Let the memory of Jaggers Bee be with us forever
  • 55 years old
  • Born on June 9, 1959 .
  • Passed away on September 7, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Felix Boyo aka Jaggers Bee 55 years old , born on June 9, 1959 and passed away on September 7, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Koko Aimufua on 7th September 2018
Wow! Its so easy to make believe that you are off on a trip somewhere until rude awakenings take place. You are loved and miss and will remain forever in our hearts. Continue to rest in perfect peace my dear brother.
Posted by Abigail O. Imo on 9th June 2017
I remember you Jolomi Boyo my cousin, it's your Birthday today. You are now in a better place, your memory lives on in our hearts and all those you left behind. I believe you have Risen in Power JJ.
Posted by Osa Odiase on 7th September 2016
I really don't know where to start from, all I can say is that God knows best. JJ was a special one we worked together on his clothing brand hardgeer. We attended trade shows together around the country, he was loved by everyone. He was creative and always exercised outsight. He went where no one had ever been and left a trail. A light surely went may the Lord continue to give us the fortitude to bear this great loss.
Posted by James Colbert on 8th September 2015
Felix will always be a constant memory and an unending LOVE in my Heart.. I still think of him and continue to feel Blessed to have had him in my Life.. My Friend and Brother for life !!!!
Posted by Abigail O. Imo on 7th September 2015
One year has come so quickly since you departed Earth. We miss you and keep praying and take solace that the Holy Spirit our comforter will continue to comfort us all until we meet again. Sleep on my cousin. Peace perfect peace is the name of the Lord. Continue to rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Abigail O. Imo on 7th September 2015
One year has come so quickly since you departed Earth. We miss you and keep praying and take solace that the Holy Spirit our comforter will continue to comfort us all until we meet again. Sleep on my cousin. Peace perfect peace is the name of Lord. Continue to rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Bolaji Rhodes on 7th September 2015
Its a year today since Jolomi left us. All I have left is the sweet memories we have of a great guy very endearing to all. He knew. From Primary school we all attended Emotan in Benin and at home with The family to New York when he went to Uni in Philly and we always met at sister Yinka's in New York and partying with him and Lulu in New Jersey or when sister Yinka and I went to visit in LA. Memories flooding back but happy memories. I knew few of his friends from Emotan and Edo college friends...Jolomi was really a blessing and it showed in the life he lived. All I can say is God knows! So sleep on JJ. I will continue to pray for your family your wife the two children you left behind. Sleep on Cuz. Bolaji Rhodes
Posted by Sir Lu on 6th September 2015
The loss of a friend is like that of a limb time may heal the anguish of the wound, but the loss can never be repaired. I miss you bro, rest in perfect peace now and always.
Posted by James Colbert on 23rd March 2015
Dear Boyo Family I extend you my deepest and most loving feelings I can give you. Felix and I were Roommates In College at Cheyney Univ. He Became more than a friend to me. The Closes person I will ever have as a brother.. He had come here to Massachusetts some 30years ago and met my mom.. After he left, i had no address.I can Honestly say from heart there was not a day that went by that I did not think of him.. he was a special person.. I looked on face book,linkden every possible social website to find him.. I wanted him to meet my wife and daughters that i considered his family. I received a call this past saturday the 21st of march, Horrific News that has me crying on the inside.. I Can Only thank God for allowing me to be a part of his life although i'm upset with him..I will Remember all the Great and fun times we had together, and still wish I had the opportunity to visit with him and his family in Nigeria..I will Remember him and Love him as my brother for the rest of my days..Love from your brother across the ocean.. Yours With My most Sincerest Love James S. Colbert Jr..
Posted by Elisabeth Ritz on 18th October 2014
I hardly knew you, but you made quite an impression on me. Dear Uli lots of strength is what I wish for you and your kids. The memorial today was so deeply touching. Thank you!
Posted by Koko Aimufua on 18th October 2014
How can a light that shone so bright be taken out just like that? Jj after all these weeks, I still find myself shaking my head in disbelief. Your passing has been such a hard pill to swallow but God does truly know best. I think back to the good all days and I am so thankful I had the honor of spending so many fun times with you. You were such an amazing soul....good to the core! I can hear you now "Ms Koks, don't stress" in the most gentle of voices. Thank you for the love you always showed my family. I know you are in heaven with the lord so please rest my loving brother. Words cannot express how much we are going to miss you. You came and definitely left your mark in this world..... Gone way too soon but will always be in our hearts. We will strive to show your kids the same love you always showed us. God bless your wife, kids and your siblings. Give them strength to continue to heal. Goodbye Jay Jay!
Posted by Ulrike Boyo on 26th September 2014
Tribute A tribute to my loving husband and best friend Jolomee. He died sadly in a horrible car accident caused by somebody’s reckless driving in Lagos. Words cannot express my feelings, the peace which comes from the good memories will help me heal. I might not understand why sad things happen but I’m sure God has a plan and he will help and guide me through this difficult time. Knowing I will see him again one day in Heaven gives me strength to move on with my life but now there is a hole in my heart that will always be there until the glorious reunion. I’m an Austrian Citizen and I came to the United States of America in 2001 to explore the country. During my adventure I met Jolomee in Las Vegas. There was an instant chemistry between us. God offered us an opportunity to make a change in our lives and we didn’t hesitate to follow his path. Love and compassion was in our hearts. We weren’t able to share too many years together but Love is not about how many years you are together, Love is about how much you Love each other every day even if you are miles apart. Thank you Lord for sending me such a wonderful person, Thank you Lord you blessed us with two wonderful children. My Darling husband Jolomee, you made me smile and laugh. You were forgiving, patient, kind, gracious and understanding. You were the greatest listener. You picked me up when I was down. I’m so glad we were on this journey together. You were beautiful. I miss you dearly Your wife and soul mate Uli
Posted by Aiyemere Ojehomon on 25th September 2014
Jolomi adieu, gone so soon..To Peter and Paul and the rest of the family, and friends my sincere condolences.Take heart his life so richly described by those who knew him best has left an everlasting impression and his dash is complete.
Posted by Peter Armand Boyo on 23rd September 2014
Tribute to Uncle Jolomi aka Jaggers B When uncle jaggers returned from the States, we saw very often as he is my Uncle Lulu's best mate and longest friend, he was more than just that he was FAMILY, we all liked him because of his calm nature, he inspired my uncle and I during workouts, at first I never understood where he got the strength from, he just kept going and he did all that without a bother. As a person he is still one of the coolest and humble people I ever met in Nigeria, he would always say " Don't worry keep trying it can only get better". It's very sad but we accept the will of God and we pray for comfort for his family and friends. Omozuwa Omo-Eboh
Posted by Ann McIver on 23rd September 2014
The Dash by Linda Ellis copyright 1996 I read of a man who stood to speak at the funeral of a friend. He referred to the dates on the tombstone from the beginning…to the end. He noted that first came the date of birth and spoke the following date with tears, but he said what mattered most of all was the dash between those years. For that dash represents all the time that they spent alive on earth. And now only those who loved them know what that little line is worth. For it matters not, how much we own, the cars…the house…the cash. What matters is how we live and love and how we spend our dash. So, think about this long and hard. Are there things you’d like to change? For you never know how much time is left that can still be rearranged. If we could just slow down enough to consider what’s true and real and always try to understand the way other people feel. And be less quick to anger and show appreciation more and love the people in our lives like we’ve never loved before. If we treat each other with respect and more often wear a smile, remembering that this special dash might only last a little while. So, when your eulogy is being read, with your life’s actions to rehash… would you be proud of the things they say about how you spent YOUR dash? I think we all know that Jolomee spent his DASH well; fully blessed, great father, husband, brother, friend.......RIP dear friend, you are missed by all you touched along the way.
Posted by Patience Edremoda on 22nd September 2014
"J", It is still a dream. I am still hoping to wake up and know that it is a lie, a dream or anything but not that you are gone. I don't know what to say. All I know is that your light will 4-ever shine in the hearts of all of us. "J" my friend, rest with the Lord. Rest in His everlasting presence. I love you Jaggers Bee, but I know our God loves you more than I know.
Posted by Tuvie Uwhuba on 21st September 2014
Cousin JJ's passing was a shock of shocks, a surreal event which our family is still trying to get to grips with. We lost a lovely big brother here. The last time we saw him ranges from circa two years ago to, for one of us, the time we said farewell at the airport in Benin when he was bound to embark on his studies at Temple University, Philadelphia. He didn't miss anyone out in his goodbyes then, even with the crowd of family and friends, though a couple of us were children then, he still made the point to have a one-on-one goodbye, his humility and care evident in this action. He didn't change over the years, extremely warm and friendly over the phone, quick to respond to pings, receptive with welcoming bear hugs in person and always asking after and sending greetings to "Mum", his aunty, our mother. He had a great love for family and years and distance were no impediment to this. We thank Jehovah for his life of love and peace. By God's Grace he is now with a family from which he need never depart, a family of the Bride of Christ, awaiting his new body IJN amen. May his soul rest in peace until we meet again... To dear Ulrike, Courtney and Joseph, we love and appreciate you for the joy you brought to Cousin JJ. To our dear cousins, Andy, Sisi Yinka, Peter & Paul, we are in this together, we are family. May the Holy Spirit comfort us all as only He can in Jesus name, amen! God bless, Tuvie & Tsola Uwhuba
Posted by Tuvie Uwhuba on 21st September 2014
My dear cousin Jolomi “JJ”, so many nice words to describe you!!!! The only one sticking out at this difficult time is “Thankful”! I’m thankful to God for the privilege He gave us to share in your life on this side of eternity and that your seed in Courtney and Joseph Lewis will not die in the precious name of Jesus as He gives Ulrike your beloved queen abundant grace in bringing them up in the way of The Lord and you will see from Heaven and through her eyes, in the precious name of Jesus, amen. God had destined you to be the consummate gentleman and that you showed while we were all growing up in Benin, in the States and when you came back to Nigeria. Always protective, caring, giving hugs with a lovely sincere smile seeking the individual’s goodwill whether younger or older………………….always considerate! You loved family! I never knew when I saw you few months ago that it would be the last, you sure did spoil me that day! You would be sorely missed JJ, Heaven’s gain. God be with you till we meet at Jesus feet.........Efe Uwhuba xxx
Posted by Olumuyiwa Ajayi on 20th September 2014
Cousin JJ, your departure came to me as a shock! For 2 good days I was in a state of disbelief and angry at the way the circumstances that led to your passing. As a Christian, I have had to let you go in my mind so that you can rest in peace with tears streaming down my eyes even as l compose this short tribute to you! It is clear that life is a journey and you have got to where you had stop until the coming of Our LORD Jesus Christ. You will always be remembered in my family for taking charge of the situation when my brother, Oluwole Ajayi passed in a similar road accident in California, 19 years ago. Rest in peace JJ
Posted by Bola Osakwe on 20th September 2014
Night after night tossing and turning in bed Never in my wildest dream thought would he part so soon The news lingers on in my mind though believe he is perfectly at peace My heart, yet is clouded with bitterness Wishing it’s just an April fool gesture in fall season Bearing in mind the little ones left behind He will remain ever fresh in our thoughts Considering his tender loving kind nature Jolomy F. Boyo rest in perfect peace Until someday we meet to part no more Bola & George Osakwe family
Posted by Osa Odiase on 20th September 2014
You shook the world in death because you were an embodiment of love ,kindness and humility . men! I am still in shock RIP Jake ! Hardgeer for life .
Posted by Bolaji Rhodes on 19th September 2014
May your soul rest in perfect peace Uncle. Although I never met you everyone in the family talks about how much of an impact you left in their lives. May your legacy live on. Immanuella Okunubi
Posted by OmorodeAgbon Irikefe on 18th September 2014
I believe with ur good deeds on earth you are now with our lord God..Rest in peace till we meet again Jaggers Bee
Posted by Tonye Wallace on 17th September 2014
Bros JJ, its so sad to even think of you in the past, you were one heck of a cousin, I solid man who saw no reason why any thing could not be done, always willing to take on the hard tasks by yourself. I am deeply pained by your death, but can't question the LORD GOD, Adeiu JJ, Rest in the bossom of the LORD, I can see a smile on your face. RIP
Posted by Peter Armand Boyo on 16th September 2014
I write this with great sadness over the unimaginable loss of a close friend, brother, comrade and besto Felix Jolomi Boyo, THE JAKE MAN, JAGAS BEE, JAGAS to fatal car accident yesterday on Kingsway road, Ikoyi. Lagos. He was 55 and the fittest man I know. What does one say, he never drank, never smoked, watched all he ate. He was a perfect human being, yet God said it was his time and also decided how. If we could have predicted how Jake would have died, I bet all challenged would have said in old old age. The is life, we all have plenty of time to die regardless of how long or short that life was. I know Jake, he must have fought a brave and strong battle that Sunday morning, he had just left my house, along with a few friends, one of who just lost his 18year old. Jake took each day in stride, never really complaining, and showed all who crossed his path the same love, he was a fantastic gentleman. This brother, inside and out, was a wonderful friend to me, supporting me for over 50 years with his gentle and caring nature. Unfinished business causes pain and having peace is essential for a healthy and joyful life. Also, I always admired how he never judged or forced his opinions on anyone, but offered valuable and truthful advice that I will surely miss. My friend was loving and real. He was a wonderful father to his two children and laid a strong foundation for them. I, and the many people who love his children will watch over them, and make sure that they have a great life, full of his values and wishes. . Lastly, his magnetic smile will be missed by all who knew him. His beautiful spirit will live on through his children, and they will always know how much he loved them. Am sure Jake tried with all within his heart to stay for them, but God called him, and he had to go. I worked out him Jake everyday the last 2 years plus since he moved back from LA, to his credit I lost a lot of weight over 44kg and I am a brand new man today. For him, I will go the length and WILL NEVER PUT THE WEIGHT BACK ON, because i know this is what he would have asked from me. He encouraged me along, never allowed me to give up, I pushed him, he pushed me. Let me tell a story about Jolomi, one fine Saturday morning, we rode with two others, Tiyan and Ayo up to the National stadium in Surulere, on the way back, Tiyan lost a tyre, Jake without thinking, gave her his bike, and ran with hers from the National Theatre till we dropped the bike off at the Lagos Motor Boat Club on Awolowo road. This was the nature of The Jake man, Jagas bee aka Felix Jolomoi Boyo. My condolences go out to his wife, Urli, his daughter, son, brothers Andy, Peter and Paul and sister Yinka. This is going to be tough on us all. Rest in peace and I’ll see you again, my friend, Olu-Tokunbo Lulu Enaboifo
Posted by Eboné Dafinone on 16th September 2014
JJ , my brother, I'm not sure how we will all manage with out you yet. The kids miss their beloved uncle Jake. I miss you, my brother, my constant advocate, and eternally my friend. I still see your smile, and hear your laugh. All the fun memories we had will never fade, you are forever with us. GG will never be the same without you, where ever you are we love you forever, Eb
Posted by V Nwiz on 16th September 2014
Didn't know you that well but for the brief time you were in Philly you exuded happiness and joy. Rest in perfect peace bro In Jesus name. Amen
Posted by Christian Dede on 16th September 2014
Oh my brother Double J like I always call u, u were a wonderful human in my life and always treated me with love ❤ n kindness whenever we meet. Words can't describe the loss n vacuum you've created in our life. May God grant your soul eternal rest.
Posted by Peter Armand Boyo on 16th September 2014
Though we never meet,from what I have heard from those who knew you better,especially your brother Peter I came to one conclusion-you were an angel in human form. You had respect for everyone no matter their status,you showered everybody with so much love and put a smile on their faces. Adieu J.J., though , you are no longer with us but I am sure you'll forever live in our hearts for to remain in the hearts of those you love is not to die. Peter oyadongha
Posted by Monica O on 15th September 2014
What can I say Jelome. You were my life, my protector, my comforter, my biggest cheerleader, my friend, my heart, my brother. You were, and are still my heart. If there is a true meaning to word friend, it is you. If there was a trophy for the best friend anyone could ask for, it was you - trust me, you would definitely get it hands down. Be it to a stranger, or anyone who knew you. I remember we were chatting and this young yoga guru who barely knew you could feel how good of a person you were; in under 15 mins you had already formed a bond. He felt your gentle, sweet spirit and asked, " that guy must be really nice" And yes, you were really nice. How can I describe you my friend? Selfless, loving, kind, generous, caring, loyal, forgiving, humble, smart, funny the list is endless. If it meant you taking off the last shirt on your back for someone else, you would do it with no questions asked. I can not begin to say or even think what difference you made not only to me but, to those around me: my friends were your friends, my family was your family. You would shout, Okullo matata! and I would keep telling you stop yelling in my ear! Telling you how you would burst my ear drum. You thought it was funny. You still kept doing it even over the phone. I loved you then, i still love you, and will always. You with your crazy funny ways trying to get me healthy. Btw, we meant to go biking :( I will forever miss you. I thank God for such a beautiful being like you.I thank God for your life and the impact you made in our lives. I thank God for your family, for Urli and the Kids. I thank God everyday for allowing me know you and allow me be a part of your life. I love you more than anything. I will pray and continue to pray each day that i see you again. Till we see each other hugs and kisses like you always said. You will always be in my heart. I say this prayer: Loving God, during this time of sacred remembrance i bring before you Jelome Felix Boyo. I acknowledge your enduring love and express the hope that he be eternally blessed, and share the desire to be reunited with him in everlasting glory made possible through the resurrection of Christ Jesus. May Jelome rest in peace with you and experience the eternal joy of heaven. Heal our grief, merciful lord, strengthen our hope that we, too will one day share in the resurrection of your son who lives and reigns with you and the holy spirit, one God, forever and ever. Amen http://youtu.be/0xwzItqYmII https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3wwWFsSlNQ&index=6&list=RDHcnfT4arZtI Thank you Jesus Your ever loving friend Monica XOXO
Posted by Reggie Akpata on 15th September 2014
I'd have to see the spot to even believe this; it was as if I knew - before I saw you on the bike in Lulu's FB page - that you were the heart of the Lagos Bicycle Club. Even though you were in your car that fateful night, our tradition here is to lay a flower at the site on the street where a rider went down; please leave a flower there for me.
Posted by Mark Mokuolu on 14th September 2014
They say our greatest investment in life is not money, but our character. Jolomi: Your legacy as man of admirable character will forever remain indelible in our hearts -- as a shining beacon of the human spirit! May your beautiful soul continue to beam a guiding light over your lovely wife and your two precious darlings! Gone too soon! Rest in perfect peace! Amen.
Posted by Alex Vroom on 14th September 2014
May your gentle Soul Rest in PEACE dearest cousin J.J.... i remember you so well, full of humour and fun. We had a good time in Abonema when we went to bury Auntie Kaakra, little did I know, that would be our last time of company on this Earth. May the good Lord let his face shine upon you and give you eternal rest.. J.J. Adieu... REST IN PERFECT PEACE
Posted by JD Oroye on 13th September 2014
Posted by Abigail O. Imo on 13th September 2014
It is with heavy heart and profound sadness I write this tribute about my cousin JJ as we all call him when we were growing up. My sister Bolaji was very close to JJ. I was close to Peter and Paul. I loved the JTL Boyo family they are kind, loving, giving, humble and fun to be with at all times and cousin JJ was an embodiment of all this and many more, so unassuming, though from a privilege background he makes everybody around him feel at ease and comfortable always wanting the best and protective of us back then. Even though I did not kept in touch for a long period due to the distance, there remains that loving family emotional bonds from years past were we were showered with so much love. I had pictured a family reunion with my family and cousin JJ's family but this would not be as death has snatched my handsome, talented and ever giving cousin away. "Where, O death, is your victory? Where, O death, is your sting?” But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. (‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭15‬:‭55, 57‬ NIV) Cousin JJ, we are consoled that you are now in a better place in our future. Adieu cousin. My Cousin Jolomi, is engraved in our hearts forever and ever. Jehovah knows and Jehovah sees. Mrs Abigail Funmilayo Imo.
Posted by Bolaji Rhodes on 12th September 2014
Jolomi will always tell me that he is happy and excited to hear from me. It will go something like this- 'Hey my dear Cos hope all is good' He would always end the message with 'love & kisses God bless' or ' God willin' will c u soon God bless hugs and kisses'. I remember when we were young Jolomi did not walk like everyone else. He would gait across on his feet. He was always protective of me. Jolomi, you did not prepare any of us for your exit. Your amazing and caring ways endeared people to you, you managed to touch many lives. A selfless human being, unjudgemental, caring so much for others but will not burden them with his own situation. An incredibly intelligent, gifted, generous and giving man extremely level headed. I am so honoured to be cousins with you JJ. Your passion to help people contagious. Even though your demise is very painful, we know as Christians JJ can't come back to us he is in our future. Jolomi simply moved homes to a new address this time his new street is paved with gold. I know you are in the right place JJ so keep cheering me on cos. Keep cheering your beautiful wife Ulrike on...Keep cheering Courtney on as she gracefully scales through the hurdles of life with her little brother Joseph Lewis, keep cheering your family on... Keep cheering brother Charles on brother Andy, sister Yinka, Peter and Paul. Keep cheering them on I thank God for your life though short was full. I will for always celebrate your life. I will miss you dearly. I can only say thank you for being my brother and friend. Felix Jolomi Boyo May you shine on forever!!! Rest In Perfect Peace Cos. Mrs Bolajii Rhodes

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