Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends, and we pray for strength and courage in these difficult times.
  • 51 years old
  • Born on September 24, 1966 .
  • Passed away on October 15, 2017 .

The Wellbeing Foundation Africa (WBFA) deeply regrets to announce the sudden loss of our dear colleague and friend, Mrs. Felicity Aliana Ukoko (née Mapuvire), who passed away on Sunday 15th October 2017.

The news of Mrs. Ukoko’s passing has come as a devastating shock to all those who knew her personally and professionally. Felicity had a burning passion to improve the profession of midwifery and to ensure that Nigerian mothers got the best care possible during pregnancy, childbirth and in the years that follow. Those who had the good fortune to work closely with Felicity will never forget her devotion and care.

This passion led Felicity to join the Foundation in 2015 as Head of Advocacy and Midwifery, a role which she used to successfully champion our Mamacare Antenatal and Postnatal Programme in Abuja, Kwara and Lagos States. Her outstanding diligence and experience as a midwife in the UK, combined with her insights into maternal and child healthcare meant that she was both highly effective and widely respected.

WBFA’s Founder-President, Her Excellency Mrs. Toyin Ojora Saraki, has spoken of Felicity’s life and legacy:

“Felicity was an excellency midwife of considerable experience and significant repute, a committed colleague, whose actions not only helped embed midwifery at the heart of WBFA’s vision, mission and programs, but also saved the lives of countless expectant mothers across Nigeria through WBFA’s MamaCare Antenatal and Postnatal Program, which she designed and implemented so successfully.”

“Our thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends, and we pray for strength and courage in these difficult times.”

WBFA remains committed to Felicity’s memory and legacy of ensuring better health outcomes for mothers and their babies through our work in Nigeria and across Africa.

Her Excellency Mrs. Toyin Ojora Saraki has been in contact with Mrs. Ukoko’s family to ensure that they are fully supported at this toughest of times.

Mrs. Ukoko is survived by her devoted husband, Jonathan Ukoko; her daughters, Melissa and Nasha, her mother; siblings and other family members.

Posted by Pius Adeniran on 15th October 2018
It a year since you left this world! You are gone, but not forgotten! Continue to rest in peace. Felicity Ukoko.. we miss you!!
Posted by Nat Angus on 12th February 2018
You are forever missed Felicity. I still cannot believe you are gone. May your dear soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Grace McEvoy on 24th November 2017
Miss you was an honor to work with you and be your friend god bless x
Posted by Grace McEvoy on 24th November 2017
Bless you and RIP you are missed by many and it wa an honor to work with you and be your friend miss you
Posted by Kehinde Aluko on 24th November 2017
Oh dearest Mrs Felicity, the news about your demise is still a great shock for me. I really can't believe it. How can a gem such as you be gone?! You're an exceptional woman with an amazing soul. One who's never too tired to attend to mothers' concerns on any issue whatsoever. A cheerful being who radiates and emits love, joy and happiness to all around her. I'm sure I'll never meet anyone else like you in the rest of my life's journey . We met in Abuja-Nigeria at a seminar organized by WBFA, WHO and other organizations during the world breastfeeding week. We were introduced to each other by Mrs Rita and with a smile on your face,you gave me a warm embrace and told me I looked so beautiful! WOW! how can I be looking "so beautiful" with my pregnancy-induced "swollen face"(cheeks,nose and lips)?! You looked through me and saw the beauty therein. Only beautiful souls such as yours possess that superpower. The lovely memories I have of you shall forever live on in my heart. You're in a better place now Madam. Rest on!!!
Posted by Rita Momoh on 24th November 2017
Dear Boss, I miss you dearly, Your departure hurts me daily and deeply. You were a great mentor, you taught me daily, You loved your work so much, saving the saves of mothers and babies were your goals. Your great broad knowledge is gone. You repectfully pulled us along. You are so experienced, educated and motherly. Your last words to me will forever guide me. Thank you
Posted by Toyin Saraki on 20th November 2017
Dearest Beloved Felicity. It is so incredibly difficult to capture the essence of Felicity in words. From the moment we first met, in London, at a White Ribbon Alliance poetry event at the residence of the Commonwealth Secretary General in early 2015, and immediately connected, Felicity became my comrade in the battle to save the lives of pregnant women in Africa and around the world. It is a measure of Felicity's enthusiam and commitment to the cause, that less than a month after we met, she was in Kwara State to meet midwives and mothers there. As a highly experienced midwife and well respected educator, Felicity brought a wealth of wisdom, and a committed passion, to our quest to ensure that every mother was educated with the information she needed to assure her and her newborn's survival, but also Felicity was a role model and advocate for every midwife to care for mothers with respect and dignity, assuring a high quality continuum of care and counsel, from pregnancy and birth, to age. Through Felicity's input, this translated to the Wellbeing Foundation's Mamacare antenatal and postnatal education program in over 31 health facilities across Nigeria. Felicity was passionate about helping mothers breastfeed successfully, through our Global Breast Feeding Initiative and Baby-Friendly outreaches, which again, the Foundation's midwives followed where Felicity led. Under Felicity's guidance, and her unwavering conviction that even qualified midwives should regularly upgrade their skills, the Wellbeing Foundation brings the most modern lifesaving training for midwives in Nigeria, through the EmONC Emergency Management of Obstetric and Newborn Complications Program, in partnership with the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene, and Johnson & Johnson, investing in anatomical model skills laboratories at medical education institutions. Felicity was an uncommon and unique hands-on leader, who always ensured consensus was achieved. Forever kind, friendly, courteous, lively and helpful, her considerable skills took her across the world at every level from villages to the United Nations General Assembly as she promoted the core principle we shared with the International Confederation of Midwives, of placing midwives, their skills and competence, at the heart of global health solutions. I will miss Felicity enormously, as an ally, as a sister, as a midwife, and as a friend. I am hugely honoured to have known and worked with Felicity, and am blessed by her contributions always. I am only comforted by her last words to me, when I had thanked her for representing me on a panel discussion in Lagos, telling her "Thanks Felicity, Lifesaver" to which she replied "YE, you know I love this". Our heartbreaking loss of Felicity, a loving mother, daughter, wife and sister, a midwife par excellence, a global advocate, an educator, an ally and a friend, a lifesaver, an angel, is Heaven's gain. May Felicity rest in peace. Amen.
Posted by Alabere Rabiat Ajoke on 18th November 2017
May her soul rest in peace.
Posted by Rachel Firth on 15th November 2017
Darling Felicity was a beautiful person. Her kindness and compassion was felt by all who ever met her. Our friendship was deep, and built from love and respect of each others work and lives over the last few years. Many days and evenings spent talking about our worlds and understanding each others, over one more glass of wine. She was an inspiration. Her loss is a shock to everyone. Its not fair, and reminds us all how fragile life is. I am so sorry for the loss and devastation everyone must be feeling right now and for the gap that has been left in everyone's heart.

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