Let the memory of Felix (JERRY) be with us forever
  • 57 years old
  • Born on August 15, 1957 in Douala, Cameroon.
  • Passed away on May 12, 2015 in London, United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Felix (JERRY) Ebongue Mabongue, 57, born on August 15, 1957 and passed away on May 12, 2015. We will remember him forever. He leaves behind a loving wife and two children.



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Posted by Colette Amah on 14th May 2016
Dear uncle, One year gone is like a day. The memories of you are so fresh and deep rooted in my mind. Continuous weeping will not do as much good as praying for the peaceful repose of your soul as well as the protection of the family you left behind. Continue to rest in perfect peace uncle and prepare for us here behind a special place in God's bosom.
Posted by Dikoume Fredi on 12th May 2016
Brother Jerry I will never forget you in my life may you continued to rest in peace in the name of Jesus.
Posted by Kalum Bama on 15th August 2015
Dear uncle second father I can't believe your gone you were my soul mate you did most things ,you were my inspiration believing in me what ever I wanted to doing life .You were there when I needed you. But I was not there closer to your death. That is hurting me inside but I'm staying strong for you because that is what you would want me to do. You were also there for my friends when you didn't need to be . I remember when I was having a hard time at school and you cheered me up told me I had nothing to worry about. You talked to me like we were mates with your usual phrase"what's up man". You took care of me like I was your own son and i will always remember that. God saw you were going through two much suffer in this world and he shut your weary eyelids and said come with me. I don't know what I will do without you uncle. It's been a day without you my friend and I will tell you all about when I see you again. Love you uncle always will best man in the world
Posted by Anne Kelly on 17th June 2015
"I felt so lucky ;you chose me to share your life with. I am so grateful and feel blessed for the exceptional and special memories you have left me with. I remember the family times we spent together, taking nnammy and her cousins to funfairs, cinemas, restaurants and especially nnammy's activities like drama and dancing school where we sat watching. Thank you my lover, best friend, father of my child,mentor, brother and my hero. I also want to thank you on behalf of Nnammy, Dou, Gabriella, all your God children and all the children you so much loved and they loved you too. No wonder you were also called "PAPA FOR PIKIN THEM" ,a name I cherished and was so proud of. Your early return to the Almighty has caused an everlasting pain and void in my heart but I know God knows best. The past seventeen years have been the best of my life and I thank you. I will always miss you but above all, will love you forever Sleep Well my darling anne kelly (the girl)"
Posted by Colette Amah on 14th June 2015
Dear Uncle, My heart bleeds as I write this. I knew you for a very short time which will ever remain memorable as it has created a very strong impact in my life. You fought hard and went out of your way for my stay in this country to be extended so as for me to finish my studies. Eventually, I completed my studies with outstanding results, gave birth safely and my stay was extended. Just as I was preparing to come to London and show you the baby, I heard the horrible news of your passing away. How I wish I knew you for a longer time. But I know you have passed on to a better life. THANK YOU UNCLE and rest in perfect peace. I will ever remain grateful to you.
Posted by Kah Sikod on 13th June 2015
Oh my dearest Jerry, I lack the right and adequate words to use to express my grief and sorrow of your passing on. Good and nice things are often said of people when they are gone but in your case its all factual, selfless, generous, kind-hearted person you were. You made your mark in our community and touched the life of many others. You will be deeply missed. In Revelation 21:4 God promise to end all human suffering, "He will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away". As Christians we have the hope of resurrection when we shall meet to part no more. Farewell my brother Jerry Jerry, from your Kkkkkk
Posted by Elizabeth Tamufor on 12th June 2015
Dearest brother and friend (Jerry). I cherish the love and kindness you gave my family. You were a God sent messenger indeed. Nonetheless, Barrister Felix Ebongue rest in perfect peace till we shall meet again
Posted by Elizabeth Tamufor on 12th June 2015
Dearest brother and friend (Jerry). I cherish the love and kindness you gave my family. You were truly a God sent messenger to us and this world. Nonetheless, rest in perfect peace till we shall meet again.
Posted by Besong Victor Nkwo on 10th June 2015
Big-Boy! Masa you check out so soon. Thanks for stopping by. If you had not passed over it would have been fun to tell you about this but it was a dream. What a profound encounter? I am glad we had such a good time and you saw me off as usual. The only surprise was how fast you disappeared on the horizon into the mist as you returned home. Turning around to give a last wave and shout you were gone faster than usual. The next day or two Mark couldn't get in touch but finally I got the message through Doc - Kuma Nkuo. I spoke to Bijou first and as soon as she mentioned one of our friends in London then I knew who and what had happened. The dream made sense then and I know prof would have told you we missed you guys a couple of times. It was good to see you looking so well and happy. Your visit eased my pain and guilt for not seeing you in the physical for such a long time. That jolly encounter was confirmed by your daughter's testimony that you wear a smile in your sleep. Thanks for the fun-times and challenging times we journeyed through. We will meet again. Rest in Peace! Big-Boy in the name of Jesus the Christ. Amen!
Posted by Fri Atte on 10th June 2015
Dear uncle Jerry, Why leave so soon our hearts are in pains that can go away. I remember the first you saw me l introduce my self to you and you said am your sister that you know my big brother that you used come spent time in our house so since then it makes feel happy to see l that l got a big bro here.Am sorry that l did not keep in touch all this time then God been so nice make to meet again at a party then you promised you will come visiting not knowing that it will never happen.Thanks for know you God knows why now just have gentel sleep till we again. Rest in Pefect Peace Pa Nammy.
Posted by Saidou Soule on 8th June 2015
Posted by Francis Besong on 8th June 2015
I have proudly known Jerry as a dependable friend for nearly thirty years. Felix had a zest for life and an empathy and appreciation of human existence that was profoundly more than the material . In his own existential way he contributed positively to the world he found. Sleep well my brother.
Posted by John Ndeta on 8th June 2015
We are here to celebrate Felix Ebongue’s life. And the measure of its worth and value. And every single life you touched. While you were on this earth. We wish to pay our last respects. That's why we all are here. To thank you for your friendship. And all the memories we hold dear. It’s been a privilege to have known you. We were family not just friends. And we will carry you in spirit. Until we meet up once again.
Posted by Dikoume Fredi on 4th June 2015
C'est dieu qui donne et c'est lui qui reprend va en paix, ns t'oublirons a jamais jerry.
Posted by Epaupa Egbe Ebongue on 3rd June 2015
Posted by Mark Forbang on 3rd June 2015
Oh!! Yeah!!; Masser nah which one? How again pa? Our brothers and sisters have said most of it and its all true and many more to come and they will all be telling, the truth; of a great guy I know off only too well. We did agreed on many things and on most things. We came to a conclusion that, "what ever is true, got to be nice"; Death is bound to be nice. Knowing you Felix; you only settle for the best. Yeah! How many times have you tried getting away from me bro? But I always catch up with you. This time shall not be different my good friend and brother. They say you are gone, but; I laugh at them knowing that you are just around the corner in our minds. He always escapes but he knows I'll find him. Yeah! The many things we did together, how can one forget? The many things we were still yet to accomplish, rest assure we shall. Yeah! Many will miss you; Anne-Nyun your God daughter ; Mya-Suukyi, Easter etc. but me, no; because you are with me every minute of the day. Yeah we shall always be together my Brother. Make sure you reserve the best seat in the house for me Yeah. When I have concluded our plans I shall take the next Train out Yeah; See you soon; the one and only Yeah. Many love to the family, we can only get stronger.
Posted by Emilia Abang on 2nd June 2015
What a blow to us (Emilia, Afunde, and Kalum) that "bruv" who has been a father figure to them is sadly gone, forever. Even though your passing to eternity brought respite to your earthly body, we know you have gone to a better place where the hardships that we grapple here on earth with are inexistent. We commit you into the hands of the maker and ask you to continue the good work you began here on earth from there yonder on all of us. At least you had the greatest revenge of all against death by living a life full of happiness and mostly ups and ups. Missing you so much.RIP Your bruv Athanasius Kebei
Posted by Nnammy Ebongue on 31st May 2015
Daddy :( God Looked around his Garden And found an empty place He looked down upon the earth And saw your tired face He put his arms around you And lifted you to rest Gods garden must be beautiful He always takes the best He knew you were suffering He knew you were in pain He knew you would never Get well on this earth again He saw the suffering was rough And the hills were hard to climb So he closed your weary eyelids And whispered "Peace be thine" It broke my heart to lose you But you didn't go alone For a part of me went with you The day god called you home The fact your not here Will cause me lasting pain Until the day my time is up I can't wait to see you again... Daddy You fought your illness hard like no other. Strongest man I have ever known. I am thankful to have spent my wonderful, unforgetting 15 years with you. You made my childhood the best. And when i went to see you in the chapel. I cried non-stop till when i looked closely at you i was relieved. You passed away smiling. Your smile showed all the pain and distress had been vanished and you looked so relaxed and peaceful. It made me happy that you left in that way. Rest in peace Love you Daddy
Posted by Roberta Henderson on 28th May 2015
Jerry Ebongue was footballer,musician, songwriter and Barrister but perhaps above all a campaigner for human rights and a better world. Son of Cameroon, he was so well respected and loved by those who knew him that he will be deeply missed
Posted by Chris Fokumlah on 27th May 2015
The passing of Jerry Felix Ebongue is a hard one for us all. He was my class mate in CPC and a cherished close friend over the years. We have missed an icon who did not only excelled academically but was also musically and athletically talented. His legendary musical compositions brings down tears as I try to play them. JFE had an exceptional loving character, good personality and presence and I believe that his cherished memories will remain with us, his family and friends very strongly in spirit. Jerry, my friend and brother, we love and miss you. JFE, as we look at the past, present and the future and as the gates of heaven open to receive you all I can say is farewell until we meet again. Chris Fokumlah
Posted by Alfred Fonteh on 27th May 2015
It is sad to know that Jerry Ebongue (Esq) is gone. It is tough to accept that I will not have the opportunity to chat on a range of topics including secondary school and London university days. We will miss your kindness, your great insight of society being a great scholar of the law, your style and creative abilities in several arenas ranging from music to football. God alone knows but I pray your wife and children will continue to experience the unselfish love and concern that you gave to others. Rest in perfect peace Jerry
Posted by Henry Muluh on 26th May 2015
It was sad to know that Barrister and our own goal keeper and musician while at CPC is no more. Jerry I remember the days in Bali especially that dream football team with you and Awantu as goalkeepers with Ntonifor, Atanga Chi and Akale as attackers and Atanga John and Ngolo as defenders. Yes during foundation Day you mesmerized the staff and students in those days when a live band was hired to perform during the celebration. Yes you will get up and take the guitar and with the members of the CPC orchestra perform one of those beautiful songs. Barrister when I met you in London in the 1990s you were the same old Jerry that we knew, soft spoken and kind hearted. Yes a successful lawyer and though I never had the chance to meet your family since you wedded after I left the United Kingdom, the pictures speak for themselves that you were also a successful family man. It was sad to hear of your passing. May Your gentle Soul Rest with the Lord.
Posted by Godlove Ngwafusi on 26th May 2015
'Anger in my heart Anger in my heart... I'm searching for a better world I'm searching for a better world...' That was the first recording you made at CPC Bali. We borrowed a staff member's machine to record it. I pray that you have indeed found a better world, Jerry!
Posted by Love Shaw on 23rd May 2015
May the gates of Heaven receive Felix with wide open arms. So sorry for your Loss my beautiful friend Anne. He is gone alright, but the sweet memories will live on forever.Farewell Felix,"Hamba Kahle".
Posted by Emilia Abang on 23rd May 2015
"Tsele Nnam" Never knew this battle that commenced only late last year was going to end so soon. Very hard to take in. The void that you have left behind has begun to sink in and become more real as minutes tick by and days roll on. Your Kindness, soothing words at time of distress, love for children, and your love for life will forever resurrect in our memories, as you are called up for higher purpose by the mighty one. May you remain in his blossom until we meet again.
Posted by Mel Amarteifio A.k.a Nana... on 22nd May 2015
Dear Jerry Such sad news but at least you are in a better place! I sincerely thank God that I was here in England and not in Ghana, because at least it gave me the chance to see you one last time. It was you, Jerry that encouraged me to study for a law degree, buying me my first law book and giving me many words of encouragement every time I felt like giving up. Thank God I didn't, as I graduated with an upper 2:1. Thank you Jerry. I remember the times we all spent together back in the early 80's, Buma and you playing your guitars. You in your denim dungarees! You were a great musician, you even played with Primal Scream. I'll miss you Jerry, and even though I live in Ghana it was nice to know you was at the end of the telephone. I give thanks that we stayed in touch and had a friendship that spanned more than 30 years. I will genuinely miss you Jerry. I love you. May God keep your family strong. Rest in Peace
Posted by Tene F@ng on 21st May 2015
Oh Uncle Jerry. . . . (Papa for all pikin dem) Words alone can't and will never fill the vacuum your absence has created in this family. I naturally bonded with you at first sight. You will forever be missed; your attributes of Love, humility, care, wisdom, family values, charity, good sense of humor, patriotism and above all the fear of the Lord, made life for those who knew you worth living. Little did I know our meeting on Christmas day was the last. It's was a short life well spent Uncle. May the Good Lord give us the strength to uphold your legacies. Farewell Uncle until we meet to part no more...Your most favorite "Commander"
Posted by George Kum on 21st May 2015
I last communicated with Jerry many months ago reminiscing our childhood days in Buea, Muyuka, etc., In fact, he told me he was in Cameroon in 2007 for the Dad's funeral. Little would I have imagined it would be my last communication with Jerry. Wow! My guitar buddy is no more---a very humble and down-to-earth kind of guy who loved his music. Hearing about the loss of Jerry has deeply saddened me, but I know that this is far from what his family is going through right now. For the family, you are in my thoughts and prayers. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to you all. Remember, he is in good place and will live in eternity. Adios, buddy until we meet again.
Posted by George Ekontang on 21st May 2015
Hello Jerry, He who blows the pipe dictates the tune. Once again you have done your disappearing act like when you did it all those years back in Buea without letting me know. I found in London and have lost you again but this I know where to look as I know you are going. May He who is most compassionate gives you the best of welcome and grant His Holly Spirit charge over your wife and children. Fare well my friend it was short journey but He knows best.
Posted by Delphine Fang on 21st May 2015
"May the almighty reserve a befitting place in heaven for our departed brother and friend FELIX EBONGUE.Let his soul rest in perfect peace.To the bereaved we pray for the Lord to grant strength and continuous faith" Emmanuel Kum Leicester
Posted by Ross Campbell on 21st May 2015
I am truly sorry to hear this. I tried to contact you in London several times last year, without success. I had wondered to where you had moved. Perhaps someone will update me? I am shocked and very unhappy to hear this sad news. I remember our various conversations at UCL - 27 years ago. Well, I can only add that everyone will know that you spoke from the heart, but always via your brain. The world would be a better place if there were a few more people like you; it is poorer for your passing. I am very disappointed not to have seen you recently. I hope you now have some answers to the many issues we discussed! With only good thoughts, Best, SRC
Posted by Victorine Ndikum on 21st May 2015
Brother jerry you went to CPC bali with my brother Ndikum Philip, during holidays you came to spend time with us as a family. As God planned we met at Tandi not long ago, I was so happy to see you, you promised to invite me , brother you haven't kept to your promise , am weeping, brother sleep well RIP
Posted by Ernestine Lottin Kingue on 20th May 2015
OMG!!!! Jerry, what a loss to the community. You always reminded me with a smile how your dad used to call me as a little girl "Poppy" whenever he visited us back in the day in Buea (my late father's bosom friend). May you rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Yakum Eugene on 20th May 2015
Big Boy, it's kinda hard! But God's time is always best. We shared a lot and I learnt a lot from you. I'm just glad that I was able to see you last November during my last trip. I know this is going to be hard for Anne and the kids, but I also know that they will be strong for you. Big Boy, the good Lord will continue to guide and guard you. Stay Blessed.
Posted by Steve Andoseh on 20th May 2015
Jerry, we walked out of CPC Bali together with our heads held high, having paid the price for standing up for our fellow students' rights. I was literally a member of your household in Buea that glorious summer, and you strolled into Academy in Muyuka as I was strolling out. Little did we know that we will never meet again in this world! Until I join you in eternity, go well!
Posted by Martin Atanga on 19th May 2015
Man for tong na how no Da. So you make am sooo pass in front. From 1985 to early 90s you made south London turn academically and socially. I went places played and enjoyed music. I give particular attention to details, speak Law, read Law and write Law because of you. You were always there to advise and oversee my legal undertakings. Da, I feel very heavy inside because you went through all odds to meet me in Hachney and at home just to help with some of my legal affairs, a profession you had long suspended. I was the last person you invested your last professional energies on. You know it all went successfully and highly appreciated. My family and I miss your very appreciative, calm and humble character. You text me a few days from the Hospital before passing, sorry I could not come to see you in time. Ebonge is not dead as he left a legacy in the lives of most who knew and interacted with him. May his soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Kafain Mbeng, Sr on 19th May 2015
Jerry you were an inspiration to multiple wannabe musicians in CPC Bali and a superb football goalkeeper for a team and school you loved so much. You will forever be remembered as a gentle spirit whose love for everyone was on daily display. We all wanted to be members of your band. What a loss. May God continue to protect you in this final journey that came too soon! Augustine Fuondjing.
Posted by Ferdinand Ntumazah on 19th May 2015
I am convinced that today we honor Jerry Ebongue Mabngue because he left foot prints in our heart. Ebongue has not died in vain. He died believing that God still has a way of wringing good out of evil and history has proven over and over again that unmerited suffering is redemptive. To his Family: It will be almost impossible for anyone of us to say anything here today that can console you at this difficult hour and remove the clouds of disappointment which are floating in our deep skies. We can only hope that you will fine consolation from the universality of this experience since death comes to every individual. Tomorrow it will be our turn. The amazing thing about death is that it is not aristocracy for some of the people but a democracy for all of the people. Kings die and beggars die too, rich men and poor men die, old people die and young people die too. Death comes to both the innocent and the guilty. Death is the common denominator of all human beings. So death is not a period that ends the great sentence of life, but a comma that punctuates it to a more lofty significance. Jerry’s death is not a blind alley that is leading him into nothingness, but an open door which is leading him into life eternal. No one shall ever replace him in my heart only because we have a history that no one else can ever tell. I will miss you forever. I will always remember our days in the trenches of our history books my brother. Cameroon has lost one of its greatest defender of the weak. May Your Soul Rest In Perfect Peace bro. Ferdinand Anye Ntumazah 3rd
Posted by Daniel Anjeh on 18th May 2015
Papa Jerry, I am heartbroken, that, you of all, can do this to me!!!!! Who shall I turn to now, for that word of advice, moral support, and good cheer, that you have been giving me over the years, Bro.? Over the years, I would in the presence of friends, announce that, should I meet my fate in this country, you would be the one to take my remains home! You promised to, and today, you have broken that solemn promise, eh Papa? It hurts Bro.!! But as it is said, " Our Father in Heaven loved you more, to have have taken you away from us"! What else can I do, but accept this our mortal fate, however grudgingly? Papa, go steadily and join the heavenly choir!!! You touched and enriched the lives of so many, with love, affection and kindness!! For that alone, many and I, are exceedingly thankful and proud. Papa Jerry, let me be brief for once. If I took it for granted and never said "thank you" for a service rendered, Bro., thank you, a million fold! If I never said..... Papa Jerry, you know ours was brotherliness! My problem was yours, and yours, mine!! We went about solving these, the best way we could, and we would always achieve results! Thank you Bro. Go steadily Bro. I am looking forward to that day we shall meet again and part no more. Until then, I and your many famies, you leave behind, can only harbour and savour sweet memories of our time together here on earth. In Prayer, I offer, " Hail, holy Queen" for the peaceful repose of your soul and I pray Mother Mary shall accept you as her son, among many! Gone, but not forgotten Papa. In my heart, you shall remain, my dearest, closest Friend and Brother. Papa Yeh, Papa Jerry, may your soul rest in eternal peace.
Posted by Victor Forba/Anye on 18th May 2015
Pa, I will for ever miss you.I remember when we used to spend time at Ni Dan`s place in 1997.We will go to Tandi and drink until closing time and we will go back to Ni Dan`s place again. You were a brother to me.You will tell me massa why you not fit try for get your self in a much better position than just going up and down doing nothing. I listen to you and Ni Dan.How can I ever forget you ?.Where you are ,May God open his temple of Angles for you. May your soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Clement Ndifortung on 17th May 2015
Dear Felix, (Jerry) Your memories will forever remain with me for you were more than a Brother, you were a friend a father; you were God sent in my life. You fought my battles for over 24 years that I knew you, your passion to help people that you met along your journey on earth was incredible. You left a legacy that everyone you touched will never forget. Your stare at me during the remaining last minutes of your life on earth shall never depart me. "gentle as a lamb with the heart of a lion" R.I.P.
Posted by Wamuka Anjeh on 17th May 2015
Irene, Edward and Myself were constantly scared by you chasing us around like a wolf trying to eat us. We would try and hide but you always found us. This is really heartbreaking to know that Uncle Jerry has passed away. Rest in peace
Posted by Lc Monju on 17th May 2015
Weh bro, you do we ooo, you no sorry we sef. When we last spoke I said fight bravely so you can leave that hospital environment, you agreed and said one has to be in their own home. When I heard you had been discharged from hospital, I was pleased we were back where you liked to be. What happened again to take you back, only your creator knows. You are gone but never will be out of my mind, ever to be remembered! I believe whilst I mourn you, heaven is having a party for your arrival. All your friends and family gone before you are celebrating your arrival. You have left a gushing gap here though that no one can fill. Your presence everywhere you went was capturing. We all wanted to say one or two things to you though you were a private man the way you conducted your life. I will miss your buoyancy, kind hearted and openness to who ever was in front of you. Thank you for being an amazing brother whom I emulated, a wonderful father to children and just the right man for my good friend, Ann. REST IN PEACE JERRY, I know we shall meet to part no more on the shores of paradise as you sleep in the bossom of your creator. Will miss you!!
Posted by Wasse Efimba on 17th May 2015
Dear Felix, Your passing is a colossal loss for me! You were always the loving supportive big brother, I never had! I will forever cherish our time together! But now, we must be there for your most precious legacy, your children, wife and the rest of the family! Rest in Peace dear Felix!
Posted by Emmy Tiku on 17th May 2015
Your immense kindness to others and your humbleness will never be forgotten. Rest In Perfect Peace Barrister Felix Ebongue (Jerry) But the blow was hard, the shock severe; We never dreamed your death so near. But only those who love can tell The pain of parting without farewell. God give us strength to face this blow, What it meant losing you, no one will know. To hear your voice, to see your smile, To sit and talk with you a while; To be together in the same old way Would be our dearest wish today. But loving memories never die As years roll on and days go by; In our hearts a memory is kept Of the one we love and will never forget

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