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Mama was born in the early years of 1930s to the family of Pa Yeye John Olamide Fashua and Mama Olojo Adaramoye of Mariyan in Ijare. She was the first of four children from her mother. The fourth child and first daughter of her father. 
The major occupation of Ijare people is farming, and as was the custom those days, every child follows their parents to farm and engage in the business of farming. Mama was no exception. She was fully involved in farming with her parents.

Early Life 
With no formal education, Mama grew up on the farm like any other child of her age at the time. Losing her mother to the cruel hand of death in her twenties was a big setback for her. Being the first of four children, she automatically assumed a motherly role for her siblings. Despite moving to her maternal grandmother’s house [mama Amusitan Adaramoye] at Mariyan to be under the care of her aunties, mama was totally involved in caring for her three siblings. She ensured that the youngest of her siblings who ended up becoming an engineer received a formal education.

Mama was naturally a peaceful and obedient child. The choice of husband was given by her father. And true to her nature, she obeyed her father’s voice. Her marriage to Pa ODUMAKINDE was blessed with children. The first fruit of the marriage was embraced into this world, January 21st, 1961. Unfortunately, she exited this sinful world June 25th, 2020. The incident that was believed to have hasten mama’s death 92 days later.
Pa Odumakinde was a successful farmer of many parts. A professional and fulltime fulfilled cocoa farmer. Mama alongside other wives and children went into farming with him. As days rolled into years, children growing up and leaving home for schools, the population of the family available for farm work dwindled. Baba had to hire helping hands to work the farm. This enabled mama to follow her passion for trading.

Business Life

Mama was involved in many trades, chief amongst these was transporting unripe plantain from Ijare and environs to Oyingbo market in Lagos state. She also sold foodstuff like garri, rice, and beans. Later, she got into kolanut business which is the economic mainstay of Ijare women. She was a member of egbe Amobisoro, Lagos Chapter at Agege, Oyingbo, and Eko locations. This she did till her later years before retiring to care for her grandkids, a task she lovingly did with passion until old age and illness brought a bane to this desire. 

Crusader of Formal Education
Although, formally uneducated, mama cherished formal education with a passion. One of her early life’s trading was selling cooked lunch to pupils on the premises of St Peter’s Primary school alongside her friend Miss Abolade during their maiden years.
Mama was so involved in her children’s education that she never missed any Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meetings of their school. One incident that readily came to mind was how mama championed the change to the language of communication during PTA meetings at Ondo state Unity Secondary School, Ikere - Ekiti. The PTA meeting was conducted in the English Language as usual, and Mama could not comprehend anything said during the meeting. When opportunity was given for questions, mama got up and sang a song to drive home her point. She let the house know that she would have to report to her husband whatever was discussed in the meeting but English language as a mode of communication has defeated that purpose. Little did she know that she was not the only one at loss; a sizable number of the attendees were lost too. The principal and PTA board Chairman at the time then decided that HENCEFORTH PTA meeting would be conducted in the Yoruba Language so long the school exists!
Mama was a good match for the task and responsibilities required for her children’s education. Bisola testified of her primary school days how mama will engage older brothers and sisters or any educated fellow around to check the accuracy of her homework. Though she never learned within the four walls of school, she was so versatile. She loved and spent her time and resources on education not only for her biological relatives but for many people around her. She will always say nothing is too small. 

Christian Life
Mama was born into a church-going family. Her father was the first osi-ijo at St. Peters Anglican Church Ijare. Mama was more of a religious madame, who believes in going to church and paying all her dues and fulfilling church duties. That changed in the early 90s at about sixty years old, when mama had an encounter with Jesus Christ. This transformed her life completely. She was born again and had baptism by immersion. Mama believed in Jesus Christ, in His ability to do all things. She was a prayer champion, who consistently prayed in the midnight hours. She loved the Lord and served him till the very last breath of life. She had such an aura of serenity around her that she could calm even the most agitated. This was her gift that the Lord bestowed upon her, and that she was loved for. At a quick glance you could see and feel her peace, and that is a trait and skill she mastered so well in her Christianity. 
Mama is a member of Ajumogbadura and Egbe aya Bishop[the lady's wing] of St Peter's Church Ijare. A pioneer member of Egbe Moroluwayo[egbe Ayoka]and patron of this group -a position she assumed after the death of father in 1986.

Her Legacy
Mama lives on in the memory of her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and all her relatives. She will be remembered as a woman of strong faith and peaceful persona with a generous heart not only by her relatives but also by all those privileged to have encountered her.
Written by, 
Bisola Aya Ponle Atilade.

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