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Shared by Loowee Manacsa on March 15, 2013

Through the years, Mama ALWAYS knew how to enjoy life and celebrate the special occassions, whether it is her birthday, mine, my brother's or my Papa.

Every year, she would prepare a noodle dish, it is a must, as it symbolizes long life.

Through her ageing years as I call, but never her term to use...........she hosted her own birthday gatherings in our home. There were always dancing, eating, laughing, joking, singing ,but most of all she enjoyed seeing family and close friends, and bonding with them.

Mama celebrated her special day with "gusto", she is at her happiest being around people.

Today, March 15th is another special day, and as me and my brother are thousand of miles away from each other, we still choose to celebrate the day with her noodles! Me and my brother shared some laughs when we talk about our mom, and being her birthday, she would want us to celebrate.
Me, being the quiet one, chose to celebrate in silence, and prayer. My brother went to visit Mama, and shared the noodle dish with the people in our home.

I am sure today, she is celebrating with Papa, and her father and mother and all the sisters, in laws, brothers and sisters in law, and all her special friends. The life in heaven is surely different from our world. I know in my heart that no matter how special me and my brother is to her, she is celebrating with "gusto" even without us. What more can she ask for? she is with her top special man, our Lord Jesus Christ, who had prepared a special place for her up there.

Up to this day, I still grieve for my Mama and Papa, but in a way, I know I should be happy because they are happy where they are. Who am I to question our Father God's decision to take them back.But birthdays will be birthdays, as me and my brother, to the end will continue to celebrate  our Mama's life, no matter what trials and challenges we are facing. It is what she wants.............

Happy Birthday Mama! You are forever in our hearts, mind and spirit. Each step we make, and journey we are in, you are our inspiration and model of what we do and what we need to do. You have given us the guidance in every way,and continue to do so, and we will try our very best to keep hanging tight to our most Heavenly Father through our constant prayers as how you always told us, to help us and guide us in our lives, even without you and Papa here with us.

We love you so very much................

Loowee and Alvin 


Shared by Loowee Manacsa on January 30, 2011

 My mom had a sharp mind till the very end . She loves to read and write and she wrote a lot of books, some are textbooks that were used for schools.  She used to write me letters that gave me so much encouragement in life.

She really glorified the Lord in everything she did in her life.Teaching and educating young people like all of us, is her greatest passion. She was more than a teacher.She saved lives of those who were wayward & felt hopeless, and molded a lot of them, including me and my brother to be who we can be even beyond our own belief in ourselves.She was a strict disciplinarian but behind it was her strong love and desire for us to be better persons.
Mama's loss is a big void in our lives, my brother's, mine and mostly the nieces and nephews Mama had influenced so strongly. She is the youngest daughter of 4 sisters, and now she has gone before the eldest one.the 2 older ones that her, are all gone before her, and now my mom.
She never wanted to show even me as her daughter if she is suffering.She really kept a lot of those within herself, illness wise,lifewise, etc. But she also forgot I am my mama's daughter that I am so much like her, but I am sensitive within me that I can tell when my mom is in high spirit, when she feels good or not, she did not have to tell me in many words how she is feeling or if she is going through some hardship. But still, she did keep that from me because she was protecting me, she constantly assured me she was ok and for me not to worry. Mama knew me well, I am a worrier, esp. when it comes to her and my brother.Being thousand of miles away does not make it easy. Mama knew I won't be able to be with her if something happens to her. I had my transplant 3 yrs ago, and I had a difficult 2 yrs.recovery so I am prone to infections and most of us transplant patients are discouraged to travel overseas esp.Asian countries, or the third world countries as they call.
This will not be an easy journey for us.I have to still take care of my brother.
I have been laid off 3 yrs now, and I just do part time food business and catering.
It is my source of finances to be able to help my mom's medical needs, medications etc. That was also the beginning of how I started
" Mama and Lou's" food for the gods that I bake, and I also make empanadas. This is the side thing I do while searching for a job. I am an interior designer but being the economy is down, my line of work is nada, no business. I will continue doing the food biz. Mama was too funny when I told her about it, she said, she did not want me to use her name , she said, "ikaw na lang" but then I was thinking down the road, it is my tribute to my mom. She never realized  that I had a talent like this, and she even said, "why didn't you think of this long time ago?" I guess sometimes when one is driven against the wall, you suddenly start being creative? well, I can only say that I got that from my mom, her resilience, her drive in everything she does. She was passionate with her life, never discouraged, she was a fighter!
I am very proud of Mama, and I am proud to be her daughter in the same way my brother is very proud to be her son. She was a big influence in our lives and we will miss her deeply. I already feel it in every inch of my body, my nerves, my heart and my soul. It will be a difficult road, but I trust God that He will help us through this journey.

thank you ma'am manacsa

Shared by roselle leah k rivera on January 26, 2011

i will always remember my very articulate and very strict teacher in our Pilipino class in UP High School ( in a subject where i usually got red marks due to  my colonial mentality upbringing.) The memory is still etched in my more than half a century mind because she taught us the meaning of discipline, love for the Pilipino language, and the way to engage in intelligent conversation.

Ma'am Manacsa assigned us seats: boy-girl-boy-girl. She was the forerunner of a participatory learning environment  because everyone had to speak. It was not the usual banking kind of class  where  the teacher knew everything. 

She stood at the side of the classroom, always very well dressed, with her spanish fan to keep her cool. She called out our names in class so we could exercise the muscles of our mouths, never miss! we were all very nervous all the time! But I remember her as a very kind person despite this disciplinarian image.

Thank you Ma'am Manacsa for your love and caring for all of us awkward, lost teenagers! We learned many things about life from you with all the  time you spent with us and all the utter patience you showed us.

To the family and loved ones of Ma'am Manacsa, we send you hugs of comfort for her soul going on flight. 


dazzle k. rivera, UP HIgh school, batch '76

Shared by Charlyn Espiritu-Sarmient... on January 26, 2011

Tita Fely & my father Mario S. Espiritu, MD are first cousins but Tita Fely was more like a sister to dad than anything else.  I will forever remember the talks that we had and the stories she would share with me about dad and her as well as Tita Pacita growing up.  I will always cherish what she and dad did - the foundation, Trinidad-Serrano-Espiritu Foundation, that they helped put together to help all our relatives in need & their desire to bring our families together as one.  I will remember all the get togethers she would have at her home and how she would welcome everyone and be such a gracious host.  I remember how she would even call all the "drivers" outside to come in and eat... and eat.... and eat.  It is so very rare to find someone so humble as her who would do such a thing in the Philippines. I can still imagine her dancing the night away with the dance instructors... I can still hear her calling my dad's name, I can picture her tapping dad on the shoulder in the car as we drove different places together.... I remember her trying to help me get permission to go out from dad and how she would reason with him for me.  And I remember how she welcomed my husband into our family... scrub suit and all ... to one of our family gatherings.    Tita Fely had a way of drawing you to her.... through her beauty... her graciousness... her humility... her outpouring of love.... She will always have a special place in my heart and so many others...she will forever be missed.... 

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