This memorial website was created in memory of our dear Mother, Professor Deaconess Mrs. Felicia Adebola Adeyoyin, 82 years old, born on November 6, 1938, and passed away on May 1, 2021. We will love your mom and will ever be grateful to you. 
Posted by Tunde Oyebola on June 18, 2021
Prof FA Adeyoyin was the Head, Curriculum Dept in 1989 when I was elected as the Departmental Students Association's President. She was a mother to me. She was always there giving advice on the best way forward.
At a time, a female lecturer reported me to her and Prof looked for me immediately took me to her and pleaded on my behalf. Amazing mother to many of us. Many years after leaving unilag, she found me again, remembered me vividly and she would call me on a weekly basis pray for me. Sadly, I couldn't make several invitations to Mama's Aba Johnson home!!!
Sadly again, i am thousands of kilometer away from Lagos to pay my final respect to your memory.

As you are laid to final rest today, Mummy, may your soul find rest and May God keep your biological and several other children. Thank God for the gift of you to our world.
Love you mummy and I will miss you so so dearly ( tears are flowing once more)
Posted by Sola Ifekoya on June 18, 2021
“Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭57:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Thank you Lord for the blessing of Mummy. May you continue to bless and strengthen her family.
Posted by Arinola Joda on June 18, 2021
May your legacy ontinue to live and resonate with us. We bless God for your very eventful and impactful life. May your soul rest in perfect peace
Posted by Dayo Ogunremi on June 15, 2021
Mummy Adeyoyin lived a full life and for this we are thankful. She left her mark quietly but definitely in the stands of time. Graceful,elegant and knowing, she stood for God and for her family. Mother to my sister, Adebola Ogunremi, we last saw at Pa Adeyoyin's burial last year. A marriage that was the epitome of Christian union and a lesson for us still. We rejoice not as ones without hope, for she is in her Maker's bosom. Adieu! till we meet on that celestial sod to part no more.
- Dayo & Omo Ogunremi
Posted by Goke Ogunremi on June 15, 2021
In Loving Memory of Prof F. A Adeyoyin, OON
"Giving thanks in all things, for this is the will of God concerning you in Christ Jesus" 1Thess.5:18
It was in 1994 at the engagement ceremony of my eldest brother (Bro Tunde) to Sis Bola that I first met Mummy. As I joined in with the family to 'dobale', she spotted me there and exclaimed, "Tunde kekere re!" as my brother and I share such a striking resemblance, and to me it felt real special.
She was a Christian indeed, firm, yet gentle, always there to offer comfort in the Word and hymns, urging us then at Dad's passing, not to grieve as the world grieves.
Thank you, Mummy for honoring Yemi and I with your presence and generous support at our wedding. Your commitment to family, God and country is one worthy of all pledge and emulation.
You are loved and will be greatly missed.
From Goke and Yemi Ogunremi.

Posted by Alero Onosode on June 15, 2021
Prof. Deaconess Adeyoyin was a birthday mate extraordinaire.
It was really a blessing to share our special day. Her messages, gifts and care were really superlative. I couldn’t have asked God for more.
She was a great role model and I always looked out for her big bright smile.
So glad I got a bite, of her full rich exemplary life.
Thanking God for the wonderful legacy she left behind.
Posted by Valentina Solarin on June 15, 2021
Mummy Prof, I thank God for the impactful life you have led and the worthy legacy you've left on the shores of our dear country Nigeria in the form of the Nigerian Anthem. Yours was a life worthy of celebration forever and we're sure you've entered into your eternal rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus. Rest on Ma, till we meet at the feet of Jesus.. May your gentle soul rest in peace Ma.
Posted by Akinyemi Ojesina on June 13, 2021
When I was growing up in Yaba Baptist Church, there was a woman who I thought knew the Bible as much as my mother: Professor Felicia Adebola Adeyoyin.

It was always a thrill to hear her teach God's word, line upon line, precept upon precept, a little here, a little there. Her superlative intellect was thoroughly mixed with revelation knowledge. I will always be grateful that she was my Inquirers' Class teacher; I always looked forward to Fridays evenings during that summer before my baptism. Indeed, her teachings were foundational for a lot of the things I learnt about being a Christian.

I also remember the single year that Dapo was at FGC Ilorin. Prof and Seyi came to see Dapo on visiting day. In her generous way, she asked me to come along to go shopping for provisions, and she bought me every single thing she got for Dapo! She also asked me to come along to have lunch in the house of her sister who was on the faculty of the University of Ilorin.

Prof was beautiful inside and out. She always glowing in the Lord. She passed her virtues on to her children. A few years ago, my wife, Toluwaleyi and I were trading stories about university days and she spoke fondly about a Sister Bola in her fellowship who was of a meek and quiet spirit [even vocally :)], and I said the description reminded me of someone named Bola whose mother was my Inquirers' class teacher, and we found out we were talking about the same person!

I am saddened that Prof is gone but gratified she is with Her Heavenly Father.
May her magnificent soul rest in peace.

Akinyemi Ojesina
Posted by Adekunle Tinuoye on June 3, 2021
Professor Mrs Felicia Adebola Adeyoyin, Patriot, Educationist, Academic, Evangelist, Mother, Wife, Consultant, Aunt, Counselor, Adviser, Humanist, Christian, Nationalist , Scholar, Icon, Legend Teacher, Mentor,Teacher, Grandmother

Words would not be enough to comprehensively describe her as she was a woman of many parts . She was a trailblazer in all ramifications and distinguished herself everywhere she went from Ghana, University of Lagos to United Nations Population Fund, Kenya. At home, she was a loving, amiable, compassionate and affectionate wife and mother of four equally adorable children. In the church and community, she made her mark and her indelible and landmark footprints has been permanently engraved on the sands of time. 
In celebrating her life and times, its appropriate to affirm that truly she came, she saw and she conquered. Rest in perfect peace ma, 
Posted by Bola Adeyemo on June 2, 2021

The news of the transition of our Felicia Adebola Adeyoyin hit me like a thunderbolt. It came like one of the tales from the Arabian nights.

'Eja nla l’o l’omi Prof', as I used to call her, was a rare combination of beauty, intellect and spirituality. Beyond all she was a wife of unalloyed dedication to her unusual husband whom she once described in a living testimony from over 40 years ago as ‘the most handsome and complete man ever created by God’. This was no exaggeration, as my perception of the closely woven relationship she had with her husband was a source of envy and admiration for many.

For a number of years, they were voted as Couple of the Year by both the Youth Fellowship and Men’s Missionary Union (MMU) of Yaba Baptist Church.
Felicia Adeyoyin did not believe in effortless fortune, but by dint of hard work and perseverance she was able to achieve immeasurable success in all her life’s endeavors.

Her strength of character was as admirable as her ‘never say no’ disposition. Her immense patriotism led her to the composition of the National pledge, a feat that won her national acclaim and the award of OON.

I know of many who relied on Felicia Adeyoyin’s intellectual endowments to obtain their doctorate and other high-level degrees, enabling them to reach the zenith of their various professions.

Felicia’s late husband was my egbon and intimate benefactor. He was a source of great inspiration to me, and we were blessed to have been able to confide in each other.

Felicia’s departure so soon after the passing of her inimitable husband brings to mind the epitaph of David on the death of Jonathan his mighty friend: 'How are the mighty fallen. Tell it not on the streets of Iree, publish it not on the streets of Saki'.

Solomon and Felicia were incredibly loving and tight knit while they lived, and in death they were not divided for long. Together they were stronger than a pack of lions, as wise as eagles.

The Christian Fellowship ‘Mrs Emeritus’ is gone. Adieu Felicia, till we meet to part no more.

Bola & Pastor (Mrs) Antonia Adeyemo
Atlanta, GA
Posted by Deji Adeyoyin on May 31, 2021


It is hard to believe that Prof Felicia Adeyoyin has departed this world. Our condolences to all of us in the larger family.

Prof Felicia Adeyoyin had an eventful life, including a very successful academic career at the University of Lagos where she rose to occupy a much deserved professorial Chair of Education. She made immense and lasting contributions to the development of her department, faculty and the university as a whole. The United Nations, UNFPA could hardly wait for her to occupy her Chair at Unilag, for not long after she became a professor, the organization snatched her away to Kenya and Eastern Africa to lead important part of its work. After retiring from the UN, she decided to devote the rest of her life to support her extensive family spread over three or more continents and her church ministry as a deaconess in her church, where she and her husband had been for long solid pillar of support in God’s vineyard.

 Since our two families became one though marriage more than twenty years ago, we have had reasons to bless the Lord for his goodness to us all. She and her husband, Pa Solomon Adedeji Adeyoyin, a very lively, outspoken and frank individual who is at the same time gifted with a good sense of humour, collaborated with us to build a solid Adeyoyin - Oyebande family.

Deacon Professor Mrs Adeyoyin, your love and care for your family had drawn you and your  husband so closely together that you could both enjoy a marital bliss, and so you could devote several years of your life to his care and well-being until that evening when he departed this world with an unending smile on his face.

Your faith in the Lord Jesus and His power to heal and sustain your life in the last couple of years has been challenging and encouraging to many members and friends of the family who heard you say confidently that the Lord would give you an opportunity to praise Him in the land of the living. 

We will surely miss your presence and person sorely, especially with the stronger more intimate closeness you forged in the last few years, but our consolation is in the confidence that you are resting in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ and that we shall meet again in His joyful presence.

We offer our sincere and heartfelt condolence to the whole family, particularly to your precious children who did all they could to surround you with their love and care, and your wonderful siblings who are ever in full, corporate and cheerful support of yourself and the Adeyoyin family.

 Adieu Deaconess Professor Mrs Felicia Adebola Adeyoyin.

Emer. Prof.(Dn) Lekan & Rev. (Mrs.) Funmilayo Oyebande. 

Posted by Bola Ogunremi on May 29, 2021

On that fateful day in church when we did Bible recitation twenty years ago, Prof. Dcns. Felicia Adebola Adeyoyin (OON) walked up to me and told me she really liked me because I was smart. She decided to meet my parents and told them she wanted to be my godmother.
They accepted and that was how she took me up as her own.

I remember the time she would ask me to come early to church so we could do English lessons before mid-week services. I was always with my writing materials. She taught me the English language. Since she was a retired professor, she had a unique and effective way of teaching and I can still remember most of what she taught me. I mean, those things are stuck in my memory. I completed my secondary education all because of her support and that of a few others.

She taught me to hard work. There was a time I almost thought she made me work too hard but then I learned quickly because she as an elderly woman worked even harder. She made you work while she was working too. So, you couldn’t even feel bad because you were both working and she worked even more. Sometimes, I wondered where she got the strength for. She worked tirelessly.
That hard work has made me the strong woman that I am today.

She also taught me contentment. With floaters in her eyes, Mama wrote her book LIVING WITH FLOATERS: GOD'S GRACE. She seemed to have a very clear vision and sometimes I wondered how she could see clearly even with her floaters.

Anytime I visited her home, we would pray and study the Bible every night no matter how tired she was. It was a routine. I remember how she would correct me when I pronounced an English word wrongly while praying. She would correct you after the prayers. Her memory was so sharp. She could even remember things I had forgotten about.

She was a keeper.
She kept old friends, pictures and valuable things for a long time. I remember when I saw a flask with her and she told me the flask was older than I was. Mama would keep a record of everything at home and nothing could go missing without her noticing it. She was very detailed and very aware and present in her home.

Mama was so kind and loving. She was a giver. She opened up her home to me and took me as her own. She gave me my wonderful older siblings. Aunty Bola, Uncle Deji, Uncle Dapo and Aunty Seyi Korede.

Mama was a brilliant scholar. She got to the peak of her career at a very young age.

She was also the author of the national pledge. She was rewarded with the OON award.

I miss you, Mum. Thanks for all you were to me. Thanks for all you taught me. Thanks for not giving up of me. Thanks for your love and support.

I cherish all the moments I spent with her and I pray that God will comfort us all.

Rest on Iya rere.
You are loved by me.
Posted by Bola Ogunremi on May 29, 2021

Tribute to a woman of virtue, she was a dedicated wholly committed and one of the backbones of IBOSA (IDI ABA BAPTIST OLD STUDENT ASSOCIATION) her Alma Mata. She was a kind, generous, loving to the core, an encourager, a God fearing mother and lover of education. A brilliant in like passion, an epitome of love, humility and simplicity, an exemplary leader in the Old student groups with uncommon grace for the younger generation.     

She was the National Vice president to the organisation and chairman for the successful celebration of the 100 years of IDI-A BA Group of schools. A writer of so many books for the up coming generation. Her life even wrote many books to many of us which we love to emulate. She wrote the IBOSA "Attestation of loyalty" which she lived by every word of the pledge.

"I pledge myself to remember, that all time and in all places, I am the school's representative.
I will therefore strive to refrain from any word or deed which may bring discredit to it.
I will ever seek to be worthy of the school, to add to its luster and cherish her highest tradition.
I will try to play my part in transmitting it to others not less but greater and better than it was transmitted to me."

We cannot tell all about you, but we sincerely declare that your absence from our midst will be greatly felt.
You came, you fought and you conquered.

We love you but Jesus loves you most.
Rest On in the bosom of your God whom you loved to the end.

Posted by Bola Ogunremi on May 29, 2021
I'm sad, dejected and in tears,  to hear that my adorable  and affectionate Aunty , Prof. Dcns. Mrs. Felicia Adebola Adeyoyin, has gone to be with her Creator.

My Confidant, Counselor & Mentor is no more. A prayer warrior, devoted Christian, kind hearted & lover of souls ,will be missed greatly.

Please accept our deepest sympathy & condolences, on behalf of Bola Adeyemo's  household . 

God Almighty will strengthen, uphold & comfort all you , grandchildren & the families of Adeyoyin and Awujoola. 

As the Bible says ," She has fought the good fight, She has finished the race, She has kept the faith. Henceforth, there is laid up for her the crown of righteousness (glory) ".

A dependable & trusted Friend is loved and will be remembered for her good deeds. It is painful & unbearable for me .

Please let's cheer up & renew our strength in the WORD OF GOD, that our God is All - Knowing, and there is no mistake in His deeds.

In everything , let us give thanks to His Holy Name.  It is well.

We love all of you with the love of Jesus Christ,

Pst . Mrs Anthonia Bola Adeyemo
Georgia, USA.
Posted by Bola Ogunremi on May 29, 2021
A Tribute to Our Loving Sister Deaconess Princess
Prof. Felicia Adebola Adeyoyin OON
From Her Siblings

A Yoruba adage has it that “20 children cannot play together for 20 years” (that is: “ogun omode ko le sere fun ogun odun”). That adage solemnly dawned on us on 1st May, 2021 when according to God’s will and purpose, our sister Felicia (fondly called “Sister Agba” by her younger sibs), the number 2 of the children of Late Prince Robert Labisi and Late Deaconess Julianah Adebisi Awujoola, peacefully went to be with the LORD. For 82 years, our brother Emmanuel has had the company of his sister Felicia, while the rest of us have had our respective number of years under their (Emmanuel and Felicia) care and tutelage. Anyone can therefore imagine the sudden realization of our lives’ new scenario sequel to her departure. Her death has indeed created a vacuum that can never be filled; but thank God that He heals, and time heals!

So, we celebrate a beautiful life spent for Jesus in the service of her family, to raise up Godly and well-educated children; in the service of the nation as a Patriot who gave Nigeria the national pledge; and as a Godly woman and Deaconess of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. In the academic world, a prolific writer who rose to be a Professor and Head of Department by which means she positively impacted the lives of her undergraduate and postgraduate students morally and academically. On the international scene, she was appointed the Regional Adviser on Population Education for Eastern and Southern Africa Regional Office by UNFPA. These and many more accomplishments have been our consolation of a fulfilled life.

We thank God for our sister’s sterling qualities which made her personality “matchless”. We recall her gentle, humble and loving disposition which struck anyone who met her for the first time to conclude that indeed, she was a child of GOD. Our sister was remarkably generous, unassuming and helpful. Above all, she was endowed with the fear of GOD which encompasses all virtues.
She will be sorely missed.

Posted by Bola Ogunremi on May 29, 2021
Tribute to a darling mother, sister and sister-in-law, Mrs. Dcns, Professor Felicia Abeke Adeyoyin.
I don't know where to start my tribute to this humble, generous and loving sister and sister-in-law.
Let me first remember her for her generosity to us her twin sisters, when we were on secondarily school. She would organize and pay for holiday lessons for us. She got us snacks during breaks and always made us comfortable even till her last day.
She made my first visit to America possible through her generosity by paying for more than half the airfare. How can I, Taiwo Senior, forget her love to me. I will miss her for her advice, support and endurance in all ramifications of her love and kindness to the Adeyoyins.
Mummy, you fought a good fight and you have won. Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord until we meet to part no more in Jesus' mighty name. Amen.
O di gba kana na.
The last time I saw you was on the 28th of April 2021. I couldn't hold back my tears for I knew you would soon go back to your maker. This eventually happened on the 1st of May 2021.
The tears are still rolling down my cheeks for I know that I will miss your motherly counsel and advice to me personally.
I can not forget the assistance she rendered to my family - The Fatokis, encouraging us to keep trusting God for our needs until he also passed on to glory.
Mummy, as I usually called her, had been Mummy to many people. She derived joy by putting a smile on the faces of others.

You were not only an exceptional mum but also a true friend, sister, a peaceful mother, grandmother, dutiful wife and indeed a jewel of value to the Adeyoyin family.

Rest in Peace, Ma.
Mrs. Taiwo Fatoki

Posted by Bola Ogunremi on May 29, 2021
Tribute to a loving sister, Late Mrs. Dcns. Prof. Felicia Abeke Adebola Adeyoyin.

We thank God for your life well spent.

She was loving, caring, truthful, kind and respectful to all. She was transparent and always praying for everybody, believing in God her saviour. She gave and exhibited the fruit of the Spirit as in Galatians 5: 22- 23.

You were a sister and mother in a million. When my twin sister and I were in secondary school, you played a pivotal role in our education; we will never forget your love.

You lived a good life, knowing and loving God and that gives everybody confidence that you are together in heaven with the angels and the Elders praising him right now.

Though your death is painful, we know that God allowed it. Rest in perfect peace till we meet to part no more.

Sun re O. Abeke okin, aya Omo Olofa Moja, as our late mother always called you.

Mrs. Kehinde Lawson
Posted by Bola Ogunremi on May 29, 2021

Mummy, as fondly called by us, was a sweet woman. Too nice, too kind and generous that you will not want her to fall sick talk less of dying.
My first encounter with her was as a Lydia in Yaba Baptist Church in the late 70s and early 80s when she was our Lydia Director. She was always down to earth and taught us the word of God and the benefits of obeying them. She loved God with all her heart. She was full of Love. She loved everybody and never complained.
She would go all the way to help even if she didn’t know you.
I remember when my dad died suddenly and I was broken. She was among the first to come to our house to see us. She sat with me and fed me with cornflakes and made sure I finished my meal. That’s Mummy Adeyoyin for you. She was too good.
She would always give us Christmas gifts.
I admired the way she loved her husband and cared for him with all her strength.
Mummy thinks you have travelled because she's always asking for Mama Bola, Deaconess Adeyoyin. I want to talk to her! Please call her for me!
Yes, indeed you have travelled to be with the Lord.
Alas! A Saint has gone home. We will miss you greatly. We love you but Jesus loves you more.
Sleep on Mummy and rest in the bosom of your maker.
Dr Yinka Ajayi on behalf of Soremekun family.

Posted by Bola Ogunremi on May 29, 2021

Words ARE Not enough to describe who you were or how great the impact you had in the life of many as a "SISTER" and FRIEND.
M. Osinaike
Posted by Bola Ogunremi on May 29, 2021

“There is something they call the fullness of time in the life of every believer.
When the time comes, no force or power can stop the will of God from manifesting.”
The sudden and certainly unexpected news of Prof (Dcns) Felicia Adebola Adeyoyin, OON passing on was received by us with a clear message to all that still has breath.
That tested message is that “yesterday is a memory; tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift” from our Creator.
Whaoh! What a sad news of the departure of a trusted family friend and confidant; an encourager; an intellectually gifted Nigerian with a clean record of service to her fatherland; an extraordinary mentor of high integrity; a frank and quiet layer of actioned Christian values and a quintessential family devotee with high moral standards.
Mama Adeyoyin walked the talk till she breathed her last breath.
My 80th Birthday beautifully glazed “AWARD of:
“The Most Cherished Husband (MCH), The Most Cherished Dad (MCD)
The Most Cherished Brother (MCB), The Most Cherished Grand Dad (MCGD)” by Prof (Dcns) Adeyoyin’s, OON, FASAD Institute of Lectures bears testimony to her fertile recognition of relationships. Indeed, she came, she saw and she conquered, braving all intimidating challenges with uncommon courage and “Pauline” faith.
In the adulterated quote of the Scottish Author, Robert Louis Stevenson, Prof (Dcns) Adeyoyin, OON, was a success who lived well; laughed often and loved much; who gained the respect of intelligent men and the love of her children; who has filled her niche and accomplished her task; who looked for the best in others and gave the best she had.
Whilst we are permitted to celebrate the glorious and vibrant life she lived and the evergreen memories she left behind; we must remember that she has only gone ahead of us!
To ALL she has left behind (including the wonderful, caring and well-brought-up children), I commend the following words~
“Those we love don’t go away; they walk beside us everyday,
Unseen, unheard but always near;
Still loved; Still missed and Very dear”
May her enduring legacies, both human and material, remain evergreenly nurtured by the Giver of Life & the Sustainer of the Living.
May her gentle Soul rest in the bosom of her Creator.
ADIEU, WORTHY SISTER...till we meet, at the Master’s feet, to part no more.

Dr Abraham & Victoria ALO
Posted by Bola Ogunremi on May 29, 2021

Nigeria has lost a thorough bred, illustrious daughter, a real patriot, academic and Christian. Africa has lost a hero and sage. We will always remember her for her kindness, forthrightness and exemplary services to humanity and education in Nigeria.
“A titan is gone!
A good woman has departed from our midst,
Professor Adebola Adeyoyin was a principled, honest, cerebral and disciplined woman who lived an exemplary life. She displayed in her character the virtues of selflessness, discipline, objectivity, tolerance and methodical approach to personal, contemporary and national issues.
We celebrate the life of Professor Adebola Adeyoyin because she will be remembered for her good deeds, the indelible legacies she left behind including her immense contributions to the development of University Education, Social and Christian morals in Nigeria.
She will be greatly missed by all the people whose paths have been touched by her. “It is not debatable that she came, saw, made impressive conquests and left indelible marks on the sands of time.”
She made great marks as a scholar, statesman, outstanding stakeholder in the education, social and religion sectors of Nigeria. Her visionary leadership and dedication to the ideals of creativity, tenacity, professionalism is great.
Professor Felicia Adebola Adeyoyin was a true trailblazer both for natural and moral philosophy and for women in academia as a whole.
Shakespeare once said that: -
“Some are born great
Some achieve greatness
While some have greatness thrust upon them”

The Great man theory can be largely explained by the impact of “great men” or heroes highly influential individuals who, due to either their personal charisma, intelligence, wisdom or political skill utilized their power in a way that had a decisive historical impact”
Human being can be great in every endeavours of life.
Professor Felicia Adebola Adeyoyin OON can be described as a most charming and lovely woman from excellent family background and sound education who also loved children dearly. She was a successful teacher, a job she loved very much. The quality education that Professor Adebola Adeyoyin attained was the lever that the Almighty God used to lift her from the valley of life and to propel her to her destiny. She was highly regarded by generations of educationists and social reformers.
Professor Adeyoyin was a lady of honest character, an archetype of encouragement, a citadel of strength, yet full of compassion, humility and modesty in her achievements.
Professor Adebola Adeyoyin possessed DNA of greatness and sophistication which stand her apart among the people of this generation.
Professor Felicia Adebola Adeyoyin was a shining star that teaches invaluable lessons to many. She had numerous admirable qualities and values. She was tenancious yet humble with an endearing simplicity, a cheerful spirit, a genuine ally and a devoted companion. To all those that surrounded her, she exhibited an attitude of selflessness which is simply second nature to her.
Professor Adeyoyin was endowed with such wisdom that whenever any problem was brought to her, she would have the right advice to make one feel better. Whenever confronted with a bad situation, her advice was to turn your grapes into grape juice. She made a permanent mark in the hearts of people who are close to her and made a profound impact on their lives.
Professor Felicia Adeyoyin was a celebrated figure in her own right who through sheer hard work and unweaving faith accomplished a numerous string of firsts in her career and field of education.
As a good leader, she was ready and willing to make sacrifices for the people’s welfare or survival not the other way round. She was a great leader of repute with great virtue of high standard which she has inculcated into her numerous mentees. She was a woman who had impacted and effected lives immeasurably with her hardwork and commitment. She was a fearless, courageous professional who made her presence felt in the environment she operated.
She was a woman of many parts.

“A perfect wife
A perfect woman
A perfect mother
A great mentor and educator
A great achiever
A disciplinarian
An outstanding professor
A great leader
A devoted Christian”

Professor Adebola Adeyoyin was a great achiever and an accomplished mother and wife. She was a strong-willed woman blessed with uncommon energy. She was a great leader of repute. 
Professor Felicia Adebola Adeyoyin was a lady of integrity, impeccable manners and a philanthropist per excellence. She was a quintessentially wonderful, unique rare breed of modest, gentle, humane, entrepreneurial and perfect epitome of humanity.
The great heights Professor Adebola Adeyoyin attained were not by sudden flights but by dint of hard work, perseverance, doggedness and undoubting spirit which carried her through a lot of stormy weathers to achieve abundant success, excellence and greatness in her chosen fields.
There are models, role models and amazons, but some are more than models and amazons.
There are professors but there are professors of professors. There are teachers but there are teachers of teachers. Professor Adeyoyin was a complete detribalised professional teacher and leader. She was passionate and committed to her profession as a scholar.
As a leader, she was a fantastic listener who was always willing to assist in solving younger colleagues’ problems. She was a genuine leader who was interested in the growth and development of the youngest professional colleagues.
Being around Professor Adeyoyin, She would ensure that one was comfortable and happy. She made people feel important, recognized and respected. She lived a life of great service to humanity especially to the less privileged. Her great poise, unblemished integrity and humanity endeared her to the heart of millions of people as an exemplary philanthropist. 

Erin nla wo nigbo
Ajanaku lo niju
Eja nla lo lomi
Adebola omo Awujoola r'orun aremabo
Adebola Aya Adedeji Solomon da?
Haa Olukoni agba, Ojogbon Adeyoyin
Adebola ti lo ! ! !
Ofi awon omo ati opo omo omo sile
Iku iba gbowo,
Aba fun lowo
Iku iba gberan,
Aba pa agbo
Oma se o ! ! !
Enirere ati Pataki wa ti lo
Iku to fi onika sile to mu eni rere lo
Iku alumutu
Emaje okun,
Ema je ekolo
Ohun ti won banje, Lajunle orun ni ki emaa ba won je
Ile to ofi sile koni baje
Ona to fisile koni daru
Odarin na ko
O d'oju ala
Odi gba mama wa atata
Iya rere
Sun re o
Omo Awujoola

Goodnight good leader and supporting mentor.

Barrister Adebayo Akinade
On behalf of Adebayo Akinade Family
Posted by Bola Ogunremi on May 29, 2021
Dear Grandma,

You have been one of the central figures in my life for as long as I can remember. Your presence has always been something special, whether it was when we would visit you in Nigeria, or when you visited us.

I was lucky to see you in each of the last three years, and every year we became closer. Through you I became more connected to my family in Nigeria, my Yoruba heritage, and not surprisingly, my Nigerian nationality. It’s funny how I would sometimes forget your extraordinary life and accomplishments. To the rest of the world, you are Professor Deaconess Felicia Adebola Adeyoyin, author of the national pledge of Nigeria - and to my siblings and cousins, you’re Grandma. But you are undoubtedly both, and your humility allowed you to be both to the fullest. You inspire us all, and you always will.

With love, from your grandson,
Posted by Bola Ogunremi on May 29, 2021

I remember how I would walk into your room and see you smile; I would walk over and hug you all the time. I was your “bringer of good news”, and nothing could have made me happier.

You had great faith and a happy spirit, even when the day was dull.

Thank you for bringing me joy with our every encounter.

Love you, Ayotunde
Posted by Bola Ogunremi on May 29, 2021
I love you and miss you, Mom.

Thank you, Mom, for your unconditional love for us.

You were always there for us; encouraging, advising and correcting. All our accomplishments and achievements, are owed to you and Daddy.

Thank you for instructing us to trust only in the Lord Jesus Christ.
Thank you for showing us the power of prayer.

Thank you showing us the importance of hard work and persistence, for your dogged determination and attention to detail which stood out in everything you did.

Thank you for the countless life lessons you taught me that have equipped me for marriage, motherhood and enterprise.

Thank you for your legacy which inspires all of us to aim high, do what is right, honor the Lord and be a blessing to others.

Thank you for a great example of a life well lived.

Forever loving you and grateful to you,
Posted by Tobi Adeyoyin on May 27, 2021
Dear Grandma,

Thank you for being such a powerful woman of God, praying for us all the time. Whenever I saw you, you were always working hard which I admired so much. I’m sad that you are no longer here with us, but I am glad that you can rejoice at peace in Heaven. You truly have left a great legacy here Grandma.

Miss you and love you very much,
Posted by Adetola Ariyike Ibiene Sa... on May 25, 2021
My beloved auntie, mentor, adopted mom, and spiritual mother.
As I began to type out this remembrance of you, I paused, I had to... because the depths of the loss that your passing had created just hits afresh.
I can proudly say that there is a before I met you period when I returned back to Nigeria and there is the after I connected to you. The after I connected with you portion is richer, more colorful and has springs of love flowing from it.
What a great teacher you were, in word and in deed. William and I can never thank you enough for your love, your concern, your no nonsense style of discipline and the enormous heart that you had. I am grateful that you accepted me as your child, even now I walk with the recollection that I am your child and now walk with the mandate that I must finish the work you began in the Educational sector in Nigeria and Africa as a whole! You fought the good fight and I am so proud of you, Auntie. Rest in power my erudite and hardworking "mother." You were loved dearly!
On behalf of the entire Salau family.
Posted by Towi Adeyoyin on May 25, 2021
To Grandma

The best personality imaginable. The best role model imaginable. The best friend imaginable. If I were to build the perfect grandmother, it would have been my beloved Grandma.
From your persistent determination to your caring and compassionate spirit, all your special, distinctive qualities will be missed.
Thank you Grandma for being an amazing example of how to run the race.
Thank you Grandma for your inspirational legacy.
Thank you Grandma for staying strong in the tough times.
God bless you as you reside in the glorious lights of Heaven.
I love you Grandma.
Towi Adeyoyin
Posted by Oluwaseyi Korede on May 23, 2021
To my grandma

“Come and read the Bible with me “ , “what do you want to eat “?.These are the words I will always remember you saying every public holiday and every Boxing Day, so when I got the news everything seemed so surreal. I always looked at you as this strong loving figure who yet so old, had so much strength and fire burning inside of her.

Your passing made me understand the meaning of life and the meaning of love, it taught me that life should be loved by showing love to God and showing love to my neighbors. Although you are gone now you have been immortalized in our hearts although you are not here physically your legacy lives on in your children and grandchildren.

You are an amazing woman and you live on forever in the hearts of all those you have touched in your time here . We love you grandma

Bolu Adeyoyin
Posted by Oluwaseyi Korede on May 23, 2021
Wow grandma you did it! I’m so proud to get to call you my grandma. Not too many people have written a song let alone the pledge for their country. It seems like everytime your name comes up, I learn something new about the amazing life you’ve lived. You truly were an amazing woman, mother, and grandmother. You accomplished so much in one lifetime in your own career and were still able to raise 4 great kids. I wish I got to spend more time with you in this life but I know we’ll meet again one day. You and Grandpa hold it down in heaven for all of us and I’ll do my best to give you something to cheer about up there. ❤️

Posted by Oluwaseyi Korede on May 23, 2021
My Mother

Felicia Adebola Abeke Adeyoyin what can't I say about you. A proverbs 31 woman and mother. I chose to describe you as a true Christian woman, lover, protector, giver, friend, teacher, disciplinary, counselor and many others.

I am grateful to God to call you my mother. When we were growing up i didn’t understand sometimes why you made us work so hard but I do now. I hated washing clothes and housework but you made us do it every Saturday. When you were in the kitchen we had to be there to. We prayed and read the Bible all the time. I remember revival services during the week that I thought was torture. Mummy thank you for training me. Thank you for loving my dad of blessed memories and siblings unconditionally. Thank you for always being a support system in every way possible. Thank you for loving others and teaching us values and how to care for others. Thank you for showing me what it means to be a Christian. I know nobody is perfect but you are close to perfection.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness! You say that all the time, so I learnt from an early age how to be clean. I can go on and on about you my dearest mother as I sit writing this tribute, my prayer to God is to live a life that you will be proud of and be the woman you raised me to be by the almighty Grace of God. Your legacy lives on. I love you so much mama and miss you dearly, but I know God loves you and wants you home to rest. I guess you and daddy can rest now till we meet again.


Asabi for Korede and Ire.
Posted by Dapo A on May 23, 2021

Dear Mum,

It’s 22 days now since your departure. The last few days proved to be most difficult for you, despite your continued resolve to remain with us. The Word of God admonishes us... “ not to grieve like those who do not have hope”

We hold on to the teaching, love, care, provision, prayers, and most importantly the legacy you have left us, which we in turn hope to transfer the same to our children.

We love you Mum and Grandma, but Christ loves you more.

Always in our hearts

Dapo, Ikeogoli, Boluwatife, Timilehin, Fiyinfoluwa, Momoreoluwa & Tunmininu
Posted by Deji Adeyoyin on May 23, 2021
Tribute to Mom

Feels too soon to be writing this to Mom, having just done the same a year ago for Dad, KABIOSI OLUWA!

As i think of the last year and Moms call to Glory, one word keeps resonating within me.
Perspective, having a right, godly perspective, a perspective of thankfullness as instructed by Paul:

But thanks be to God, who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.
(I Corinthians 15:57 NKJV)

Even though it was a tough year for the family, mom especially, still we have cause to give thanks to God the Father for the life, love, faith, influence and accomplishments of our sweet mother, my first and greatest champion, a selfless giver, educationist, lover of God and man, a true woman of virtue who by very godly principles lived her life, built her home, raised her children, pursued her career (as she always said with dogged determination ) and served her generation.

There is a lot I can say about you mom: your loving smile; your infectious laughter; your hugs; the special way you had of doing and saying the right thing at the right time....i think a uniquely special gift of Godly mothers, these and so many aspects of you i will miss.

But Praise God we do not mourn as one who has no hope for our hope and consolation is knowing that you are safe and well in The Fathers bossom, knowing that as much as we love and miss you here on earth, and as much as you loved us, you would not want to return here having tasted of the glories of Heaven, and so we rejoice with you Mom, yes we rejoice as we celebrate your life, for you are now home with Jesus.

Dearest mom,
You have fought the good fight of faith,
You have finished your race, You have kept the faith.
Now, You have received the crown of righteousness prepared for you, which the Lord, the righteous Judge, has given to you.
And not to You only but also to all who love His appearing.
(II Timothy 4:7‭-‬8 NKJV)

And so, I trust in our God and saviour to see you, Dad and many other dearly departed ones again someday.

Rest well, till then my precious Mom ❤

Loving you always,
Deji, Moji, Tobi, Towi & Coco the dog

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Posted by Tunde Oyebola on June 18, 2021
Prof FA Adeyoyin was the Head, Curriculum Dept in 1989 when I was elected as the Departmental Students Association's President. She was a mother to me. She was always there giving advice on the best way forward.
At a time, a female lecturer reported me to her and Prof looked for me immediately took me to her and pleaded on my behalf. Amazing mother to many of us. Many years after leaving unilag, she found me again, remembered me vividly and she would call me on a weekly basis pray for me. Sadly, I couldn't make several invitations to Mama's Aba Johnson home!!!
Sadly again, i am thousands of kilometer away from Lagos to pay my final respect to your memory.

As you are laid to final rest today, Mummy, may your soul find rest and May God keep your biological and several other children. Thank God for the gift of you to our world.
Love you mummy and I will miss you so so dearly ( tears are flowing once more)
Posted by Sola Ifekoya on June 18, 2021
“Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭57:2‬ ‭NIV‬‬

Thank you Lord for the blessing of Mummy. May you continue to bless and strengthen her family.
Posted by Arinola Joda on June 18, 2021
May your legacy ontinue to live and resonate with us. We bless God for your very eventful and impactful life. May your soul rest in perfect peace
her Life

Mummy’s Autobiography

I was born at the Baptist Hospital Ogbomoso on Sunday, November 6, 1938 to the family of Prince Robert ‘Labisi and Deaconess Julianah Adebisi Awujuoola of Saki, then living at Iwo. I was thus the first daughter and the second child, following my brother, Prince Emmanuel Awujoola.

Dad, being a teacher and later a head teacher, ensured that my primary education started as early as four years at a time when there was no nursery or early childhood school. Those years of early school from 1942 to 1946 at Ijero Baptist School and later Reagan Memorial Primary School, Lagos were fun as I learnt the rudiments of reading, writing and arithmetic but left for home when I was tired.

My real primary education started at the Baptist Day School, Iwo from 1947 to 1952 during which period, I excelled in English, Arithmetic, Bible Knowledge and was among the three who recited the Beatitudes and won a prize.

To the glory of God, I passed the competitive examination to the “Girls University of my Days”. That was Idi Aba Baptist Girls School and Baptist Women’s Teachers College. There, I became independent, working on my G.A. (Girls Auxiliary) Forward Steps, a programme of the Nigeria (and Ghana) Baptist Women’s Missionary Union geared to develop girls spiritually, intellectually and in the fear of God. I thus became (with the late Bernice Siyanbola (Mrs.) Deaconess Aderounmu) the First Queen in Service in WMU/GA in Nigeria.

The training and impact of Idi Aba have remained with me since then.Idi Aba taught me to focus on God through Jesus Christ, my Saviour. The school imparted in me the joy of studying the Bible, praying and rendering service to others. It impacted in me dedication to duty, respect for constituted authority, a dogged determination to study with God’s help and excel in all that I do. I praise God for the missionaries and the Nigerian teachers for a job well done. At Idi Aba as a teacher, studying on my own, I passed all the GCE ‘O’ Level subjects that I took with distinctions.

I was able to proceed to London in 1961 where I did the ‘A’ Levels at North Western Polytechnic; B.A. Honours Geography at Birkbeck College of London University in 1968; Diploma in Education, London in 1976; Master of Arts Degree Cum Laude in Social Studies at Columbia University, New York 1977 and Doctor of Philosophy, Curriculum in Population and Social Studies Education, University of Lagos, 1981 and a Post Doctoral Certificate of the Multinational Institute of American Studies, New York University, New York in 1986.

My working life started at my dear Alma Mater, Idi Aba, where I taught from 1958 to 1961; the Lagos City College, 1968 to 1974; and Lagos State College of Education, Onitolo, Surulere, Lagos 1974 to 1975. Then I became a University Lecturer and Professor of Education from 1978 to 1994 and a UN Administrator as a Regional Population Education Training Adviser for Anglophone Africa from 1994 to 1999. To God Almighty be the glory for all whose lives touched mine and to my numerous students whose lives God has impacted through me.

On my 27th birthday, November 6, 1965, I was married to my ‘brother’ and friend, (Brother Deji, my friend, Lydia’s brother, who, we classmates very fondly called “Brother”) at Heath Street Baptist Church, Hampstead, London. My brother was the Father of the Day as he marched me down the aisle. The only prayer of all the message preached by our beloved Pastor, the late Rev. G. W. Sterry, which we still remember and say till today is: “You shall both grow old together.”

I praise God for my husband and his firm support of my dogged determination to study, excel and be what God wants me to be. He has proved to be a ‘brother’ indeed!I praise God at our growing old together in the fear of God and trusting Him for His faithfulness in our lives and situation. I thank him for his love, understanding and his full support in the upbringing of our children. To God Almighty be the praise.

I praise God for my children and their spouses who are also my children in their love for us, parents, and for me, their mother. Thank you all for accepting those corrections in your growing up years. Times there were that we cried together over wrongs done, but now we all smile and thank God for your acceptance of harsh corrections, tough times, which now result in happy and successful lives for you all. Love and blessings in Jesus’ name. Thank you all for your loving care, expenses and loving concern through prayers, love and sacrifice. God will reward your labour of love.

A family effort at writing led to my writing the Article which was accepted as the National Pledge in 1976 for which I received the National Honours of the Officer of the Order of the Niger (OON) in 2005 and many letters of honours from various groups, nationally and internationally. To God Almighty Be The Glory!

I praise God for my parents who valued education, based on the fear of God. They showed me the way of salvation, encouraged my education and allowed me to grow in a home where contentment thrived. All through their lives, they showered their love on me through their daily prayers and commitment to my home training. I praise God for Mama Kekere, Mama Rebekah Olagoke, who taught me that hard work and perseverance foster growth and happiness. She ensured all house chores were done and done very well.

I thank God for my brothers and sisters who are true in their love for me and in our steadfastness together in prayers for our families, in appreciating one another and in the unity of hearts that continue to be our strength.

I praise God for my sisters and brothers-in-law. We have all become sisters and brothers, not in-laws. Thank God for the love and understanding that bind us together. Thank God for the bond of united prayers even over unexpected trying times, which we are united in combating in faith. I love you all and thank you for accepting me as “Mama wa”.

I praise God for my friends, especially my Idi Aba classmates, those alive and those who have gone on to be with the Lord. We all treasure the gift of friendship and how far the Lord has led us. We glorify Him for making us stars in our little corners. All IBOSAS, you are dearly loved and highly valued. God bless you all.

I got to the peak of my chosen profession by being appointed a Professor of Education in 1996 with over 80 published books, journal articles, monographs and research reports; and over 100 papers read at national and international conferences and papers presented as part of my service to the community, the church and various groups.

From a humble beginning, God elevated me in His love and mercy to become saved and born-again. At the age of 12, I gave my life to Him and started walking in His steps as a Sunbeam, GA, Women Missionary Society member, then GA and Lydia Adviser, Foundation Member of Ladies Crusaders of Yaba Baptist Church where all women of like-minds come together to serve the Lord. God is our strength as we decide to “Know nothing safe Jesus Christ and Him Crucified,” which is our watchword. Forward Ever, Backward Never – Crusaders!

I praise God for my church, Yaba Baptist Church, for the dedicated Pastors and Deacons who labour selflessly to promote the Kingdom of God in our midst and throughout the nation. I was ordained into service as a Deaconess of Yaba Baptist Church in 1989.

I praise God for the Lunch Hour Prayer Fellowship, the coordinators and especially Dr. Quadri and Mrs. Abiodun, for their selfless commitment to prayer, fasting and visitation in good and bad times. Your labour of love will be richly rewarded in Jesus’ name. Amen.

I praise God for all in Yaba Baptist Church, in the various societies, groups, individuals and others for your prayers, love, gifts, telephone calls and personal visits which strengthened my faith and hope in God and confirmed that we are a “Love Church”! All glory to the God of Love and Mercy!

Senior Citizens, God is your strength and to the oldest Senior Citizen, Pa Edun, I bless God for you, your fatherly role, not only to all but especially to my family. To God Almighty be the glory in Jesus’ name.

For God’s goodness in my life, I say:

Thank you, Lord,

Thank you, Lord,

All I have to say is, thank you Lord!

These words are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Saviour of the world and believing Him, you will enjoy eternity with Him. Amen.

In closing, let me share this quotation with you.

“You are writing a Gospel,

A chapter each day

By the Words that you say

By the Deeds that you do.

People read what you write

Whether faithless or true.

Say, what is the Gospel

According to You”


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