his Life

In Loving Memory Of Feao

Good Bye to a wonderful husband, loving father, amazing grand-father, sweet & humble son, best uncle, favorite brother & the kindest friend!



You taught your family unconditional love, to always be humble, love one another, and most of all you taught us CHARITY. Though you are gone to reside with our Heavenly Father your spirit still lingers in our home. Your grand-kids still call for you and often kiss your picture because they miss you. Your dear wife misses your presence next to her at night & when she wakes in the morning. Your sons truely miss your voice around the house, especially how you counsel them and lecture them about the importance of love, family,happiness & work.Your daughters will continue to live life knowing that your love you had for each of them and their spouses were unconditional and that they were the world to you. Lastly, your father will miss you taking your daily walks to his house just to see what he's doing and to say a simple HELLO.

The day you were admitted to the hospital was a sign we all missed to see, that that was your signal you were getting ready to leave to go to our Heavenly Father. After 7 days in the hospital, all of us praying for you nite & day, fasting and the continued worrying, Heavenly Father decided it was time.

Now that he has called you back home, the rest of us will continue to build his kingdom here on earth until we meet again. No words can express how much we love and miss you so much! We will see you when we get there! FAMILIES ARE FOREVER.