Celebrating a Rare Gem, Educationist Extra-ordinaire!

Shared by Adebayo Olafunke on April 8, 2019

I bless God for your life and for causing our paths to cross. I am ever so proud that I was in the prestigious F.G.G.C Bakori under your tutelage. I look back and wow! did I have a great time in school! Going to school in those days for me was pure fun. Because of the balanced, growth environment that you cultivated, not only academics but in the discipline, creativity, nurture of the female child. 

So great was the impact of school life in Bakori on me, that my  junior sisters earnestly looked forward to getting into school.

When barely a term after your sendforth, I along with a few other girls got suspended from school. I recall saying to myself, 'Princy wouldn't have suspended me'; because you would never have punished a 'first-time' error with a 'sledge hammer'.  You were a strict disciplinarian, who knew the right measure of correction to apply at all times. We absolutely trusted your discipline. 

Though the curtains are drawn on the stage of your life, the backstage ranges on, your influence, your impact is indelible, forever in the lives of your girls. We celebrate you ma!!

Sleep on our dear Princy; 

Sleep on Mrs F. S. Robinson.

Shared by Jummai Adegbesan on March 31, 2019

I can see you walking from room to room in the dormitory on inspection days, I can see you walking into the hall on assemble days and complete silence enveloping the atmosphere, I can see your car packed in the administrative block and every student running back to class shouting "Princy is around"......Many years have passed but it's still all fresh in my memory. I learnt so much:- cleanliness, punctuality, respect, self esteem, hard work etc from you as my principal. If I am to write my autobiography, it would definitely not be complete without telling your story as my principal in the highly esteemed unity college (FGGC Bakori). Thank you , Thank you, Thank you. Rest on in the bossom of the Lord till we meet to part no more.

I will miss you forever

Shared by Olubunmi Odedeyi on March 28, 2019

you are not just my Principal

You are my Aunt.  My Mummy.

My Mentor. I did every thing like u

U meant so much to me in my older years and I prayed for my success thru you everyday. It's so sad u left now but God knows best. Your example if a Mother and  a Wife I emulate. When I was younger u didn't spare the koboko on me and I felt sad but when I grew up I realised I needed it then and it shaped my life and am doing so to my children and everyone around me

Am a better Woman today because of u..

Love u plenty Rest In Peace mama

A rare gem and a mother with a golden heart

Shared by Modupe Ohimain on March 27, 2019

You impacted every life God brought across your path ensuring that the individuals fulfil purpose and destiny. You were not just my Principal but a mother, mentor, guardian and a disciplinarian. You followed the biblical principles of not sparing the rod and not spoiling the child. Thank you for the valuable virtues that you instilled in all your students. I could not have prayed for a better Principal. I join your children to call you blessed and also your husband to praise you. Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all. Proverbs 31:29.

Adieu Mrs F S Robinson (Princy). Mother of many and great nations. You are a joy to many generation. Your legacy lives on. You will be greatly missed. Gone but not forgotten.  

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