Felicitas Manacsa
  • 81 years old
  • Date of birth: Mar 15, 1929
  • Place of birth:
  • Date of passing: Jan 25, 2011
  • Place of passing:
    Quezon City, Philippines
Let the memory of Felicitas be with us forever" "Do not let your hearts be my Father's house are many rooms;I am going there to prepare a place for you...I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am" (John 14:



I Will Love You


As long as I can dream,

As long as I can think,

As long as I have a memory,

I will love you.


As long as I have eyes to see,

And ears to hear,

Ang lips to speak...

I will love you.


As long as I have a heart to feel,

A soul stirring inside me,

An imagination to hold you...

I will love you.


As long as there is a time,

As long as there is love,

As long as I have breath to speak your name

I will love you.






If I should go tomorrow 
It would never be goodbye, 
For I have left my heart with you, 
So don't you ever cry. 
The love that's deep within me, 
Shall reach you from the stars, 
You'll feel it from the heavens, 
And it will heal the scars.




This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one,beloved mother,Felicitas.

"Don't let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God, and trust also in me. There is more than enough room in my Father's home. If this were not so, would I have told you that I am going to prepare a place for you? When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am. And you know the way to where I am going." John 14:1 - 4


She is our mother who loved us unconditionally, and gave herself to us unselfishly, who shielded us from pain and worries,who protected us, who taught us everything in life, who gave us roots and wings, who taught and showed us forgiveness and acceptance, who lovingly supported us and defended us, who taught us the value of hard work, To a mother who never failed to be there, and whose shoulder was always there for us to lean on, To the mother whose heart cries whenever we cry, To the mother who so lovingly gave everything to everyone even though she has so little, To the mother who taught us the greatest value of life, Love. 

I will always remember her last words to me, "Do not worry". How can I not worry about the mother I loved so much?But now I know I don't need to worry, because she is in the safe and peaceful arms of her Creator, her Lord and Saviour.

Professor Felicitas Espiritu Ramos-Manacsa who was born on March 15, 1929 and passed away on January 25, 2011. We will remember her forever.

Her cremated remains was laid to rest next to her husband Ceferino, in the church crypt of Christ the King Church in Green meadows, Quezon City, Philippines.

She is survived by her daughter Loowee (Loida), Son Alvin, and granddaughter Bea, sister Resurrecion (Vicente) sisters-in-law, loving cousins, nieces and nephews, grandnieces and grandnephew and loving friends and relatives globally.

She had such a passion in teaching,educating and influencing the many students she had at UPHS and UPIS who she always encouraged and inspired to be beyond than what they could be.

She was a great mother to us, unconditionally loved us, never got tired of sharing with us the wisdom of life. Her words to us are forever etched in our hearts, spirits and minds that will direct us and guide us through our life's journey, together with the blessing of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. We love Mama so much and will deeply miss her.

a song dedicated to Mama


Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Nina Beza Demonteverde on 25th January 2016

"I will never forget Gng Manacsa who taught us not only Pilipino but more about lessons in life and morals.  She never forgot most of her students and their personalities.  What a person!"

This tribute was added by Loowee Manacsa on 18th March 2015

"Happy Birthday in heaven Mama. Today March 15,2015 could have been your 86 years on earth. But now with a life in heaven with all our loved ones, keep smiling and looking after us and pray to Papa God to look after us esp. Alvin. You are always in our hearts and we miss a lot of you. Life has never been the same for us. Since you were gone, I feel so alone in facing our daily challenges. You have always been there to listen, to support, to advice and share your love and wisdom. You seem to see certain things we don't see. Alvin and I miss you so much, it aches within us.We love you Mama forever and ever."

This tribute was added by neci cojuangco on 18th March 2013

"Tita Fely and Tito Pin will forever be loved.  They gave us a part of our lives we never could have imagined.  They took us, strangers that we were, into their lives never expecting anything but the smiles on our faces.  We remain their Fastback Mustangs 2+2.

Dear Jesus, we pray, please let them into your rest"

This tribute was added by Loowee Manacsa on 25th January 2013

"Today, Jan.25,2013, we celebrate your 2nd year of life in Heaven with all our other loved ones esp. Papa and Papa God.

We deeply miss you are always in our hearts. In the midst of our grief that never seems to go away, we love you and remember you fondly with love."

This tribute was added by Loowee Manacsa on 15th March 2012

"Today, me and Alvin remember you most especially your birthday  today and now celebrating it in Heaven.
We deeply miss you and life has never been the same without you.

You are forever in our hearts, we love you. YOU ARE OUR LIFE AND OUR LOVE! Hugs to Papa and Papa God!"

This tribute was added by Joy Baguinon on 15th June 2011

"Josie Anselmo-Herrera
"Tita Fely was a good adviser to us. You can count on her. Tita Fely, our one and only ninang on our wedding, Edo and I will never forget you. Rest in peace our beloved tita, ninang and second mother to us. We love you."

This tribute was added by Jose Arnel Tanquilut on 25th March 2011

"Ninang Fely was my godmother at both my baptism and wedding. As such she will always be like a mother to me and will never be forgotten. She made my childhood Christmases special, I am glad that I still have something with me that was a gift from her"

This tribute was added by toybits ibuna on 24th February 2011

"i didn't hear of her passing til now.. well she was a great teacher.. taught me to think and analyze, and not to merely read and memorize.. she believed in students like me who were not exactly... well, good... maraming salamat po ma'am..."

This tribute was added by gie nolasco on 11th February 2011

"Accompanying Sis Loowee to the University of Wisconsin a few years ago was the first and only time I met Mrs. Manacsa. It was a short but very memorable moment because while waiting at the medical center, Mrs. Manacsa’s showed her forever love to her children. For her to be with Loowee and stay with her when Loowee needed her most, demonstrated that she was more than a loving and caring mother."

This tribute was added by da martinez on 30th January 2011

"isang guro, isang kaibigan, isang alagad ng sining... si gng. manacsa ay isa sa mga mabubuting tao na nagbigay sa akin noon ng paniniwalang, sa kabila ng kaguluhan, maganda pa ang daigdig!

da, upis 89"

This tribute was added by Miraflor Pandela-Sanchez on 30th January 2011

"Mrs. Manacsa was known to be the most ‘terror’ teacher in our Batch.  But it was just her way to teach her students quality education, discipline and seriousness not only on the subject that she taught but in life general.  She always wanted to promote and preserve an excellent UPIS.  

You were God’s instrument to make each one of us successful in different ways. Thank you, Ma’am!

Mira UPIS '89"

This tribute was added by Jess Arranz on 30th January 2011

"I was fortunate to receive some kind compliments from her during the UPHS Batch 70 reunion in January 2010.  Over 40 years ago she challenged me to perform at my personal best.  Her words were something like "I know you have much more in your tank, use it."  That became my way of life since then."

This tribute was added by Michele Zabala-Litvins on 30th January 2011

"To some Prof Manacssa was "terror". To me she was person with a heart of gold.She was kind of like my angel.  She believed in me when HS admin didn't.  She went out of her way to tell me that she knows i'm  innocent.  Thank you Ma'am -that meant a lot to me and had helped me get through that horrific time in my life ."

This tribute was added by Quay Evano on 30th January 2011

"I vividly remember Prof.  Manacsa as one of the most feared teachers in high school but one of the most stylish and fashionable.  But when she became my Filipino teacher, I was so surprised that she was not a "terror" of a teacher but was actually approachable, nice and funny but strict in a friendly way.  

Rest in peace my dear beloved teacher.  You will live forever in our hearts."

This tribute was added by armando balbin on 30th January 2011

"My Tita Fely has nlways been like a second mother to me. I clearly remember how she molded my character and personality, my with my Mom and Dad, as I stayed with her and Tito Pin practically throughout my college days.She showed my how to be strong and firm in my convictions, and how to be compassionate when needed. She was a teacher, and a mother, in the real sense of the word. I WILL MISS HER!"

This tribute was added by Jerry de Leon on 29th January 2011

"Ginang Manacsa, guro.  Aking guro.  

Bakit baga mistulang kulimlim
ang kandilang aking sinindihan
upang kayo'y gunitain.
Sapagkat sadyang dalisay
ang liwanag na inyong pinaangkin.

Mahal na guro, binawian man ng Maykapal
ang tanglaw ng inyong sulo
Ito ay upang salubungin
ang sinag ng bagong bukang liwayway.

Jerry de Leon

This tribute was added by Tess Mejia-Abaya on 29th January 2011

"Ginang Manacsa, Maraming salamat sa iyong mabuting pagtuturo sa amin. You were strict inorder to help students like me become attentive in class. What is etched in my mind is a teacher's good grooming. I appreciate the time you spent to look good in class, from hair styling, make-up, to clothes (iba araw araw,walang repeat - Ma'am,that's hard to beat). Loowee/Alvin,may you find your solace in God."

This tribute was added by Nina Beza Demonteverde on 28th January 2011

"Gng Manacsa - one of the last of a dying breed of dedicated educators who cared for her students far beyond the call of her paid duty. Filipino teacher she was, but more like a school mother to us.  She knew the personal circumstances of most of her pupils, and would go out of her way to attend to those who needed it.  As they say in OZy, "you will be sorely missed".  Vale, Ma'am."

This tribute was added by Robert Lesaca on 28th January 2011

"Last Dec. 24, frail but in good spirits, I hugged Tita Fely one last time; Alvin and two of her nephews, Paul and "Nio" were there too. We reminisce the days of the Fastback Mustang 2+2 Band that her late hubby, Tito Pin, managed and of which I was a member. Tita Fely was a second Mom to us all that is why that last sit-down with her will forever be etched in my heart. Thank you for the memories."

This tribute was added by bernie castillo on 28th January 2011

"Maam Manacsa,ThankYou for everything-especially your epic class lessons on how we have to face the world- your legacy.Your Filipino class  teachings made us what we are today.Forever confident & highly motivated in life -as adults facing our own world full of challenges. So glad to see you in Chicago & Manila of last year.You'll be missed & every moment I will remember you. BernieY.Castillo"

This tribute was added by florence villorente on 28th January 2011

"Ma'am Manacsa was the teacher we feared but loved. I remember we were so afraid when we found out we belonged to her homeroom class. But as the year progressed she became our friend and confidante. One of the highlights of our day was to see who correctly guessed what color outfit she had on. Thank you Ma'am for adding not just knowledge, but color to our high school life."

This tribute was added by M Gonzales on 27th January 2011

"I remember Mrs. Manacsa from my UP Elem days then at UP High she was my teacher. I'll remember her as the teacher with the most glam an panache. Though strict, she had a sense of humour. Loowee and Alvin may you find peace and solace in the knowledge that Ma'm is now free of pain and suffering."

This tribute was added by Patricia Hutchings on 27th January 2011

"I can't remember if Mrs. Manacsa was ever my teacher. She was advisor of the Sophomore Council when I was VP and she made me do a special project I did not think I could do. She was also a judge in a competition I was candidate of, which I DID NOT WANT TO WIN IN.  I won't tell you the precious words of encouragement she gave me, but I will never forget her for it."

This tribute was added by Jojie Baltazar on 27th January 2011

"Mrs. Manacsa was my homeroom adviser in my second year at UP High. She was strict but caring. One thing I can't forget about her is how smart dresser she is. I don't think she has worn any dress twice in a year. Ma'am, you will be forever in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Tina Hidalgo-Loris on 27th January 2011

"Mrs. Manacsa was my homeroom teacher in first year high school.  I was in awe of her and admired her very much. I especially remember her elegance, her thoughtfulness, her dedication to her work.  She will not be forgotten.  I share your pain Loowee and Alvin."

This tribute was added by Waya Araos on 27th January 2011

"No one else taught with more style and panache than Mrs. Manacsa. She was strict, but fair. She brought Rizal alive for me and sparked an early and steadfast nationalism that stemmed from logical pragmatism rather than stubborn dogmatism. You will be missed ma'am, but you will never be forgotten."

This tribute was added by Zarina HernandezSchipplick on 26th January 2011

"Mrs. Manacsa, you will always be remembered as one of our great teachers. I liked your technique.."terror", but deep inside I and many of my classmates knew you had a very kind heart and only wanted to bring out the best in all of us.  Thank you for your dedication to the profession. What a loss..for future students who would never have known you."

This tribute was added by Risa Reyes on 26th January 2011

"Mrs. Manacsa was a fixture through our elementary and high school days because her only daughter, Loida (Loowee)was my batchmate. She eventually became my teacher in Filipino in high school. I remember her as always well dressed, with her shoes and bag always matching in color with her dress.Until recently, she joined our batch reunions whenever she could. She will be missed."

This tribute was added by alma manahan on 25th January 2011

"Mrs. Manacsa was more than a high school teacher to me.  She was my friend, my mentor.  We laughed and we cried together.  She knew my secrets and i knew some of hers.  I look forward to sitting and chatting with her agsin when my time is up, too.  May you rest in peace, my friend."

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