian Angel go away. A rose for a rose a loving wife , mother , sister ,aunt like know other. May you live on beyond the sky at rest with your mother grand daughter and brother. Rest in pease fay fagan , willie marsh , Sarah jackson , erica fagan , Robert jackson, Kenneth doggett aka Zoe boy we love and miss you. We will morn you until we join you may your names live on threw all of us.
Posted by Keyona Fagan on 10th February 2015
In my Rose Garden of memories I see you standing there An angel in disguise Who taught me how to care I long to hear your voice for real not in my dreams I am missing you so much these days how empty my world seems People say time heals all wounds that someday the pain will subside But Grandma I can tell you I think they must have lied The emptiness I am feeling now is strong and I am weak These days go by without you so dreary and so bleak In my Rose Garden of memories I know you'll always be for though you're gone from this mortal world In my heart you'll always be. I love and miss you so much, I wish I could feel your tender touch, life is not the same without you and there isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. Time continues to pass and life continues to go on and so does the strong memories that I hold close of you. your granddaughter, Keyona Fagan
Posted by Evelyn Marsh on 10th February 2015
Silence is golden yet not anymore silence brings thoughts I just can't ignore. The nights are sleepless dreams out of reach. Surrounded by family, I still feel alone. My heart is so empty, this pain I must own. I wish I could hug you and just see your face. But I have memories to stand in your place. Everyone say gone but not forgotten, yes that's what they say of course that is true, but if only you could have stayed.
Posted by Evelyn Marsh on 9th February 2015
Always thinking of you

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