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March 18, 2019

She was a happy child, always smiling.  Her brother, Gregory, watched over her.  They were like two {2} peas in a pod.  Most of the time, they had on the same color or similar.  She was excited about learning things.  As she grew, School was a must.  She did not want to miss going to school, even when she was ill.

At the age of two {2} Felita, drank Liquid Plummer, thinking it was juice.  It burned her throat, down to her stomach.  I am thankful for a Friend, Jose', who rushed us to Children's Hospital, Oakland, California.  I had wrapped her in a blanket and ran all the way to Kaiser Hospital in Richmond, but they never took her from my arms.  If only they had attempted to help my baby, her injuries may not have been so bad.  Howver, the Doctors in Oakland said I saved her life by flushing her mouth with Milk, instead of Water.  She had to supposedly remain in the hospital overnight.  No way.  My children had never been away from me.  It was hospital policy.  She ended up being in the hospital for 9 weeks.  Several surgeries, one where she nearly died.  I stayed on my knees, crying out to the Lord, praying night and day.

I had to make sure  Gregory was alright.  It was so hard to trust anyone or leave him because I did not know if anything would happen to him.  When you lose TRUST, it is a difficult thing.  I worked until 1:00 PM, Pacific Telephone Company, San Francisco, CA; took the bus to the hospital; stayed as long as I could and to get home to Gregory.  I would give him his bath, read books to him, play around on the floor and so forth.  It was hard enough for him without his sister.  One day, I observed him looking under the bed, in the closets, in the bathroom before he sat down and started crying.  He was MISSING his sister.  I held him close to me and tried to explain as best I could.

Felita is home and the kids are cared for by my Stepmother.  I had to work extra hours to pay her, to pay her to take my daughter to her appointments or to shop for her.  Because of the many tubes, she had to have extra large dresses.  We had to puree her food and she was fed through a tube in her stomach.  You may notice the picture with her brother with the string in her nose.  That was a life line.  She could not hit it or anything.  Because she was unable to eat regular food, you could not leave anything on your plate.  One day Dad left a piece of cornbread and she said, "Eat."  Dad didn't want it, but she started crying and he had to eat it.  Last time he ate at the table with her until she grew older.

I can just hear her now, "Eat Papa, Eat."

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