Her Life


FELITA was born on Thursday, May 2, 1968 at the Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana.  She had a mind of her own, even at birth.  She came six {6} weeks early.  I knew she would be born either that day or the next.  It had taken me nearly all day to cook a pot of White Beans, the day before.  I had jumped the back fence, went to the home of a neighbor, Mrs. Gracie James.  She cooks early and had no problem calling me to come eat Dinner {12 Noon}.  I had seconds.  When I returned home, I put my son, Gregory, down for a nap; sat in the rocking chair on the front porch and had a glass of lemonade.  

4:00 AM, May 2nd and the pain is excruciating.  I tried to go make a telephone call to my Mother, but the line was busy.  Because I was hurting so bad, I left Gregory holding on to the front screen door.    My friend told me to sit for awhile, but I had to get back to my son.  I tried to go across the little bridge, but fell backwards and had to be carried back into her house.  I kept telling them Gregory was alone.  They had to nearly carry me the half block to my house.  I lived in the house where I was raised {830 Bell Street}, where I grew up.  Our milk man saw us and came to help.  He brought the order I had placed.  A friend of mine was passing and took us to my mother's house {420 Government Street}.  She told me to lay down, it was not time to have the baby.  I kept trying to tell her it was time.

Another dear Friend, for which I had worked during my last few years in high school came to check on me.  I had also Christened her youngest daughter.  She covered me with a light blanket and told me she would be back as soon as she could.  My mother was still talking on the telephone.  Rosie {Rosemary} told her:  "If you don't pay attention to your daughter, your grandchild will be born in the bedroom."  She came running and started screaming.  I could not be allowed to deliver at home because of complications with Sickle Cell Anemia.  Rosie called her husband and told him, she was driving me to New Orleans.  It was a rough trip, seriously bad accident in Kenner; police officer told us to be careful he could not leave the scene of the accident.  We arrived at the hospital at 10:41 AM.  They rushed me upstairs to the 10th Floor.  By the time my mother, {Fannie} finished registering me, my beautiful red headed baby girl was born at 11:01 AM. Mama nearly fainted Rosie told me.  For some reason she did not believe me because my due date was June 19, 1968.  

FELITA, excuse the pun, looked like her Dad {Lester Moore Jackson, a Mullato}.  His hair was Sandy in color, but for some reason, her hair was Fire Engine Red.  I watched when they placed her in the bassinet, wanting to know where she was.  So much had happened to me in my life, I wanted to protect her from any harm or danger.  When I stole up to go see her, the Nurse refused to let me see her; holding her was out of the question.  She told me that was a White Baby.  I tried giving her the number from our Arm Brace, to no avail.  Therefore, as weak as I was, I tried to jump on her and passed out.  It took four {4} Nurses to get me back to bed.  I cried myself to sleep until the Doctor came to see me.  I explained what had happened and he made them bring my Daughter to me.  I held on to her for dear LIFE.  I conned the Doctor in letting me go home the next day.  She ate heartily and grew fast.

FELITA, my second child and only Daughter.....