Posted by Sunday Jatto on July 22, 2022
When l remember everything you have done for your children, the immense sacrifice,the love,Every time l would pack my bag that am going for weekend, A great father indeed, Ara no le ara,oshubwie my great Father.

"My dad was an incredible man. He provided for his family and make sure his children had the guidance they needed. I'm grateful for my dad and I will miss him dearly.

My Grandpa was the best in the whole world and I will miss him dearly. Rest well.

It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday grandpa. I will surely miss well.

My dear beloved father-in-law Despite the pain that lingers in the core of my being, I've got to try and let go. Father I wish you well; as the tears roll down and as i seek peace to stop the pain, i pray for God to grant you peace as well. time's precious, it's ever changing and waits for no one. rest well my beloved father-in-law, rest well. OMORUYI NANNA.

Daddy is a good man,,he always gives me anything I want,,he always makes sure I go to church. Daddy is a great man.His care for me and my family is some much that I'll be ever grateful.I will miss his care and love for me.Daddy thanks for all that you have done for me and my family.VICTORIA LAMAL AMOS

Dear Grandpa,you were a very good man which I will never forget.I will never forget the last day I saw you,we can't see you but you are always in our heart,we love you
ODINA UZOMA MIRACLE.(Grand daughter)

Grandpa I love you and I will never forget you
Posted by Efosa Kesto on July 21, 2022
My dear grandpa i will miss you ,
rest in peace in the blossom of God hands
Posted by Christian Abutu on July 21, 2022
I cherish every moment I shared with you, your advices, story telling and gist, most of those times I unfortunately didn't have the privilege to share with my own biological father. You're a rare gem, an epitome of humility, a great father figure to your children and those who came close to you, you're forever in our heart. We are assured in the spirit that you're resting in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Till we meet.

Good night Popcy.

Posted by Sunday Jatto on July 21, 2022
My old soldier with strong will,you didn't die but slept to awake in heaven to a glorious welcome.Thank you for loving Jesus,thank you for all the sacrifices and love, thank you for training us your children.i will forever miss you.ohkiwie baba Abigail. Your Son Sunday Ikpomosa Jatto
Posted by Ehidiamen japhet on July 21, 2022
My irreplaceable baba Abigail. You gave me strength to stay strong after the demise of mama Abigail with your love and care.My heart is broken. Who will I play with.You gave me the greatest honour during my marriage that only a father filled with the fear of God can heart is heavy the vacumm is deep and the pain is much but my greatest joy is that you slept serving God my old soldier never die.Till we meet to part no more my handsome baba Abigail.
Abigail Ehidiamen

When the mirror is broken, you no longer see your image. On that dreadful day (17th July) that you departed this world to join the saints it has not been same again for me.
Daddy, you were the mirror at which I looked at my life, the mirror at which I looked at myself and now that you are gone my life is so empty that I feel it in my soul. My solace is the fact that you lived a righteous life. Every moment of your life is like a book on a path towards heavenly bliss…farewell to a man of peace. I miss you dearest dad and father Inlaw.
Ehidiamen Japhet. (son in-law)
Posted by Sunday Jatto on July 21, 2022
Grandpa you are the best, I always cherish all the moment we eat together in your room whenever I come visiting. how I wish you stayed a little longer. Nataniella osaremen eghonghon Odion
Posted by Sunday Jatto on July 21, 2022
Hmmm!! Grandpa so you knew you will not be around for my dedication, little wonder you insisted on attending my naming ceremony despite your health condition.thank you for carrying me before you left for heaven.Neziah amenaghawon omoehi odion
Posted by Sunday Jatto on July 21, 2022
Your love was an indication and part of my marital happiness,your absence left a deep wound in my is sad to feel that you are no more but your love and peaceful memories are still our guide,much love my father-in-law. JUSTINA SUNDAY ODION
Posted by Festus Jatto on July 21, 2022
A Father of love.
A Father of Courage and Integrity
An Ardent Christian, Consistent in your Faith

I promise to show you round the World because of your greatness and how you are dear to me as a Father and Friend.

You waited for me too long so that you can carry my children, But not now any more.

I can't say I miss you because I know you are crested in my heart forever.
I know we will see again on that glorious Day in Heaven.

Thank you for bringing me to this world. I love you Dad
Posted by Stephanie Jatto on July 21, 2022
Peaceful, Kind and Very Considerate of Others.
This sounds so much like you.
Dad, You were a Peace Loving Person and very Caring too.

You Loved Family, always making sure that everyone looked out for one another.
You were very big on communication and staying close. 
That was so important to You (Smiles)

It's sad I might have a onesided version of You since we did not get to spend so much times together.
I took for granted that you will be here much longer, if I had known
I would have invested more on our times together. ( SIGHS)

I may not have known you so Closely but as I interpret you from the emotions you elicits from many, I find myself Loving who and all you were.
You will be forever missed.

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