Let the memory of Chief Mrs. FS Robinson be with us forever.
  • 80 years old
  • Born on March 6, 1939 in Nigeria.
  • Passed away on March 25, 2019 in Maryland, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Sholabomi Felicitas Robinson 80 years old , born on March 6, 1939 and passed away on March 25, 2019. We will remember her forever.

As you can imagine, the family is planning a befitting burial for their mother right now and thanks everyone for their prayers throughout this period. If you’d like to support the family with your donation towards the burial arrangements, here’s the details:

M&T Bank account number is 9879222983

Routing number: 052000113

Name: Ajibola Robinson

*** You can do Zelle or CashApp transfer using email address aji002@gmail.com

Please remember that giving is completely voluntary.

Thank you for all your support and prayers for the Robinson Family!

Remain blessed!

Posted by Nneoma Obineche on May 12, 2019
Princi! You were as firm and strict as you were compassionate. I am grateful for the opportunity to have had you as my principal during my time at FGGC Bakori and for everything I learned that helped shape me and prepare me for life.
You faced many challenges running the school, but you always communicated with and even engaged us in finding and implementing unique and innovative solutions. Your strategies helped make life in Bakori a lot more bearable than it could have been. I have since learned that we fared a lot better than many of our peers because of your passion, commitment, drive, energy and concern for us all.
I thank God for the vision he placed on your heart; I thank God that you were faithful to the vision; I thank God for your family who supported you and shared you with us throughout your years of service; I thank God for all of us who are beneficiaries of His blessings through you and I pray that we continue to be faithful servants of God's love and compassion that knows no bounds of race/ wealth / social / professional /political /religious (etc.) status and/or affiliation.
May God comfort your family and all who mourn your departure.
Posted by Maureen Gbagir on May 2, 2019
My PRINCI, my mentor, my heroine, my second Mum, I received the news of your demise with regret and sadness. As I reminisce on life with you in those days in BAKORI, I note with melancholic nostalgia, how you led us, those little girls then, through thick and thin, in abundance and in scarcity, intellectually, academically, spiritually and in all ramifications. Mum, dearest Mrs. Robinson, there you go, a great leader! I say fare thee well Mum. Rest eternally with God, your maker. If ever I were to be a Principal, I pray to be like you. I loved you, we loved you; but God loves you best. Adieu Sweet Mother. Adieu my Principal; PRINCI! Adieu my Heroine. Adieu dear Mother.

(MAUREEN IWUEKE {now Gbagir}, 1985 set; Federal Government Girls' College, Bakori.)
Posted by Folashade Keleko on April 30, 2019
Still a struggle to believe a soul as yours has passed.. You were the mother some of us looked up to then in FGGCZ.. I still remember how heartbroken I was at your sudden transfer then.. It's no news that you must be the best principal ever.. Rest on angel mother of ours.. Peace to your soul and comfort to your loved ones.. Till we meet again mummy FS Robinson
Posted by Lola Olusola on April 23, 2019
So sorry about the passing of Mama F.S. Robinson.
Princy as she was popularly called was our Darling, Caring, Beautiful and Intelligent Amazon.
I won't forget her innovative approach at F.G.G.C Zaria in curbing bullying and fagging which was a major issue facing unity schools at that time. I'm happy to have passed through her.
She remains a huge inspiration to all of us.
May her beautiful soul rest in peace and may God comfort you and the entire family.
Posted by Eno Okon on April 18, 2019
To the Great God who gave you to us, I humbly want to take this time to say a very big thank you for all that you did, how you molded me to become who I am this very day. From my family to yours take your rest for there is no more suffering. Thank God for a life well spent on this earth. You are surely missed but as your journey on, the reward God has awaits you.
Posted by Jacqueline Olatunji on April 18, 2019
Dear Princy, you truly came, you saw and you sure conquered! You lived life to the fullest, you impacted the lives of hundreds of young girls from every part of Nigeria. You nurtured us, guided us, molded us into what we are. You raised the bar and made us realise that even for us girls, the sky is only a starting point. Will ever be grateful to you. Will miss you! We will hold you dear in our hearts forever. Rest in peace our dear princy! You have earned it.May God console all those you left behind.
Jumoke Olude, FGGC Bakori 88 Set
Posted by Obiageli Oladeji on April 18, 2019
You were a great principal and role model. Thank you for imparting a wealth of education, discipline and wisdom in me. You will always be remembered fondly. Rest in peace dear F.S. Robinson
Posted by Atoyebi Adebukola on April 17, 2019
You inspired me, you were more than a Princy, you were a mama. You are forever in our hearts. Rest in peace Mrs F. S. Robinson.
 Taibat Adebukola Atoyebi nee Ahmed 1994 set
Posted by Fatima Musa on April 17, 2019
You will forever be remembered and cherished our beloved principal, mother and friend. May you leave In enternal peace. We will miss you
Posted by Oluwatoyin Ajayi on April 16, 2019
To the Almighty be the glory for the life of a beautiful flower that was selfless in sharing her wholesomeness . Her beauty added colour and her scent added a sweet smelling fragrance to the world of a million others.
You lived a life of purpose to the glory of your creator and for the benefit of humanity. Your royalty begot many more royalties.
Adieu Mother of all Queens!.
Sleep well Mother of all Beauties!
F.S. ROBINSON forever in our hearts.
Posted by Fatima Umar Shehu on April 16, 2019
Our beloved mother Princy, you gave a little bit of yourself to each an everyone of us.
You will forever live in our hearts and your memory will continue to foster in us.
Ten of you would have been enough to take our country to a better place.
The work you did on us and the values you inculcated in us, has made us blossom into the ladies we are today.
Gone, but never forgotten.
Love you dearly, our darling Princy.
Posted by Amina Jere on April 16, 2019
A good soul has ascended to heaven. We will never forget our dearest mummy. May Her soul Rest In Peace and give the family the strength to bear the great pain. Rest In Peace Mrs. FS Robinson.
Posted by Stephanie Kwaha-Goji on April 16, 2019
To be absent in the body is to be present with the Lord. To live is Christ to die is gain. Goodnight mummy Robinson. Thank you so much for impacting on me great virtues. Thank you ma for teaching me to be bold and courageous. May your beautiful soul continue to rest in the bossom of our Lord Jesus. Love always. Stephanie Kwaha FGGC Zaria class of 1995
Posted by Rukaiya Abubakar on April 16, 2019
Rest on dearest mummy. Continue to rest in the Bossom of God. You will be greatly missed and your legacies will linger on.
Rukaiya Usman
Posted by Opeoluwa Umoke on April 16, 2019
Our lovely Princy, you were a rare gem that poured out your life into us. You taught us to be the best. I remember clearly your praises during school assemblies when we returned with trophies and even when we didn't, you were waiting to encourage us. You can sleep assured that you did a great job and that your legacy lives on.
Rest in peace in the Lord.
Class of 1995, FGGC Zaria.
Posted by Ogundele George on April 9, 2019
Your legacy lives on forever.
Posted by Alolade Olaniyi on April 5, 2019
Great Bakorian's Mum continue to rest in peace.We will miss u.Adeiu,Mama Rere.
Posted by Halima Mela on April 4, 2019
You have run your race and finished well. Your memoies of us remains mind boggling but it showed how much you cared for us as students. For how you disciplined and shaped us to who we are today as women of grit, we reamin grateful. Thanks for making us hold up our heads and to always be proud of who we are. Rest in peace but know you will be forever missed.
Halima Mela nee Yakubu, Class of 1991.
Posted by Mosunmola Taiwo on April 4, 2019
Words cannot describe you or say how much you mean to me,all I can say for now is that you rest in the bossom of the almighty until.we meet to part no more
RIP dear princy.
Mosunmola Taiwo nee Jerugba,class of'85
Posted by Judith Aiyesan on April 3, 2019
A rare gem has left us.
We all came from different parts of the country to FGGC Bakori as young and impressionable young girls. You took us all under your wings and mothered us. You instilled great values in us that contributed in molding us into the strong women we are today.
Princy, You’ll forever be missed. Rest on in the bosom of the Lord and May God comfort the whole family.
Posted by Funmi Odeyemi on April 3, 2019
Oh my principal,my mama,rest on in the bosom of our Lord.I can never forget your labour over me.You were so personal in your relationship with us and knew our names even from form one.I remember the first day I carried your bag in form one to your office,you called my Funlayo and I was surprised that you knew my name. You have done excellently well and your good works follow you.We love you mummy,you are more than a principal but you are the epitome of a real mother. Mummy knew our house in Zaria and visited with her husband daddy Robinson.Our family the Igunnu's miss you. We love you and will miss you.I kept looking for your phone number to get in touch with you just hear your voice. How I wish that educationists like you will see their duties beyond the classroom.Good night mum Funmilayo Odeyemi nee Igunnu 84Set
Posted by Clare Odia on April 3, 2019
July 1978. I had just completed my primary education and was on holiday. The previous December had seen me write the national common entrance. Bakori was not one of my choices when I had filled the application form. I had never heard of bakori. My eyes were set on Queens College or one of the other federal government colleges in the West. So in July 1978, I was just waiting to see which college was going to accept me when I got this letter from a college in a place I had never heard from. I gave the letter to my father. He too, had never heard of bakori, however he had heard of funtua because one of his aunts once lived in funtua and I think funtua was a well known industrial centre, well known to adults but not to kids like me.
My dad's initial reaction was 'that is too far for you to travel to!' . So it seemed like I would not be travelling to this unknown place that no one had ever heard about.
Later on in the evening when my mum got back from work. I gave the letter to my mum who read the letter to the end and when she saw that the letter was signed by one Mrs f s Robinson, she became excited. It turned out that she and Mrs Robinson had been fellow teachers at holy child college, Lagos around the same time I was born. In fact, it was Mrs Robinson who had driven my mum to the hospital when she went into labour for my birth.
So, it was decided that since this college was headed by someone well known to my mum, then it was safe to let me go to this far away place that no one had ever heard of.
End of September 1978, after driving through lots of bush in the middle of nowhere we finally got to fggc bakori and I got to meet this Mrs f s Robinson who turned out to be one of the most lovable, loving, caring, nurturing, motherly, matronly person I had ever met.
I will end this tribute by saying it was a privilege and blessing to have been a student in bakori. It was also a privilege and blessing to have been under the care and mentorship of Mrs fs Robinson who was also strict and a no-nonsence kind of person.
Continue to rest in peace, ma. You fought the good fight and you have gone to receive your crown.
Posted by Faith Ibrahim on April 3, 2019
Princy I bless God for your life, the journey through life and the great privilege to have been your student. Thank you for impacting excellence in our lives. You shall always live on in our lives. Faith Ibrahim (nee Yakubu) '88 set
Posted by Rifkatu Ibikunle on April 3, 2019
Princi, As you were fondly called. You gave us hope as young girls to be prim and proper and to work hard because it pays. You always guided us to live like the Queens we are in word and in deed. The hope you gave us in every situation enabled us to have strength for every occasion. Everyone saw the" Bakori" in me and nodded knowing that I could be relied on . Thanks for giving us a good legacy to live for. Rifkatu Ibikunle nee Zamani '92 set.
Posted by Taiwo Oyebanjo on April 3, 2019
To my beloved Aunty. Your advise , your counsel and disciplinary way of correcting me has made me who I am today your motherly care will always remain in my memory . I pray God gives you eternal rest. we love you but God loves you more . I pray God will grant us the grace to live your legacy for life . Live on Mummy Taiwo Kayode née Oyebanjo .
Posted by Dorothy Eboh on March 31, 2019
From Doroth Eboh nee Ihejiahi (set of 1980). You were my earliest inspiration and demonstration of the boundless capacity and ability of women. You left us with no illusion that we could be and achieve just about anything that we set out to be and gender was not a barrier. At the time, I personally believed that this was the new normal untill I left Bakori to discover that female gender empowerment and access to rounded education was and is still an issue not only in Nigeria but in parts of the world. Thanks for being one of the champions of capacity development of the girl child. To your credit, Bakorians have continued to excel in their chosen fields. You have left your foot prints in the sands of time. My father, late Igwe Cyprian Ihejiahi who was one of your collaborators in the relentless campaign that all acquire a good efucation would smile in agreement. Rest in peace.
Posted by Ijeoma Mkparu Nzekwe on March 31, 2019
It's not really how long one lives but how much one affects or impacts lives. Princy indeed impacted our lives in diverse ways. Your legacy lives on. Adieu lovely Princy. Rest in perfect peace Amen.
My department still asked us to write our parents phone number and said they’ll call
Posted by Jummai Adegbesan on March 31, 2019
I have never stopped talking about you. I have told my children a lot about you. I have even told my husband a lot about you. I can never stop talking about you. You were just DIFFERENT. I look back and I thank God I attended FGGC Bakori and I had the privilege of having you as my principal. Rest on Princy.....Rest on Mrs F.S Robinson.
Posted by Abiola Okeji on March 31, 2019
A rare gem, a mother par excellence, you will be missed. You raised us to be the best, fearless women ever. Rest on Princy, rest on in the bosom of our Lord.
Posted by Amina Angulu-Tswanya on March 31, 2019
Dear Princy, as fondly called by the strong Bakori girls you raised. You were an excellent example, a true mentor who disciplined in love. You were the best of the best Principals!
You came, you saw and conquered. Please enjoy your well deserved rest ma where there is no pain or sickness until we meet again on the resurrection morning. You will be sorely missed by all who loved you.
Adieu Mama.
Posted by Hauwa Tukur on March 30, 2019
Dearest Princy, our wonderful mother during all those years in our lovely school, FGGC Bakori and afterwards. I must say the Nigerian educational sector has lost an icon and one of its biggest contributors and advocates. You will be sorely missed by all of us whose lives you have touched. Goodbye mom. Hauwa Tukur. Class of ‘92.
Posted by Teni Ayinde on March 30, 2019
Rest on dear 'Princy' like you are fondly called by Bakorians.
You left your footprints in the sand of time.Your touch and impact is seen in the quality of women Bakorians are wherever they find themselves. Your legacy leaves on in the lives of the young girls you taught never to be anything less than what God has called them to be.
Thank you dear 'Mama'.
You finished your race strong,but you live
always in our hearts.
Teni Eleojo Ayinde,class of 86.
Posted by Bilqis Oladipo on March 30, 2019
I always refer to Mrs Robinson as a great mentor, the woman that Almighty Allah used to mould our lives as children in Bakori , a disciplinarian to the core.
     I believe that your good works shall speak for you before the Almighty. I pray that the Lord continues to strengthen and guide the Robinson family (Amin)
                Class of '85
Posted by Aisha Sani on March 30, 2019
The best of the best has gone but not forgotten. Princy you helped shaped young minds for generations. You have contributed in shaping mine and being the strong person that I am today, I will forever be grateful to you.
When you left Bakori it was never the same without you......
May your soul rest in perfect peace, farewell Mrs Robinson, one of a kind. We love you but Allah loves you more. 
I misssed the reunion in 2017 sick at a hospital away. Watching on posted videos- I cried so much out of nostalgia. I wished I was there...
I pray the family will find solace and strength through God and knowing that she has lived a long meaningfully life. RIP
Aisha Sani
Posted by Maimuna Sani Kangiwa on March 29, 2019
The words I hear about you makes me feel down for not having the chance to have met you. May your Soul continue to rest in peace. Adieu Ma. Class of 2002
Posted by Anihuvi Ayeni on March 29, 2019
Cherished memories of you now and always, still find it very hard to close this page. In our last conversation after the reunion you told me to tell Bakorians; "you all always honour me, am great full and appreciate the many ways how you all always honour me"; those were your words ma and here they are, as we read the many tributes to you and those pouring in, I have shared your words to your "daughters" as you so often called and refer to us. Miss you always; Anihuvi Ayeni, Class of '85
Posted by Anihuvi Ayeni on March 29, 2019
Ma, we thank God for your life and legacy, we love and miss you very much. By the increasing faithfulness of God the Almighty Who you thought us to honour, reverence and obey as individuals and a sisterhood at FGGC Bakori your legacy shines on through us all over the world. Thank you sir daddy Robinson, snr Kemi and siblings, the Peace of God bless and comfort you all on every side. The Peace of God rest your soul in the Name of Jesus. Forever in our hearts. Anihuvi Ayeni, Class of '85
Posted by Sg Omo Babysg Babysg on March 28, 2019
What can I say, a woman of inestimable value, the icon of a lifetime. Disciplinarian to the core. No nonsense but gentle to the touch. Heart of gold. Golden and analytical brain. You meet her and she leaves ineradicable permanent mark in your heart and soul that wherever or whenever you hear her name, her soft voice echos . I can go on and on. May your soul Rest In perfect Peace, mamaAwa Bakorians. Goodnight Princi Mama F.S. Robinson!!!!!!!!! From one your Bakorians: Sheri Gbademesi as you fondly call me. 84set.
Posted by Isaac Ebunoluwa on March 28, 2019
Mama Bakori and wonderful mother, we will miss you and am glad the lord brought me your way. You loved us so dearly and you never wanted to see any of your students down, you are indeed a mother. The legacies you left will not die, we shall also impact lives like you did. Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord, good nite Great mother till we meet at Jesus feet.
Posted by Toyin Adedayo on March 28, 2019
Adieu mama you were simply the best principal ever.Rest on in peace!!
Posted by Uzo Ezeoke Udechukwu on March 28, 2019
A Principal par excellence has gone.!!!
Any of us who says you did not make an impression in her life certainly has to visit a shrink. Your creating a home away from home must have been the only reason why I didn't change my school to one near Enugu. You were the world's best Principal, touching our lives in all ramifications. A beautiful disciplinarian and a wonderful mother to all of us. Always ensuring the best for us. I can say that 60% of what I am today is because of you.
One of my greatest regrets is not staying back for the dinner to express my appreciation for how you have affected my life and that of most of my "Sisters for life" . Your memories will ever remain indelible in my mind.
Sleep on Princi till we all meet again!!
I will always love you!!!
Posted by Oluebube Okpalaoka on March 28, 2019
“If you do not make it after attending FGGC BAKORI you have yourself to blame “ these were the golden words of MAMA F.S.ROBINSON challenging words that prompts you to hard work
A rare gem committed to making all her students responsible. I owe my success story to those words of this wonderful passionate disciplinarian
Your legacy lives on, you are A RARE EAGLE.
Posted by Zainab Ladan on March 28, 2019
As a 12 year old girl eager to come to Bakori not knowing what to expect,was so Amused and optimistic the very moment I met and understood who you really are  
    You were truly an inspiration to me and I guess to every soul that crossed your path.
     You made me appreciate hard work, honesty,integrity, discipline.......... REST IN PEACE MY MUMMY (Princy)We'II always miss you
Zainab Ladan (92 set)
Posted by Funke Ibidamitan on March 28, 2019
Our darling Princi, Mama F.S Robinson.
I recall several years after Bakori how you met my sister Linda and I at Balogun market Lagos and you did not only recognize us but also asked after our parents . You were simply a rare gem and treated us all like your biological Children.
We are consoled with the reality that you have gone to a better place where there is no more pain. Rest on my Principal till we meet to part no more. May God console the entire family especially our own very dear sister Kemi Robinson........ Daddy Prof Robinson the boys and indeed all your Bakori daughters.
Esther Kolawole (Class of '86)
Posted by Jolayemi Dolapo on March 28, 2019
You were a mother indeed! I don't ever get stained during my m.p ever since you taught us not to. Your words on how to be a decent and neat lady have become part of me since you impacted me in Bakori. I still remember your domonstrations to us on the assembly whenever you had to pass any message across! I can go on and on!..........May you find eternal rest at the Lord's bossom, ma! Rest on till we meet to part no more!
Adieu Mama Eagle!
RIP Principal FS Robinson!
Posted by Adebisi David-Eneobong on March 28, 2019
A rare gem has gone to sleep. May God bless your soul for the love and discipline instilled into the lives of so many of the young girls destiny made to go through your tutelage. I am yet to out grow the memory of how you threatened the supplier who brought substandard loaves of bread for your 'daughters' breakfast. I knew how much you loved each and everyone of us on that day and so did my respect for you go on the increase.
I have followed in your footstep. Discipline is a keyword in my life, home, place of work and the lives of every young one committed to me. I will forever be grateful to God for giving me a mother in you.
Sleep on in peace, Ma. We will sure miss you but our joy rest in the assurance that you are in a better place. Adieu, Principal.
Posted by Sabina Oduaran on March 28, 2019
Mama, that was what you were to us all. We came from distance parts of the world, to live in Funtua in Kaduna Nigeria, unaware of what will become of us. But we met you and the empty abode became like a home. Everything I learnt as a teenager came from learning at your feet. Though you are no more , I wil strive to make sure that the legacies you left behind including what I am today, burns on a hill for all to see.
Adios great one. Sabina O
Posted by Jacqueline Peters Moni on March 28, 2019
I first heard the word “AUSTERITY” at the assembly and then felt it when our meals changed to Alkama cereal, wheat meal and some leafy soup etc.
Years later when interacting with Bakorians I heard of how you travelled severally on our behalf to the ministry of education and seminars arguing why ‘they’ could do better with funding and all! My respect and appreciation to you leapt many levels!
To a lover of Education and girl child, I say Adieu ma, you’ll always be a part of my memories and a reference subject in my drive for what ONE person can do to cause a change in a seemingly daunting environment.
Forever loved
Posted by Ibitade Jawonisi on March 28, 2019
Adieu Angel F.S.Robinson.....
The best of the best principal you were,a mother and caretaker per excellence!
I mourn your departure but I'm comforted by the legacies you left behind.Iam one such legacy, I will forever make you proud!!!
Bakorian Number 1,you are, Heavenly rest dear princi.Good night
Dr.'Tade Jawonisi
86 set
Posted by Zara Musa on March 28, 2019
May your soul rest in peace dear Princy. You were a true leader and mother. All those young kids that passed through you are now great leaders and mothers in their own right. You will always be remembered.
A Matriarch has gone to rest.....

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