Her Life

Happy Anniversary in Heaven

For all the times I needed something
and you put me first instead
For everything we shared
the dreams, the laughter and the tears,
I love you with all my heart.

When you were still around,
there was happiness in my heart
because you helped me put it there.
If there is gentleness in my beliefs,
its because you showed me how to care.
If there is understanding in my thinking
its because you shared me your wisdom.
If there is rainbow over my shoulders
its because of your outlook and your vision embedded in me.
If there is knowledge that I can reach out and
I really can make some dreams come true
its because I have learned from the best teacher of all,
I learned from you.

Alvin and I deeply miss you and love you always and forever.1-25-15


" Right now, I'm in a different place,
And though we seem apart, I'm closer than I ever was..............
I'm there inside your heart.
I'm with you when you greet each day
And while the sun shines bright.
I'm there to share the sunsets,too....I'm with you every night.
I'm with you when the times are good. To share a laugh or two
And if a tear should start to fall.......
I will be there for you.
And when the day arrives. that we are no longe apart,
I"ll smile and hold you close to me.........
Forever in my heart. 


 Today, we celebrate in loving thoughts and prayers the first year anniversary of our dearly beloved Mama. You are in our hearts forever and we love you and miss you so much.



Jan.25, 2012 , 1st year anniversary in the bosom of Father God...................

"Those we love don't go away,

They walk beside us everyday

Unseen, unheard, but always near,

Still loved, still missed and very dear."

Love you Mama!





MARCH 15,1929 – JANUARY 25, 2011


When Mama passed on, I lost the person who rejoiced in my accomplishments and agonized with my struggles; the person who thinks I should succeed at every job; the very person whose first urge was to protect, shelter, and guide me and Alvin; the person who knows what is best for us, or thinks she does; the person who brags about us in our absence and offers expert advice in our presence.

In other words, we lost the person who is our biggest fan and our most ardent defender.


Mama and I formed a slightly complicated relationship as a mother and daughter. She was not perfect, neither am I as her daughter. She was my confidante but also my critic. She maintained a quiet control even in my adulthood, but still gave me a sense of independence. When we lost Mama, our loss hit on many levels.

I lost an unconditional love, a loss no one else can understand, and no one else can fill.


 I lost my identity – Mama had an intimate knowledge of who I was as a child. It is as though a part of me has existence only in her memory, so when she passed on, this part of me has died too. As life goes on, I have been often told “ I am my mother’s daughter, but I am also Papa’s girl. Alvin has always been the Mama’s boy.

I have lost a piece of who I am. I lost the mother who can provide the story of my own beginning, and whose sense of self greatly impacts who we are.

I have lost a family connector – through the phone conversations, visits, letters and emails, we frequently stayed in touch. Mama is no longer here to hold us together. We have to find new ways to remain family and remain connected to one another.

I MISS MAMA,   I don’t want to lose that because it was the sign of the depth of the love we shared.

I have lost protection -   I always felt a sense of security knowing that even in my adulthood, Mama looked out for us, and God help anyone who attempted harm on us. That shield of protection, is now lost, but that is now my promise to Mama and a mission, to be able to provide that same protection she gave me and Alvin, and  something I will be able to continue to give my only brother, Alvin and my only niece, Bea.

I have lost a nurturing touch – even with thousands of miles apart, we had a continued intimacy between a mother and a daughter that makes our connection and touch very natural, comforting and can never be replicated. I have lost a mother’s hug,  and complete physical acceptance only her can give.




With all these that I have lost, I am learning each day to be gentle with myself and others. I need to be more  patient with myself- letting go is a long process. I keep and reread the notes, cards, tributes and messages that people send. I am not afraid of tears nor reminders because they are both ways to remember and let go.


I will celebrate Mama’s memories in all possible ways to keep reminding me the many ways she nourished us.


I will keep her memory alive. I will cherish and celebrate those memories. That is how, when Mama was still around, I started “ Mama and Lou’s Food for the Gods” , did many trials and errors,  and finally able to bake her favorite dessert and mine, and that is how I managed to help her  with her medical needs. She likes to keep busy, so we thought of a project  together  that gave her something to look forward to each day and through writing, it kept her mentally active. I still have to look for those manuscripts so I can complete it and try to publish it in due time, as my tribute to Mama which she would have wanted me to do.


When we lost Mama, we lost much that cannot be replaced. But we are also left with much to cherish……………… memories, unique personality traits and strengths, wisdom, and hopefully an example that can inspire us to offer nurturing love to those who remain in our lives.





Bella BonnerFebruary 2, 2011 at 10:53am
Loowee!  Your mom was one of those loved by everyone, kahit na yung mga binagsak niya :). It's never easy to lose a loved one but time can be kind. Take care!


 “Therefore I say to you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink; nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food and the body more than clothing?” – Matthew 6:25 NKJV

Don’t waste time worrying about the future, but live each moment to the fullest in Christ. Being in Christ means your future is secure, and there is therefore nothing to worry about. Nothing can keep Him from sheltering you from the storms of life except lack of faith.

Be content with what you have, but continue to work hard for what you desire to achieve. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to live more comfortably. It’s when comfort turns to gluttony that it becomes a sin.

No place in life could be so great as to sacrifice integrity for pleasure. It is better to live in poverty and be in God’s favor than to be rich and increased with goods and not know Him at all. Be a good steward with the things that God has entrusted to your care and you will do well. Be mindful of Jesus.


Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.” Philippians 4:6 (NLT)
"It does not bother God when you ask for help. He stands ready to help you in every moment of life."
When faced with the reality of a situation that is overwhelming, the best thing you can do is focus on God. The disciples, in Matthew 8, knew that Jesus could do something about the storm that threatened their lives as they were tossed on the sea.
Their answer to the overwhelming storm was to ask Jesus for help.“The disciples went to him and they woke him up, shouting, ‘Lord save us, we are going to drown” (Matthew 8:25 NLT).
Why is it that we wait until it gets really bad before we think we have to pray? One of the keys to dealing with anxiety is to cry for help earlier because God wants to help.
Instead of trying to live life on your own and let the worry overwhelm you, turn to God. He wants you to live life connected to him, talking to him, and getting connected with others because when you try to do it on our own and never ask for help, worries just multiply.
Maybe it’s hard for you to admit your needs. Maybe you think no one cares. Maybe you’re convinced you know the answer and no one else does. I think a lot of people don’t ask for help because they don’t want to be a bother to anyone.
It does not bother God when you ask for help. He stands ready to help you in every moment of life.
“Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done” (Philippians 4:6 NLT). Talking to God in prayer is the single most effective cure for worry, and it needs to be the attitude of your life.
Our verse today gives us the formula for how this works.
“Pray about everything.” First, you talk. As you talk to God about everything, you will find the anxiety level lessening in your life.“Tell God what you need.” That’s the second thing. A lot of times people go to God in prayer and tell God about everything and everyone else, but don’t share their needs with him. Tell him what you are worried about!“Thank him for all he has done.” There is something about gratitude that lessens anxiety and opens the door to peace and incredible faith in your life. No matter what you’re going through in life right now, there is something you can look back on and say, “God, I’m grateful for that.” So hang on to that.


Mama wrote and authored and co-authored some books, used for schools.She first got involved in it with my grandaunt Dr.Socorro Espiritu, the former Dean at University of the East.She was well guided by her, inspired her desire for writing.When my Lola Coring passed, Mama continued to write together with some of her colleague teachers.


We had an unfinished book that Mama and I wanted to do,but that was the time she started to get sick.She continued to write that when she went back to the Philippines.She was supposed to send me the manuscript which I was going to complete, but never happened.Now, my task is to find it once everything settles, so I can try complete it. I have not seen what she has done, but it was about my idea of coming up with a book on Filipino cuisine.


Below are a few books she written and co-authored: I will update it as I find them.,+Felicitas+R.


World geography affected by world upheavals / Felipa L. Tintero, Felicit...2002  

 H.S.FilRef 910 T49World geography affected by world upheavals / by Felipa L. Tintero, Feli...1996  


Heograpiya ng daigdig / nina Felicitas R. Manacsa ... [et al.]. - Quezon City : Katha Pub., 1990. 120 p. ISBN 9711500817 (pbk) 1. Geography - Study and teaching



 Every time I smile and laugh or do anything, I think  of you and feel you in my heart and a tear escapes my eye.

You were my inspiration, and my heart

You were my best friend, my true confidante, and that's not all you were..........

you were my dearest MAMA.


Even with the physical distance we have from each other, Mama and I were very close in every way.

When I am weary from the burdens of life, and the path is unclear, I remember her loving support was always near, and her advices made the path ahead of me seem clear.

When I feel there is no one who seems to care, or when the heartaches seems too hard to bear, I always remember how she always stood by me and my brother by our sides, and tenderly comforted us.

I remember Mama saw more than I thought I could be, and know I owe my triumphs, to her belief in me.


Mama, I will forever hold you and keep you in my heart, as I always keep Papa in my heart always. I love and miss you both. I know you will watch Alvin and me and guide us together with Father God.


 My mom had a sharp mind till the very end . She loves to read and write and she wrote a lot of books, some are textbooks that were used for schools. I have to find out what they are,  I know a few and I will try to post the info. I think it is even online the info.My cousin found it a year ago.

She really glorified the Lord in everything she did in her life.Teaching and educating young people like all of us, is her greatest passion. She was more than a teacher.She saved lives of those who felt hopeless, and molded a lot of them, including me and my brother to be who we can be even beyond our own belief in ourselves.She was a strict disciplinarian but behind it was her strong love and desire for us to be better persons.
Mama's loss is a big void in our lives, my brother's, mine and mostly the nieces and nephews Mama had influenced so strongly. She is the youngest daughter of 4 sisters, and now she has gone before the eldest one.the 2 older ones than her, are all gone before her, and now my mom.
She never wanted to show even me as her daughter if she is suffering.She really kept a lot of those within herself, illness wise,lifewise, etc. But she also forgot I am my mama's daughter that I am so much like her, but I am sensitive within me that I can tell when my mom is in high spirit, when she feels good or not, she did not have to tell me in many words how she is feeling or if she is going through some hardship. But still, she did keep that from me because she was protecting me, she constantly assured me she was ok and for me not to worry. Mama knew me well, I am a worrier, esp. when it comes to her and my brother.Being thousand of miles away does not make it easy. Mama knew I won't be able to be with her if something happens to her. I had my transplant 3 yrs ago, and I had a difficult 2 yrs.recovery so I am prone to infections and most of us transplant patients are discouraged to travel overseas esp.Asian countries, or the third world countries as they call.
This will not be an easy journey for us.I have to still take care of my brother.
I have been laid off 3 yrs now, and I just do part time food business and catering.
It is my source of finances to be able to help my mom's medical needs, medications etc. That was also the beginning of how I started " Mama and Lou" food for the gods that I bake, and I also make empanadas. This is the side thing I do while searching for a job. I am an interior designer but being the economy is down, my line of work is nada, no business. I will continue doing the food biz. Mama was too funny when I told her about it, she said, she did not want me to use her name , she said, "ikaw na lang" but then I was thinking down the road, it is my tribute to my mom. She never realized daw that I had a talent like this, and she even said, "why didn't you think of this long time ago?" I guess sometimes when one is driven against the wall, you suddenly start being creative? well, I can only say that I got that from my mom, her resilience, her drive in everything she does. She was passionate with her life, never discouraged, she was a fighter!
I am very proud of Mama, and I am proud to be her daughter in the same way my brother is very proud to be her son. She was a big influence in our lives and we will miss her deeply. I already feel it in every inch of my body, my nerves, my heart and my soul. It will be a difficult road, but I trust God that He will help us through.



 Felicitas was a wife to Ceferino, and they celebrated 51 years of marriage until her husband died on January 11, 2003.


She survived by her daughter, Loowee (Loida) and son, Alvin (Tel +) and a granddaughter Isabela.


She has one living sister, Resurreccion (Vicente) and adored by nieces, nephews, grandnieces, grand nephews, cousins.


She was the President, Treasurer and co-founder of the Espiritu foundation which she is very passionate about.She started fundraising activities to raise funds to help other family members who are in need, and to help in the education of those who can't afford to send themselves to school.  She would plan activities like annual family reunions, bingo activities, sponsoring shows and events, fundraising activities, and many more to encourage and involve most family members as a way of making them closer to one another and know them whether they are distant or near.


Until recently when she got ill, she even called a meeting for the foundation while at her hospital bed planning for the next year's fundraising activities.She was unstoppable, and her children always reminded her to slow down, and give up this position to a younger generation,but nothing would stop her from doing what she can for the sake of the family foundation she helped started.


Mama you are the one

who proclaims your pride in me,

but today it's my turn to talk of pride

and place the spotlight on you............

for the life you've lived

and the example you've been to me.


No matter the situations life has dealt,

you've handled them with honor and grace.

You are a woman of countless abilities

I've looked up to you all my life;

growing up I assumed you could do most anything.

The pride I have in you goes beyond

all the things you have done.

I'm proud of the person you've always been- kind, caring, dependable and wise.

So I am the one who is bragging today

because I have you Mama

who makes me so proud.


I love you and I know you are now at peace in the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father, your Lord and Saviour.

As a teacher and educator

 Felicitas Espiritu Ramos-Manacsa was a professor of Pilipino language at the University of the Philippines High school, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. She served also as an Assistant Principal but enjoyed more being a teacher. 


She was a disciplinarian but loved by most.Teaching was her gift and a blessing and was her lifelong ministry.Teaching younger adults was beyond the 4 walls of the classroom and gave meaningful advices to those who seek her wisdom.


She was strong, and resilient,soft and tender but will never show it.She always saw the goodness in others esp.her students , family and friends. Very proud and courageous, will never ask for help but always willing to offer a hand to anyone who seeks them.